Sunday, August 12, 2012

I-Day Special: Terror Threat Through Parliament

On August 10 about 250 Hindus visiting India from Pakistan, with valid visas, were stranded at Wagah Border. They weren’t allowed through because the Pakistani govt barred them entering India for ‘security’ clearance. Some of these people wished to settle in India for good. Violence, rape, forced conversions; murders have forced Hindus to flee from many Pakistani provinces. They were finally let in as pilgrims after many hours of detention. The same night Arnab Goswami, in a discussion on this incident on TimesNow, asked Zafar Hilaly, former Pak diplomat about treatment of Hindus in Pakistan and why they were being held up and why Hindus were fleeing. The instant answer from Hilaly was India doesn’t have a great record of how it treats its muslims either. Arnab’s question was different. With all due respects Mr.Hilaly we don’t see muslims fleeing from to India to Pakistan or Bangladesh as refugees, do you? We will come to the second part of Arnab’s debate on the Assam violence in a few.

There is one place in India which enjoys absolute freedom of speech. One can say anything about any issue, any person, entity, country or religion. Absurd insults and abuses can be hurled at anyone, including the nation. Even threats of violence and terrorism can be held out.That’s in our parliament. MPs enjoy immunity from prosecution for anything they say or express in the house. At the most something unacceptable may be expunged from records. The same freedom of speech should be available to all citizens everywhere but it’s not. On August 8 the discussion in the house was on the Assam violence and relief camps. One member made the most threatening speech in recent parliamentary history. He spoke about the condition of muslims in relief camps, on his disagreement with the nature of illegal immigration from Bangladesh and held out the following threat:
Frame this statement in your minds.
This is what Prakash Singh wrote in an article in the New Indian Express on August 1 about the illegal immigration and threat to social harmony as also security.

The SC of India, in a judgment delivered on July 12, 2005, while declaring the provisions of the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 as ultra vires of the Constitution, observed that ‘there can be no manner of doubt that the State of Assam is facing ‘external aggression and internal disturbance’ on account of the large scale illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals’. The apex court went on to say that ‘the Bangladeshi nationals who have illegally crossed the border and have trespassed into Assam or are living in other parts of the country have no legal right of any kind to remain in India and they are liable to be deported’. The warnings of the task force and the group of ministers were ignored by the government. The directions of the Supreme Court were not complied with. That was not all. Earlier, Lt. Gen.(retd) S K Sinha, then governor of Assam, in a communication to the President of India sent on November 8, 1998, warned that ‘as a result of population movement from Bangladesh, the spectre looms large of the indigenous people of Assam being reduced to a minority in their home state’ and that ‘this silent invidious demographic invasion of Assam may result in the loss of the geostrategically vital districts of Lower Assam’.

Many in the social media have already written extensively about the illegal immigration and the altered demography of Assam (MSM will however hide such truths). However, Assam may just be an eye-opener while this silent and currently invisible alteration may be happening in other states too. For a few years now, this pattern of altered demography through muslim immigrants has been felt in other countries too. For a few years an extract, reportedly from Peter Hammond’s book “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat”,  has been on the net and also doing the rounds on email. Controversial it is, but whether this is accurate and whether agreeable or not, it is certainly worth a read, and to understand Assam and other Indian states where non-muslims face the heat (the stories are many where entire towns and villages have become completely muslim-majority and Islamic) Extracts, from the Examiner, are provided below and percentages against countries indicate their muslim population:

As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. (This is the case in: United States --0.6% Australia --1.5% Canada --1.9% China --1.8% Italy --1.5% Norway --1.8%)

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. (This is happening in: Denmark -- 2% Germany -- 3.7% United Kingdom --2.7% Spain --4% Thailand --4.6%)

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats….. (Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in: Guyana --10% India -- 13.4% Israel --16% Kenya -- 10% Russia --15%)

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in: Bangladesh --83% Egypt --90%  Iran --98%  Pakistan --97%  (Remember Kashmir?)

