Saturday, September 1, 2012

Narendra Modi 'Hangs' In Style

There is a reason why history always remembers the ‘Firsts’. Ask anybody who the second man to set foot on the moon was and you’re likely to draw a blank. But everybody knows Neil Armstrong. Ask anyone which the second team on Mt. Everest was, not easy. But most would know Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Second Prime Minister of India? Chances are most would not remember Gulzarilal Nanda but would know the first was Jawaharlal Nehru. It is in that context that Narendra Modi achieved history in Indian politics with a first. He became the first top rung political leader to interact LIVE on social media directly with citizens and answered questions on a variety of issues. It is a historic first because it signals the crucial role Internet and social media (SM) are likely to play in politics, electioneering, propaganda and a platform for citizens to reach their leaders directly. The middlemen in the mainstream media (MSM), the spin doctors, the brokers, the opinion-swinging editorialists will increasingly become irrelevant. It is the equivalent of a P&G getting rid of wholesalers and distributors and directly reaching the customer through retail shelves and online shopping. (Watch the event on Youtube)

According to reports over 4 million from across India and abroad watched the show. Narendra Modi’s audience had a good time. Even the Modi-haters from the media and politics who may have watched will agree that social media is here as a powerful medium and despising it can only be at a severe cost. #ModiHangout trended all day on August 31 on Twitter, even well into September 1 long after the show was over. What Modi said or did not say will be in print and online media although TV channels may skip the news. And why is it news? This is the first time ever in India that a top political leader has harnessed social media to directly interact with citizens. This was not one of those private durbars that we know our netas to hold. This wasn’t one of those off-camera meetings that Rahul Gandhi holds with college students.The unsaid message from Modi to MSM was like some property ads: "Brokers Excuse".

Everything Narendra Modi said in the Google+ Hangout, hosted by actor Ajay Devgn, was positive and contained a good number of encouraging messages. The MSM will now get busy poking holes into the show over what he did not say. I had joked in a tweet about the likely headlines on TV and in newspapers:"Modi reaches out but fails to apologise". Some didn’t wait, Headlines Today held a discussion even before the Youtubecast and of all possible morons in the world we had Vinod ‘Smirk’ Sharma, Congress batter and editor of Hindustan Trolls, complaining that Modi didn’t take “Live” questions. Talk about 'Pre-Judging'! If Modi were to land on the moon this same Smirk would probably say “But Oh, it wasn’t a full-moon day, he could have chosen a better date”. The crime of ‘pre-judging’ an event or adversaries is a crime that is bound to invite a price. It is all the more ironic that the Smirk criticises Modi when his own Gods like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi neither have the skill nor the courage to even speak to their own cronies in the MSM, let alone directly with citizens other than choreographed rallies and written speeches.There can hardly be any doubt that the Modi Hangout must have dented prime time TV viewership.

On Twitter Rajdeep Sardesai was expectedly leading the band of MSM cronies of Congress in snide remarks about the Hangout. Firstpost has summarised Modi’s answers and statements during the Hangout with timelines and garnished it with some fair cheeky comments. To me the most notable comments were about Secularism and American visas. If the trend of SM Live-interaction continues then it’s not long before the fake secularism practiced by the Congress and minority-appeasing parties and propagated by MSM will be thoroughly exposed in the farthest corners of India. Such a criminal comment representing fake secularism and condoning intended terrorism by ‘The Hindu’ newspaper, was indeed exposed by the Twitterati.
The MSM has been receiving warnings frequently to embrace social media and learn to interact and deal with it more sensibly and productively. So far they have they have treated it as a passing fad. SM is not a fad; it’s a trend with an undeniable permanence and growth potential. Take a look at the text in the box. It’s a ‘clarification’ from the predominantly anti-Hindu newspaper called ‘The Hindu’. It first suggested that a terrorist threat to writers was justified because of  their “anti-minority” views (Read Here). By the evening of the same day, August 31, it’s rabid editor, S.Varadarajan known for his communist leanings, withdrew the foolish note in the article. Why? Simply because he was pointed out the truth by those on Twitter of his justifying terrorism. Such an apology would not have come without an active social media.  

