Saturday, September 22, 2012

When The 'Blue Turban' Is 'Allowed' To Speak

So the unthinkable happened. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh finally decided to speak to the nation. Good! I suppose shop keepers, farmers and word-count specialists in the media have finally understood why the diesel price hike and FDI in retail are good for this country. The men and women in our MSM could hardly hide their delight and rushed to gloat over the PM’s speech and how he defended his spectacular decisions and cut the Opposition to their pygmy size. Mercifully, the media stopped at calling it the “Big Bang” reforms and didn’t venture to call it the “Higgs-Boson” of reforms. But there are a few questions that our ever probing media never asked. We will get to those questions in a while.

The best article on the FDI I have read so far is once again from the online news media and not MSM. R. Jagannathan writes in FirstPost: “If these are reforms, I am Amitabh Bachchan”. He explains well that the latest actions by the UPA are nothing more than desperate measures. Of course, nobody has written with convincing data on whether FDI will benefit the ‘Aam aadmi’ or not very conclusively. But there is no doubt in my mind that the decision is not inspired by the urge to “big bang” but by a lot of unfulfilled commitments to investors and lobbyists abroad.

In the meantime, here’s a small conversation between two ladies from the MSM. This was on September 14. What is striking from P. Malini of The Hindu is that she states: “IF the PM is ALLOWED….” The PM, as head of the govt, is the most powerful man in the country. Does he need to be allowed to follow his light or convictions? But her statement does make sense because it indicates the PM hasn’t been making decisions based on the country’s needs or situations but on what he’s allowed to do by Sonia Gandhi and her private club. Cleverly, Sonia Gandhi’s club is divided in two parts as under:

Club-1: A coterie consisting trusted darbaris who help her manage the difficult and troublesome political aspects of running a govt through MMS. If good comes out, she gets the credit. If the opposite happens, MMS or any minister takes a beating.
Club-2: This is an exclusive group of people assembled under a kiosk called NAC. This kiosk is a vending machine for legislations of populist, welfare schemes. Schemes like NREGA, Right to food, Right to this, Right to that. Right to drain the economy!

The reward for MMS is that he gets to be the PM for all the beating that he takes. If courage, light and convictions were to drive him, as the two media ladies were negotiating, he would have resigned on the 7th day after the first month of his job on getting his pay-check. I read somewhere that the most common reason people quit their jobs is because their ‘boss’ is terrible. A real-life Hari Sadoo! In contrast, there are bosses who are with their people most times. In times of personal grief they comfort them. They help resolve work related issues. They seem to know when to intervene and when to keep off. A nation expects the same from its boss. It’s no big secret that MMS simply lacks leadership skills and people skills. Where a warm hug is required he would typically mostly do an “aerial survey” from a distance. I quoted Marcus Buckingham, a Gallup poll researcher, in one of my earlier posts and repeat that quote:

"What a leader does for followers is turn anxiety into confidence. They’ve always done that throughout time and in every different society and situation. When leaders lead well, it’s because they’re able to rally people to a better future and make people spirited when they were previously anxious." Problem is, MMS, not having won a single public election, doesn’t have any followers. He only has a lot of bosses. Which explains Malini’s “if allowed” tweet. And people, as they become more and desperately thirsty, see the mirage and ‘drink the sand’ hoping it would quench their thirst. Nothing does this better than this scene from the movie ‘The American President’(0.36 secs):

Presidential aide Lewis Rothschild (Michael J. Fox): People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand.

The President (Michael Douglas): Lewis, we've had presidents who were beloved, who couldn't find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight. People don't drink the sand because they're thirsty. They drink the sand because they don't know the difference.

That would seem right. A huge population in India isn’t drinking the sand because it quenches their thirst; they seem to do so because they can’t tell the difference. And when they want water what our boss offers is FDI in retail. Drink that! And then he comes out of his slumber to speak to them on TV. No, not because he owes them care and understanding but because the Opposition is supposedly misleading them. If at all he wanted to attack the Opposition he was neither forceful nor convincing. If he wanted to separate people’s concerns from the political ones of his detractors he failed again. In ‘The American President’ the opponent, Bob Rumsen, is constantly attacking the President’s personal life and the bills his girl-friend is championing. After a long silence, like MMS, Michael Douglas chooses to address the issue (3.07 mins):

