Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sagarika's 'Miss India' Solutions To Illegal Migrants

On April 20, 1968 British Conservative party member Enoch Powell made the fieriest of speeches against mass immigration. The media titled it the “Rivers of blood” speech. He had then warned of immigrants swamping Britain and marginalising its original population. Mind you, it wasn’t even a great deal of “illegal” migrants he talked about. He started with the line: “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature”. For two decades now Britain is coming to grip with reality and paying the price of failing to heed Powell’s warning. Rivers of blood haven’t flown in Britain but they certainly have in India, especially in Assam this month.

Lately, some in India have been talking about illegal migrants and how to deal with them. The problems India is facing on account of illegal migrants are outcomes of seeds sown and nurtured by the left-liberal-votebank mafia and their sympathisers in the “communist” media. Many also make the terrible mistake of tagging a predominantly communist Indian media as “liberal”. Typically, it’s the bimbos in this very media who tend to make absurdly loose statements about illegal migrants in the wake of the Assam communal violence; the Bodo-Muslim riots. Cleverly, the media and the Congress won’t even call them Illegal Bangladeshis but Bengali-Muslims.

Many may be aware, many not but Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady, campaigned in 1979 to bring in immigration reforms. Till the early 80s Indians visiting UK didn’t need Visas. We could go to any port of entry in UK and get an entry permit. Same applied for Britons visiting India. All that changed in 1984 when Thatcher introduced Visas for even short visits to UK. Till then, many Indians went on a visit to UK, got married or contracted a marriage and got settlement rights. All that changed when Thatcher introduced the British Citizenship Act in 1981. New rules meant that your ‘Visitor visa’ for UK couldn’t be converted to a residential permit. Also, UK now has a Border Control Agency, US has a Homeland Security along with Border & Customs Protection agency. All these were measures to check illegal immigration and other illegal activities at their borders. However, the eminent Social Genius (SG) in our media will tout some liberal nonsense without the slightest thought or reflection on what changes have been brought about by many democracies to curb illegal immigration. She is like that famous MissTeen SouthCarolina who explained why Americans weren’t good at reading maps. Doesn’t ring a bell? Never mind! We will get to that soon. Our eminent SG likes to cook ‘2 Minute Noodles’ with the most serious of problems with absurd comments.
Don’t look at me! I didn’t think of that 2-minute noodles thing. I’m not that original. This is none other than Barkha Dutt admitting with unusual candour that media folks tend to cook 2-minute judgements. I like the honesty in that tweet. The only problem is that these cooks don’t seem to show any intention of learning. If you read articles by Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose or Rajdeep Sardesai you will hardly find much research, no depth, no painstaking digging for facts. Lately, you will only find such serious work in the Social Media. Take this article on Right To Education by @ssudhirkumar or this one on Kingfisher by @TheKaipullai. Both have depth, filled with details and meticulously compiled. And these are just two of them. There are hundreds of such writers who aren’t regular journalists or media celebs. These aren’t 2-minute noodles! But the media celebs have found something even better to cook their 2-minute journalism with – Twitter!

Again, I’m not the one saying it but just rephrasing the eminent SG: “When it comes to understanding and judging Twitter, Rajdeep Sardesai is “Numero Uno”! And true to his enormous reputation Rajdeep concludes, after being nagged by tweets over Assam, that he will now see Twitter as just ‘amusement’. Yeah! He wants to get back to some ‘real work’ like concocting some amusement like ‘TheGreatestIndian’! I guess Mr. Yogendra Yadav must be on vacation or else Rajdeep could have conducted another national poll to reach the same conclusion: ‘Twitter is amusement’ and then conducted a panel discussion on the amusing topic. Alas, we missed some amusement ourselves! But only for a while! For before too long his deputy, Sagarika Ghose (SG), the eminent Social Genius backs up Rajdeep’s conclusion with some mind-numbing and amusing tweets. 

