Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Al Jazeera & Internet Hindus

So the newest entrant in the English TV news media in India is Al Jazeera the famous Arabic channel. One imagines they would mostly be covering international news with an Indian flavour. To break into the minds of viewers some special event was in order. What better than a discussion on some contentious topic! And so it was about ‘Internet Hindus’ (IH). On the night of July 9 through the LiveStream (@AJStream) on the internet they had a discussion with a panel that included Dr.Subramanian Swamy(SS), Sagarika Ghose (SG) and Sadanand Dhume (SD). (Youtube)We all know about Dr.Swamy. Who in the world doesn’t know Sagarika? About Sadanand Dhume I have heard little. Other than reading a stray column of his I knew nothing about his stance. I didn’t know if he took an Off-stump or Leg-Stump guard, but from the debate it is fair to assume he prefers Middle-stump. More of all this minor discussion later! Let’s start at the beginning with the one who takes immense pride in coining the term ‘Internet Hindus’, Sagarika Ghose, of course.

IH is just one of many inventions and concepts that Sagarika has introduced into our lives. The list is too long to run here. Let me make it absolutely clear that she didn’t coin the IH term in frustration or anger. And it’s wrong to suggest that Sagarika bears any hatred towards or is against the IH. That is as far from the truth as Earth is from the planet Moronus. Sagarika is just against logic, reason, accountability and science. Umm.. maybe even against civilisation itself. Her latest piece of brilliance was seen in her tweet on the day the Higgs-Boson (God Particle) was announced. Have you educated yourself? Did you read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? (Read the whole lot at Sudhir Kumar’s Blog). Now, since she is so enamoured by Dawkins, and so passionately calls herself and her media gang ‘liberals’, I thought it best to quote a post from The Richard Dawkins Foundation itself. The birth of IH can be partially explained by this (Emphasis mine):

Most people are aware of Karl Popper as the father of the modern scientific method, and especially as the creator of the logic known as 'Popper falsifiability'. Somewhat less known is just how well Popper applied his prodigious logical powers to issues of society. In particular, to an issue much in the news these days...that of 'tolerance'. And in that respect, Popper made what to me is the defining statement on the matter:-

"Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.”

This should be framed and mounted on the wall of every liberal's house. Especially those liberals...and there are all too many of them....who are so enamoured with tolerant thinking that they demand tolerance even of the intolerant. To my mind, that level of unthinking and unlimited tolerance is akin to those Trojans who rather stupidly thought the nice wooden horse outside the city was a gift.

Fatwas, open call for murder of cartoonists, chopping off arms of professors! Tolerance! Well, now that we have set a few things in place we can get back to the AJStream discussion. A lot of questions, particularly by Sagarika, were sprinkled into the discussion on Hindu tolerance. Lisa Fletcher, the host, started off with this question:

Who are the Internet Hindus? Why do they oppose a secular India?

Did I hear you say WHAT? Okay, I have to assume this is her first foray into any Hindu related topic, so I’ll choose to forgive the stupidity in her innocent question. I don’t want to recall history of the Mughals or the British but if at all anybody in India is secular it has to be the Hindus. I am tempted to rephrase John Bradford and suggest: “But for the grace of Hindus, India would have been a Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran or even Bangladesh”. And though Lisa works for an Arabic channel she doesn’t seem to have looked deep into Arabian society to be asking such a question.

And in her first draw Sagarika states there are many online ‘organised’ communities on FB, Twitter etc. who follow the ideology of Hindu Nationalism. They attack you if you differ with them. And lo and behold the best of Sagarika: “Hindutva becomes a message for violence on the ground”. Then she gets upset when the so called fake liberals are called “paid media, servants of the Congress or the govt” and oozes emotions suggesting Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi, the well-known Bollywood couple, can’t find a house in Mumbai. Really? So Javed and Shabana are struggling to find a flat? Where did that one come from? If Al Jazeera or Lisa Fletcher ever wanted stories from the crypt about the Indian MSM’s misdeeds and crimes then I hope they visit this site. They can close their eyes and click on any post here and they would be alarmed at what they find. And this is not the only one, there are many other sites which have repeatedly exposed the MSM’s lies, manipulations and extreme bias against Hindus. This is all the more evident when the media handles the issue of terrorism.

