Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Washing The Sins Of 1984 With Gujarat

It’s that defining debate that will settle all arguments. Which is the worse movie, Ra.One or Joker? I hear you: Ra.One was made with 100Crores plus, Joker just 30Crores. Ra.One was a cheap copy of some Superman movie. Joker is a cheap original Indian joker. SRK is from the minority community so overhyped. Akshay Kumar is not, so panned by critics. SRK is the choice of big-brands, Akshay is of under-garments. SRK has been detained by American security but Akshay doesn’t have that record. Finally, they all agree, both movies are terrible and should be trashed. Convinced? That was quite arousing and educational, wasn’t it? Debating such mundane stuff may excite fans. But our MSM delivers the same debates over riots and mass deaths. Fans of SRK and Akshay can be forgiven for warring over movies. They entertain, no harm done. Riots, violence and deaths are used by MSM for the same reason: Entertainment, but they also cause damage.

Debates over riots at best should be limited to whether justice is being delivered and not turned into a comparative, competitive battle. The worst offender has to be Rajdeep Sardesai who tweeted coverage of Gujarat was because there were over 1000 deaths but Assam wasn’t on the same scale. The intriguing aspect of Rajdeep’s stupid argument is that he makes it sound as if he knew when he landed in Ahmedabad on day 1 or 2 of the riots that there would be 1000 deaths. Miracle! Let’s do some silly math Rajdeep! 1044 people died in retaliation to 59 killed in Gujarat 2002. In contrast over 80 have died so far in Assam that started with the killing of two. By Assam’s ratio 2360 should have died in Gujarat. Would that be fair and balanced? I suppose by media logic, yes. Debates need to be balanced in terms of timeshare, in terms of alternate viewpoints and reasoning. It is criminal of our media celebs to lead people to believe that “balance” is all about slamming two political parties equally. In essence this equates one crime with another. It even seeks to somehow equate the proportions of the crime.  

This is the terrible drama being played out on TV. Throw 2002 and 1984 together, slam BJP for 2002 and slam Congress for 1984. There, “we are fair and balanced”. Such misplaced sense of balance sounds very sexy to them. Even if that were the motive they fail miserably by comparing a miserable riot to a one-sided killing of Sikhs. One is called a mass-murderer and the other is awarded the Bharat Ratna and streets, airports, institutions are named after him. Madhu Trehan’s tweets demonstrate this well. Many others have made similar statements. First state 1984 and 2002 shouldn’t be linked and then applaud a trapeze artist balancing and slamming both political parties. Whoa! Like good Accountants we matched both sides in the Trial Balance.

The media crooks don’t normally think before they speak. Imagine for a moment that Gujarat 2002 had never happened, would this same TV media then be even talking about 1984? After all, for over 2 decades they never debated it even on anniversaries. It’s only when people, social media in particular, raised voices over the excessively political coverage of Gujarat 2002 that media had to talk about 1984. Still, that is hardly an excuse to discuss both in conjunction. And what’s worse? They have this stupid excuse that during and much after 1984 there was no TV, no technology and sting operations were not possible, which is why media couldn’t chase justice for the victims. Only a thoroughbred moron could have offered this as an excuse.

Oh wait, someone did offer that excuse! That was none other than Shoma Chaudhary on Barkha Dutt’s ‘Sunday show’ on September 2. How such stupidity gets overlooked and condoned in a debate is indeed the art of TV’s manufactured outrage. Tehelka, Shoma’s leaflet, believes ‘stings’ are the only way of journalism. Er.. let me correct that, the only way of scavenging. For the record let’s hear some more statements from Barkha’s show:

Dushyant Dave: After 9/11 George Bush met Muslims and assured them they wouldn’t be targeted and only 2 Sikhs were attacked and no Muslims were attacked. This guy surely needs psychiatric help. What he despicably hides from the world is that the 2 Sikhs (One I believe was killed) were actually mistaken for Muslims. So the targets WERE indeed Muslims and Sikhs were “mistaken identities”. That a SC lawyer can fool himself in this manner and then rage against the judiciary as he did during the program exposes his Himalayan crap. Nobody called his bluff and nonsense.

