Monday, October 15, 2012

India Today Matches Khurshid's Bad Behaviour

There are some who believe that the two reporters from the India Today (IT) group, particularly Deepak Sharma, who had conducted a supposed sting operation, put up a great spirited fight and a gutsy performance against Union Minister Salman Khurshid (SK) during his Trust scam press conference on Sunday, October 14. This is nothing but poor understanding of certain codes. A press conference is not a boxing match. I have long observed reporters behaving like uncouth, uncivilised people at press conferences. They shout over each other, they scream, they heckle, even throw footwear and worst of all, they ARGUE with the one who is holding the presser.

Those watching might get a thrill out of the drama but reporters do not have this license. (Hey, even I enjoy the drama). There is a line reporters cannot cross. Reporters don’t have the right to interrupt, right to scream or right to argue no matter what the provocation. They are not entitled to keep poking till they believe they have got the answer they want. Not done. This is where the two IT reporters at the presser came out poorly and seemed to have lost their sense of decency. Frankly, reporters are not even entitled to a Q&A if the speaker so desires. He can just make his statements, say thank you and walk away. Media cannot demand vociferously for him to answer questions, especially not answers they want to hear.

Mind you, there are some who might construe this as a defence of Salman Khurshid. Far from it! SK behaved like a barbarian, like an animal and for all his claims of ‘Oxford education’ he appeared to have been educated in some sewer. He was terrible in his choice of words and a third rate character for threatening reporters with some action or the other. Considering SK is involved with some educational institutions he demonstrated what one should teach children not to do. As a lawyer, if SK had done the same thing in a court of law he would be cooling his heels in a small prison cell.

This was neither a court nor a trial. Therefore, no matter what the speaker at the presser does reporters do not, I repeat, do not have the right to badger or argue with him. Even if they don’t get answers, they don’t have a right to argue. Even if the answer is not satisfactory they don’t have the right to fight or argue. Even if the speaker refuses to answer any question at all they do not have the right to argue. All that reporters can and should do is ask decently and listen to the answer or the silence. They may get the chance to ask a follow up question but they have no business to indulge in arguments. SK would have been well within his rights to just make his statements and walk off and not even take any questions at all. That is the practice and norm. Watch this video of Obama talking to reporters from June 2012 (1.07 minutes). One unruly reporter heckled him:

Obama was right in what he said. He even said “I didn't ask for an argument”. After the exchange Obama didn’t answer any questions and left. He is within his rights to do so. Here’s what the American press generally reported about the incident:

In a remarkable display of unprofessionalism, Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro heckled President Obama as he delivered remarks in the White House’s Rose Garden regarding a shift in immigration policy Friday afternoon. Munro’s angst is apparently connected to comments the President made in March of 2011… Munro, the video indicates, was attending the remarks with a temporary press pass.

Obama was simply far more polite than the stupid SK. Reporters can go back and report their interpretation and rant in their newspapers. In this case India Today has a channel that can condemn SK and rant about it all day and night. Let’s deviate a bit. In the US, since 1966 it is mandatory for law enforcers to read out a suspect his Fifth Amendment rights. This is popularly called the Miranda Rights. You may have heard the statement prior to an arrest or custodial interrogation: “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law”. Simply put, the “accused” has the right not to answer. The Fifth Amendment provides that an “accused” can choose silence instead of answering any question that may have the potential of “incriminating” himself in a crime or trial. If this right is not read out to a suspect, he cannot be prosecuted. The onus to prove guilt is on the prosecution and not on the accused. In this case, the onus of proving guilt is on IT and Arvind Kejriwal through demands of investigation followed by prosecution. They can fight for that. But they are not entitled to fight “their accused” at his own presser. In this case the presser is not even a trial or a court. Although the presser wasn’t a trial, SK was there to defend himself not incriminate himself. He has the right to answer what he wants and how he wants (doesn’t include bad behaviour). The media can dissect his responses in their reports. Let’s see a few clips from this presser (1.30 minutes):

Evidently, the media has shown SK’s bad behaviour but they have chopped out the agitated reporters of IT group. Not surprising. The agitated and animated behaviour of the IT reporters and the general ruckus by all the reporters is shameful to say the least. AT one point Deepak Sharma even waved papers at SK and said: “You are the law minister, you MUST answer”. Who the hell is this guy? Is he a judicial interrogator? In the process he didn’t even allow other reporters to grill SK fairly. In India, media is routinely allowed access to suspects in police vans when they are arrested. They are allowed access even into cells inside police station. The police even parade them in front of the media and make them answer questions. This is simply a gross violation of their right to silence, even if we don’t have the equivalent of the Miranda Rights. No accused owes any answer to the media or even to his interrogators. He can choose absolute silence as defence. It is for the prosecution to prove their case and not the accused to prove his guilt or innocence. Of course, the accused is entitled by law to defend and argue for his innocence.  