Whatever else may happen in future elections or in politics Narendra Modi has certainly set a new road map for social communication and direct interaction and political campaigning with citizens. That Modi has stayed the course, developed his state and is now being projected a future PM is remarkable because of the number of political and media adversaries he has. Adversaries even from his own party! If the MSM blacked him out (and demonised him when they did not) he found the one truthful place for communication: Social Media. The Barkhas, Rajdeeps, Smirks, Shekhars, Prannoys would be wise to read the writing on the SM wall. Brokers in media will definitely lose more ground to social media. Their loss will not be mourned by anyone


  1. There were many unique ideas contemplated by modi..CM Fellowship was intresting and youth dedicating mere 100 hours was something that is need of the hour if as a nation we want to be seen as numero uno...Hail Modi!

  2. SM has heralded the death bell to all the scheming/wheeling/dealing of the Crony Nehruvian Socialisic fake baseless way the society and politcs functioned till today. It was great listening to the Lion of Gujarat. As a true Gentleman, He did not personally attack any UPA leader, only criticized their policies for the sake of the country. MSM will now bahave exactly opposite. RIP the MSM and it's long list of cronies.

  3. Gujarat had stopped contesting with other states in India for first position now. It started contesting/matching with some advanced countries in the area of development and inclusive growth. The direct contact with people will slowly push the MSM into back as they had done with newwspapers. How ever, the tech rev is not understood properly by MSM has been clearly explained with samples by the author of this blog. Really appreciate the way it has been neatly compiled and it had come out nicely.

  4. The English media today exemplifies Advani's statement during Emergency, "She asked you to bend, but you crawled". The way in which the great 'liberal' editors crawl before Madam and vie with each other to win her appreciation is sickening and disgusting.

    Now that Gujarat elections are due, MSM can be expected to start special programs on how Gujarat has failed on all fronts and how the 'budda rebellion' is gaining strength.

  5. Modi has shown how SM can be harnessed to improve interaction between the admin and people. It is the way to go actually, in the long run many advantages will accrue to both, the administration and the people at large.

    Unfortunately, because Modi has shown the way, he has also ensured that no one else will take this route. Such is Modi phobia. No other politician from the ruling and mainstream parties will dare do the same because it will prove that Modi has again done something worthwhile. Pity. But the loss will be the nation's.

  6. Modi hangs MSM in style ... poor paid media .. when Prannoy was making every trick to show that NDA must not project MODI as PM with his false permutations and combinations showing that by projecting Nitish NDA will be +300 whereas with MODI NDA will be around 200+ but he dont know if BJP declares NaMo as PM NDA will not need pseudo secular parties . It will get 180-200+ seats on its own .But this is the chaaal of NDTV and others to sow seed of divide and one can say BJP ko aag lagegi to ghar ke hi kisi chirag se .. and one can only hope better sense will prevail in those and will let NaMo as PM candidate.. What abt these pseudo secular parties like National conference .When it was with NDA bjp was secular combo and when it left BJP becums communal . NDTV predicted some 145 seats for BJP . So that means those voting for BJP are communal , fascists, loony fringe elements .Oh come on .. we dont need a PM who is always on vibration mode and is a prop of somebody else and also dont need one that if he(MSY) says something you will need an interperator to understand what he is saying .We need someone who speaks with conviction , clearity and connect with people .. So with this hangout NaMo has hanged many .

  7. I am very proud to say I participated in the #hangoutwithmodi. His answers were inspirational. He is passionate about his work and is very modest.
    I am one of his, and the writer of this blog's biggest fans.


    One goodthing about firstpost is they acknowledge there rubbish - in this article , the scribe agree he got 'carried away' and gives the link to original wall street jounral article regarding the 'health and beauty'-gate.

    But not sure whom he is kidding - by now, everyone should know we have to go to Wall street Journal to know what Modi really says. Pathetic.

  9. Since it was long two hour, was thinking twice about watching... But finally gave in and watched.

    The selection of questions looked deliberate, to suite what Modi wanted to answer. But I guess that was the point. MSM will not talk about his achievements, however high they might be. This hangout cut through all those and gave Modi a chance to tell the truth.

    If all the numbers he sighted are true (likely so, since MSM has not shouted that they are wrong), then seriously MIND BLOWN

    10% agriculture growth, power surplus, ground water level rise, sex ratio almost 100% among new borns... WOW... Sooo wish he becomes PM

  10. First of all questions being SELECTED to answer is utter stupidity It means lack of knowledge on how Google hangout works the first one tuned on LIVE and gets the connection first has the oppurtunity to ask the questions


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