Damn! I was almost starting to forget what I started with: Illegal Immigration. But I trust SG to bring my focus back with her tweets. So in the midst of all the violence and discussions on illegal immigration SG quotes someone and concludes migration from the rest of the country that has led to ‘ethnic multiplicity’. So now all the ethnic migrants in Mumbai should shut up and live to together. Raj Thackeray should learn from SG. Oh wait! She wasn’t talking about Mumbai but Assam is it? It’s always such a thrill to misunderstand SG! After Jerusalem, Assam, particularly Bodoland, has to be the best ‘promised land’ around the country. Not surprisingly migrants from places like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states have been rushing to Assam for many years. Then these people learn Assamese or Bengali, convert to Muslims or Christians or to Bodo Tribals and create havoc in the area. We would have heard such reasoning and answers from many past Miss India winners. And yet this nation of 1.2 billion (minus 1) can’t see it as clearly as SG does. And here’s a warning for those who rant about illegal immigration (I’m already heeding..):
Stupid USA! They should have shut their borders in the 18th century itself. For a country that was built by immigrants they should have listened to SG long back. The tough measures that USA frequently takes against illegal immigrants, especially in their southern border with Mexico and with their legal framework have to be researched by some social media writer. Such silly tasks are not for our 2-minute cooks you see. And even Rajdeep will find it amusing that SG says ‘whites attacking browns’ without mentioning what kind of attack that is. Well, let’s just assume its racist more out of colour and ancestry rather than stupid illegal immigration. What SG forgot to tell you though is that India, Bangladesh, Pakistan are all ‘whole wheat bread’. They are all brown! There may be some differences in physical features but comparing an illegal immigrant or migrant issue to a racist issue is what an absolute moron can manage, without any assistance. I am no expert to firmly conclude the Assam tragedy is only of illegal immigration. But SG, given her 10 years of journalistic work in the Bodoland area, can most certainly conclude it’s not.

So you see, it’s quite hard to understand or interpret the amusing tweets of SG. Maybe we need expert comedians like Raju Shrivastava, Johny Lever or that guy (Pehchan Kaun) to really understand the genius of SG. I say that because late night comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, a few years ago, did a splendid job of interpreting a Miss Teen USA contestant’s answer to the question: “A 5th of Americans can’t locate USA on the map, why is that?” (Do watch the video of 3.53 mins):

So you get it now, don’t you? The similarity between MissTeenUSA and Sagarika Ghose when it comes to offering solutions to issues is striking. Isn’t it? Fortunately MissTeenUSA is not grappling with some nuclear-bomb issue. I can't say the same for our Social Genius! But hey, they are both still very young and will learn as they go.

On a serious note, illegal migrants from Bangladesh have been a problem for decades. And yes, as I said in the beginning they find support in our Vote-bank mafia who will sacrifice national interests to remain in power. The communist media too will do all they can to support this mafia. Assam may have a strong contingent of these illegals but they aren’t all permanent residents of Assam alone. They are in Bengal too. Many have melted into smaller towns in India. Many have melted into the vast ghettos of Mumbai and other suburbs.

I quote from the post: ‘MakeMumbai a separate state’ (And also recommend you read it if you haven’t already) - (Rediff): “In terms of illegal immigrants in Mumbai, Bangladeshis alone account for between 3.5 lakhs according to a minister and 16.0 lakhs according to Kirit Somaya, a former MP.  What would you say about a government that can’t even get its numbers right on such matters? This is in no way to suggest that any of this population is involved in crimes but the possibilities that some may be cannot be discounted. But it sure is a matter of serious concern”.

Illegal immigration from Bangladesh and also Pakistan is a truly serious problem. When have you even heard the current govt talk about any population control measures? It is not just a social problem but a serious national threat as well. The threat of ‘Rivers of blood’ is far more pertinent for India than Britain. The tragedy, apart from the terrible votebank mafia, is that bimbos from the media seem to think this is a simple “Miss India” contest question and answer it that way. 