In the case of SK’s presser the IT reporters may not be satisfied with the answers. They have no right to badger. SK may have issued stupid threats. Reporters have a right to go back and report the misdeed as graphically as they want. Most of all, if the reporters were unhappy they have the right to walk out in protest or disgust. They do not have the right to ‘demand’ answers. They cannot ridicule the one who is holding the presser, no matter what. It is simply not done. Our media folks are known to poke mics into the faces and bodies of their targets. Even that deserves condemnation. They should keep a safe and clear distance from the person they want to question. In short, they are not allowed to behave like a lynch mob.

Some folks choose to condemn or condone bad, uncivilised behaviour by media depending on which side of the political aisle they are or on which side of an issue they are. It is worth remembering that no matter who the person, what the issue or what the case, bad behaviour by media when it crosses the line deserves nothing but severe condemnation. Even barbaric behaviour by SK cannot be a justification for media to misbehave. They should walk out if something is unacceptable to them. They are not entitled to a slanging match. That’s how they can prove they are different from politicians and criminals. Unfortunately, times are such that it’s hard to distinguish the two. Narendra Modi did the right thing when he walked out of a Karan Thapar interview when he found it disgusting. Mamata Banerjee walked out of a public interview with Sagarika Ghose when she was angry. Both sides have the right to do that.

If you were invited to a party where the host behaves badly, what would you do? Fight and argue with him? You might express a polite dissent and at worst you might say thank you and goodbye. It’s his party, he can cry if he wants to. That’s the code for the media too. If they come across a badly behaved savage, they cannot behave like him too, they should simply walk away. That would have been a bigger slap for Salman Khurshid. 


  1. Yesterday's presser reminded me of the one Navika Kumar had with Sri Prakash Jaiswal during Coal Gate...I am not defending anyone...both Aaj Tak and Salman K did pretty bad in the presser...But what i meant to say is when a particular channel breaks any story they take it on themselves to prove that they r right all the time...they make it personal...Imagine if Timenow had broken this story...arnab wud be shouting through the roof to prove what he did was right...but what i saw yest night was a cool headed arnab, hearing both sides, asking right questions etc...

  2. I was just expecting a blog from you on this and I am glad to have read it within 15 mins of you posting it :)

    It was really hurting to see the way the reporters were behaving at the press conf yesterday. Regarding the India Today reporters, it was almost like they were under the veil to protect their sting operation. Whatever be the reason or argument, one must behave professionally. The same reporters, I am sure, at one point of time might have talked about the unruly members in Parliament, when it came to them, they weren't decent either.

    I mean, how difficult is it, to cultivate a habit of giving equal opportunity to asking as well as listening. Breaking into the answer being given by SK / LK and branching out into another question, isn't appealing to anyone, leave alone the intent.

  3. To be honest I enjoyed the show :-)
    But I reckon IT reporters should have behaved themselves. And SK too .. if I put myself in SK's position then definitely I would have answered arrogantly not sure if like SK though. There should be strict code of conduct for reports as well then it could be anybody on the other side !!

  4. Brilliant again !! It is shameful for the media to constantly poke and provoke somebody. They really torture you, till you don't say or behave awkward; 'voila' they go on repeating it for days. They have been, for eternity, trying this trick with Modi, but in vain.
    It was good to see that unlike Digvijay Singh, Salman didn't unleashed his 'congress-workers' on Mr. Deepak; or former would have been defending another brutal attack on journos.

  5. Its the first time , I don't agree with you.
    It brought out the real face of the Minister in front of every one.

    1. Exactly. these ministers consider themselves gods. they were happy when the same media were abusing modi in worst of language and now when the tables have turned on them, they lose their temper and behave like 5 year old kid. see how khurshid lost his composure during the conference. haha. idiocity at its peak by a union minister. deepak sharma has rightly said,that it was on the basis of his report on kargil scam that sonia gandhi passed a no confidence motion in parliament.and now the same congress is slapping a lawsuit against his channel just because now the culprit is their own minister.and if he is arguing against khurshid that how can u be so pathetic while presenting your case by showing a random picture of a camp(which was later dismissed by kejriwal), when we have such a strong evidence against you, what is wrong in that??

