Saturday, September 8, 2012

From My Inbox To Fib-erals

Here’s classic prose: “We Jesuit-educated, English newspaper-reading citizens who are “hostage to the Delhi-based bogus Left-liberal commentariat”. Also, apparently, the “drum-beaters of the Establishment”. This description of us is from the mission statement of the just-launched Niti Central, a news website promoted by Friends of the BJP…  and funded by Rajesh Jain, one of the country’s most well-known Internet entrepreneurs (he sold his company for Rs. 499 crore in 1999 to Ramalinga Raju who was arrested for fraud a decade later)”. Ahem! That is someone who goes by the name of Priya Ramani, writes columns for Livemint (“We the endangered people” September 8). The article is not very different from how Prakash Karat defends political murders by CPM goons. Rajesh Jain who funds NitiCentral also sold something to Ramalinga Raju who was arrested for fraud and therefore NitiCentral is born out of blood-stained money I suppose. Clever, very clever, isn’t it?

I get some mails every day. Most of these have compliments, suggestions, links to articles or incidents worth covering on this blog. I will share some of these mails and also some tweets from those in the media as we go along. Here’s a mail I received from a self-confessed “elite”, also a fan of this blog, who mentions the Delhi circle of ‘crème-de-la-crème’ doesn’t accept my articles too well for some reasons. (No reference to Ramani). Frankly, I don’t expect them to, no matter what. 

The mail further states that my being from Gujarat makes the posts suspect for them. (Er.. tainted like RajeshJain-funded?) Ah well, given their persuasions it would snow in Gujarat in May if the same posts were to be written from Kumbakonam I suppose. Still, the writer of the mail seemed to argue my case with friends. My reply was:  What is written is more important than who writes it. And my added advice to this friend was not to argue for me: “It’s better to lose an argument than lose a friend”. That’s a value system. Values can change, principles are enduring.

Here’s a tweet from someone who calls herself a columnist. Not exactly a big celebrity, but a columnist is mostly an “Opinionist”. Yeah, a lot like Ramani. Although the tweet wasn’t to me it refers to MediaCrooks and suggests undisclosed profiles lack courage. My response to that is also given. The reason I have blacked out her name is that this could have come from any of those media celebs who use this line when they run out of rationale. In just a few minutes this pompous, opinionated columnist will discover what some journalists on the ground really think. Come to think of it, the nation owes a great debt to the person who leaked the Radiagate tapes. That’s an anonymous person who hasn’t been identified. Imagine, if instead of Simon Denyer of WaPo someone called Maneetar Dumbari had written the same “tragic figure” article in a newspaper in Bihar, the media or PMO wouldn’t even have heard of it. That’s true, our elites are so steeped in the celebrity cult that any view counts only if it has a “tag” on it. That’s when commie-liberals, no Fib-erals, stand up and take notice. 499 Crores does get the attention of Priya Ramani. Doesn’t surprise me!

Over a decade ago I read a book about P&G, one of the most respected companies in the world. It was titled “Winning with the P&G 99” by an ex-employee, Charles Decker. The book deals with the 99 principles that made and keep P&G a great company. I have never forgotten some of those principles and here’s one of them:

The prevailing attitude (in P&G) is that WHAT is right is far more important than WHO is right. Facts, truth, logic have far more authority at P&G than any individual” --Brad Butler, former P&G Chairman.

It’s a principle that is imprinted in my mind. Which is why I also hold the principle that what is written is more important than who writes it. This blog rarely relies on mere opinions. The posts attempt the best to use hard, indisputable facts. But since logic and reason don’t work with prejudiced minds this site also generously uses sarcasm, humour and gentle ridicule. But hey, facts, logic, truth aren’t for our supposed MSM journalists most of whom neither have principles nor values. Facts, truth, logic have far more authority at P&G he says. In his G+ Hangout, Narendra Modi made an important point. “Criticism needs research. In absence of that it will be just allegations”. Because our media celebs don’t research and merely peddle opinions, there is a consistent and glaring disconnect that is easy to expose. Naturally, it makes them feel “endangered”.