Rabbi Shergill: Over 10000 were butchered. My father was beaten up and left for dead. We (meaning public and media at large) don’t care about 1984, it’s like some old exotic saree of my Mom. Does it ever occur to any of these media celebs that till date there isn’t an official number of Sikhs killed? There is an official number of those killed in Gujarat, but nobody even knows how many Sikhs were really killed. Shergill mentions 10000 were butchered. The image from NDTV’s show says over 2500 killed in 1984. Over 2500? That is nothing more than “Ratan Khatri’s Worli Matka” number!  And they debate and compare 1984 with 2002 without the bare and basic facts?

The most atrocious statement still has to be that of Shoma Chaudhury (From a leaflet that uses prostitutes for journalism). It’s an insult to journalism and an insult to the many in history who have staked their lives to bring criminals to justice. Arun Shourie didn’t have technology or use “sting” to expose A.R. Antulay. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein neither had great technology nor used “sting” to expose Watergate. Simon Wiesenthal, also known as “Nazi-Hunter” also didn’t have modern technology or use “sting” to hunt down Nazi war criminals. He has had a hand in bringing many Nazi criminals to justice. The Nazis supplied free Jewish labour from concentration camps to car, fighter jets and weapons manufacturers during Hitler’s rule and during WWII. Even years after the war was over many such slaves were being paid compensation. Many were not. Michael Moore, often called a leftist muckraker, in a series titled “The Awful Truth” exposing govt and corporate crimes had one episode about such slaves in auto giant BMW. Watch this video (7.30 mins):  

It’s a funny take about a real issue. BMW or ‘Break My Windows’ is not a bad way of putting the point across. That episode is one about where Jewish slave labours were paid compensation even after 50 years of the holocaust. So, politically-motivated hacktivists like Shoma Chaudhury should think twice before they speak. Fact of the matter is: there has been justice in Gujarat, there has been relatively little or no real justice for 1984. I sometimes think many politically motivated hacktivists pretending to be “journalists” would have preferred there was no justice in Gujarat so that their merry, luxurious cottage industry could have continued flourishing.

The awful truth that is so far being shielded from public is that Gujarat is covertly being used to cover up for 1984. In Gujarat 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus are reported to have died. In the case of 1984 nobody has an accurate number but only Sikhs were targeted and killed and no members of any other community were targeted. Yet, media outlets of Barkha, Rajdeep, Shoma and many others have repeatedly referred to or condoned Gujarat being termed as Holocaust, Pogrom, Genocide to make it appear a much larger crime compared to 1984. Cronies in the media and NGOs, funded by political parties, have targeted one individual with epithets like “Hitler”, “Mass murderer” and even “Common Criminal”. What rules of debates have these TV criminals followed in discussing any riot? Was it about justice at all? Are the ground rules of debates ever explained to the audience or the public? Do they even explain it to the participants?

After 1984 Rajiv Gandhi returned to power with the highest majority the Congress party ever had in the parliament. Would it have been really possible for the Sikh killings to be probed and justice be done? Yet not one debate holds him responsible in anyway, neither for the killings nor for the lack of justice to the victims. Forget justice, some of the key accused were even appointed Ministers in his and later Congress govts. This tweet by another crony hack called Nikhil Wagle is a classic attempt at skulduggery. No PM ever justified riots? This is how he makes a reference to Modi while conveniently covering up the fact that Rajiv Gandhi did make the statement: “Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little”. Some riots? Might tree falls only natural that earth shakes a LITTLE? That is not even ‘subtle’ in justifying the Sikh killings. Yet, propagandists like Wagle, conveniently spread lies through any available channel.

The agenda was, and still is, simple:

1.   Target Gujarat, make Modi a monster and influence elections in 2004. Some NGOs were funded by Congress and CPM for this purpose. Gujarat is a “balancing” act.
2.   Use the same theme and attempt to influence every election in Gujarat.
3.   Keep screaming the Gujarat riots were the worst “holocaust, genocide, pogrom” ever in India. And make 1984 look like some street mugging.
4.   Use Gujarat to divert from the many scams of the Congress when convenient.
5.   Drum up much hate against an individual and for Hindus. That would keep a ‘certain kind’ of fund flowing to media coffers.
6.   It doesn’t pay to antagonise the richest political party in the country and the richest political dynasty. Truth or justice is not the cause or goal for these media crooks and NGOs.