It’s just a movie. Yes it is. And the bills that the President mentions in his speech mostly didn’t make it. But we have known leaders from time to time to stand up and talk to people and assure them that their leadership is in good hands. They stand up and talk to people and not offer defence for some policy decisions. Did MMS manage to do that? Clearly not! From once being considered an emerging super-power comparable to the league of US and China, a pathetic PM has reduced India to being compared to Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Sure, that is going to bring a lot of comfort to people. What next, will we be comparing ourselves with Somalia in the next speech? Ever heard the US compare itself with Brazil or Sudan? So Indians can drink the sand in the comfort that they’re better off than Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As for the political aspect of it, the media simply didn’t ask the right questions. Hillary Clinton met Mamata Banerjee in May 2012 to persuade her on FDI. That’s not me but a CNN-IBN report that stated it. Oh yeah, the same CNN-IBN whose Chairman recently wrote a book “Superpower”. Mamata’s reaction to FDI last time was no different from now when the UPA brought it up during a parliament session in November 2011. Did they expect her to revolt and even walk out of UPA? Soaked in the dirtiest waters of politics the Congress would have damn well expected it and planned for it. Isn’t that why the cabinet approved the policy last week even when the TMC minister and some Kerala ministers were absent?  Did the media ask them if they had spoken to SP and BSP prior to this latest cabinet decision? They did not. And CNN-IBN did have the greatest economist we have as a panellist to discuss the reforms and PM’s speech. Haha! If he sees the Bimboesque tweet from the Social Genius he will be pleased, everything’s fine.

It would be foolish to even assume remotely that Congress would have not taken the SP and BSP into confidence prior to introduction of the policy. All the charade of Mulayam Singh “keeping out communal parties” is just more sound-bites he feeds the stray dogs of the media whose editors then present it as gospel to their audience. MMS did tell the cabinet "The time has come for big bang reforms. If we have to go down, we have to go down fighting". After his speech, let’s just be thankful. I don’t think anyone would really want to see the spectacle of MMS fighting.


  1. The biggest joker and fraud in this whole charade is Mulayam Singh Yadav...I just don't get his logic at all...What does he mean when he says i support UPA to stop communal forces? Has he already conceded BJP's victory if General Elections are held now? If true, why does he keep on harping about 3rd front and Prime Ministerial ambitions for himself in 2014? Spineless Swine!

  2. Who drafted MMS speech - 'money does not grow on trees', 'diesel is used in big cars and SUV' - so outrightly stupid lines but the mainstream media treats them like words of wisdom.

    Arnab Goswami had a panelist who said something akin to 'MMS is so good we dont deserve him as PM (basically the people of this country have failed the primeminister)'. Arnab Goswami was doing Manish Tiwari's job - happily endorsing whatever MMS said..or meant to say. You should do a separate report on the coverage of the PM on Times Now.

    Anyway as things stand now, Congress will continue to tinker with policy and media will misrepresent it, bury all their misdeeds and as Shinde said 'public memory is short, no Bofors, no Coalgate"!

    Jai Hind.

  3. Dear Ravinar

    Here is S Gurumurthy's article on FDI

    Reforms at Nation's Cost

  4. As usual, an incisive analysis of what a watchful media could have done. I am sure Malini would've never dreamt in her wildest dreams that there are lot of truth that would be dug out from seemingly innocuous tweet ;) That is Mediacrooks for you :)
    I read more into that Blue Turban tweets from Cacafonic Journalist Bimbo. Not once but twice she tweets, When Amitabh Bachan tweets (obviously Euphemistically), she doesn't even realize that and RTs that. So make it thrice. More a Playboy stuff than a news-able item. What if people were to pick her almost in a state of undress attire and the titillating tone? That is media for us. Epic Fail

  5. MMS simply forgets (ignores) that farmers use Diesel in their tillers, tractors, trucks and generators, when UPA has failedt to provide 24x7 power to most of the country. It is not just the SUV and cars, bloody fool.

  6. I was frustrated with the MSM and was pondering the possibility of a blog along the lines of this one. However the lack of literary skills and such control of SM as you clearly seem to possess kept me procrastinating. The more I delayed the more frustrating it got. Some extreme action was required from my end and I prayed to God to inspire me with a creative way to bring out the snakes (read MSM Journo’s). I switch on my laptop and Google “Media Bastards” and lo and behold I stumble upon this Blog as if by divine purpose (and they say God Does not exist). This Blog is an absolute expression of my thoughts. For example I was watching the Newshour on Times Now last night and was extremely frustrated at the way Arnab was trying to silence Piuysh Goel of the BJP who had come prepared with relevant data and moving on to Sandeep Dixit and Salman Khurshid who were offering the age old generic “Hame dekna Hai speech” which the Congress has now perfected to a fine art. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell and BJP high command that the only chance that you have of getting to Delhi is if you project Modiji as PM and if you have a candidate in all 572 constituencies otherwise forget it…Dellhi Door hai. For all of us Indians if Modiji is projected as PM, Hindu’s must vote as a block. Even if 25% – 30% of us vote for Modiji expect a shakeup In India and a march towards Superpowerdom (by the way I voted Congress in the last election)…..Jai Hind

