Sunday, October 28, 2012

Horse Sense & The Macaulay Putris

There is nothing in the life of George HW Bush that would account for his rise to the office of US President. A successful WWII pilot, a successful oil-businessman he had almost no political victories to speak of. He didn’t win the nomination for the presidential election of 1980 either. But GB had something; he had ‘horse sense’. He tagged on to Ronald Reagan for a long time and was picked for the latter’s VP candidate. It is as Reagan’s follower and VP for 8 years that GB finally got elected as president. “Many people assume that success in life involves "trying harder". Nothing is further from the truth”. That’s the publisher’s line for the book ‘Horse Sense’ by marketing gurus Al Ries & Jack Trout.

From Hollymonroe.Com
The most successful people are those who "find a horse to ride": the one idea, the one company, the one thing, or even the one person that can propel them to the top. Most of our media celebs ride these horses; either political or business. Lately, some of these female celebs have been quite aggressively helping us understand how Arvind Kejriwal’s agitation is a class-war. A war between the elites and the middle-class, between the Macaulayputras and middle class! Just one problem; these MacaulayPutris keep imagining these elites are other people and not them. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that they are indeed the MacaulayPutris and elites and nothing about them qualifies them as “middle class”. Buckle up…

At the traffic lights - where our cars came into enforced confrontation with poverty - and we saw a small hand stretched out for alms, or a disabled man trying to wave a red rose or a magazine at us, imploring us for help - we would barely look up from behind our over-sized designer sunglasses. We would, in fact, sink back into the plush leather of our seats and be extra determined that the story of India would no longer be told in picture-postcards of poverty”. Barkha Dutt: “Writes of passage” Hindustan Trolls  April 13.

So you see, most Indian middle-class people wear designer sun-glasses, drive cars with plush leather seats. They ignore the beggars and the disabled selling magazines or roses at traffic junctions. Mind you, the only place a “middle class” lady like Barkha can now eat “Gol-Gappas” is at the PM’s party. Not on the streets like “upper-class” Indians. Let’s hear another similar heart-breaking story.

"The moralistic virtuosity of Team Anna rankles many of us. We who have made our compromises, we who speed our cars when we see beggars approaching, we who roll up our car windows when vendors sell us agarbattis at traffic crossing, we don’t see children who are rag pickers, night soil lifters and tea vendors. We are morally, spiritually, physically depleted, exhausted and blind. This revolution that Kejriwal talks about isn’t for the likes of you and me. We have made our compromises". Smita Prakash: “Who has the stomach for a revolution?” MidDay August 6.

Damn! What’s with these two ladies and cars and traffic signals? Compromises? Read that as: “we have chosen our horses”. Don’t despair! I managed to find someone who doesn’t talk about cars and traffic signals. Instead, she talks about “Tits, Clits and Elephant dicks” and “The Vagina Monologues”. Who could it be but our very own Social Genius:

No wonder this neo Macaulayputra now faces a quintessentially desi revolution, a revolt is brewing, something is stirring in the air. Kejriwal versus Vadra is as much a class war as it is a war against corruption, it is a war between an elite class—containing within it undoubtedly many many examples of excellence and achievement—and an aspirant class of dhartiputra for whom the moral crusade is sharpened by class anger…. Hindutva rage against so called “English speaking secularists” has been manufactured as not just rage against those who are supposed to love minorities but against those who are perceived to be members of a left liberal aristocracy who practice vote bank appeasement in order to maintain their own political and social monopoly of public life". Sagarika Ghose: “Vadra vs Kejriwal: This is also a war about class” FirstPost October 10.

There you are, it’s not just class wars but also Hindutva rage against ‘English speaking secularists’. That’s from a woman who wanted ‘female orgasm’ to be a Constitutional right. We get the humour, of course. For her and the elites, the Hindutva folks are the biggest enemies who are constantly in the “manufacture-rage” mode. All three, Barkha, Smita and Sagarika seem to forget they are indeed the ‘Elites’. They are indeed the MacaulayPutris who seem to trigger the middle-class outrage being channelled by AK. Why do their writings smack of so much hidden guilt? Barkha has umbilical ties to Hindustan Times. Smita is the daughter of a Principal Information Officer of GOI. Sagarika is the daughter of a Doordarshan director and her relatives include judges and ambassadors. All very “middle class” eh?