  6. Sir, yesterday press conference was turned out to be a total media circus. You are absolutely right that it is SK choice whether to ans or not Period. However, what IT people were doing was provoking him for such behavior. This seems to be planned strategy to grill SK in back drop of their so called sting operation (which should be banned straight away as I commented earlier).

    The moment press finished Salman Khurshid was trending on top in twitter. People were bashing him. Some hailing the IT reporters. Some advising other reporters to learn from IT people to how to Q with these politicians!!

    People are missing the point. What SK said like third rate people etc is a common view of all politicians (people in the power corridors), from whatever party, towards aam aadmi. In the same way what aam aadmi things of politicians even the intellectual, educated middle class—-chor, lutere, rapist, corrupt, gunde and so on. However, former has power and latter has anger nothing else. Important point is who gives them power –aka aam aadmi. Interestingly, the same middle class who rant so much about politicians fails to deliver during election time by enjoying Election Day as a gifted holiday!! People want to bash them for these behaviors.

    Lacking of platform aam aadmi thrives on these tactics to release their anger. This is what Arvind is utilizing these days but would fade out with passage of time. This is why 2/3 min of joy (in aam aadmi view) provided by IT reporters is seen as an opportunity and everyone was bashing SK. This bashing would yield nothing just misdirect the entire issue of corruption and charges.

    There should be a balanced and professional approach. It is true given the current scenario where almost all institutions are subverted by ruling party it is hard to bring accused (only ruling party politicians here) to justice. So, instead of involving in cat fight people (aam aadmi or media ones) should create awareness among people. Why media houses air some crap dance program on news channel?? Instead of that they should be discussing act\law created by parliament for example MNREGA. Discuss pros and cons of it. Discuss Food Security Bill in detail all clauses of it. (These acts\laws directly affects the people lives. Still, people don’t want to listen to these laws. This bashing does not affect anyone nor SK neither aam aadmi! Instead what they got some distorted version of the law provided by the same media.) But none would do that.

    It is not because people don’t want to see these shows on TV (remember 2008 no confidence motion Loksabha channel recorded its highest viewership). These things require good intellectual and creativity, which in turn require time. Therefore they turn towards easy option –sex and violence the easiest things to create and sell. Finest example is ToI website-- home page looks like a semi porn site filled with semi nude girls pics and report of rapes, fight, bollywood etc. People also buy these things in lightening pace. Reason being one do not have to spend time on this and his\her valuable brain. For example, your blog and writing style requires time, intellectual, and creativity which you are willing to give others not!!

    1. why there is no LIKE button. You stole my words. Fully Agree !!

  7. if the it reporters went to the presser and followed the marquis of queensbury rules they would have returned battered and bruised by khurshid's attacks and propaganda especially since the rest of the media kept silent or raised some feeble queries at best.the falsity of khurshid's case vis a vis false affidavits (that alone is enough to convict him )was brought out when khurshid under pressure said that the matter was under 'investigation'.the 'rules of the game' were breached and thank god for it.tomorrow renuka choudhary should be subject to the same treatment.the it reporters were invited to a fight - khurshid took out a knife , the it reporters took out a gun . khurshid knocked out.

  8. It is a fact that Media has become so intimidating and foreordained these days. They have an agenda of a script whose questions and answers must and should follow a certain patter, a certain theme that suits their expectations. A little astray and you are shouted down or interrupted to the core than any opinion you might have is faded in the embarrassing confusion. Neither there is respect for a Minister's position nor for his age. All anchors, across all media sections, have become so bloody narcissists that they care a damn for a Minister's position let alone him. The Arnabs, Bharkas, Saagarikas et al are all of the same family who dictate terms and conditions of a debate and willfully try and conclude to their favor or predetermined script that would enhance their TRPs.

    That aside, Politicians too have to conduct in public as they are supposedly Public servants. What Salman Kurshid displayed during his press meet was an act of utmost arrogance and misuse of his portfolio. He should have been generous and dignified with the questions and answers and as you said, chosen either not to answer or walk away from the session he himself invited. Whether he is guilty or not is another matter all together but that he chose to be one now, especially now, with his irritation raises a doubt in the minds of the commoner who was watching that shouting match.

    Well , it is another feather in the cap of CONGRESS. Let them be blessed with many more. :)

    1. Your argument to prop up fairplay in defence of SK is crap. Would the world have renewed its interest in the shady deals of the Trust but for IT sting and SK’s relay with the baton – however amateurish or otherwise motivated, it might have been - ?

