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Sunday, August 19, 2012

BanglaDesh & Pakistan Must Be Laughing

The GOI made a spectacular discovery on August 18. They discovered that all the images and reports about Muslims being killed in Burma and which provoked riots at various places in India came from around 76 websites. Importantly, a large number of them were from Pakistan. So blame it on Pakistan. Okay! This was our media tom-toming a statement from Home Secretary, R.K.Singh. After the violence in Azad Maidan, Mumbai, on August 11 there was a sudden exodus of NE people from Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. This exodus was stated to be based on fear-mongering by SMS threats and blew up to a large scale on the evening of August 15. Depending on where the moon rises, the number of NE citizens who have fled mostly southern cities ranges from 20000 to 30000, according to our honest and reliable news media. Go ahead, choose your own number!

Since the Assam violence started our media has offered us many excuses to not cover the events thoroughly. Logistics, not enough deaths, no OB vans and the hilarious list can go. What is amazing is none of them are even willing to report the truth that is right in front of them. Maybe the National Broadcasters Association (NBA) decided once again not to report Muslim violence as they once did when riots occurred over a mosque in the Jangpura area of Delhi. On August 17 after Friday prayers a group came out in Lucknow to continue protests over Burma and Assam. They also vandalised public property as also statues of Buddha and Lord Mahavir at public parks. They also attacked media personnel who were covering the event but images of the violence did get around.

It seems TOI didn’t know which group was indulging in the violence in Lucknow even as the police looked on helplessly. Well, TOI gave us a thorough description of these people in their report. I quote: “LUCKNOW: A mob tried to disturb communal harmony in Lucknow by indulging in violence and arson under the garb of agitation to protest violence against Muslims in Assam and Myanmar. Around 50 people dressed as Muslims, wearing skull caps and scarves, created ruckus in the crowded Hazratganj area violence soon after Friday prayer”. Garb? Dressed up? Oh well, that’s how media reports when it comes to a certain group. I was naturally curious after the TOI report and after extensive research found that it was a disgruntled group of angels from Puerto Rico that had dressed up as Muslims and were agitating in Lucknow. Something even tells me they are disgruntled because they were agitating for gay rights in their homeland. I wish TOI had gone a bit further and blamed Puerto Rico just as our govt now blames Pakistan.

That Lucknow bit was fanciful from TOI. But what about those wild SMSes that sent out threats to the NE folks to quit. Nothing to worry! You see, faster than police or any intelligence agency can investigate, our media ‘exodus-specialists’ have all the answers. There is the Social Genius, of course, and we now have Johny-come-lately Mihir Sharma. This bimbo sounds like a conspiracy specialist. No, I’m not talking about Sagarika here! 

Both the Social Genius and Sharma imply through their tweets that the Hindu RSS had spread the threats and were then playing angels helping the fleeing North Easterners at Bangalore station. While Sagarika asks “What is the agenda here?” Sharma even modifies a tweet to make his implications pretty clear. It’s RSS who should be nailed for this.

After all the sermons over keeping rumours out, not spreading fear and doling out sympathy for the victims what do our media charlatans do? They do exactly the opposite of what they preach. Spread rumours, spread hate and even spread hate against those who were helping the NE at Bangalore station. Truth is, they don’t have any more information than you and I do. But it’s alright! Karnataka police on August 18 arrested a few people (Again, Puerto Ricans?) from Bangalore and I quote the TOI report (Damn! This time they disclosed the names, shame on TOI!)

Bangalore: Director general of police Lalrokhuma Pachau claimed police caught three persons sending hate SMSs and MMSs, after a raid at an electronic shop in Koramangala on Saturday. He said the investigating team received information that Anees Pasha, 26… started spreading rumours through SMSs and uploading videos electronically to incite hatred against people from the northeast region…. Anees told police that he and his associates were sending SMSs to a large number of people which wrongly depicted violence in the northeast. Pachau said the mischief played by Anees and his brother, Thaseem Nawaz, 32, of Platinum Court in BTM I Stage, and an associate Shahid Salman Khan, 22, of Teachers' Colony in Venkatapura, had resulted in the panic and fear.