All 3 women seem to be obsessed with Kejriwal and class-wars. Coincidence? Would these women have gotten to where they are any differently from Vadra or Kejriwal? Not in terms of multi-crore deals or anti-corruption fights but in terms of position and influence. And all three are stupidly, terribly wrong about AK too. They’re either simply too dumb or unwilling to see how AK got where he is and they confuse his war as one of class.

By reports AK first approached former president APJ Abdul Kalam for his IAC movement. A Prominent TV panellist told me Kalam said “I’m all for this anti-corruption thing but I love eating so don’t ask me to fast and blast and all that”. AK then approached Narayana Murthy of Infosys. NM’s response was: “Look Mr.K, we must evolve our social structure supported by a massive overhaul of our systems which bring in investment and expands our capabilities to compete in the world and take progress to the grassroots without upsetting the balance in our industrial position in the world which can badly impact the morale of both the govt and the people as also our fight against corruption and our methods must be secular without offending the rightwing, leftwing, centrists, media, politicians or neo-nazis”. Got it? I’m sure AK must have returned from NM with his head spinning. So he went to Anna Hazare. AH was known for anti-corruption agitations and fasting. AH was willing. AH was willing to fast and be the face of AK’s movement. Ride the right horse! Can you now imagine AK carrying out his IAC on his own? He was more or less a “nobody”, not even 20 people would have turned up for him. Picking Kalam, Murthy or Anna is what’s called Horse Sense. Vadra, the national son-in-law, is the horse that DLF rides as do many other business entities.

Consciously or unconsciously Sagarika luckily picked a horse too. The moment Rajdeep Sardesai got to head a channel of his own she was Deputy Editor at the channel. You think anyone else would have expected that? Out of the blue some guy called Ashutosh Varshney was a panellist frequently on NDTV. Except for stray comments here and there I hadn’t heard of this guy before. Well, what do you know! Before you could say ‘horse’ he had turned Barkha into a ‘Sabbateur’. Er.. That’s my description of someone on a sabbatical as Barkha now claims to be at Brown University under some fellowship. Varshney is Director, Brown-India Initiative. Wait a minute! It could be the reverse too. It could have been Varshney horsing around. The two can decide which one it was. Of Smita, I don’t see a new horse to identify and I hope it stays that way.

Most people in public life in India strongly rely on horse sense. It’s not a bad thing and not a bad route to the top. Think Ahmed Patel, think Rajiv Shukla and make your own list. Some, unfortunately, take it to the level of slavery. The entire clan and cult of Macaulay Putris and putras are essentially outcomes of such horse sense. Calling themselves ‘middle class’ is another of way of somehow defending their elitist guilt. 

Note: Responses of APJ Abdul Kalam & Narayana Murthy to AK are imaginary and shouldn't be confused for real


  1. oh! brilliant,this article definitely has hidden truth.

  2. The left leaning so called sickulars have set the agenda for a very long time. In USA it alternates between republicans and democrats i.e between conservatives and liberala so that a fine balance is maintained. However in india all the public forum has been hijacked by left leaning sickulars. all our public discourse, our history, our culture is now refuge to these left leaning sickulara. they willl proclaim themselves to be pro-poor but only till such time that the poor dont crash their page3 parties.
    The left leaning sickulars foisted on us by nehruvian ideology are nothing but the cause of ruin of this country.

  3. The statement of NM seems so wrong.
    "....our fight against corruption and our methods must be secular without offending the rightwing, leftwing, centrists, media, politicians or neo-nazis”

    One thing is clear from this, he doesnot want anything to happen and wants to continue as it is. When the elite people and those who can influence and have a clean image like that of MMS keep silent then bad things happen.

    It is said "For evil to conquer, it is only necessary that the good people should do nothing."

    1. Dude read the NOTE below the article : Note: Responses of APJ Abdul Kalam & Narayana Murthy to AK are imaginary and shouldn't be confused for real

  4. Once DNA sequencing, profiling and it's database becomes public; we would come to know that all those elites appearing on TVs and discussing politics, those in 'horse trading', those so called liberals (only for minorities)are all actually close relatives of each other. They are indeed a clan fighting hard to alleviate (read, eliminate) the embarrassing unrelated 'middle class'. Secondly, their favorite AK also not seems to be a middle class, although he is trying his best to look one.

  5. I like Sir APJ Abdul's Kalam honest answer but i don't that Narayana Murttis Answer to AK. you can't fight against corruption w/o offending Media and Politician. his statement shows he has nothing to do with this stupid mess of rampant corruption and he just want investment for his business.