  1. Ravinar,
    Simply outstanding. 2minute noodle is not worth tasting even. When our leaders, who are suppose to lead us, prod us, act like bunch of buffoons, blood simply boils. Share a secret, I left India in 1970s, because of the same destructive policies of a PM called Indira Gandhi. I had an opportunity, I escaped, but can our millions of Assamese, Bodos and Keralites do that? I have never regretted leaving India for good, but I have never lost my love for ordinary villagers, tribals, small town dwellers. I hope the river of blood does not flow anytime, but if does It will be devastating. All the politicians, MPs and Babus including our "2 minute Poodles" will run away to distant lands. Thank you from bottom of my heart, your blog it just brought raw emotions out!

  2. Today's news that our PM said it was time for healing. That was nothing but adding more fuel to fire. A true leader would have said. "We will stop illegal migration from Bangladesh, we will ensure Bodo are safe and Bodoland is given same status as Kashmir". But he is still thinking of vote bank. No wonder The Independent, a left wing paper, called him a Poodle.

  3. Excellent article. People like Sagarika Ghose are not dumb, but are Pakistani agent

  4. After a long time had a really good laugh. Somebody needs to remind Sagarika that it is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.

  5. At times, I fee that the twitter rants of these journalists are mere time pass as they are sure that their jobs are safe and secure as long as they tow the Govt's diktats. In any other democratic country they would have been fired immediately. This left leaning stand is not going to change even if the right leaning party comes to power. This is intriguing, because this phenomenon is somehow related to the source of funding of these left leaning media houses. And until we get to know the hidden powers behind these loss making but sustaining media houses, we will not be able to correct this media mafia. Where are these financial trojan horses??

  6. Haha, nothing captures the triviality of SG than the Miss Teen clip. But I did like the fact that that girl went on to capitalize on her nonsensical ramble and made commercials starting with 'I personally believe'. You may actually find a clip like that for SG from her younger years! I'm forced to admire her confidence and thick skin even when she knows so little and proudly tweets and exposes her banal, shallow thoughts, all along sincerely believing she is saying something smart and original just because she can string together a few words in English!

    One line caught my attention about 'left not being liberal' This is absolutely true. This is a self-serving delusion that most English speaking media celebs have that they are the enlightened, intellectual, modern Left as against the ignorant, chauvinistic, 'living in the past' right - applying the Western paradigm to India where Western enlightenment movement driven by Left played a great role in curbing church dogma. They also have the Indian equivalent of 'white man's burden' mindset having to lead the ignorant Hindus to modernity. The only aspect of modernity they have embraced is sleeveless clothes, glib talk about Old Monk and sex, a lot of pretentious sounding words which you can throw at the Ramdevs and Annas.

    Every time I read an article here I'm reminded of Howard Beale! People love spontaneity and can relate to it but only within a limited spectrum. A great lesson in people psychology. Its indeed amazing how such a movie was made way back in the 70s. That (along with Wag the Dog) is a must watch for all Indians looking to make sense of the world and are waking up to the reality that the tube is not reflective of the world and has little to do with facts.

    Another great read is Neil Postman's 'Amusing ourselves to Death' - backing Huxley's trivialization and info overload rather than the totalitarian censorship fears of Orwell.

    We are now living the '70s in America' and its ironic many still don't see the same pattern unfolding here.

    I think it was Chomsky who said, "its not what passes for entertainment but what passes off as serious reporting that concerns me".

  7. Thanks once again for bringing out the ill education and dogma driven indolence of our media anchors. DO want to see some real educated, evidence based discussions on policy issues. Wish for a post ideological media.

  8. Brilliant indeed! The video on MissTeenUSA was fabulous. Sagarika Ghosh is not a teen, but intelligence levels seem to be comparable. Left-liberals are willfully refusing to recognize illegal migration from Bangladesh, despite observations of Assam Governor, SC, & a Cong minister on the floor of the parliament. While it is true that, "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils", our selfish, shortsighted & partisan left-liberal regimes have been encouraging this evil called illegal immigration.

    Thanks again for the Lovely & Enjoyable piece!