Here’s another mail. This one is from a mainstream journalist as he refers to himself. He says “don’t tell anyone… I might get fired”. He’s a Journalist, not an opinionated columnist like the tweeter and Ramani earlier.That’s the life journalists who are not celebs live. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me either. I guess the man must have checked up the whole internet to find out who I am, where I live and what dark organisations I am associated with before he wrote to me. Haha! That’s what media celebs are scared of – simple facts and truths. But the hardworking journalists on the ground know what they go through, how their voices are suppressed or their notes twisted.

Here’s another one. Surprise! Again from a journalist! Now, “detailing” is not possible unless you fact-check. You don’t have to fact-check to peddle opinions. Read the blogs and columns from most media celebs, you can easily tell they are not only very personalised opinions but also agenda-driven. The honest truth is, the journalists in the mails have simply gone by what’s written on this site and not by who writes it. That’s the true test of how good a message or article is. That will be the day when celebs in the MSM start evaluating their own values, principles and prejudices reflected in their writes and tweets.

Now here’s another principle from the P&G 99: If a decision has to be made in the absence of facts, never confuse personal opinions with informed judgment. Specifically, ''The data suggests...'' is safer than beginning with “I think” or “In my opinion”…That’s perfect advice for many of our columnists.

Now here’s a tweet that should shock those who still believe an “ID tag” is what counts if what is written has to be worth it. This is not from a follower or a fan of this blog. This is from a very prominent reporter who is on News TV almost every day. The person knows me as much as the person whose tweet I quoted first. Zero, absolute stranger! The most abused line on TV has to be: “Having said that...” Next time you hear that line you can easily identify the ‘opinionated’ hawker. Why would a reasonable person say something and then go on to say something contradictory? Even worse, if they have to say “having said that...” then why say that thing in the first place? 

So you see, the problem with our media crooks is not the identity really. It is that ordinary people can openly and courageously say the right thing freely but the crooks are bound by the agenda of the organisation they are chained to. Not facts, truth or logic! The other thing to learn is that hardworking journalists on the ground have absolutely nothing in common with the opinion-peddling, opinion-swinging celebs and anchors. There could be more surprises in store.


  1. Amazing again. When the focus changes from act to actor, like how our 'opinionated' lady and most other journos always do it I'd no longer journalism. It's advertisement. It's when they can't counter truths that they tweet lame Excuses. I agree with one of the journals it's well researched as always, choice of words and phrases makes it impeccable. Congrats and salutes for amazing work

  2. Read twice and then commenting. only one word "speechless"

  3. It is fight between people who are unable to find their true identity (Left-liberal) and people who are sure of their identity and roots. Both sides have been there and done it in life. For one, no identity a.k.a. pseudo secularism is the identity and for others secularism is natural and founded in the way of life. For one, exclusion, division and look smarter than rest of the society is success and for others love, respect, morality steeped in tradition is true success. For one, social contract is defined by anything but Indian way of life and for others Indian way of life is all inclusive and tried and tested social contract.

    I think it is a Mahabharata being played out live before our eyes.

  4. Very articulate Sir. Splendid. Though i identified 2 out of 3 journalists whom you have quoted here that because i follow you on twitter and your blogs regularly. But i dont think a writer of your class needs any stamp of authentication from any of the mainstream journos. Coz majority of the people who know the propogandist driven coverage of MSM always know that your blogs/articles are hard hitting and eye opener

  5. There are some profound professional work ethics to be followed for every one here in this blog post. Was wondering about the reaction of the celebrity journalists, to the content of these blog posts. The fact many journalists are positively influenced by your writings, gives cause for hope for all of us. It is a tremendous achievement to liberate the readers/journos from personal biases, opinions, agendas, and to make them look at facts directly. Thanks for the educative blog!