    1. Read the fairly conspicous note below the article : Note: Responses of APJ Abdul Kalam & Narayana Murthy to AK are imaginary and shouldn't be confused for real

    2. :) Mayank! How many times will u remind readers about the footnote?! That's how carefully ppl read and that's how gullible they could be!!

  6. @Rajguru @Vijendra Bhatt

    The replies of both Kalam & NM are meant to be a parody of their normal statements. Although AK had met them.. their replies given in this post are imaginary.. Pl read the small note at the end of the post.

  7. Narayan Murthy himself was leftist in his earlier formative years and now is the proud owner of Multi billion Dollar Software body shop, Pranv Roy having family ties with leftist, propagates left & secular views via NDTV is a registered on NSE and BSE. You can check the packages of these so called leftists journalists like Barakha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagariaka Gosh or you name any secularist leftist journalists, I am sure they will be in ranges of 50 Lakhs to crores by conservative estimates. All this money comes from the capitalist economy we practice and not from any left organization.

    Can you see any similarity in these Indian Leftist, thinkers, Secularist, opinion makers? They enjoy fruits of both the worlds. All these people are prospering on liberal capitalist thinking rather than their failed archaic opressive, authoritarian and out dated, discarded ideology of the left, they preach.

    You can find the seeds of all our ills in 65 years of Neharuian socialism.

  8. Macaulayputras and middle class!

    MSM, political parties, business heavyweights, and unwillingly bureaucrats are actually work in a network. The network they created for themselves. This n\w is for the elite, by the elite. Some 40k constitute this n\w. This includes all political parties members, their relatives, business families, MSM, and bureaucrats after entering CS and realizing this fact.

    Aam aadmi (middle class janta) is kept away from this n\w. Some freebies, subsidies, peanuts like jobs in MNCs etc are thrown by this n\w time to time. The real money,power wanders in the said n\w. If anyone challenges that n\w all govt. machinery,MSM is up there to cut the throat. In India, MSM has created this cloud -- elite cannot be guilty. This is what this MacaulayPutri SG is talking about in her column.

  9. Very true. In our nation, the entire elite class knows that it needs to identify and ride correct horse to reach desired destination (like NAC and so many others). Kejriwal riding Anna Hazare horse is a perfect example of it.
    It is only common people like us (from middle and lower class) who earn our bread and butter through honest hard work and remain throughout our life, where we started from in the beginning.

  10. A horse whisperer – term for some practitioners of natural horsemanship . sanjay jha is trying to ride two horses at once - rajiv shukla and manish tewari - he may with luck become a rajiv tewari 'end of day'. no horse whisperer he.

  11. beatuifully explained , so that the middle class can understand the #paidmedia tricks and what their principles...

  12. Even when the Radia tapes revealed the extent to which India’s political, corporate and media elite had been compromised by this menace, none of the protagonists faced any serious sanction – professional or otherwise. Barkha Dutt continues hosting her programmes and various dignitaries go on her shows without batting an eyelid. Vir Sanghvi, continues with his television and print appearances. The politicians are even more brazen. Mr. N. K. Singh who appeared in the Radia tapes telling Ms. Radia how to manage various MPs has the gall to go to the World Economic Forum in Davos and participate in panels on tackling corruption!!! A parallel can be drawn to the civil rights movement in the US. Prior to Martin Luther King’s strategy of turning to mass protest to get his message across, the political elite in the US did not even recognize that treating blacks as inferior was a serious problem requiring an institutional response. The strategy of American politicians was to tide over any eruption of a crisis pertaining to race relations with deft political management. An institutional solution only came when the political establishment recognized that the existing order was untenable and adult franchise would have to extended to blacks as well.The beneficiaries of corrupt practices that range from the smallest "hafta" to the largest spectrum allocation are among the most powerful members of Indian society. They also have allies in the fourth estate like Shekhar Gupta and Barkha Dutt who are always quick to extoll the virtues of India's "Parliamentary Democracy" and "Constitutional system of Government".
    This nonsense about Macaulayputra is another diversionary tactic by people that see him Kejriwal as a threat to their positions of privilege.