Tavleen Singh rightly argues that if perpetrators of 1984 were punished it may have prevented many other communal riots, including Gujarat. It is certain that verdicts in Gujarat are likely to deter rioters in future. If BJP has sometime referred to Gujarat as the ‘Hindutva Laboratory” then the media crooks and the political NGOs have made Gujarat their “Fund Flow Laboratory” and a target to cover up and wash the sins of 1984. For a new generation that hasn’t really known much about 1984 feed them poisonous propaganda of the media celebs and sidekicks like Shoma Chaudhury and Nikhil Wagle. For the media and the justice crusaders the awful truth is: 1984 is indeed a Mom’s exotic old saree. Wear it on some occasions, like teary fake debates, and hang it back in the closet.


  1. Excellent as Usual!!. Don't know whether I'll be able to put this comment or not (some browser problem, but try). Even with the excellent logic and proofs, it is impossible to open the eyes of these extremely dangerous mafias of India. They have read only one statement "A lie repeated 100 times becomes truth". Only Social Media has to take the place of these spoiled and viciously stinky Main Stream Media. An uprising of SM will be the last nail in the coffin of MSM.

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  3. Great article again, Ravi!
    Agree with the above observation about a "A lie repeated 100 times becomes truth". What I do not understand, however, is why the Sikh community has not pressed for any action against perpetrators of the 1984 crime. How come they have allowed themselves to be denied justice in so blatant a fashion? And how come the Congress has and is getting away with it - becasue the Sikhs aren't big enough a vote bank?

    1. Its not that the Sikh community hasn't "pressed for action " enough. There have been hundreds of protests on this issue . But as you said correctly that Sikhs are not a big vote bank hence neither the government nor the media is reacting to these non-violent protests. The only option left is to take the law in our own hands,But the whats the difference b/w us and them.
      P.s.- bringing justice to the 1984 riots victims is an issue which should concern all Indians and not only the Sikhs . All Indians should raise their voice against this so that no such Riots happen in the future.

  4. Fantastic write-up! Its very sad that all these celebrities who are so vociferous when it comes to Gujarat have nothing to say on 1984.Gujarat was a fight between 2 communities but 1984 was a gruesome,senseless attack on just one community.
    Why do Delhites still vote for Congress and why do famous Punjabi's(huge number of the film fraternity) never speak or protest on the inaction?

  5. Will the next government promise. Correction of past ills and problems facing my motherland?

  6. very well written, MSM totally unmasked.
    Answer to harinee above, Surds are also becoming spineless just like our PM... they vote for their murderer's and come in favour of a movie about someone who butchered their gurus.

  7. let me say this: your articles surely reflect the mood and anger inside people of this generation. I just hope all this turns into positive outcome by 2014 and we help in presenting a Country with positive attitude and hope for future generations.

    No doubt, how hard the MSM will try, the truth will surely find its way inside people's minds. If Modi is termed as a 'Mass-Murderer', so was Rajiv Gandhi. "....dharti to hilti hi hai" huh !! 2014 aane do. Congi ke neeche ki dharti hilegi, dekh lena.

  8. Knowing MSM's bias, it will never discuss a subject that clearly establishes Congress culpability without bringing BJP into it. So, all issues are hyphenated: Communal riots-Gujarat - 1984; 2G - 2008 licenses- 2001 NDA policy; CoalGate- allocation of blocks- BJP ruled states. Wonder what will it hyphenate Thorium Scam with? I don't quite agree when you say Gujarat court verdicts will deter rioters in future. There were 2 judgements in 2002 riots before Naroda Patia case- both were highly appreciated as free & fair. But, look at the Aug. 11 riots at Azad Maidan. Rioters ran all over the area with complete impunity.