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  7. As always, good article once again. Our media crooks are now realising the said things mentioned in your blog but can't implement due to the reasons well known by them. Looking forward for the same great stuff from you.

    Sanjay Yadav

  8. Everytime I read a new piece that you pen,I am amazed at your ability to collect,analyse and present facts systematically and logically.You succeed in leaving no loopholes.You make it so interesting that one would not stop till he has read the whole article in one go.May Ma Saraswati continue to bless you and Ma Durga give you the courage that you have shown in your honest and well researched articles :)


    ha ha ha.... it seems arnab is the leading the race of most dumbest journalist!!

    1. OMG..I was never a fan of Raj but this interview is simply irresitable and yes he makes sense in most parts. The funny one that would have felt like a slap in the face

  10. Thanks! As usual, super post.

    The NaMo quote was repeated by Raj T. to Arnab today. Do your homework, ask them before you come talk to me. First share the news as is, and then add your views. Why do you peddle views, instead of sharing news? Why this doesn't happen in MSM?

    Arnab mumbled we have a right to express our views, but was silent on the crucial question of sharing news, facts, as is first. And, him getting hit on knuckles by a man who was logically arguing his points, was no surprise. Same happens with NaMo. So, the MSM prefer to twist.

    Thanks to your site, we all have learnt something, and, are learning more about so many crooks and their ways.

    1. No MSM has freedom of twist the news. How can News House say that They have freedom of speech. SO will they call Earthquake as flood just because of their opinion? Arnab was wrong when he said he has freedom of speech. Why do MSM need freedom of speech while presenting any news. News is News after all. News isn't somebody's opinion. In debate, anchors responsibility is not to judge but initiate debate and take note and exchange various views between panelist and viewers. let the viewers judge conclusion of debate. I think, It is wrong to conclude the debate in mid debate by hammering on one panelist. So Raj Thackeray was right. Arnab was so cool in Interview because Raj Thackeray repeating same argument of biased media to the every question of Arnab and Raj Thackeray was right in his argument. Arnab had no ground to play with Raj T. Arnab could have played well when he asked question of hate speech on bihari but I think, being Assami, Arnab care about his people in Assam and he knows ground reality of Assam. So I think, Arnab wanted something true statement from Raj T about BD Infiltration in Assam, but Raj T kept talking about Bihari. Raj T indirectly pointed out that it is Bihari and UP govt appeasement & vote bank policies that lead to help BD Infiltration. Arnab just wanted this statement directly from Raj T but Raj T failed to say it directly.

  11. Arnab interview of Raj was a treat for viewers who have been suffering with his debates.
    I am no fan of Raj Thackeray but Arnab for once was speechless and lost. It was a pleasure to watch someone knock the daylights of the presumptous know-it all self-annointed judge of Indian media.
    BJP guys need to get such guys on TV.

  12. Someone said above he read it twice. I lost count of how many times i read each letter and sentence. I once also said i hate the sight of like and tweet signs bcoz it signals the end of post . When one is lost somewhere in darkness or jantar mantar one needs helping hand or guidance in form of parents,gurus,teachers,guide to hold your hand and take you out of that hole . Listening and reading to all those opinionated,biased and one sided debates & columns all those years i had some idea something is wrong and once wrote abt it on my blog ,There was some haziness and pic was blurred .Cant remember how i stumbled upon your blog some 3-4 months back but that haziness or blurriness is all gone same as fog disappears as soon as sunlight comes in .Now i wait for your post daily like a drug addict.

