Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Arnaboxious - The Witch Hunter

This is a picture of woman being beaten up by a mob as you can plainly see. Her clothes have been torn by the mob as you can plainly see. Her name is Uma Khurana. She was a school teacher till LiveIndia accused her of running a sex-racket with school girls in a fake sting in August 2007. LiveIndia’s editor at that time was none other than Sudhir Chaudhary. The same guy has recently acquired more fame in the Jindal-Zee extortion sting. The fake sting not only damaged Uma Khurana personally, professionally and socially but also physically. She filed a case against LiveIndia but they may have settled it out of court later. TV channels don’t seem to learn. Still, a certain form of witch hunting continues on TV. This is now practiced in a much specialised form by Arnab Goswami (AG) on TimesNow. Kicking and screaming, interrupting speakers, badgering, often talking nonsense is an art that has been taken to a different level by the extremely obnoxious AG. This is not so when he does a one on one interview in his ‘Frankly Speaking’ where he appears to be far saner and civilised. So it’s safe to assume that what happens on his NewsHour is a deliberate “show”. If Arnab thinks it’s a great hit, he has to count as the biggest moron in news business.

The Witch-Hunter
Don’t know if AG is imitating Keith Olbermann of MSNBC or Sean Hannity of Fox. Throughout the last week or so AG has been carrying a series on Nitin Gadkari (NG) and his supposed fake investors. Fair enough! It’s the way that the whole expose is being organised each day as Part 1, Part 2… Part 14, Part 16, Part 19 (as of October 29), that makes one wonder if there is more to it than just exposing NG. One did not see such enthusiasm in exposing Robert Vadra, Salman Khurshid. The enthusiasm has to be journalistic and within levels of decency. Where the political aspect is concerned, nobody has any doubt that NG has blundered. That the funding of NG’s companies through allegedly fake investors is highly improper is not being debated. Whether these are illegal or not is for an inquiry to decide.

For starters AG had Anjali Damania with her silly SMSes as allegations. Then came another drama by Arvind Kejriwal & Co. that the media called a “damp squib”. But Arnab’s witch-hunt had actually started much before these events. He and TimesNow had started their inquiries into NG’s businesses early in August 2012. So till such time Arnab got some documents he played up the non-issues and when their allegations turned out damp-squibs he turned on to NG’s companies. What he did is a must and should be done. But the way it is being done smacks of a witch-hunt that seems to have a larger political objective.

The TimesNow reporters have been hounding NG like street dogs and have been chasing him all over the place. From RSS headquarters in Nagpur to the airport and chasing him like paparazzi. Those beat reporters should be as ashamed of themselves as AG should be. Take a look at the pics from TimesNow and also ABPNews. The reporters crowding all around NG and even making movement difficult. This is not just for NG; these street dogs that pass themselves off as reporters seem to think it is their birth-right to crowd individuals and shove their mics and cameras into people’s faces and bodies. PCI and NBA should outlaw this and issue an advisory to keep a clear distance of at least 6ft. from any individual the media wishes question. If not, these cowardly dogs should be sent to the municipal pound and made to spend a day with the dogs there to see how it feels.

And why are these TimesNow street dogs cowardly? Take a look at the second pic. This is one from a video that TNow repeatedly showed where Robert Vadra is getting into his car. Not one of the media dogs is anywhere near him. He is protected by those SPG guards and no one dared get anywhere near him to ask any question. So will these street dogs learn to respect individuals only when there are SPG or police around? Or when they belong to the Queen’s family? Same goes for the dogs from other channels. It is neither ethics nor professionalism that is being demanded. It is simple common decency that you don’t push and shove anyone, no matter what the issue is. And then AG demands answers for the nation. Thank you Arnab, obnoxious morons like you don’t need to speak for this nation!

That is one part of the story. Here is a tweet from the Monk. He suggests it is tough to cover Congress for a reporter but BJP loves media. Anyone who certified this guy a journalist should be stripped of his license to be a journalism-school principal. If Rajdeep doesn’t know that Opposition parties make their voices heard more through the media than govt voices then he should quit and tend his dog. In fact the news media itself is supposed to play an adversarial role to the govt of the day. On the contrary, our media seem to be slaves and parrots for the govt. Here’s the worse part: Because the BJP is more accessible for the media it seems Arnab and Rajdeep find cheap thrills in frequently targeting them rather than the real criminals in the govt. What does it say when post-release of the Jindal-Zee tapes Naveen Jindal goes on every news channel proclaiming his “innocence”? Where’s further investigation in Coalgate and of Naveen Jindal’s operations? And Jindal, the alleged coal-scammer, goes around certifying Rajdeep and Arnab as journalists with great ethics. The height of insults that Arnab can ever get is a comment, of all people, by a journalistic-bimbo who posted this comment about him on Madhu Kishwar’s website:

Sagarika Ghose, CNN IBN: Great piece on Arnab. He’s dangerous for TV news. Not all of us are like that though!

