Friday, October 12, 2012

Hush Puppies

There was a time when media would have investigated these allegations, are we doing that now? asks Nidhi Razdan to a panellist about the allegations against Robert Vadra. This was on her show “Left, Right, Centre” on October 10 on NDTV. Then there is another ‘Johny-come-lately’ called Krishna Prasad, of Outlook magazine, who says “It’s easy for Narendra Modi to say 1800Crs. were spent on SoniaG’s health  and run away”..  Health? Run away? Modi has repeated the charge over and over and it still hasn’t been answered by either the govt or the media. What has been churned out is some nonsense about SoniaG’s medical treatment bills and Modi’s question was on her travel bills, not medical. So Prasad now enters the club of fiberals! And the only “running” that Modi is doing is for another term as CM.

So in a discussion on Kejriwal V Vadra a fiberal is allowed to bring in “Modi” and allowed his two-penny twisted thrill. In response to this, Nidhi turns to Meenakshi Lekhi and she starts off: “First I was going to make a different point.. but since KP has brought up Modi…” There! That hurts! Hussshhhh! Nidhi jumps and pleads “No, don’t bring in Modi please.. I beg, I beg you, please don’t bring in Modi”. Haha! I don’t blame Nidhi. You can bring up Modi as long as you want to throw mud on him, but hey, no defences please. For a channel that has hunted Modi for a decade and survived on “slandering” him, to borrow Prasad’s term in criticism of Kejriwal, it is indeed refreshing to see this changed approach. Modi seems to have worn them out and depreciated them.

Going back to the first line in this post.. “there was a time when media would have investigated.. are we doing that now?” from Nidhi, it is amazing that every media celeb keeps asking such questions to others. What are they seeking? Clean chits from some regular panellist? Why not show some honesty by putting out an editorial statement that says: ‘Yes we should have followed up on that ET report. We erred and we regret this lapse and apologise to our viewers and the public’. That would have been appreciated and sins forgiven. People don’t flog people who own up to mistakes. Hush!

By Manoj Kureel (NitiCentral)
For the record, the program started with Salman Khurshid and a mild mention of his Zakir Hussain Trust for Disabled scam. The Trust also has Khurshid’s wife as the Chief Officer. But since the scam broke on Aaj Tak’s channel no other channel seemed willing to pick it up. Doing an “ET” all over again? In contrast, every channel willingly replayed the umpires’ sting by IndiaTV over and over again. Why not! No major political stakes involved in the umpire scam. No damage to the Congress or the first family, is there? But if one goes through the India Today report and the story and list of forgeries and strange denials there seems to be a stronger case against Khurshid’s Trust than even with Robert Vadra. The investigation called “Operation Dhritarashtra” (funny title) doesn’t leave much room for doubt. Suddenly, media reported that the Khurshids have asked the Akhilesh Yadav govt to investigate already. Really? Is there any evidence, written or otherwise, that the Khurshids had asked for the investigation before or after the sting? And why should UP govt investigate? Aren’t the facts with the Khurshids themselves? Hush!

The Khurshids’ Trust story is one that is not being appropriately covered. Headlines Today alone carried the headline: “Minister’s Trust cheats disabled”. Why no debates on such a serious charge; that too a minister who is willing to “die for Sonia Gandhi”? There’s another one brewing and this one, again, is from the CAG. Although, the report is sent for Finance Ministry’s response the CAG has reported a scam of sorts in the Farmer Loan Waiver scheme. A massive scheme of 52000 crores! Let’s read some excerpts from the Times of India report:

The CAG has pointed out serious flaws in the implementation of the over Rs 52,000 crore farm debt-waiver scheme in a finding that can annoy the UPA government besides raising doubts whether it can continue to reap political dividends from the populist programme which turned out to be the gamechanger for the ruling coalition in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls…  Sources said the draft report has pointed out major deficiencies in identifying beneficiaries, expressing the fear that "undeserving farmers" may have cornered the bulk of the waiver at the cost of the deserving beneficiaries belonging to the "small and marginal" category. The findings are contrary to the government's repeated claims in Parliament that benefits accrued only to the eligible.