    You said it rightly and the crux of unhappiness and displeasure of all celebs especially MSM celebs is that Ordinary people are occupying and taking their place . From Barkha to Sagarika,Rajdeep to ashutosh,wagle and so on ,are grudging the fact that cant hold fixed debates or sell their agenda driven views on social media sites like they do on their shows where they load participants who are motivated like them in ratio of 4:1 .Either you are not given proper time to express your views or rest of all will shout and pounce on you . Now when they get the taste of their own medicine on social media they threaten with ban,censor and even arrest with the help of establishment. Thats why they are feeling Endangered bcoz many of us not buy their agenda driven opinions and confront them . I dont except ever to get opportunity to place my views on a show like WE THE PEOPLE and the fact that social media provides us Ordinary that space is not digested by them and proving a pain in their stomach . That is why celebs like Big B are threatening to quit SM because ppl like me are more interested in reading tweets of mediacrooks than his .They think of us like gatecrashers who have occupied their reserved seats and spoiled their Fixed or Arranged Party.We are not likes of those who will enhance their already inflated egos by applauding their fixed ,arranged(or Endangered)shows or interviews so that they fill their timeline with thanks .

    BTW the ways and characteristics of this Endangered species is identical. Just erase Endangered and you will get "We The People"

  13. pls read expect i/o except in above comment ..typo error

  14. Any one can say our MSM is #PaidPervertedPress but to analyze give supporting Data and then to write in such a way with humour you need to have great talent. For bringing out this blog the price you pay is- You have to undergo the pain watching our MSM lie daily.
    You love your country while the MSM News AnCHORs love the money and fame. They will scream what their media boss tell them to and of course choosing a panelists should get NOC from 10 janpath.
    Your USP is honesty/courage/patriotism & only imbecile morons expect these from MSM anCHORs.
    Keep up your good work.

  15. Auntie is married to plagiarist Halarnkar.

  16. Proctor & Gamble is party to Globalists New World Order Agenda of depopulating the planet.


    The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity by Alan Watt

    And now they tell us that the average American has less than 20% sperm and only about 15% is motile. That’s not a coincidence. What happened in the 1950s to start this ball rolling? In the 1950s they suddenly put all the known female synthetic estrogens into the food supply. They put it in baby food. Procter & Gamble were the first ones to admit after investigation, 40 years later, that they were using a rinse to supposedly sterilize the baby bottles, and it contained Bisphenol A – an odd thing to rinse baby bottles with, when Bisphenol A is the very thing that attacks young male children at that age, and stops the testes from developing properly.

  17. Ravi, excellent articles as usual. I am sure all your readers are hooked to your blogs like myself and can't wait ur blogs to surface.
    But have U guys noticed the shift in Arnab's attitude ( ever since Coalgate surfaced) towards Congress panelists and those of others ? He is less attacking of others but is going hammer & tongs & more scathing on Congress panelists.
    Was wondering if Arnab happened to read Ravinar's blogs & has a change of heart and allegiance towards BJP & against corruption.
    And one doesn't see much of Vinod "Smirk" Sharma, or that Ketkar much these days. But this latest entrant / recruit as Congress Spokesperson "Sanjay Jha" - like all Congi spokespersons - are irritating, intimidating, rebutting w/o being asked to. I think he got on Arnab's nerves & who almost asked him to "just shut up".

    Sometimes wonder - How Ravinar the great sits through all these debates - especially the ones on NDTV & CNN-IBN.

    Great work Ravi and pls. ensure one article every day. Our day gets made after reading yours blogs.

    1. Dear Harry,

      Arnab works with a Pro-American Times Media House.
      The western magazines are equally scathing on our under achiever PM. Considering the success Times now channel received during the Anna movement, he feels he can tap into this social change & achieve best TRP's. Its simply business my friend. On the contrast, the NDTV's & IBN's are completely bonded to money received from Pro-Christian & Islamic propogandist, hence stick with Congress & Left without any other option.

  18. Boss, I am addicted to your blogs.... I attribute it to Patriotism and I must say, I have not see anyone other like you other than Sardar and Namo.
    I admire you..

  19. Give it to Ravinar! Good to know your influence and popularity is growing !! :)


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