Imagine, the Social Genius of all people calling Arnab as “dangerous for TV”. Haha! That comment was in response to a scathing open letter Madhu Kishwar wrote to Arnab sometime back. (Read here). I also recommend that he read all the comments in response to that letter to realise how he has fallen in the eyes of viewers. So what makes AG behave in this fashion? Not sure, but I imagine years of playing third fiddle to Rajdeep and Barkha Dutt at NDTV could be one reason. The other reason could be to gain TRPs over NDTV and CNN-IBN. If that is true, then Arnab has to be pretty stupid. Any channel with decency and a fair bit of news can score over both NDTV and CNN-IBN quite easily. The simple advantage Arnab has over some other media celebs is nobody doubts his integrity. Not yet! But if he continues his theatrics and obnoxious witch-hunts people will indeed start doubting his integrity too.

Even within the BJP there is a strong opinion that Nitin Gadkari should resign. If not, he should definitely not be given another term as party president. This is apart from the man and the party welcoming a full inquiry. Arnab is within his rights to seek an inquiry. He has no moral right to witch-hunt anyone. All the channels were quick to discuss the Jindal-ZeeNews extortion episode. While that is a welcome change one wonders why they aren’t following up with an investigation on Naveen Jindal. If Zee is alleged to have sought payments for “silence” it does make me wonder if other channels have already been paid in some form or the other for “silence”. Everyone observing news channels was pretty clear that after the Robert Vadra and Salman Khurshid episodes the channels would go after a BJP personality for ‘balance’ and that would extend right till the HP and Gujarat elections. It does appear that Arnab has chosen it upon himself to be that obnoxious witch-hunter. There’s more bad news, Sunday Guardian even suggests it’s an attempt to “Hammer Gadkari to save Vadra and other scamsters” and I quote:

“Apparently, a strong word was conveyed that they should leave Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law well alone. Ministers, including I&B boss Ambika Soni, are said to have reached out to the media houses, gently suggesting that further interest in the doings of Robert Vadra and his multifarious business activities would be most unwelcome”.

None of this is lost on viewers and observers. There are some who believe Arnab’s belligerent witch-hunt of Gadkari is over a petty issue of not having got an interview like his close competitors did. Some believe what Sunday Guardian suggests. Whatever the motivation, Arnab would do well to control his belligerence on TV. He would do himself a lot of good if he treated his panellists and his targets with a certain level of decency and respect and not with obnoxious witch-hunts. There’s a 100 crore defamation suit against TimesNow; wonder what happened to that.

Note: WitchHunter image from www.dakkadakka.com.. modified by @Udgeetha


  1. Why to blame AG alone, the proprieters of his media house are well exposed in an article by Ken Aulette (hopefully the spelling is right). Anybody can google to find out where this is coming from.

    1. Here is the link to that article: http://nyr.kr/1icgyuq

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  3. lately many prime time discussions on ndtv provide the viewer with more information and all round views as compared to times now.there was a time when people would be stuck to times now during news hour.times change

  4. Brilliant article as always.

    The only sore point being that you still think that AG has some integrity left. The Vadra-Gadkari coverage dysfunction suggests otherwise.

  5. Good one as always! I do believe that though Arnab is by far the most honest&balanced journo,on NG he does seem to have gone overboard..As you rightly point out,I do not doubt for one moment doubt his integrity though.He's not one who'd do/overlook a story for Range-rovers or diamonds like the corrupt,shameless creatures aka Congi dogs of CNN-IBN & NDTV do for a living.Arnab needs to just shift focus on Maino & family more..in any case NG is hardly the innocent party here so a bit of hard-nosed expose' is par for the course but within limits.

  6. AG 'nods' his heads when Digvijay speaks - so when Digvijay said - see I told you NG is a businessman - AG nods yes - but RV is a private citizen - AG nods yes. Please watch Times Nows on day of IAC's co called NG expose. AG's first port of call, naturally, Digivijay.