      It was not an exchange of philosophical ideas of liberated souls, dispassionate about mundane matters. It was a potential riot underestimated by the minister’s ill advised decorative program to whitewash over the cracks in his armour. Do you expect the corrupt can be forced to buckle on their back foot by exchanging niceties? They would have ensured that you were never heard in the din. You will return home with a sullen face and swollen lips and the satisfaction of adhering to a rule book that is retained only by you. Remember what came out of the silken soft press meet with Dr MMS on 2G.

      It is also wrong to cite Arnab, Barkha and their ilk here. Their dictative terms are only for those opposed to Congress.

  9. I remember the Karan Thapar interview of Ram Jethmalani. RJ is known for his temper so the sly KT just outfoxed him but it was ironical that KT was given an award for best interview for that sham badgering.

    Such awards set the expectations for other journalists as to what kind of interviews gets them the pats and awards. Ask tough questions all you want but this kind of badgering is unprofessional.

    The HT reporters all seem to be happy that they finally provoked SK into making a scene. Shameful they kept showing that small clip again and again.

  10. Pillers of democracy, particularly politics and Journalism, did more harm to democracy. Adding fuel to fire, voters education is missing, poverty is another factor weakening our democracy. And no one is making any efforts to strengthen these areas.

  11. All codes etc are applicable in "Non Banana Republics"! In our beleaguered country... if journos for once go for the jugular of the corrupt (a rarity!).. so be it...just expanding the "fruit basket"!!

  12. Does the logic of Mirinda rights extend to Moun Mohan Singh ?

  13. There is a merit in what you say but in a country like USA, UK or any other democratic society ( NOT Banana republic )law minister's position would have been untenable. IT wrote civilised letters to SK and the response was garbage. Even in China Bo-Xilai--a powerful politician is removed because of corruption.
    What is happening in India is immoral & unethical conduct which will only destroy the country.
    Only way is name & shame & these people are powerful enough to defend themselves--if they are HONEST.

  14. Sorry, i don't agree with you for the simple reason that for both the parties it was a matter of survival - one in active politics, and another in journalism. It happens with everybody, so looking at the incident thru the lens of journalism it sure does appear improper, but the "Savannah" of Indian Politics and Media isn't quite different from the African Serengeti.

  15. This is a tweet I sent out today at 8.35pm

    Ok @RahulKanwal admits on @ndtv the mistake of bad behaviour by his journos at Khurshid presser. That honesty is admirable! @India_Today

  16. Dear Ravinar
    Can you explore in your blog, the possibility of a deliberate attempt by the print and electronic media in raising the corruption issue against RV and SK, which though may be true, at the behest of interested or affected corporate lobbies to divert the attention from coal block allocation and 2G scam. If there is an iota of truth in this possibility and then how you view the role played by AK and his entire team. Also express your view on the speed with which media and also the educated and intellectual middle class has dropped the issue of coal block allocation.

    1. It's possible but that would be more of speculation than to establish with verifiable facts. Some parts of allegations against SK are frivolous. Those are like the ones you will find in some "customer complaints" columns of even mobile service companies. The forgery, back-dated letter part in SK's case does need investigation. Other than that, if you ask purely as my personal "opinion", all this seems too "choreographed". The RV allegations are not even new so all the excessive noise definitely may be motivated from interested quarters with an agenda.

    2. I second both of you. I am more interested in the Coalgate and 2G versus RV/SK. Their charges, even if proven correct, are petty in comparison to the mother of all scams. Not hearing much about the same from the AK team too. Given the reach and popularity they have today, a statement every once a while about the status of coalgate and 2g is expected.

      However, it must be said that 2G and coalgate both are in court as we speak. So talking or not talking about it in the media doesn't matter.


    3. I don't agree that this episode is choreographed except 1 forged letter.There is a credible report by UP govt alleging scandal in zakir hussain trust and a copy of this report was sent to Social welfare ministry which served show cause notice to rented wife of Khurshid(As he calls rented handicaps)and she never responded to that notice.CAG initial report also points to gross irregularities in Zakir husain trust.Furthermore not 1 but 2 documents were forged, one was the checklist which has forged signature and other one was affidavit given to HT by louis khurshid which also turned out to be a fraud.Furthermore people listed in checklist given by Khurshid died years before or don't live at the addresses provided or are not disabled.Simple question is who is primary beneficiary of all this fraud, its Khurshid and his wife.This is a perfect case to initiate criminal proceeding against Khurshid couple with an immediate arrest.