This goes on till 100% population is muslim and there is peace, except for violence within the muslim community. You can read the full article at Examiner or anywhere on the internet (It is easy to search). On August 11, thousands of muslims gathered at Azad Maidan in Mumbai to protest killings and conditions of muslims in Assam and Burma (in Burma?) and before you knew the gathering had turned violent. Two people were killed, 45 policemen injured, buses and media vans burnt and even some private vehicles smashed and burned. It is in the light of this form of agitation and mindless violence that the statement of Asaduddin Owaisi (AO) needs to be measured. Other than Times Now all other news channels just brushed his threatening statement under the carpet. The demography alteration followed by govt appeasement and then frequent agitations coupled with violence is something the communist media blacks out when it comes to muslims. In contrast, the tiniest incident concerning a Hindu or other religious group is magnified beyond reasonable proportions by the same media.

And what instigated the violence at Azad Maidan? Oh it was spontaneous by some motivated and hot-headed youths. Sure! You see, there are frequent gatherings and protests at Azad Maidan. So that ground has permanent kiosks that sell petrol, kerosene, rocks, stones and lathis, just in case someone wanted to indulge in “spontaneous” violence! Laughable! Trains, buses and traffic were disrupted for hours from 3pm when this mob went violent. To protest deaths in Assam (and, of course, Burma) two people had to die in Mumbai.

AO calls it the Third Wave of radicalisation of muslim youth. First being after Babri in 1992 and the second being after the Gujarat riots of 2002. This is an outright lie as both Arnab and panellist Mahesh Jethmalani pointed out to AO. The ethnic cleansing of Kashmir of 1989-90 happened before Babri. SIMI existed before Babri. Al Ummah, which has been responsible for terror attacks in South India, has been around before Babri. The Nellie massacre in Assam in 1983 happened before Babri. So AO’s argument that radicalisation of muslims started with Babri is utter nonsense. This same nonsense, along with that of Gujarat, is also peddled by many intellectuals and journalists in the entire communist mainstream media as the cause of many terror attacks. There may have been revenge attacks but radicalisation in muslims doesn’t seem to really need a cause. During the discussion Arnab and also Ajit Doval, former IB officer, also pointed out to AO that Hafiz Saeed, the LeT head, had in 1996 openly targeted the radicalisation of 1% of muslims in India. And that was before Gujarat.

Kashmiri Hindus are refugees in India itself, driven out violently by muslims in the valley. The ethnic cleansing of Kashmir is also matched by ethnic cleansing in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians have been systematically slaughtered in both countries. This is the same danger of ethnic cleansing that many districts of Assam face from illegal immigrants. Original inhabitants, Tribals, Bodos and other communities are naturally alarmed and in the mood to revolt over illegal muslim immigrants running over their lands, their culture and their economy. AO argues that many muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh may also be Hindus. Quite possible! And it is no big secret that it is impossible for Hindus to live in these Islamic republics where their population has consistently diminished, they have been targets of violence, rape, murders and forced conversions. Their temples have been regularly destroyed. Why shouldn’t Hindus, even illegals, be allowed to settle in India? They are victims of persecution unlike muslims from Bangladesh or Pakistan. AO has to acknowledge this distinction and so too other politicians.

And to argue for these illegal immigrants some in the media resort to the most illogical and stupid arguments and comparisons. Champion among them has to be Barkha Dutt (See tweet) who talks about Indians who are illegal immigrants in other countries. Sure, there are. But they aren’t destroying properties, not threatening original inhabitants with violence and religious conversions, they do not pick up swords for every disappointment. They aren’t destroying Christian churches or mosques. They aren’t demanding special rights and laws for themselves. It’s amazing that media celebs can’t seem to see the simple difference. Even in Europe (and in the US) most of the social strife and violence comes from the muslim immigrants who refuse to respect the original inhabitants, their culture and their way of life as they grow in population. When I say media is the biggest danger to our democracy this is exactly what I mean. They suppress the truth and then insult it by “Miss India” type statements, comparisons and solutions.