  7. Frankly,I dont even watch TimesNow now.. Ravish's show is much better compared to that.. the panelists might not be very high profile but the discussion is healthy and everybdy gets time to present their view

  8. Sonia Gandhi was asked about Robert Vadra case by some reporter after the Cabinet (corruption-net) reshuffle. Her reply "Let it be!!" All media houses silent about Vadra, Khurshid. And god forbid if there was any news on Modi, Mr and Mrs. Sardesai would loose several pounds shouting and barking on TV.

    As per Wiki, Arnab's Goswami and Shri Sardesai's education background. Don't see any degree in journalism anywhere-

    "Arnab graduated in Sociology from Hindu College. He completed his Master's degree in Social Anthropology from Oxford University (St. Antony’s College, 1994) where he was a Felix Scholar. In 2000, he was a visiting fellow at the International Studies Department at Cambridge University (Sidney Sussex College) where he was a D C Pavate fellow.[2][4]"

    Sardesai -

    He completed his schooling up to ICSE from the Campion School in Mumbai, did two years of ISC in the Cathedral School, Mumbai, and completed a bachelor's course in Economics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. He then went to University College, Oxford, getting the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Civil Law.[1]

    In contrast, Madhu Trehan -

    Trehan studied abroad, first at Harrow Technical College & School of Arts in London in 1968, learning journalistic photography, and later at Columbia University in New York, where she earned a master's degree in journalism in 1971.[1] While in New York, she worked at the United Nations in their press department, and served as an editor for a weekly newspaper, India Abroad.[1]

  9. All media houses today are lapdogs of the Congress party. This seems worse than the Emergency. When LK Advani called UPA govt as 'illegitimate', it was deemed as a profanity (yes, the word 'illegitimate', when used in reference to the UPA govt, is a profanity according to the electronic media in India!!), and all news channels actually censored that word (dutifully obeying MadamG's diktats). Can you get anything more idiotic than that? I won't be surprised if Times Now must've received some underhand money to conduct this witch-hunt against Nitin Gadkari.

    And it's not just Gadkari. When Sachin T had to take his oath as Rajya Sabha MP earlier this year, the Indian electronic media started hounding him, putting the cameras right into his face (that too when he was travelling to Parliament), and they had turned into the paparazzi (as if the world would come to an end, in case even a single moment of capturing him on camera had been missed out). Poor guy, couldn't even say anything to them. And when it was reported that he might be Owl baba's new neighbor, the reaction of the MSM was simply pathetic. Imagine, Sachin T & Amul baby being neighbors!! But, Sachin T gave up his apartment, and the media guys had to look like fools in the end!!

    Journalistic ethics don't exist in India at all. And if some negative remarks are made about Indian journalists/media, they all behave as if an atomic bomb has been thrown. In other words, freedom of expression exists only for the media, and not for anybody else.

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  11. We are familiar with these witch-hunts; "Operation Namo", even after ten years, hasn't ended. The Media in our country is a hunting party, rather than being a source of information and a venue for healthy debate and analysis.

    I'm reminded of a punch from a movie (translated from malayalam), which sums it up all:

    [[Freedom of the Press:
    If it’s your father who’s lying dead on the road, would you push in like this? Would you place your damned cameras, if it is someone of your family, your blood?
    Not only the paper and the channel, but I and you, each citizen, every person standing here, has the right: Right against Infringement of Individual Privacy.
    The living and the dead have the right- against being dishonored, against being exposed explicitly in the public, against being insulted- Right against Indecent Exposure.
    Yes, Freedom of the Press- The extreme necrophilia to lay, exhibit and feed on a naked, mutilated, decomposed corpse on the news desk: “Right to Investigation!”
    Confessions, clippings of celebrated criminals, frauds, pimps: “Right to Information!”
    ‘Heart-warming’ stories on the expeditions of starred harlots; ‘bites’, ‘breaking news’: “Right to Freedom of Expression!”
    Unwarranted entry into the Kitchen cabinet, bedroom, shower and even inside the underwear of women- ‘sting operations’, hidden cams, phone tapping: Yes, “Right to the Freedom of Press”, isn't it?
    Freedom of the Press, ends at the tip of the citizen’s nose. Anything that goes an inch beyond is not Freedom, but Atrocity. Not Journalism, but Jingoism. Not Media Responsibility, but Media Terrorism, Media Cannibalism.]]