  7. We have this PM who has the audacity to tell citizens of this country that paise pedon par nahin ugte .It is in continuation of sermons from UPA .Earlier chiddu said middle class can spend extra on cold drinks .This is just arrogance .When PM of country addresses its nation he or she speaks like a father figure to its citizens not like a school master scolding his students . It was friday and new release of MMS speech bombed at box office . Just turned out to be Dabba like a Ramgopalverma movie. Chamchas in MSM can make merry but the writing is on wall now even so called sicularists Mulayam will not be able to survive this govt .

  8. MMS has never paid for his gas for the past few decades, never bought his rations standing in a queue never paid an EB bill..........So how will he ever know the travails of the common man?

  9. I think Mulayum singh yadav is new laloo yadav in making.Both are still living in 90s.Like laloo yadav finished himself for Fake/ Pseudo-secularism;mulayum'SP will soon ended-up with 5-6 lok sabha seats only.Both have No idea that they are in 2012 &Not 90s.Peoples are not that fool as they used to.This Secular Vs communal tric wont work this time.

  10. Why does Mulayam and Mayavati support UPA-2 ? check this one

  11. Too late too little.

    This FDI action is basically a fund raising exercise to build a war chest for Congress to dish out freebies during 2014 elections.

    Currently the deficit doesn't allow Congress any breathing room to give and give and give under the disguise of "social" responsibility.

    What a scam this is. Ashamed of Mediacrooks unable to make this link.!!!

  12. This govt truly has mastered the art of 'red herring' fallacy. When the govt needs to increase the price of diesel they argue that diesel is used by SUV owners and when they need to increase the price of petrol they say that diesel is used by farmers and petrol by ice-cream eating middle class.
    I'm appalled at the lack of transparency in the govt. There has been a lot of noise about subsidies being given in petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG. And the argument was put forth is that price has gone to $117/bbl. My question is that it no refinery will be buying crude on daily basis. They must have certain contracts of say one year for crude supply taking in consideration of all the fuel highs and lows.
    If the govt had any honesty, they must have brought the account books of the petroleum companies in the public domain in the same way they advertise about their welfare scheme and birthdays of national leaders.
    Last night I neither had any inclination nor any desire to watch Mr PM speaking, instead I heard Bill Clinton speaking at 2012 Democratic National Convention. Here was a man who was speaking passionately for 50 min without any need of a paper, cue card or any help. He discussed every argument of Republicans and explained it with facts and figures. And then there was MMS who needed a teleprompter to speak out.

  13. do not know economy. but a noob question that was in my mind. Why is congress so much adamant in bringing fdi !!??

    will FDI some how help bringing back BLACK MONEY

    1. for bringing back black money GAAR is in process of initiation(if you want to know about it pleas google it), why are you linking FDI to BLACK MONEY???

  14. the sonia led national advisory council wrecks the economy , the man with the 'blue turban ' or blue cape tries to do a superman act of preventing the economy from going over the cliff and the breathless msm goes orgasmic ( i was worried whether rahul kanwal would do something very silly on tv ). i tempi in cui viviamo - o the times we live in !! humpty dumpty will never be the same again.

  15. Hello Ravi. This lot on MSM is utterly shameless. What courage are they talking of? MMS hardly has it. If he had, he would not have been a Congress candidate in first place. Is he a confident PM? Calling him that shall be travesty of truth. To be honest and considerate... MMS is at best the victim of powers behind screen who have rendered him a mere puppet. And his efforts at Address to People of India through PATHETIC in all caps. It is the pit of diversionary tactics delivered through poor MMS. Long live India. K R Vaishampayan

  16. Hello RAVI. I forgot to mention the Arrogant tone of PM's [rather his speech writers'???] that came through - " Money does not grow on trees". The phraseology is reminiscent of - " Naani yaad dila denge" by Late Rajiv Gandhi. The same arrogance. Difference is: Rajiv could carry it, but MMS just couldn't since that's precisely against his grain. Of course, I am not the right person to comment upon it. Instead, I am delighted to share this Newslaundry link where Chitra Subramaniam analyzes MMS's speech.
    Thanks and regards - K R Vaishampayan

  17. Brilliance! sheer brilliance!! incisive grasp of the issue at hand, proper treatment, mix 'em with satire and analogy voila!! that's mediacrooks blog!! RESPECT !!


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