Let’s come back to the Pakistani websites. There are quite a few websites that faked the images of Muslim victims of violence, whether all of them were Pakistani or not. But did the crowds at Azad Maidan gather and indulge in violence because of these websites. It wouldn’t appear to be so. I am once again producing a tweet from someone who received fliers which had those gory images and these leaflets were inviting Muslims to Azad Maidan to join the protest. This was on August 10. Some of the elements at Azad Maidan came prepared with stones, rocks, iron rods for the peaceful protest. These images may have been reproduced from the websites but were the leaflets being distributed by Pakistanis? The invitation to Azad Maidan came through such leaflets, SMSes, Tweets and FB pages. None of the tweets or FB pages appears to have put up any images. So even if there were provocative but fake images on websites what did the damage was probably the printed leaflets circulated by leaders of the agitation which ended up in violence. Were these printed in Pakistan too? The Internet has many provocative images of all kinds. But it is those who used it on the ground in print that resulted in the chaos.

Even so, why did it take so long for the media and govt to get to this information of images on websites? When I saw the tweet and image shown above, a simple search told me these were faked. Like many others, I had also tweeted a link to the site by a Pakistani blogger, Farhaz Ahmed, who had systematically explained the misuse of these images. Some in the online news media even carried articles about these fake pics and the explanation. So how come the govt is now claiming these websites were the one to provoke violence. This reflects poorly on the Intelligence mechanism of the state and the mainstream media. In one stroke the govt has happily blamed Pakistan and our dubious and deceptive media is happy to run that line instead of confronting the govt with actual facts and chain of events. I had tweeted about the web images being fake on August 12. It took the govt 6 more days to realise this? Amazing! What about the media? Were they sleeping too? This information was available all over the net but most in the media were busy blaming Hindus, RSS and even “Third parties”. I would call this criminal neglect by news media of their duties.

Sagarika and Sharma weren’t the only ones spreading rumours. There were many other journalists who indulged in excessive misinformation, hate and sermons to the public. That’s what you get with a compromised media. Far from challenging the govt on the lies about these violent incidents, threats and exodus our media is happy setting the platform for them to spin facts. Expect more lies to follow. According to the media and govt. illegal Bangladeshis weren’t involved in Assam violence. All the other violence was caused by Pakistani websites. Both Bangladesh and Pakistan must be laughing.


  1. excellent Writeup Ur article r just awesome and keep doing this noble job of exposing MSM.

  2. a DNA article i read actually says that there maybe a bangladeshi hand too as pointed out by vijay goel.. wonder how much more the assam n central govt would fall to keep protecting it's vote bank at the cause of national hysteria lapped up n fueled by sick and clueless journalists! we all have screenshots to show their nakedism! will things change? how long will the RSS and blame-thy-neighbor remain the scapegoat? and as usual, impressive one!

  3. The whole tamasha was orchestrated by the Govt. to hide the CAG Report on various scams from public...Also with Baba Ramdev's agitation the feeling among the people was positive towards the BJP and RSS as they wholeheartedly supported the movement. Well how can Congress digest the fact that BJP is gaining political mileage through these civil society movements, so the nutbags in the govt hatched a script and fed it to the MSM dogs and voila! what do we have RSS Conspiracy in dividing the nation on communal basis...Thank God for SM and smart ones like you that we could find motives in the scheme of the govt and appreciate the real work done by RSS/Other Organisation...Hope more and more people get to read such article and open their eyes before the 2014 elections...

  4. that sagarika ghose is rabidly anti hindu is a given ,yet her lies and speculation about the motives of the rss providing relief to the hapless victims,should be trashed vigorously.as far as the govt is concerned their response is predictable ,it is their lack of firm action that is scary. it is futile to say that the situation in assam is not communal..the lines have been firmly drawn.the champion 'seculars' shout themselves hoarse defending the squatting rights of millions of bangladeshi muslim infiltrators but do not even whisper about asylum rights being provided to a few hundreds of persecuted pakistani hindus literally pushed away from their homeland..

  5. Its these corrupt crooks in the media who are more dangerous than the bad politicians, pakistan, bangaldesh and china all added up!
    As you rightly said instead of nailing the government these vultures are happily feeding on whatever is thrown at them ! Cant say shame on them, they dont have any left !

  6. An excellent article !! But what do we do, everybody starts a sympathizer for overly exploited Hindus in their own and only country, gets their applaud and then turns a pseudo-secular. I still remember Mr. Advani when came to power made Atodhya a fortress 9you can't directly pass through the city. We indeed, close our eyes and believe that the trouble has vanished, we are doing it for hundreds of years and will continue to do it. We don't discuss politics with our sons,daughters and other family members. We see it as evil. We discuss career prospect. Visiting mandirs and doing poojas in the morning/evening are still fantasies of elders. On the other hands those belonging to so called other communities, discuss it on daily, weekly and monthly basis 24*7. This is the slow poison with which they are fed from the very beginning and believe me, only a fraction of them (1/100000000)believe in communal harmony, live and let live kinda-things. It fears me sometime that will it be an end of a great civilization, maybe not for 50-100 years but beyond that these conflicts will become of usual occurrence (have we forgotten Pakistan and Bangladesh, 15% reduced to just 1% or so).