Naturally, Atirath Aich, formerly associated with AJStream himself, tweets this question during the discussions. Even an average eye can clearly see that the Indian media has mostly been covering up Islamic fanaticism and terrorism and trigger-happy with the so-called saffron terrorism. It’s another story that some of the saffron terror-accused are not convicted, not tried and some have proven to be spurious cases. And Sagarika claimed they have done many exposes on Islamic fanaticism. Oh yeah? I would like to challenge her to prove this silly point she makes. Subramanian Swamy made some telling points, that India is secular because Hindus are still in majority. He points to the state of Kashmir where Hindus are a minority and speaks the truth when he says a Hindu in Kashmir suffers more discrimination than Muslims do in the rest of India where they are minorities.

SS also pointed out the incident in Kerala where a quack Sharia court ordered the arms of a professor chopped because he inadvertently wrote something negative about Islam. The order was carried out and his arms were chopped off. This is the danger that Islamic fanaticism has brought to every society where it has lived with other communities. No sane Hindu would suggest discrimination against Muslims. But Muslims are certainly responsible for their own backward condition. If Hindus had continued to practice many of the social evils of their own society they would have been just as backward too. Muslims refuse to reform and have a notorious intolerance for other communities. It is this intolerance that has grown to a point, supported by indiscriminate appeasement by the Congress and other Socialist and Leftist parties that has brought about the IH. And some of the IH are belligerent and abusive as well. By Sagarika’s measure most of her own tweets would fall under the belligerent, intolerant and abusive category. Some could even be called racist.

As far as Sadanand Dhume is concerned he mostly played the balancing act. That is a splendid achievement considering the two wings of panellists he had. But he did make an important point: “Name a country in Asia that is more tolerant of its minority” than India. The current churning against the media, the Congress+Socialists+Leftists and even intolerant Muslims did not happen overnight. This was waiting to happen. Distortion of their history, abuse of their rights, discrimination through constitution and appeasement of minorities have made many Hindus say “Enough is Enough”! The Internet blogs and social media have helped bring out the truth about the distorted history and the lies the media and historians have peddled for years. Sagarika must learn to accept that fact.

If Lisa Fletcher and AlJazeera look deeper into Hindu society they will realise the undeniable fact that Hindus are not bound together as a community by their religion. They are bound together by their traditions, social customs and practices. In her opening statements Lisa mentions “Hindutva is a core principle of the RSS”. Now, RSS doesn’t influence all Hindus nor is it a concept similar to the ‘universal brotherhood’ that applies to Muslims. And the great scientist that Sagarika is, she suggests “Hindus don’t need to fear anything”. No, they don’t need to fear anything but they are also not willing to welcome any more Trojan horses. If some IH are belligerent and abusive they would have been so even without the internet. Trust me the Muslims don’t even need the internet for that. As someone tweeted jokingly, their equivalent of IH, the IM, is already a terrorist organisation.

Here’s the last word dear Cacofonix! You may have coined the IH term to ridicule Hindus but given that you’re very scientific, you didn’t foresee the response. The panellists even debated it as an offensive term. That’s seriously a laugh. THEY ARE WRONG! Far from seeing it as ridicule or offensive, many Hindus on the net have worn it proudly as their identity. The aggressive Hindus who would have otherwise have gone by their own names or other funny names have exploded into a huge mass with different variants of the term IH. That’s called Hindu tolerance, even embracing an intended ridicule as a badge of honour. That’s the true Hindu Liberal. Go figure! 