  12. Well, I don't thing AG has any integrity left. I have observed that many of the BJP supporter consider him balanced. Some anchors have their own style to present themselves as though they are unbised. well Ravish, Ashutosh and AG criticize congress on regular interval that doesn't mean that they are not awarded & Rewarded by congis for their paidmedia job. They all do work for their masters but some anchors and editor pretend to be fair and unbiased. This is new strategy of Media House. No matter BJP is in Power or in Opposition, BJP will be "Witch-Hunt" for them. It is just not paid media job, Media House want to rule this nation along with congress. Sure there are many in BJP who does corruption but they know their limit. some time one or two cross their limit. they will never go with media which is leftist & missionary. BJP is good party just because of RSS and leader like Modi. otherwise BJP is also exact replica of Congress, BSP, SS, SP. They are doing good job because of RSS. The day RSS take out support from BJP, Media House will stop "witch-Hunting" BJP. BJP leaders will be dearer one to Media House.

  13. The credit for starting the campaign of dumbing down goes to TOI in an era when electronic media meant DD. Semi porn on front page, dollops of page 3 gossip, news elaborately covered in masala was what was offered by TOI in the form of journalism. The trend however is similar. First do some interesting stories, catch the eyeballs and then start dumbing down. It is safe to say that the MSM has achieved its aim of dumbing down of Indian populace. Indian public is now more amenable to manipulation by opinion makers than it could ever have been done by DD.

    The "State" however has a problem of plenty. There are too many dogs on leash, each barking louder then other. There is a competition even, which dog is more rabid and loud. Apperently, these dogs can only bark, but can't bite as all their barking is based on lies, mirages, half truths baked for a dumbed down populace. The female partners of these dogs at times make their barks sound so funny, one could even forgive them their follies as they make one laugh.

    The worst part of it all, Indian public pays (all paid news channels, newspapers) to get dumb further.

  14. As Usual Excellent ,.. Your last line tells the whole thing !

  15. This is looong awaited one.Nobody,nowhere in this world can beat this guy for he is the anchor & panelist all rolled into one.He gets the max. time to speak in his shows.He allows the panelist to intervene once in a while.What we hear is all ornobviews.Just dont agree about the intergrity

  16. Really happy to see some one criticizing AG who run's his own Court. Some time back I read some article in another Media Critic site (NL) praising him as if he's MSM "Hero" !!!!. Now a days I am very confused about which English channel to watch. All are so Biased and previously I used to watch his Kangaroo court show but from past 7 or 8 days I have even stopped that also ,because every time I switched to TimesNow I always heard about " This is part X of TimesNow Investigation" no news other than that.Really want to thank MMS for giving some direction to these MSM be reshuffling the Cabinet!!! ;)

  17. I don't see how AG is in any way different from the other two just because of his presentation style. Besides, the moment you accept appointment letter from Times Group, you bid adieu to integrity & morality. You will know what I mean if you have been or are a scribe.

  18. I totally agree with your article,well researched and written but one thing makes me confuse usually that why you always defend BJP, and slam Congress.My friend BJP and Congress are different side of the same Coin.

    Facts are very simple,people in BJP are having cold war between them related to many issues and they need come with plan and do something before 2013 election and make things right.Fighting Corruption is major issue to make their agenda in coming election but what are road maps for getting black money back,strong Lokpal,Ilegal mining,employment and above all to provide "ROTI,KAPDA AND MAKAAN" to every one.

    Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the man who helped BJP to gain its charm, without him BJP is nothing !!
    I believe at present there is no one like him either in BJP OR Congress because there is and will be only one Atal Bihari Vajpayee.None can come with his kind of persona.

    I have suggestion for you,think about him(Atal Bihari Vajpayee) first than decide before putting your thoughts into opinion of defending or attacking any politician."Honesty is the best policy " and people like me will expect honesty from you as you are great observer,so don't lose it my friend.

    So,stop slamming people and be honest with your words,don't be biased.Praise the honest and slam the corrupt across any party line or publication.

    Second part is about media ,it's corrupt everyone know but this is also very correct that we can't paint the entire with same brush ,meanwhile we can't put a corrupt tag on every journalist because if there is good people around we have evil too !!

    Keep writing ,we love it.

    1. @SatyendraKumar

      I dont see how the post is a defence for any politician. On the contrary I find you are trying to "impose" your views on ABV in your comment. Whether ABV or any politician is great or not is not relevant to the post. Secondly, this blog specifically talks only of cases of misdeeds of media. So the question of generalisation doesnt arise unless certain practices are across the board (the chasing individuals like dogs is a general practice across all channels). Keeping ABV in mind is your measure of "honesty"? That is pretty absurd if you ask me.