  17. I dont know if you've read B. Raman's article....

    ... but its somewhat similar line as your above post.

  18. Ravinar Ji, Lately you have disabled "Copy". I have no hesitation to confess that I regularly post your articles on my FB along with a "header" - one of the paragraphs from your article that I like.It serves as an instant introduction to your link. Now Im only able to post the link without being able to say what the article is all about. You must understand that unlike me, my FB friends are not your fans. They needed to be told what the stuff is all about? Why so much interest? Well, I like more people to read your blog. Thats all.

    1. @Pratap

      I have disabled right click to copy as quite a few sites are making a full copy/paste of entire posts without reference. This, of course, is really no protection. What you can do is post the link, title of post and a brief summary for your FB followers.

  19. After reading all comments I would like to share link:

    It's a great read and Raviji first point of this is very important. SK banned IT group from his conferrence which is very shameful and this could be reason journalist were abusive to him!

    1. @Chaitanya

      I know, thats shameful of SK. His behaviour, as I said, was barbaric. However, you need to ponder.. between a politician and a journalist who would you expect decency from? Or have we alread fallen so low in our expectations that we find it okay for journos to be as uncouth and badly behaved as politicians? Thats the question to ponder..

  20. I beg to differ here!!! I dont know whether there are any laid guidelines by editors guild or not. But I dont think that press conferences are like dinner parties and what ever is served you relish and if you dont like something just keep mum or leave. If anybody calls the press conference then he/she has to respond to the questions without getting irritated and shouting and scuttling the voice of a reporter. If PC host has any problem with any particular press he/she can choose not to invite them, what is big fuss there?

  21. IMO, Sonia Gandhi want to remove SK from Government but she can not humiliate him openly. SK has stature in congress. she should have some evidences against him before she ask him to walk out from government. even SK is not happy with current political situation of congress. well, they never showed their enmity for each other in public and before camera as all congis know that without Gandhi Parivar they all are nobody. All the drama could be planted by Sonia G and I think, even SK know it that Sonia G is against him. Rule is that outsider should never come to know inside story & fighting between them.
    on the other hand i find that M.J.Akbar is Editorial Director of India Today. He is good journalist and neutral person.
    what is your opinion?

    1. If you could let me answer the last point. He has been voted as one of the best journalists in mediacrooks and his editorials are generally neutral and usually critical of establishment.
      But there is also a sad fact that he fought elections on congress ticket for member of parliament. I cannot understand the dicotomy.

  22. Now the media seems to know that Sonia is not in support of SK, they are doing what they are supposed to do, but they have crossed the line.

    This is what people will get if they support the corrupt, you save the queen and queen says you are own your own. Poor Krushid will has been the news for a paltry sum of Rs.71lakh as told by some Beni Prasad another fool of the ruling party. Sibal should come and he alone can protect Krushid with his Zero theory, initially given to the world by Indians, and being used to perfection by Sibal.

    Whether Kejriwal will fight till the end or he is just another pawn to divert the attention of the media from the Modi-Sonia(expense) is what is important? Modi never gives up and he keeps coming back and is a thorn in the congress flesh(dream) of making Rahul PM.

  23. Very very well analysed. I was watching this live myself and it was absolutely disgusting to see 2 reporters hijack the press conference. Agreed the 'rules of the game' set by SK might have been too tight and well defined (he is a lawyer) but that gives nobody the right to violate the rules of the game. As you said, if you dont like the rules, you are free to leave. Excellently written piece, I am happy this blog is hitting a million views. Hearty congratulations.

  24. There is no doubt that we have a criminal law minister sticking to the chair.HT journalist behave was not up to the journalist standards.But prob is except HT every media group is trying to hide this incident under the carpet,HT is not getting support of other media groups with Congress stooge editors,even when there are credible official documents which catch Khurshid pants down.In fact RS was busy justifying that Khurshid resignation is not required in this case, what more you can except from a numb head RS who got his ass kicked last week from Mr Modi.I public servant must step down or get suspended unless inquiry against him is complete and let me remind there is perfect quid pro quo in this case,Khurshid will save mulayam and akilesh will save Khurshid.

  25. If the media trial is unconstitutional and illegal, why has no cognizance taken place ever by the concerned authorities or the self-regulated Raavan Rekha? Is it not a Laxman Rekha scam?