  13. The IAC has adopted the tactic of exposing one big name from the world of politics, media and business a day – backed up with documentary evidence – to make the need for a Lokpal obvious. Yes that will include people that we once idolized for ideological or professional reasons. The right-wing bloggers that have been attacking Kejriwal with wild conspiracy theories must understand this. In that process, Kejriwal will have the assistance of ordinary people that have a modern, technocratic vision for India but recognize that our social stratification makes it almost impossible to achieve that through electoral politics. I would like to conclude by saying that I feel the India International Centre (IIC) game is over. The sober discussions at IIC and similar venues that jholawalas have been having over cups of tea – or something stronger – have run their course. This is because people like us who have played that game in the past are like the child in the The Danish fairy tale “Emperor's New Clothes” written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1837, as part of Eventyr, Fortalte for Born. When all the townspeople, wildly praised the magnificent clothes of the emperor who had actually come out nude in public, a small child said:

    "But he has nothing on"!

    I (and countless others) am that child.

    1. Dear Mr Bobby,

      Do you want to make anyone believe that their could ever be a completely non corrupt political system anywhere in this world ?? Seriously this idea of showing everybody corrupt is fine till your kejriwal reaches anywhere near power structure. Only extremely naive minds will believe in such completely no corrupt political systems. Anyways best of luck to Aam admi party. Unfortunately if I am a proud hindu but don't believe in the politics of AK, then it does not mean I hate AK for his activities. It only means I do not find him going a long way with his so called revolution which is sounds good politics for poor but based on leftist hypocrisy.

    2. If AK is really true, he shoudl go after Ahmed Patel. Ahmed Patel is the conduit for SOnia whether it Mining, 2G, CWG or Coal scam.

      He collects lakhs of crores for her and launders into foreign banks.

    3. You are missing the point completely.There are different degrees of corruption in different political systems. The level of corruption in Sweden is lower than that of Nigeria. We Indians have to answer the following question: Do we want to be like Nigeria or like Sweden?
      Barrington Moore said,“…in any society the dominant groups are the ones with the most to hide about the way society works.” That is why fully support Ravinar's efforts to expose the corruption in Indian media. As I commented on Barkha Dutt’s recent piece in the Hindustan Times, the problem is not that the news consumers of Indian media think that journalists are biased. That would be giving the journalists too much credit. In order to have bias you need a coherent political ideology that most journalists do not possess. Thus, the problem is not bias but dishonesty. In India, many news consumers have concluded that many journalists are up for sale to the highest bidder. This view is reinforced when we see people make blatantly false statements on TV discussions. You can be biased towards an ideology or value system but you cannot willfully disregard facts to make your case. Second, we live in the era of Wikileaks where secrets are harder to keep. Thus, any claim you assert or any disclosure you fail to make can come back to bite you. The latest example of this was Harish Salve and DLF. When the Vadhra story broke, he was introduced on TV panel discussions for the first two days as just another legal commentator. However, he admitted later that he had appeared on behalf of DLF in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Even then Nidhi Razdan continued to cite his opinion without telling her audience about Salve’s DLF connection. Sreenivasan Jain’s much-hyped programme Truth versus Hype also had him on without this disclosure. Shalini Singh of The Hindu pointed this out on Ravish’s programme on NDTV. Interestingly, Ravish also did not comment on the dishonesty of his English counterparts.
      Although I am an avid supporter, I do not believe that the chances of Kejriwal being able to organize a national party and win a national mandate are very bright. The reasons for that are structural and it has nothing to do with the choice of strategy that he adopted. The Indian electorate continues to respond to freebies although its influence has gone down in recent years. Social origins – caste, religion etc. – are an immutable force. The pressures of community leaders and elders to vote for certain candidates over others can be hard to overcome. In order to surmount that and get a popular mandate with a technocratic vision of modern India that is part of a global village is an almost impossible task. However, what AK is doing is forcing us to answer the question: does India want to be like Nigeria or like Sweden?
      You are free to be a proud whatever but if you claim to be a nationalist you cannot defend corrupt people just because they are on your ideological team. Then there wont be any difference between you and Barkha. This is not a right versus left issue. If AK economic policies are not to your liking, you can oppose them when the time comes. However, it is very doubtful that AK will ever be in a position to enact his economic programme. So people like you and me that believe in economic liberalization need not worry that India will turn socialist again. However, no functioning capitalist system with a legal mechanism should have allowed a Vadhra or Purti type business enterprise to emerge. If you are a proud Hindu and support right wing economic policies, then you should get on board with AK to see to it that Vadhra and Purti enterprises are investigated and convicted.

    4. nice thoughts, I agree with you.