I previously quoted the theory: “When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats”. Owaisi’s statement in parliament is exactly the lawlessness and threat that this theory describes given India’s muslim population is well over 13%. Sandeepweb justifiably calls it the on-going Jihad in Assam. In other places in India this demography Jihad may not be all too visible right now. The protest at Azad Maidan in Mumbai by muslims was called by some Raza Academy but once the violent incidents happened they washed their hands of any responsibility. If you read NDTV’s report about the protest you won’t know who was protesting. Even the image used is of dead vehicle. This is how media completely blacks identity of muslims when they indulge in wanton violence.
Danish cartoons on Mohammad? Violence in India! War in Iraq? Violence in India! Rohingya muslims in Burma? Violence in India! War in Afghanistan? Violence in India! Osama Bin Laden killed? Violence in India! Offend Islam? Chop off arms in Kerala! And then Mr.Asaduddin Owaisi, after his intemperate language and open threat, repeatedly calls himself a proud Indian. Mahesh Jethmalani rightly called his speech “A call to arms, instigation and sowing seeds of civil war”. About AO’s defence, Jethmalani called it a Mark Anthony type speech which turns the mob against honourable Brutus.

Had Owaisi made the same speech outside parliament he could have been prosecuted for sowing communal disharmony, instigation and motivating public violence and threatening terror against the nation. That is not mere imagination, one can easily attribute the violence at Azad Maidan to his extremely provocative threat. And mind you, there is no reason to believe the Mumbai crowd did not have a good sprinkling of Illegal Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. On the eve of another Independence Day India is probably the only country where a MP brazenly threatens radicalisation of muslims and by implication terror attacks and violence against Indians. The threat may not be an empty one.


  1. Superb article...It's a sad fact, but wherever there is violence there are Muslims involved...I am sure there must be a scientific explanation for that...I can go as far and say that yesterday's violent protests were instigated by Mr Owaisi's speech or else why would anybody in their right mind burn stuff and cause damage to innocent civilians.

  2. Brilliantly put. AO has stood by his threat to radicalize muslims in TV. Shouldn't this be sufficient prosecute him for provoking muslims indulge in violence against state. When Pakistan flag is seen in these protests, the loyality of the loony muslims in these protests is obvious. I still can't understand why panelists continue to assure that Owaissi is a patriot. As long as Indians continue to elect regimes which appease bigots, fundamentalists purely vote banks, India is headed for another partion!

  3. Brilliantly put. AO has stood by his threat to radicalize muslims in TV. Shouldn't this be sufficient prosecute him for provoking muslims indulge in violence against state. When Pakistan flag is seen in these protests, the loyality of the loony muslims in these protests is obvious. I still can't understand why panelists continue to assure that Owaissi is a patriot. As long as Indians continue to elect regimes which appease bigots, fundamentalists purely vote banks, India is headed for another partion!

  4. the paid mainstream english media including the fearless 'times now' covered themselves with 'nightsoil' in the manner of non coverage of events at azad maidan .only under torture will these mediacrooks and so called secular commentators admit that it was muslim radical organisations (are there any other types)responsible for this even though almost all wore distinctive prayer caps which even visually challenged people could sandeep web says india has become a nation of 'dhimmis',the only silver lining being that at last people are calling it as it really is.yes the situation in assam is communal,yes almost all infiltrators are bangladeshi muslims,yes they uproot local mores and traditions,yes many of them have criminal intent,yes their aim is as subramanian swamy says the creation of BOA- bangladesh occupied assam,yes they are a threat to all of us all over the country as was amply seen in mumbai on aug 11 2012.yes they need to be ruthlessly dealt with.yes we need a modi and not trembling 'dhimmis'to deal with these enemies and the jaichands like abu asim azmi and anger spilleth over and my blood boils...

  5. Owaisi's threat in Parliament hasn't gone unnoticed because of sustained pressure by Tweeples. Kudos to Arnab for raising it on Prime Time when other Hamamis and Radia-active elements have shunned it.Yesterday's Mumbai incident is dress rehearsal of things to come in future. Every 10 years they need sound thrashing. Forgot 1992 and 2002? Now time has come in 2012.