  7. Thanks for the outstanding piece. MSM had seen a great opportunity in these unfortunate exodus to tar right wing groups as evil forces. The Paki source and the arrest of the 3 muslim miscreants has definetly blown their plans apart. It is obvious that Pak pointing is a clever strategy to absolve the complicity of local muslims in spreading rumours, burning looting etc, bcoz they constitiute their votebank. It is also bizarre that not one MSM has taken the trouble of running a program on these faked images of killings of burma muslims and helped in countering the rumours.

  8. Excellent Article.......I bow to your Skill's and the pain to find the truth.........Vande......God Bless You......

  9. RSS should file a defamation suit against Mihir Sharma and S Ghose...

  10. Even today as i began reading hindustan times, i was surprised and shocked to see no mention of 1.86 lac crore coal scam on their frontpage or even some sizeable info on any page( excpt on page 5 or 6). Infact this paid newspaper ran a HT special over FDI retail.. This is bullshit. Simple and plain. Infact there is no info about the coal scam even on any news channel. Infact yestrday some channel were showing narendra modi clout in bjp and how gadkari is no one and all that shitty old scumnews.. Just one thing i wanna say. Sab qtiyapa hai frens.

  11. I would like to bring out one more anomalous reporting in Hindustan Times 19th August edition. Manas Chakaraborty's today's article "Let's go the Drama Yoga"....writes "Experts say the process is akin to the famed Pawanmuktasana aka FARTASNA, but the hot air is expelled from the other end".

    This sentence is highly objectionable about Asanas in Yoga/Pranayam. You have all right to critise anyone, if you dont agree with him and his methods but you can't denigrate the YOGA/Pranayam as a whole or the methods of Yoga. Pranayam has largely benefitted the generally poor mass of this country.

    It's a shame that Western is doing very intensive research on all the ancient techniques that our fore-fathers left, but Indian's are themselves destroying the wise lesson and techniques. The same Yoga/Pranayam when will be improvised to earn money with the names like Power-Yoga or Divine-Yoga, then people will spend lakhs to get it learned, but would abuse it when done in simple ways.

  12. Well written as always! I have a point: How is it ok for muslims to go on rampage/violence/rioting based on 'MORPHED' pics/videos but it is NOT ok for rampage/violence/rioting in Guj-2002 post the 'REAL' Godhra train burning? It is ok for the muslims to be misled by pics/videos but the hindus MUST NOT retaliate no matter what the provocation? But then...that's how a mafia party/media contrives to stay in power. Lastly, these mafiosi see a foreign hand in every ill befalling India except the foreign hand of their mafia queen! Keep stripping them & I'll keep following you! :-)

  13. Good analysis and very well written .

  14. Ravinar, well done by nailing the culprits. You have blamed the Government for inaction, but my take is that all the Babus, Minister and also PM wait for instruction from High Command before they conduct the affairs of state. What has happened is whole system of Governance has been white anted by Congress Party and Sonia. What took 100 years and four generation of Britishers to set up, has been systematically dismantled by the Congress Party and Sonia in 8 years. Next time when there are bigger incidences, people will getting killed, the Poilce and Officials will wait for orders to come from CMs like Sheila, Akhilesh, Mamta and Hoodas. I would even go to predict that these people will join the mob and awarded, as Akhilesh has shown.

    When the King abrogates it's Rajdharma, no wonder, Demons Rule.

  15. Apologies for mistake. In the last line please read "it's" as "his".

  16. The hindu's contribution to the 'Idea of India'. Rest of the print media - we all know better.


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  18. i swear i saw the news first on one of the channels very late at about 2 a.m. where they were interviewing some NE people who were beaten and had bruises on face. They were on train.

    And in the morning i saw a big caption on ABP that these are rumors. so the news was completely wiped out.

    i had to hurry for work and didn't give much attention then.

    i mean it will not be hard for any investigative journo to find those who were roughed up.

    i so much regret not getting a stb with recording facility when dealer offered.


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