Debts of more than 3.7 crore farmers were written off by the government under this scheme that brought windfall gains to the Congress. Andhra Pradesh, which accounted for around Rs 11,000 crore of the total disbursal, elected 33 Congress MPs to the Lok Sabha. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, where the scheme was also implemented, too, rewarded the party handsomely. The three states together elected 69 of the 207 MPs elected to Lok Sabha on Congress ticket…  Announced just ahead of the 2009 parliamentary polls, the scheme wrote off the loan liabilities of "eligible" farmers pending till then.

So the biggest beneficiaries appear to be Congress states and UP. All three states paid handsome returns to the Congress in the 2009. Now, we know that the TV channels will explain that this is a “draft” report. However, we have known them to report based on draft reports and even the Congress to wrongly claim that some previous CAG reports were not tabled in parliament even during session under the fake claim of “draft”, even final when report was submitted to the president. Hush!

Then, on the issue of Robert Vadra, media channels have been frequently getting Congress persons like Rajiv Shukla and Sandeep Dikshit to make illegal land allegations against Prashant Bhushan & family. They are also demanding an inquiry. Fine, so what stops them? They are the govt aren’t they? What stops them unleashing CBI or ED or IT on the Bhushans’ land purchases in HP? Even Shanti Bhushan has stated that he is open to any inquiry of any kind by any govt so why are the Congressmen being allowed to repeat the frivolous nonsense again and again instead of a govt inquiry? This is particular so on Times Now. NDTV even had a reporter cover the Bhushans’ land and property in camera. But do any of these channels even have one image of which airline, aircraft or private chartered plane that SoniaG or RahulG use for their foreign travels? Hush!

And even now people like Yogendra Yadav on CNN-IBN and Krishna Prasad are propagating lies about Modi’s “1880 crores” being about SoniaG’s medical treatment. In this case it’s not just these two people but all media channels that qualify to be called LIARS. Still, there is no valid clarification from media, CIC or PMO on the “travels and expenses” on those of Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Even Madhu Kishwar’s RTI query remains unanswered. Hush! In a previous post I talked about how ground reporters feel like stray dogs owing to the way their editors treat them. In TV studios the celebs and others feel slightly better like: Hush Puppies!


  1. Modi is like raktbeej,every time when you try to kill raktbeej,a new raktbeej appear from every drop of blood.same with modi in last 10 years every time when media(NDTV,CNNN-IBN)try to draw his negative image that turn into modi's favor,so that's why no media as they all are pro congress dare to discuss modi. but modi is good man.

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  3. Deleted and reposting my comment due to a typo (that would change the whole meaning)

    Nailed it! When some media breaks a mere Rs 71 Lakhs scam (ridiculously low these days even by local RTO clerk standards) we know it is just a red herring - to draw our attention away from something much larger. But not all hounds (keeping with the theme of puppies, stray) fall for it. We also have Crook-Watch who sniff out every possible scams. Media be damned :)

  4. There's a kind of hushhh.... my fav song!!

  5. Superb again!!. If you follow the entire ruling period of Congress, you will see that there had been an absolute control over the media. By some reasons unknown they control the media and the bureaucracy, even when Congress is not in power. You see BJP even not at power are being completely and equally maligned for the deeds of Central Govt. Modi, by God's grace got a good control over the bureaucracy (not full, but yes). And by his development mantras he made this paid medias beg for his interviews. I saw Rajdeep (seating on 'Cleaner's Seat' in the BUS Modi was travelling) literally begging to Modi for bite; yes he was literally begging and Modi just didn't cared. NaMo showed them their place i.e. cleaner's seat. After all he is an elected Chief Minister of a state which is exclusively known for its growth model worldwide; and Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai is Editor in Chief of a puny TV channel living on crumbs thrown by a family and her political party.