  6. I am glad ToI, Hindu reporters did not die in this violence, but also glad there is a lesson for these MSM. It is simple msg" Toe our line or we will kill you ". Now MSM will be ever more obliging, we will see more BD, RS, SG, KT and last but not least AG born. I dare them to go on such protest meet next time and feel the warmth of these guys first hand, true test of a reporter from next battleground.

  7. i am shocked at the violence that happened in azad maidan yesterday. but it was expected a bit as illiterate muslim youth came there from nagpada, byculla, kamathipura..i have seen them there..just loitering around on their honda activas all day and night..cheering for pakistan even when they are playing sri lanka..feeding their bakras in ramadan..and then spilling their blood, bones on the streets the next day like they dont give a shit about anything which says is the truth.and no one can dare point out any mistake in what i have said. and anyone who knows this area knows raza academy. filled with radicalised persons. they were involved in that jj flyover renaming hooliganism..and what not!! and you know what? nothing will happen. it is just a matter of few days that incident will be forgotten. these guys actually dont want to get out of misery.they are more than happy to just like that. doing nothing constructive and getting paranoid bout islam 365 days...why gandhi why? why did you fail at the last moment??

  8. Regarding the Mumbai protests of Aug 11, where did the rioters get the stones from and how did they torch the vehicles? They obviously came prepared with bags of stones and flammable material. There are many similarities between the Assam riots and the Myanmar riots. Read According to the Pioneer, some Rohingyas have already reached Hyderabad The Khangress is nurturing an Izzlamic monster which will soon bite them back.

  9. Ravinar, excellent article - as usual. Have been a fan - since I read your first article some months ago & do not miss ur blogs.
    Coming to this outburst of AO - this guy looks a terrorist. Rather a terrorist groomer and the Mumbai's Azad maidan violence can be attributed to his speech in parliament. Perhaps if one checks his phone record of that day or all previous days - won't come as a surprise that he could have talked with that group.
    Why do our Parliamentarians rise as a whole to protest this bas***d's speech and suspend his membership or ask for an apology. Guess as long as Khangress is in power, it is asking for too much. The very thought of Modi saheb becoming PM post 2014 with a BJP majority (only spineful MP's) makes me salivate. Khangress should be routed with not more than 20-25 MPs - all huddled in some corner. Most Khangress's present ministers rotting in Tihar or Bihar jails - would even see Moody's & Fitch - Grading "India - excellent" status for Investors.

  10. namskaar excellent as always here is a tweet from panchajanya which i would like to share "Curious: why the people who are protesting against Muslim death in burma didnot include Baluchistan in the list?"

  11. Did the BJP MPs said anything to protest against what AO said? I feel really sad for BJP, they are hated by Muslims and they never do anything to win confidence of the Hindus. In fact I should feel sad for Hindus that they do not have any party representing their interest in parliament.

  12. For that show alone, My respects for Arnab did go up a few notches. He may be brash, loud whatever but barring him none in the MSM even took that Terror Gardner - Owaisi's threat in the Parliament seriously.
    Some semantics on radicalization considering how things panned out post that threat. Isn't that term a gross under-statement? More appropriate terminology for Owaisi would be senseless "Rabidization" (Does that word exist?) Look how easily Owaisi - with tacit support of Parliamentarians, as it were, got away with that threat while "Illegitimate" comment was shouted down and forced to be withdrawn.
    I loved the part where you drilled holes in that theory on roots of radicalization. Ignorance written all over Owaisi claims that it started at timelines he claimed.
    Great read and yet another instance of dangerous bias of the 4th Estate (Not an estate anymore but a barren infertile and impotent landmass in India though) of our Democracy.

  13. The solution lies in setting up a new party of the Hindus, by the Hindus and for the Hindus ... enough is enough ... Jaitley, Advani, Swaraj, Gadkari are busy amassing wealth at our cost by remaining tongue-tied in and out of Parliament ... Only NaMo so far is the hope to be the PM in 2014 or earlier to lead our Hindu cause ...

  14. Put comments, superb article, now know the problem, whats the solution and last, in comments section no muslims, does it mean, whole muslim population is radicalized ? I guess, YES.