  14. Every pumpkin thief in journalism field should be touching their shoulders after reading this post!

    Superb! As ever!!

  15. Awesome post.. even the worlds oldest profession looks like having great honour of todays Indian PRESStitutes...

    Also Kejriwal riding on Annaji's back was an illustrative example..he has used many in the past as well starting from YP Singh to Aruna Roy till Annaji/Kiran Bedi and I hope many TV watching urban middle class Indians frustrated by rampent corruption,whose nerve Kejriwal has touched might also get dumped by him coz frankly speaking,I dont trust a guy u dumpa his mentor. he can dump every Indian when the time is ripe for him..

  16. Brilliant! Very well researched about the body languages of the Macaulay putras, putris Vs Dharthi putras & putris! I think the leftist are riding their own horse which is to keep India poor/discredited/her national confidence shackled & the best bet for that is dynastic rule or a dictatorship....until they take over as they did in Nepal a crouching tiger! But in deeply religious India& Mamta Banerjee upsetting their apple cart and in Kerala too they are not in an envious position! Some times in these kind of families where creeps like Barkha, Sagarika and Smita come from with their fake Bengali or Kerala left ideologically brainwashed household; speaking English was everything/a degree might have been their gold standard instead of patents/copyrights/IP rights! Perhaps their parents saw the BBC the epicentre of leftist propaganda post USSR as the epitome of everything they aspired in life....accents must have been rehearsed many times over in their homes to get it similar to Englishmen or almost similar! But before they knew they became wittingly or unwittingly anti-India....anti-Hindu, anti-Sankrit...which is revered by some of the best brains in the world as two my blogs here prove as below;

  17. This by far is best one for me from you.....Superb Ravi :-)

  18. Just Superbly Brilliant !!Hope these Mcauleans read this piece to do some self-analysis.Would love to email them this article.
    If indeed AK had met APJ or NM,they would have told exactly what you have written.Everything seems to be connected to the white winged horse pegasus :((

  19. @RadhaRaju

    AK did indeed meet APJ and NM... Its only their replies that are imaginary... not the meeting itself.

  20. Dear Ravinar,

    Awesome!!! Hats off! . One of the best. I had to run for a barf bag after i read that firstpost article and the bitter after taste was still there until i read this one :) . But then again, i could have easily predicted the contenet of that article - its straight out of marxist propaganda batshit i have seen in Kerala media. However, i beg to disagree on who is the horse in this case -'outsourced'articles and twitter marketing are useful marketing tools for making money, even in Mr Sardesai's business :)

  21. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. SG refers to the Macaulay putras of the 50's as civil servants. In that sense the real Macaulay putra is AK. Later she says that the Macaulay putras morphed into the Vadras. It is incorrect to bestow these Vadra types with the Macaulay putra title. First their educational quals may be fudged, next their real intellect is also a zero.

  23. Ravinar - awesome article, as always!!!

    By the way, you must read this article in the Hindu - Rediff has given a link to it, hence I went there!

    What is hilarious is that while the article by itself is one of those usual Modi-bashing write-ups that we yawn at, the bashing that the author himself has got in the comments section is amazing! Which means readers of the "Hindu" itself are able to see through this bias these days!

  24. Look! AK brought Vadra news first and Gadkari as next target. What did the Media crroks do? They shouted about Vadra couple of days and went after Gadkari hard and they keep pounding him. Not that he did not deserve it.

    But Mission Accomplished for AK and Sonia. Vadra out and Gadkari in. Media scums focus else where.

    If AK is really true, he shoudl go after Ahmed Patel. Ahmed Patel is the conduit for SOnia whether it Mining, 2G, CWG or Coal scam.

    He collects lakhs of crores for her and launders into foreign banks.

    But look at this..

    You can be forgiven if you believe that Nitin Gadkari's is the only scam in town. Saturation coverage by television channels in the past couple of days should have ordinarily left no one in doubt that he is at the centre of the biggest scam in recent times. Even newspapers which have virtually become an extension of the ruling establishment seemed to have suddenly discovered merit in Gadkari's financial shenanigans, splashing as front-page lead the alleged wrong-doing by his companies while being completely oblivious to the humongous misdeeds of the leading lights of the United Progressive Alliance [ Images ].