    1. Well said. They are too great to be regulated by an authority. Dont you know :) ?

  26. A spy camera was placed by a NSG guard in Congress high command meeting.
    Here are excerpts from that meeting.

    Rahul G: Mumma mumma why you called Khurshid chacha to this meeting.

    Sonia G: Betu, this meeting is all about Khurshid chacha and his performance as Law minister.

    Chitambaram: Exactly!! I am aghast at such poor performance by Khurshid ji.

    Beni Prasad: I second Mr chitambram ji, I did a thorough review of Zakir Hussain trust scam, I can't believe my eyes.Khurshid ji swindled just 71 lakh of tax payers money. What message we are sending in public and to our allies like DMK and NCP.

    Chitambram: Look at me I swindled lakhs of crore in 2G scam and went scot free, Mr Khurshid got caught pants down for just 71 lakhs!! Ha H ha…I always say we Harvard dudes are much smarter than Oxford crap.

    Shashi Tharoor: Ha ha ha, Khurshid ji I can only laugh at you. This figure of 71 lakh is my 1 week of bill to stay in Hotels, expensed by cattle class citizens of this country.

    Kalmadi: Sonia Ji let me tell you, I earned 10 times more than this amount from a single bridge construction in CWG, what I did was, I asked contractor to put sand and not cement in pillars supporting Bridges. Mind it this income is from only a single bridge. 'WE' earned lakhs of crore in CWG scam.

    Sonia G: Kalmadi ji, I have told you many times never use 'WE', always say 'I', I don't want any troubles for my family and congress.

    Zero Sibal: Khurshid ji, I pity you. This is such a small scandal that I don't have to use my mathematical brain to make it a candidate for a Zero loss theory, which I developed after going through Kindergarten math for over a month.

    Rahul G: Hold on, I want to welcome Mr Raja, Mr Sharad Pawar and Mr Ajit Pawar as Corruption experts and would like them to suggest some sort of training for Mr Khurshid.

    Robert V: Saale Rahul, how dare you ignore your JiJa G? Look at my business model, I can do legitimate scams and can make millions out of it and still spit on faces of mango ppl. And I am the only person who has a scam named after him.. JIJA G scam!! You remember or I pull your shorts!!
    Rahul G: Mummmmaaaa Mummmaaaaa
    Sharad Pawar: Robber Ji, sorry I mean Robert Ji, don't mind but we belong to Billion club. You need some more scams and tricks to make it to this exclusive club.

    Sonia G: Shut Up Pawar Ji, we have billions in Swiss accounts, did you miss news report that was published years ago?

    Sharad Pawar: Madam ji, I am not challenging you. I know you and Mr Rajiv built this empire with great difficulties and sacrifices.

    Ajit Pawar: This means I am also part of this Billion club. I did irrigation scam of 70,000 crore!!

    Chavan: Shut up you lil ass...Without my support you are as pity as Khurshid Ji.

    Khurshid: SOnia Ji.. I promise I will adhere to the high ethical standards of corruption and I will enroll in Rapid corruption course by Mr Sharad Pawar and Raja ji. Please let me go this time and save me from Arvind and Public.

    Chidambaram: Sonia Ji, he should also undergo a month long course under me.

    SOnia G: Ok, after these deliberations I recommend Khurshid to undergo our esteemed corruption course. If Khurshid ji fails, I will fire him from Law Minister’s Post. Any questions, else this meeting is over.

    Manmohan singh: Any order for me?

    Sonia G: As always just shut the fuck up.

    1. Rofl! So many top class jokes and satirical articles. We Indians have a good sense of humour. Unfortunately, because of corruption, that's all we are left with.

    2. Thanks..I was getting bored in office.So wrote this like 3 hours ago.

  27. I think there were 2 issues that needs to be looked in totality.
    1. Salman Khurshid, in the name of a press conference, cannot degrade everyone around and more importantly cannot instigate the India Today group. He ranted to such an extent that India Today may be considering filing a defamation suit against him. The reporters, as representative of the media group, decided that they need to strike back in the same press conference and went overboard.

    2. Deepak Sharma from the India Today group, shot a long question which he never completed! But, looked to me as if Deepak was scoring a political point rather than questioning Salman Khurshid.

    Lastly, while you are saying that the reporters should have walked out - this will work, when the entire print / TV media assembled decides to walk out. Otherwise, Salman Khurshid would have made it appear that there was no scam at all. To an extent, the decision taken by the India Today group to stay back makes sense, they could have made their points a bit more politely.


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