  15. First of all, Kudos for compiling a inspirational blog that credibly depicts the current state of affairs in HINDUSTAN! Ooops! can we call it Hindustan anymore. with the ever increasing Muslim population and drastically decreasing Hindu population, the ratio has become only a difference mildly stretched. And, going by the biased caste based census, who knows, the Muslims might just rub shoulder to shoulder with the Hindus in the near future.

    There are nearly 11 major sects of Islam followed by their innumerable sub-sects of which known are 72.

    Similarly there are roughly 13 major sects of Christianity followed by their innumerable sub-sects amounting to approximately mind boggling 34,000+++.

    These religions too have their Upper Caste/Lower Caste classifications. They too fiercely follow a typical pride and prejudice akin to Hindus. Untouchability was and is continued to be practiced in various segments of both Islamic and Christian sects even though they fall shy of admitting the fact.

    But, in India, for vote bank politics, to overlook these innumerable sections of Minorities and put them collectively under the Minority Basket without bifurcation and merely slash and slice Hindus alone on Caste basis appears more radical a concept that would lead to terrible consequences of elimination than consolidation of Hindus.

    And this is where the Muslim agenda plays a significant role. Their motive to Islamize India as they successfully did with Indonesia and other parts of the world where they remain in predominance now is their only objective. So far, they have been highly successfully in their attempt and we, the Hindus, have turned a blind eye to this lethal factor.

    Is there a recourse from this. Perhaps yes, if and only if there is a concerted effort on the part of Hindus to UNITE, INTEGRATE and be proud of their ancestry. Further, they should be daring to confront anybody who dare intrude and break the harmony of this existence. If not, another 25 years is all it takes for the so called Minorities to take over the Nation.

    The Assam riots and the many more that will emerge in future too are significant contributors towards achieving that goal.

    And the insinuations of the likes of Barkhas, Saagarikas, Teestas, Shomas, et al are augmentative of this looming disaster.

    All we in the social media can do is to fight it out tooth and nail with the hope that we will win. And win we must. Your blog is an effective contribution to this cause.

  16. when muslims come from minority they talk about basic human right.......when they come from majority they call all non muslims "kafir" and kill them on name of god. when they come from minority they talk about secularism but, when they belong to majority they want to convert all human population towards islam..........what a rubbish mentality they have.........

  17. Respected MC and fellow countrymen who have commented....
    I have gone through this article and must again commend that as usual MC has done a great job... But as an Indian muslim I do feel that this is one among your many excellent articles that is absolutely biased against the minority community.....

    As an Indian and a Muslim I was aghast, disgusted and shocked at the events that unfolded in Azad maidan on that ill fated day... I whole heartedly condemn these cowardly people and their radical views and the loss they caused to our government and people... But radicalising the entire Islamic community as one and the same with these miscreants is equally shocking and is baseless...

    And I did (and still do) think that a majorit of intellectual indians don't share these views. To my fellow people who have commented here and have suggested a Islam free India (albeit in a veiled manner) first of all I would like to apologise to them on behalf of the mob that created ruckus in Azad maidan; Secondly I request them to have a sane view on the issue and stop painting all Indian muslims with the same brush.

    As for the percentages MC has mentioned regarding the "Minority" population it is laughably naive and a prejudiced implication; I too have some numbers for your appraisal:

    According to media reports aroud 5000 people from the minority community gathered at Azad maidan and created ruckus; For probity's sake let's assume it was 50,000 people; There are 160 million muslims in India; So the 50,000 muslims who rioted in Mumbai make a meagre ).0003% of Indian muslims; Going by the same logic as expressed by some here that means that >99.997% Muslims in India were aginst rioting; So if you are condemning the rioters with vile and disgust (totally credible) you must by the same logic appreciate and exalt the 99.99% Indian muslims for not joining them; Or if one ccan't do that atleast please be civil and sensible enough not to discriminate an entire community for the misgivivngs of a very few.

    My intention is neither to start a debate nor to offend anyone.. I am a hardworking Indian as you all are and go about my life in a simple manner...

    Happy reading MC;

    Jai Hind!!!


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