    Admittedly, it is hard to take on the incumbent powers. Editors simultaneously charged with the responsibility of keeping a close watch on the bottom-line, theirs and the paper's, have to necessarily suck up to the corporate and political bosses -- never mind the pretence in social and professional gatherings. But what of the cash-rich media houses straddling huge print and television empires?

    Apparently, a strong word was conveyed that they should leave Sonia Gandhi's [ Images ] son-in-law well alone. Ministers, including Information and Broadcasting boss Ambica Soni, are said to have reached out to the media houses, gently suggesting that further interest in the doings of Robert Vadra and his multifarious business activities would be most unwelcome.

    Now, when you treat journalism at par with selling soap cakes it is not hard to fall in line with the political establishment, is it? So, the switch, instead, to Gadkari's private companies. These were, notably, established in his private capacity and not when he was a minister in the Maharashtra [ Images ] government. Nor can it be anyone's case that he did something that was out of the ordinary in managing those companies. Yes, he conducted his business affairs like a typical businessman, creating a web of subsidiaries and front companies in order to get round various provisions of the company law.

  25. One more scam of Gandhis...

    I understand exposing scams of Gadkari or Vadra. No love for any of them. But the gross abuse of institutions has to be first addressed. That is not done by BJP. It is only done by CON party. That is what AK refuses to expose. Gadkar, Mulyam, Laloo, Maya all have to be exposed. But the most important is the dynasty. The Sonia/Ahmed Patel connection all such issues are conveniently not addressed by AK or crooked media.

    A private company managed by Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Moti Lal Vora, Oscar Fernandes, Suman Dubey and Satyan G Pitroda, has quietly acquired the over Rs 600 crore estate and properties belonging to the Jawaharlal Nehru-founded The Associated Journals Ltd for the paltry sum of Rs 50 lakh. The acquisition, which was finalised as recently as April 26, 2012, covers an ‘extinguished’ loan of over Rs 90 crore from the All-India Congress Committee.

    The Associated Journals Ltd is the owner and publisher of National Herald (English daily), Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily) and National Herald International Weekly.

    Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi is a Director in the said firm, Young Indian (Registration No 55-210686), which is a private company registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. Its principal aim is to inculcate “in the mind of India’s youth, commitment to the ideal of a democratic and secular society for its entire populace without any distinction as to religion, caste or creed and to awaken India’s youth to participate in activities that promote the foregoing objective”.

    As this has nothing to do with journalism, it is unclear why Young Indian is acquiring the huge assets of a newspaper company for its activities.

    As per the Notes to Accounts for the period ended March 31, 2012, a public limited company started by Jawaharlal Nehru with 5,000-odd shareholders has effectively become a private firm managed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, using funds from the AICC. The legality of a political party giving a loan to a private person to set up a private firm remains questionable.

    In fact, many aspects of the deal are problematic. The Notes to Accounts (II.1) states that in pursuit of its objects, “the Company acquired loan owed of Rs 90,21,68,980 by The Associated Journals Ltd (‘the said Company’), presently engaged in achieving a recast of its activities so as to have its main object congruent to the main object of the company, for a consideration of Rs 50 lakh”.

    It continues, “As a part of restructuring exercise of the said company, the said loan was converted into 9,02,16,898 ordinary shares of Rs 10 each fully paid. Since said acquisition is treated as application on the objects of the company (and accordingly, treated in the financial statements of the company), the same has not been reflected as an investment in shares. Besides, even if the shares were to be treated as an asset (‘investment’), having regard to the fact that the net worth of the said company is negative, recognising the entire cost as “diminution in value” would result in an equivalent charge to the Income & Expenditure Account.”

    This statement has been signed for and on behalf of the Managing Committee by Pradeep S Shah, Partner, Chandrakant & Sevantilal Chartered Accountants, Suman Dubey, director, and Moti Lal Vora, director.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I would love to ride a horse like you "MediaCrooks" :). You speak our hearts out.
    Aditya Manocha

  28. Barkha in Brown University (
    What's missing in this brief profile of Barkha is the Radiagate controversy.
    At least efforts should be made to make its students and faculties aware about her alleged role in RadiaGate.
    Wikipedia has an unbiased page on this episode. ( Youtube still has many of her recorded conversations showing her alleged attempts at emerging as a political commission agent by trying hard to fix ministerial berths. Mail id of faculties are published in website of universities and their students must be actively connected via Facebook page of Brown university.
    People in far off land have a right to know the background history of others around them. Lobbying in US may be legal but it doesn't mean average american considers lobbying as a fair business.


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