  9. This may sound outlandish, but I do believe many in the media are trying to wash off their sloppy approach and lack of enthusiasm to 1984 killings, by now bringing it up along with the 2002 verdict.

    Isn't it also strange that Congress leaders by and large have not gone to town over this verdict? Just made stereo type remarks asking for Modi's resignation etc. One would expect them to go at it hammer and tongs, but they have been subdued. They fear their hypocrisy over 1984 will become even more of a talking point. Hence, we have surrogates, like the ones we see on our tv screens doing their dirty work for them.

    That being said, I honestly believe that because the victims of 1984 have been denied justice, the same fate should not befall the victims of 2002 and their families. I sincerely wish they get some closure now.

    Finally, I think Modi will use this verdict to his advantage by openly chastising his political opponents with the gross injustice they have inflicted on the Sikhs for 1984.

  10. My comment will seem to be undiplomatic but true..

    Congress will again voted/or come to power some how because of Brahimin Conspire. They can unite with even so-called untouchable (BSP) , Yadav( SP in UP) , Muslims and all the Jha/Mishra of Bihar will never leave Congress .. They can even bring to power Sonia-a foreigner.(historically they brought Muslims in India during Arab Invasion to defeat Buddhism
    Again even if BJP comes to Power It will not be Modi ..It will be Jaitley or Sushma(you know who are they..) and all You should know who is behind tirade against Modi --Sanjeev Bhat, some Joshi and will say even Jaitley/sushma .
    They always bring some Buddhu/pappu to loot the nation and enjoy the power.

    1. Haha.. Brahmin conspire?? Abe yar itna zeher tere anadar bhara kisne hai? Ab itne bure bhi nhi hote brahmins.. Even chidambaram and pronob mukherji are also brahmins. Mamata banerjee, jayalalitha and even nehru gandhi clan belongs to lineage of kashmiri pandits.. Ab iska matlab brahmins se hate krne lag jao? The truth is tht so called lower castes like u have become zehereela coz of the corrupt politicians who never want hindus to unite..tum logo ko reservation bhi chahiye and so called upper castes ko gaaliyan bhi deni hain.. Abe ghar jaa and ek thanda matlab coca cola pee and chill kr and do some productive work.. Dhondu, just chill..

    2. Doer Doc Saheb,
      Appreciate your comment even though it is personal ..but have a second thought .. why a Hindu Majority is disunited because of this caste classification.and who is the ultimate short term gainer

      Advani gave u opportunity in the name of Hindu to Unite(Mandir Andoolan) .. u did not unite? did u?
      why Advani was hated so much,now Modi in Media ..all because of this Conspiracy.
      want to know the answer why Advani/Modi is hated among so called liberals?
      was he involved in Corruption ? Answer=no ..Just because both are not Brahimin
      Ther is good change that Modi could be PM so that group Conspire.

      Why there was love for Bajpaee in Media not for Advani(Creator of current BJP).
      We would have defeated Congress long back if Brajesh Mishra has not helped Pappu
      ( as you said a memberof that group) in America. why Bajpaee brought a Congress man as his advisor?
      The group is self help group..can belong to any party.

      Currently you will not find any such anger in media against Jaitly/sushma but Modi.

      The problem for hindu disunity arise from that group .. their view is how come a Non-Brahmin
      come to power.The result is forget about Brahmin PM u get Idiot PM ..
      My request to all Hindu people to unite for your good not based on caste else bigger danger is coming.
      Whenever I met a brahmin person i come to know about this in 2nd and 3rd line of his self introduction
      about his caste. Will this help in Hindu Unity.