  1. you, sir, win the internet thanks to this epic, EPIC post

  2. Sirjee aaj aapne iss blog se phir khush kar diya. I watched that live stream. Sagarika was defensive the whole time and resorted to lying whenever she got cornered.

  3. Not just Shabana Azmi, even if Sagarika tries to find a rented float, nobody will give her. But religion is not the reson there.

  4. Excellent article brother!!!

  5. THIS IS A WARNING ... THIS IS A WARNING ... Pseudo Seculars have jst been NUKED by this post.


  6. Sadanand Dhume also made a good point about the acceptance of people like Dr Zakir Naik, a televangelist, as a moderate face when in fact he is hard core Muslim fanatic. He also said that since Hindus are in majority they like to be polite towards other religions. Sagarika Ghosh came out as a person who distrust common men. She thinks that they are easy to provoke in spreading hatred against minorities. I don't know what kind of superiority complex she has.

  7. Boy! What a read :-) This is a Masterpiece indeed. The unforgettable part that you cited: (I haven't read Popper but even I would've read it, I would not really have given this a second thought) This needs a very keen eye (and intellect of course). Hats off for providing me these lines that I would now Poster it for Posterity reminding me to be thoughtfully tolerant.

    "Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant"

    If Al Jazeera is keen on being a serious player in Indian Media, it would do them a world of good to visit www.mediacrooks.com and read every single blog here. Unless they want to get blogged here ;)

    Yes, Internet Hindu is a badge I would wear anytime to denote Secularism and Nationalism. If they thought they would insult me (I saw a lot of them RT ing me when I said I am a proud IH) Sorry, they were mistaken.

    Jai Hind and Vande Mataram.

  8. SG! please thank the god that you were born a hindu and you can abuse hindu so eloquently in your idiotic writings. if you were born a muslim or married a muslim and did the same you would have received million fatwas by now.

    Thats tolerant and secularism for you.

  9. You nailed it!! too goo as always ...also Read this and spread http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.com/2010/09/no-house-for-mr-khan-where-lies-problem.html

  10. excellent article!
    Swamy made very true point that "India is secular because Hindus are in majority". Hand it over to muslims and they will turn it into another Pakistan or B'desh.

  11. top stuff, always enjoy your blogs

  12. I thank the main stream media, Marxists at JNU and our beloved ruling political party for making us "liberal", "secular" and "tolerant"..
    Just like the British, Portuguese, Spanish and the Belgians made us "CIVILIZED"

  13. For those who want to know how amazing is Sagarika's 'logic'... read this 2002 article by her... I am sure you will not stop laughing for next 7 days..


  14. That’s called Hindu tolerance, even embracing an intended ridicule as a badge of honour. That’s the true Hindu Liberal. Go figure!

    This a great line from you :)

  15. Thanks Ravi for your wonderful analysis and views about all 3 participants. Sagarika, despite her degrees [or rather because of them] parrots out all too obvious; a theory neither here nor there. There is no dearth of anglicized mortals like her in India. Most of them do not know history; have studied distorted history; or are plain Intelligent Ignoramus creatures who pride themselves on brushing facts under the carpet. This wholesale "pushing facts" under the carpet has lead to lots of fogy philosophies; false Gods and in general the situation as on date in our Sujalam-Sufalam country. And tribe of Sagarikas and the likes seems to grow faster. Thanks and regards - KRV

  16. Excellent write up!!! Kudos to you for standing up for the right! Sagarika is a waste, she doesn't even worth a mention. Her, "...BUT THE POINT I'm trying to make here is..." had no point after all. It looked as if even she didn't know what she was talking about! Our tolerance is that great that we can still tolerate these kinds of idiots in our society.

  17. I love that statement on Tolerance. It should be made into a poster and hung in every house!

    Rajiv says the same in slightly different words. You should aim for mutual respect as it can never be one-sided. One sided tolerance is just appeasement.

