Thursday, August 30, 2012

NDTV: How To Lose Friends & Alienate People

Along with their sense of fairness in news reporting, folks at NDTV also seem to have lost the civility that they often preach to others. They also seem to care less about the privacy they often scream about. Here’s a small note from Christine Fair, a South-Asia specialist according to her Twitter profile @CChristineFair, responding to Ritu Jain, producer at NDTV. This is a tweet from Ms.Fair. I have reproduced the exact text of Fair’s tweet leaving out only the email ID and mobile number of Ritu Jain

I quote:

My exchange shaming this rude Ms. Jain

Dear Ritu

I have asked you clowns repeatedly to NOT call me before 9 am and not after 10 pm. (By repeatedly I mean "dozens of times." ) Yet today, you called me at 6:48 am on a Saturday after a night of sleeplessness. You are rude, selfish and unprofessional. Save your apologies. NDTV does this all the time obviating any sincerity of its or your apologies. I should point out that even Fox news only calls potential guests at civilized hours. So congrats NDTV. you are even less civilized than Fox News. Shabash! Kya bat hai! I will NEVER do an interview when the producer is so ill-mannered and self-centered as to call me at such an hour. Had you simply sent an email and WAITED for me to wake up, I would have been happy to help out. It is taking every ounce of the professional in me --as well as inadequate caffeine--to not tell you to go straight to hell.


On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 6:53 AM, Ritu Jain
Dear Ms. Fair,

May I please request you to join us at 9pm tonight,Saturday,25/08 for our Prime Time News @ 9 with Maya Mirchandani ,our Senior Anchor on “Gun Control in America” as compared to other countries like Norway,India ? “Mr. Praveen Swami from” The Hindu “is also going to be participating. Could join on Skype if you could send me your Skype id and contact number. Will be grateful if this can be worked out.Waiting to hear from you

Many thanks,
Ritu Jain
Programme Coordinator, NDTV


I am not sure how Maya Mirchandani or anyone at NDTV is really qualified to discuss Gun-control in America but that’s hardly relevant. This exchange once again only proves that those who preach civility in public life and respect for privacy of individuals don’t really give a damn about it themselves. That’s a perfect lesson from NDTV on how to lose friends and alienate people.


  1. Well Said !!! absolutely example that i came across today is about malnutrition comments made by NM. NDTV website kept this on top of the page for whole day but content was getting changed now and then. First there was no single mention about "vegetarianism of gujarat" told by NM. Then they added but more stress was there on "beauty conscious". also there was 1 single statement at bottom saying he also spoke about measures to be taken.but no sad...very shameful..

  2. These paid MSM know damn well that they can get away with murder in this country. I really do not find much difference between NDTV, IBN-CNN and Times now. All the presenters are arrogant and try to show how smart are they. These guys and gals know very well that their bread and butter is going to come from their masters, who are mostly foreigners, irrespective of TRP. So where is the need for honesty and genuine concern for India or anything Indian.

  3. It is no joke, but go and see Mal-nutrition and deprivation in West Bengal, Bihar and among tribals. The story on Gujarat was made to show NAMO on bad light. I have lived among Gujaratis, and I can tell openly they are one of the nicest people I have met. Same goes for NE people. Shall not say truth about rest of the Indians.


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