  6. Dear Ravinar,

    I feel NAMO should not have given the Interview to scumbag Desai. The scumbag wanted to hit back Modi for continuously raking the Foreign Travel issue of her highness. He was somewhat successful by publishing the silence of Modi on non sensical apology for Riots.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I salute you the way you keep on exposing the Traitor/DynastybootLicking/PaidPervertedPress. Salute your service to the nation. Though all the so called soon to be extinct MSM will hate you you will be loved by all patriots

  8. Does not this Krishna Prasad look like bro of Sanjay Jha and there is a stark similarity in voice .. and he represents the outlook of vinod mehta who appears on debates as if he has come after a marathon huffing and puffing and showing his palm every as if promoting Hand symbol of paymaster congress

  9. thorugh probe should be done of khurshid's money transactions. he also heads delhi public school society and siphoning off of funds for his "trust" clearly indicates some hawala type transactions.. he may be funding some anti national groups like IM.. this may sound crazy but nothing is crazy as far as asses like khurshid and company are there leading this country..

  10. sanjay jha's wet dream - to be another RAJIV SHUKLA.

  11. As usual another excellent piece of journalism. One has to give credit to NaMo, like it or not. 10 years of constant bashing, vulgar crap language used against him. However, he still stands tall not reacting to cheap statements like Maut ka Saudagar and making Gujarat no.1 state for investment. Another uncalled victory of him as UK agree to engage with him leaves Congress and his critics clueless. He rightly replied RS in his recent interview by saying you earn your bread by bashing me lol. RS and brigade of modi bashing must calm down now. One more thing why media post this Q to him moral sorry for 2002 riots? Why he has to apologise he did what he can as CM of a state. Media wants he once says ok sorry and he would be proved guilty when all courts of the land found not guilty. Media successfully did their job in Vadra saga by diverting the entire issue of wrong doings in land deals to attack on SoniaG's image. Again, media is doing the same in SK case as law minister said 'I already told UP govt. to inquire' media is beating this statement and burying the real issue. In SoniaG expense issue, Modi rightly replied to RS that GoI should investigate how a report published in vernacular press is not investigated which by Govt sources is false claim. What Modi did wrong in that? However, media again twisted the entire episode and yesterday all media houses published "Modi claim refuted again as PTI says blah blah"!!!Instead of verifying the report all media houses are busy in how to distort whatever news to bash Modi. This is too much and been for last 10 years. Please, media houses forgive aam aadmi with this tireless torture on aam aadmi by keep buzzing NaMo. Instead of this do some research, investigate reports, and provide valuable info to aam aadmi. In addition, sting operations should be banned and not be seen as evidence in any case. This whole sting operation thing is totally flawed. For example, in a sting operation the party who is conducting the same has nothing too loose. Party knows very well whatever they are offering will come back to us or in actual would not happen. So, they can offer whatever from 1Lakh to 100cr or some other things like room service by some celebrity girl. I think the case should be against the party who is conducting the sting Op.

  12. Hi Ravi,
    Your articles are awesome. You tend to explain the other side of the coin to gullible individuals like me. The questions you raise are worth reflecting and retrospecting on what is exactly happening in the present media scene in India. Kind of sad but true.
    Just a thought- Have you ever thought of launching your own independent youtube channel raising all these issues? You might want to carry out some interviews and debates calling in your panel of experts and publishing some real facts. If you happen to do so, do not forget to wear the Vandetta mask ;-).

  13. Ravinar ji,

    It would be a good analysis if we see how the Congress "HAND" in glove with the media has completely pushed the COALGATE out of people's radar !! Wow talk of "Manufacturing Consent" !
    I have heard of this book by Naom Chomsky where in he proves the connection of govt , big business & media & how the media is the worst form of narcotic drugs wherein they systematically indulge in agenda setting .

    Thanks to the web & GUSTY Folks like you , all is NOT lost for our great country. Kudos Sir & Keep up this fantastic work !
    Like many other bloggers in your site, I look fwd every day to your daily dose of analysis & wisecracks !!

  14. heheh!

    Pity these MSM guys these days! By the time they can recover from one scam hitting the UPA, out comes another one. And very soon they find themselves fighting on several fronts, to save their favorite party from embarrassment!

    Despite a few attempts to "BALANCE" out the taint by bringing a Gadkari here (notice how they stopped uttering the word "Yeddurappa" these days, now that he is on his way out of BJP), the overwhelming public opinion is on UPA Scams tumbling out of the cupboard practically on a daily basis.

    Awesome post, as usual!


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