      And why does it appear to you as a defence of BJP? Are you a Congress supporter? That's how your argument sounds. Remember, please test what is stated in the post and not your own hypothesis. The person being witch-hunted here is a BJP man. For that reason you can't conclude its a defence of BJP when nowhere in the post there is any defence of Gadkari.

      Thirdly, this blog is not some stupid media channel that has to desperately "balance" between Cong and BJP. It doesnt have that motivation or incentive. It simply remains adverserial to the govt and the media.

      Rest assured, if I wanted to write about "politics" of Congress, BJP, SP, BSP etc. I can do so without any problem in another blog. But that isnt the objective of this particular blog here.

    2. I think you have taken my words into different perspective.Notion is very clear , as i already stated that this is well written article.As you mentioned here that this blog is about misdeeds of the media and at some extent i agree with you in this.But my question is very simple why to blame channels only whereas today even viewers want to see the truth which hardly goes on air at present scenario.

      If someone has to be blamed for all this media fiasco,i think your "LOGO" is the answer.Corporates who are running the show are the main culprits and people working under this banner as journalist are the VICTIM.You like it or not but this is the truth.

      Always remember at the end of the day "TRUTH" always find a way itself to come out in any medium ,it doesn't need the mercy of news channel every time.Most of the expose and scam brought into the light with the help of print media.

      It's is really sad that you felt i am congress supporter or BJP etc.Always remember as you doing a job of watchdog for media misdeed ,which is commendable job.In the meantime you can first observe things before emit ,so i found your "supporter" word funny.I am not critics and not have motive to criticize you moreover i have taken your reply very positively but i think you can't tolerate the facts .Don't be cynical always.

      Chasing people like a dog is a general practice and also the job requirement being a journalist.Having said that about the job doesn't mean that they will do anything and take the viewer for ransom.At some point of time Journalist has to be held accountable if they are wrong and they can't always hide behind article 19(1)A.

      Hope i have cleared your doubts :)

      Keep writing and reporting the misdeed of media!! :)

    3. @Satyendra

      1. I find your observations increasingly funny. Why blame channels you ask? Should we blame the Constitution of India? The channel or the person delivering committing the misdeed will be held accountable. Simple.

      2. If Journalists are victims they have the power to "choose". My logo was not invented out of thin air. It was invented as a consequence of media events.

      3. If truth is going to reach anyway it will. Yes, there are many who do parts of the work and so does this blog. The channels do what they have to do, others do what they must do bring the truth home. I dont see what your point is.

      4. The question of your being a Congress supporter is a hypothetical one which I'm sure you didnt think of before arguing that this blog is defending BJP. Why does it bother you so much? Since you were the one who wanted me to keep ABV in mind for "honesty"?

      5. What facts have brought up in your comments? If you ask me, other than eulogising ABV your comment has connection with the post at all.

      I suggest stick to the content of the post and not deliver sermons through your comments.

    4. Mr Satyendra, If BJP and Khangress both are two faces of same coin, I desparately want to see the BJP face of coin for next 15-20 years instead of Khangress coz we have seen it for more than 50 years and know the reality of it.


  19. Dear Mr Satyendra Kumar,

    Please answer a few questions :

    1) If tomorrow the whole Main stream Media starts talking good about BJP would you suddently find it as best alternative to Congress ?? That's the whole point of this blog. We have a Media which is acting as a Lapdog of Congress, the school currriculam telling us about greatness of Mr Gandhi(Which Gandhi is upto you), about 450 Govt schemes running with name of Nehru family, Congress looting the country for laks of Crores scams each year & the Media is discussing about corruption of Mr Gadkari's firms. Let's for sake of it accept that BJP has a few Corrupt people, then what's your alternative?? Mr Kejriwal just cannot be an alternative considering he doesn't have any blue print for growth & is nowhere near power structure for us to evaluate his corruption.

    2) when you say their's no politician left in India of stature of Atalji, then why did do you think it took India 50 years to accept him a prime minister ??

    3) Politics is a whore business. Period! where everybody is a sinner. One particular politician could be more or less corrupt than other.Is there any point in saying that we will totally root out corruption ?? But yes we have a few leaders such a Modi who have a nack of fighting the whole Congress style system single handedly & provide prosperity. Isn't that what our Lord Muralidhar Krishna has taught us when he took on Powerful Kansa & Kaurav & defeated them ??

