Thursday, September 13, 2012

Balancing Mindless Violence

So she’s at it again. But this time a lot more sedate and she tries to balance things. But given her “Miss India” solutions she invariably goofs up. Somewhere in her article ‘Re-thinking Hindus and MuslimsSagarika Ghose states: “Muslim rage and Hindu hate are feeding off each other”. Now, if you aren’t very observant you will miss how casually those terms are used. Muslims have rage and Hindus have hate! Sub-consciously prejudiced! Rage may or may not have a provocation. Hate is simply born out of prejudice. So by her own logic if I were to call SG a prejudiced Hindu hater I cannot be faulted. In the post ‘Victimhood justifies violence’ I tried to describe how this fake sense of ‘victimhood’ is often being used by media to justify Muslim violence. Violence that is so frequent, so easily erupts at the drop of a hat! But when you’re employed in a barn called CNN-IBN you are probably chosen for that exact prejudice.

On the anniversary of 9/11, in mindless violence that erupted in Egypt and Libya the US Embassies and Consulates were burned and some were killed. Among the dead are US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens (53). He is often referred to as a friend of those who liberated Libya from Gaddafi. Tragic! The attack on Stevens’ quarters in Benghazi is reported to be pre-planned and executed with horrific violence. What was the motive? Some stupid movie by a man called Sam Bacile who offended Mohammad.  I guess in the world of SG that is enough provocation to be raging. A colleague of hers thought so too, a little differently. We’ll see. But here’s a comment (excerpt) posted on the report about Stevens’ killing and the violence in NY Times:

FB Chicago Sep 12: I'm an American Muslim and I say that only to ensure that these barbarians don't represent or speak for Islam. Killing innocent people has no place in Islam, ever. This is nothing but cold-blooded murder. Sam Bacile and his Jewish benefactors need to be held to account. Sure, free speech is protected but inflammatory speech has global consequences because we are a global country in the Internet age. The Bacile video is at least as outrageous as this killing, to Muslims. Imagine if someone called Jesus an illegitimate child, or Moses a mass murderer…..

Haven’t you heard that crap before? Till 1 second to the attack they were Muslims. Once the attack happened and killed people they are “not muslims”. It is one thing to condemn the attack as the commenter rightly does. But he follows the same stupid logic that most Mullahs in India take shelter in: “They are not muslims”. Well, if they aren’t, who are they? And then the commenter wonders what would if happen if someone were to lampoon Jesus. Well, there are many who do and it doesn’t lead to violence or killing. Da Vinci Code, many spoofs and many Fiberal comedians in the West frequently slam Jesus and Christianity. That doesn’t end up in violence. Founding father of USA, Thomas Jefferson is known to have stated: “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”. He wasn’t crucified or the US or the Christian world didn’t erupt in violence.

In the Indian context, unless Muslim leaders own up the fact that the people who carry out violence in the name of Islam are indeed Muslims there will be no let up. If my brother commits a murder it would be funny to say “Till 9.00 am he was my brother but when he committed a murder at 9.01 am, Umm..  he’s not my brother”. The MSM in India not only doesn’t question this nonsense but even condones it. And there are political and media morons who will either talk about the “root cause” or dish out the line “terrorism has no religion”. Technically terrorism can’t have a religion but terrorists do. And Egypt and Libya were the countries that Barkha Dutt and others proclaimed as the new liberal democracies rising from the Arab Spring. 

There is no denying that Sam Bacile’s movie (based on the trailer that is available on Youtube) is absolutely stupid and not even worth reviewing. But such stupidity can lead to such violence and killing should make the Islamists and our media stand up and think. People like Sagarika Ghose seem to think there is a genuine reason for Muslim ‘rage and victimhood’. Other than economic reasons there really cannot be any reason for their sense of victimhood. Even the economic victimhood is their own making and not of others.

The US, and most of the world, is naturally outraged at the violence and killing following Bacile’s silly movie. The responses from President Obama and Hillary Clinton were quite measured but stern. Obama stated that those who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and others will be brought to justice. This statement reflects nothing more than the resolve of the civilised world to pursue justice. It’s not a statement of revenge. But voila, trust a bimbo from the CNN/IBN barn to quickly read more into that statement than there is. Smita Sharma responds with the silliest of tweets. This is typical of the Communist Fiberals. Even a lame MMS would have made the same statement as Obama without actually meaning it seriously as past events in India have showed. Yet, our media morons, instead of even remotely understanding the sentiments see rhetorical threat of “you’re with us or them theatrics”. Shameful!