    3. well boss, the whole country was indeed polarised during advani's rath yatra. now the mistake was made that the temple was not built immediately and i think that is where we lost the plot. and continuance of the caste based politics(reservation lollypops, quota system) all contributed to the division of hindus because congress cant afford to let hindus unite.and see this plot of congress to announce reservation in promotion just before elections. the problem is not brahmins. but the so called lower caste people who grab these lollypops and vote for congress during elections.and who wouldnt? the reservation was indeed necessary otherwise the lower castes would have converted to other religions. And why media hates advani? not because he is non-brahmin. because during the formative years of bjp it was him who took the burden for rath yatra despite knowing that he will be labelled communal till he die. and modi is hated by media for the same reason(also the fact that they are all paid by the congress to create communal image for muslims). arrey boss i absolutely hate this sagarika ghose and burkha dutt and even that tripathi, the head of RAW(all brahmins) even they r from my caste..because i apply logic to their point of view and not blindly trust what they spread just because they are brahmins. and about u meeting a brahmin and he/her mentioning his/her caste in front of you, i think, you are fond of meeting morons.

  11. Dear Ravi ji,

    I am thankful that you are giving different aspect to look at called “Secular journalism”. 1984 sikh riot were very different compare to 2002 but see the way 2002 had made an impact. Educationist /Scientist (Recent DRDO case in Bangalore) making this 2002 an excuse to execute their terrorist agenda . When 1984 happened , I had witnessed myself at remote place like Darbhanga . I saved close to 3 Sikh’s family from rioters and got myself physically hurted . But when 2002 happened , I don’t realized and did not find any impact at same place. I stay very close to Muslim community at my home town. So how did 2002 created so many monster’s where as 1984 don’t have any . And those who are had been moved out of this country .


    1. Mr Roy
      The monster that you are talking about were always there, just the excuse has changed. We had bomb blasts, killings and separationist voices before 2002 also.
      Governmental than had will to kill the Sikh monsters, governments now don't have that will to kill muslim monsters

  12. Gujrat is a stick media has been using ,in fact over used it to support congress.
    Fortunatly,peope have now seen through the filth in this game.More media plays this card to cover 1984, more discredited the media stands exposed .
    I give major credit to SM for being pro active on this issue

  13. This is unbelievably good stuff. Contrary to the beliefs held, after clean chit to Modi by SIT, the masters of riot scavenging, have not kept quite. This time around, Congress party wary of political backlash, has "completely outsourced Modi bashing" to the usual crooks in the media, dubious NGO's, & agenda driven lawyers. In the debates, while the congress avoids criticizing Modi, the anchors, invited media crooks, self-styled NGOs, & agenda driven lawyers continue their rabid personal attack on Modi. The abuse of Jews as slaves in Nazi Germany, has been a learning for me. Thanks for a such a great write-up. You have excelled yourself Sir.!

  14. I remember george fernandes recalling during confidence vote of 13 day BJP government congress ads in newspaper with a sikh taxi driver and asking will you trust him before 1984 election
    i was born in that year so can't recollect..some old delhites can throw light on this?


  15. Dear Thedoc,

    This pankaj is clearly trying to divide the blog visitors into caste lines by bringing unrelated diversions. It seems so similar to the Congress which is trying to divert the attention from Coal corruption by bringing the promotion for SC/ST legislation( I am not commenting on against the legislation or for it).

  16. I am your fan, you have made these paid media bigots completely baseless, "Ab vo din door nahe, jab aapke target kiye hua logon ko journalism chodna padega" my handle is @rahulshaarp Thanks

  17. That's why first family and other big shots were never blamed, dare MSM to question Queen Bee or RG on this issue....
    sharing a link who answers deaf MSM and put a nail in the coffin of corrupt congi's (and infamous Mouni Baba) http://theprudentindian.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/so-what-did-the-doctor-say/

  18. On Wall Street sometime back they have launched a web portal called BullDog to rate Financial industry Portfolio Managers.

    "Indian Media BullDog"

    I wish I could gift some 400-500 Cr to you for launching a TV channel to expose these criminals. This BullDog should be trained to take down pants of these media personalities in full public view. This is a figure of speech. Who wants to see their blackened posterior.

    What else can I say ? Keep it up !!!

  19. Still it is going on in several cases, these bogus so called fourth pillars of democracy are enjoying amusing abruptly, without any check and control with hugh support of bigbang,criminals and corrupt political parties. If such type of lies are caught by the public then simply they are peeled for forgiveness merely uttering sorry. They should be punished for their wrong and intentional critics to degrade the dignity of society/personality of social elements.


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