    1. Dear Abhijeet,
      My friend i am not associated with any political parties and i am neither here to force people that listen to my words,i have only shared what i think as individual or you can say that feedback.

      You questions are very simple to understand but i think along with your question,you have answered it too.

      All i can say that every indian first of all care for Roti,Kapda and Makaan.If they will get it,do you think people will bother who is in the power either BJP or CONGRESS.They want "solution" and in every election voters think x,y or z is best alternative and they keep hope from them to provide them with solution.

      I totally agree there is no magic wand but someone has to take the first step and it's people has to decide who is best option.Half of nation doesn't have access to TV and you talking about NEWS etc. So,my friend media can only act as spoiler for sometime but they can't preach what is good or bad.People are not fool and they will take the correct decision when it's needed.

    2. SatyendraKumar

      You neither have any compulsion to watch TV or to read this or any blog whatsoever. I dont see why you're going around lecturing people. This is not a "Roti, Kapda. Makaan" delivery blog. Please stick to the topic. And if you want a discussion on Congress V BJP please take it elsewhere, this is not the place for it.

    3. Dear Ravinar,

      i like your blog that's why i read and today i felt like to share feedback ,i don't find anything wrong in that and my friend i am not here to give anyone lecture .
      Whoever will go through my comments will decide what i intended to say and what you have understand,anyways no issue.There is no point in doing argument!!peace :)

      I am apolitical and liked Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee that's why i mentioned his name.

      So relax and no offence to your post,i was just sharing my views.

      Looking forward to read your coming post!!

    4. Hello Satyendra Kumar, after trying to argue with Ravinar and then Abhijheet - I can only say that - You seem a totally confused man. You intend something, write something else & the message that comes out of your writing is something altogether different.

      Perhaps you should not take on highly Reverred people like Ravinar whose thoughts, writings and message Conveyance is crystal clear.

      And stop calling people you hardly know as "my friend". I am sure, with this "superiority complex" attitude of yours, no one will take you as a friend.

      And don't "thrust" your views on others.

      After reading such a wonderful blog of Ravinar, your comments was like biting on stones in a wonderful dish.

      May God still bless you.

  20. Very relevant postto what happened in TN this week. DMDK party president Vijayakanth was hounded by reporters at airport and his reaction was not that pleasant but a whole issue is being created by channels.In fact one channel said that a journalist has a right to ask any question anywhere and its a politician's duty to answer. This was a very absurd argument, the man might have been tired or unwell and the reporters should have respected his space.

  21. I tthink this series on NG is a culmination of the rabid BJP bashing that AG has been practising. He is always bullying BJP representatives, interrupting, not allowing them to express their viewpoint and always deflecting attention from the real issue e.g. he blamed NDA policies for petrol price hike, for two consecutive days debated a minor misdemenaur of Babulal Gaud. I am not sure but the behaviour seems like a deliberate attempt to play to the Congress agenda of morally equalizing BJP and Congress even after major scams.

    My humble opinion swithch off the newshour. Almost anything else you watch will be beter use of your time

  22. Great article as usual, and the worst part is arnab thinks he is doing a stellar job. The saying 'the problem with the world is that wise men are confused while fools are absolutely sure of themselves' is applicable to no other mortal as much it is to arnab

  23. Wonderful and clinical exposé of AG. Thanks Ravi, it was longtime coming.

    But on one hand he exposed 19 Congi, DMK crooks, criminals and corrupts, as he claims. So to please the mafia lady, quid pro quo, he had to dig dirt on a BJP leaders. Could get hold of some papers and he has made 19 episodes of Gadkari Mantra. He and his ToI(let) will be suitably awarded by the IB Ministry for this act. By the way, is it not the same Bennett Coleman company involved in corrupt practices in 50's in so called Mundhra Affair? Just heard about it. May be worthwhile to expose the deeds of present owner's forefather's dirty deals, just to remind them of their rotten roots. A poisonous tree will breed poisonous seeds and no wonder ToI group is nothing but poision. Whores and 100% Whores. Arnav is extremely rude, obnoxious loudmouth and considers himself a smart journo. But let us wait for his Karma to catch up. Probably, being secular he would have never heard of this word "Karma", but that is his tragedy!

  24. Truly Awesome...!!
    Great Article....!!

  25. Prime-time on English news channels has been hijacked by the TV anchors...Link of my blog post on "Prime-time War(t)s" provided:


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