The reason why many in India, mostly Hindus and lately a Muslim professor in Kolkatta, are angered is indeed mindless appeasement. Crimes of Hindus are magnified and the media is unwilling to show the courage to talk about crimes of Islamists. Hindus don’t hate Muslims. Hindus are raging against the systematic discrimination by the state and media. More often than not it is the ‘Minority of One’ that can upset the balance of society. That balance in reporting by the media is totally missing. Well, it will continue to be missing as long as we are blessed with the stupidity of the likes of Sagarika Ghose and Smita Sharma and many more. Nothing demonstrates the idea of balance as simply as this video. I recommend you patiently watch (7.31 minutes)

Balance(1989) is an Oscar winning short animated film. Five guys on a floating platform keep balancing it. It takes a minority of one to rock the balance. It gets so far that in the end the one guy left cannot move without killing himself. You can read your own meanings and draw your conclusions from this short but brilliant movie. By the same token if the MSM doesn’t find a balance in their reporting and coverage they will find themselves dying and unable to move. NDTV and TV Today (Headlines Today, AajTak) are now laying off workers. They are busy balancing their manpower to save their bottom-line instead of balancing their main business: That of balancing reportage.


  1. Till 9.00 am he was my brother but when he committed a murder at 9.01 am, Umm.. he’s not my brother. LoL! This line pretty much summarizes the entire post. When Barkha Dutt certifies any grouping or country as liberal expect them to get indulge in senseless acts of liberal violence (in the name of religion)
    Expect these morons form the media to come up such insensitive and ill-timed tweets unfailingly.
    Yes Hindu hate is an abused terminology. But there is some truth. Hindus hate this system where they are looked down and the rest are appeased. Loved the movie... very apt.

  2. Excellent again !!
    No doubt, they (MSM) have lost their ground. But they don't seem to see it, feel it. It's the same way we the human beings don't see or feel that we are jeopardizing our own existence by corrupting, polluting, exploiting and in turn unbalancing the nature's delicate balance. We are sure to perish if not waked up, the same way our MSM is. RIP MSM.

  3. Oops..That line Expect the morons from the media line was in reference to Smita Sharma's tweet

  4. Humans consider themselves evolved enough. I bet, lot of evolution is pending yet. People killing innocents in broad day light and they are not considered really bad bad!!!

  5. Only a keen observer can disseminate 'rage' versus 'hate'! Unless it's brought up the reader just absorbs it without even realising how badly he may get prejudiced himself! Exactly the technique employed in our education system to manufacture socialist communist followers!
    Brilliant add timely, yet again!

  6. i was really confused after reading this article today morning. what was she trying to say? she initially criticised social media for mass exodus of NE people then she ended up commenting on hindu muslim unity.. why does HT invite such sub standard "journalists" to write in their editorial? and by the way this hindu muslim unity talk, no one gives a shit..
    dont you think sagarika ghose is highly highly overrated self centred pseudo lady?

    1. Exactly. Also, i am beginning to think her tweets are marketing tactics rather than any serious views or discussions. The article can be summarised as 'grandstanding' though i missed the subtle justification of violence by 'Hindu hate' until Ravinar pointed out !!

  7. really excellent but i'm sure if this was intented to give knowledge to thick skull journalists, consider your attempt waste, they also know that, they can condemn hindus whenever they want because they know we are tolerent and not brainless to start voilence over thse things, if they start saying half the thing about muslims they are saying to hindus their offices and house will be burnt the very next minute!

  8. Excellent Article, SG whenever comes with and article and reports, u can expect and experience the poorest kind of Journalism.

  9. Dear Ravinar,

    The Sackherica goose character never fails to tickle the funny bone. Such a self obsessed, rootless, fake socalled journalist would definately take down the CNN-IBN ship. Hurray!!!

  10. Neo-Converts, must prove who is better convert. No wonder the competition is intense, hot and ugly. Because of our attitude tolerance to these s$$$eaters, they are trying to bash Hindus every time they open their trap. We have choice to behave like Muslim and bash these goons or keep on accepting their s$it. The another one is destroy their credibility and expose their nakedness for all to see. You are doing excellent job and please keep it up. I pray everyday for destruction of these Ravanas, born as BD, RS, SG, PR, AG and similar neo-converts.

  11. Thank you very much for this post. I fully agree with you. And also I have thoroughly enjoyed the film. I must admit that you are one of the very well informed persons I have come across in the internet!

  12. hey media crook beside all this there is channel 4 documentary named islame: the untold truth also has been banned for showing true past of islam. Innocence of Muslims is useless movie but this documentry is worth reviewing please read about it on news sites cause this documentary has been cancelled due to out rage among Muslims about the Islamic past researched by historians.

  13. I don't understand why people go out of their way, whenever this incident is being discussed, to say that the movie is crude/bad/stupid/silly etc, as if trying to tell their so-called secular audience "We found the movie pointless too, it's their right to make it that we are defending". How good or bad the movie is is very much irrelevant..

  14. In Smita Sharma's tweet, it looks to me she is saying Obama's statement to bring perpetrators to justice is different & more restrained than Bush's 'Us versus Them' cowboy talk. Other than that, excellent blog, as usual.

  15. Excellent RAvi - u continue to outdo yourself, catching the nuances that make a difference where most would not give it a second thought consciously!!

    The platform analogy was beautiful. My singular question - why is it that in most of the countries where there is strife - it is the fanatics of Islam who are involved... more than from any other religion - thought to ponder isn't it?


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