  9. The so-called 'Bengali-Muslims' are not a problem just in Assam and states neighbouring the other Bengal. Even in Gujarat, you will find these radical and communal muslims roaming around WITH all the authentic documentations proving them to be legal Indians. Never understood how they manage to do so, but it is a serious threat to the communal and social fabric of the state. They can be found in large numbers in Surat and Ahmedabad.

  10. Perfect as usual !! Couldn't agree more to the Title ..

  11. @Sankalp

    Dont you people have any scruples? I mean how can you make up such baseless statements. If you have proof post it or else go somewhere else to talk crap.


    Please post the bank statement of Sagarika or the other evidences you have to prove she is pakistani agent. I am sure everyone of us are keen partake in your knowledge of who is an agent of pakistan.


    It is not a religious issue but an ethnic one and unless you talk to the people there, it will be difficult to undersand sitting in another city. Kindly talk to someone whose IQ is above the likes of lalit or sankalp to know the root cause of this issue. Having said this, I agree illegal immigration in general is an issue and the government has to formulate some long term strategy to find a solution to satisty everyone concerned.

  12. @Menka
    What proof do you have that whatever people are saying in this forum is untrue? Telling people to buzz off is very convenient, but you have forgotten that you don't own the internet. SG's trivialising the whole illegal immigration issue with her half baked knowledge is irksome to say the least. As if this was not enough, comparing them to people emigrating to USA was ludicrous. How many rickshawpullers, masons and lungi-clad criminals have we exported? How many Bangladeshi nobel prize winners has India nurtured? We are hard pressed to feed our swelling millions and then these unscruplous politicians, in the name of of a captive vote bank, go on admitting these folks regurgitated by Bangladesh. Why should India be the unwilling and unwitting victim of the population bomb in Bangladesh.

  13. Some serious allegations made by Menka. Let us look at it. Regarding Bangladeshi's. One can dress beautifully, put lots of powder and cream, most expensive perfumes, but attitudes cultivated, and inherent Karma are hard to hide. You can go to Varanasi, and the way Bangladesi Richsawalas act, you know immediately know that he is not Indian and even not Hindus. No one knows about the issues than locals. You just ask them!
    How do they manage to get ration card, voting card and passports, no wonder as long as our vote bank politics is alive and kicking it will go one.

    Illegal Migration is an issue, if Bangladesh drowns under ten feet of sea, what happens -will India allow flow of refugees, sure it will, on humanitarian basis. But to push migrants into Assam with sole aim of vote bank, is not justified. Next who is coming from there, not many Hindoos, hardly any left, most of them are Muslims of Bengali or Urdu speaking. Should any one allow an outsider to come to his/her house and compete for resource? No way. Bottom line is Bangladeshis are not welcome in India. If it takes Assamese and Bodos to arm themselves and go to war, let it be.

    should know that in Australian outback, when rabbits were breeding like anything, the government of Australia covered large part by a Rabbit Proof Fence, to protect the pastoralists and farming community. The Islamists breeding is no less that that of Rabbit. No wonder NE is asking for Bangladeshi Prrof Fence. How long can we hide our head in sand?

    I do not know, who this girl SG is, never seen her face or heard her talk. But reading Ths blog site I can only judge her to be no less obnoxious than Barkha, as each of her statements have been shredded into pieces by brilliant arguments of Ravi.

    Bottom line is do not tolerate NONSENSE of anyone, however big he or she may be!

  14. Another gem:

  15. Thanks for having this website.

    Media reporting in India is so disgusting. What do these people of think of themselves?

    Almost every news channels is spinning news. I am yet to see any channel which is impartial, unbiased and does a truthful reporting.

    It is not about Congress or BJP or CPI or DMK or any other party. It is about India. Why these people keep on rubbishing themselves all them?

    Sagarika Ghose is blatantly bringing personal issues into the media channel. Why CNN is supporting her is a mystery to me? Another is Karan Thappar...what kind of journalism is that???

    No wonder, people will get fed up once (like now they are on corruption) and as it looks they might even have a tough time living a public.

    Just crooked journalism...all the time...


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