    Its astonishing to see debate after debate perpetuating the stereotype that Hindus have to be understanding and 'secular' even to those who have been historically inimical to them, gave up a third of their country so that they are not 'inconvenienced' by living next to Hindus, who even today preach against them without understanding that the freedom that Zakir Naik enjoys in India is based on Hindu acceptance (he will be kicked out of Saudi if he even goes and preahces there, as he is from a inferior sect of Islam).

    Their outdated and exclusivist paradigms won't let them live harmoniously with their neighbors. But following the ideology stridently also won't get them the satisfaction they seek as they will never be treated equal to Arabs. An anecdote goes, a pakistani asks an Arab "Remember the glorious days when WE ruled Europe?". The confused Arab asks "When did you Hindus rule Europe?" Truly stuck in the middle indeed.

    We should be careful not to equate Islam with muslims (just as we won't blame a Russian for Communism, most Russians were victims too, being born at a time and place when that ideology prevailed). Its actually heartening to see that even in a much caricatured country like Pakistan there is voice to someone like Hasan Nisar on their MSM (which would be equivalent of Rajiv Malhotra on NDTV) someone courageous enough to confront their Buddhist past and the root cause of Indo-Pak tension.

    Western journalists come from a historical conditioning (yet true in their context) that they were really bad to other races and most modern, thinking, white are politically left in the Western paradigm (majority always suppresses minority, minority is always justified as they are the oppressed, in any majority-minority conflict we have to give voice to the minority as they are powerless and such stereotypes) and you'll see the whites are very careful when they talk about blacks or Jews in the US. At least they talk politically correct though they may not do anything different in real life. You can see how Lisa assumes and starts off 'why Hindus are against secularism' - that sums it up.

    Indians have no such cultural guilt they need to compensate for especially when they have been at the receiving end and are the victims.

    The fault lies in applying such paradigms from other countries to India which doesn't need any lessons in Secularism from Europe or the US.

    Hatred - Tolerance - Secularism - Mutual respect - unconditional acceptance of the other - Decline - Demise of the first.

    This is the scale of interaction between 2 conflicting ideologies. India has been somewhere between 'Decline' and 'Demise' and we are advised to be Secular? What a joke.

    We have become so accepting that its now looking like cowardice. If we cannot do anything due to years of conditioning (i'm not Tejinder Bagga and I do admire him for his courage and passion for his country), most Hindus just vent online. Is that so difficult to see?

    Nothing needs to be said about Sagarika who tries to link Higgs Boson with Dawkins and Atheism. How clueless can a person be? And proud of it! She never fails to disappoint and proves time and again that she is never short of stupid ideas and shares it loudly wherever she can - even in the middle of the night.

    1. Dear Krishnan,

      Your Quote " a pakistani asks an Arab "Remember the glorious days when WE ruled Europe?". The confused Arab asks "When did you Hindus rule Europe?".
      After reading this joke, I could not stop laughing at my Office & many colleagues looked at me like I am losing it! Simply Hilarious.

  18. Hats off Ravinar. Truly! I wish everyone read this blog and they made this and other such internet content compulsory reading in schools.

  19. Ravi, truly a master piece.Salute to you.

  20. "Trust me the Muslims don’t even need the internet for that. As someone tweeted jokingly, their equivalent of IH, the IM, is already a terrorist organisation.".... Takes the cake. Hypocrisy of Indian media's establishment has driven many thinking Hindus to hit Internet hard. These media morons are lowly intellectuals whereas most of the so-called IH are highly qualified, thinking individuals. Media is accustomed to one way method of opinion thrusting of bygone era. When they are confronted by some intelligent ones they get perturbed. The smart ones in media will adapt the changes and the Lalu-Rabris will fall wayside. Repeating Victor Hugo ad nauseum "Nobody can resist an idea whose time has come"

    1. Oh Im glad that you people accepted that both IH and IM are same in their approach as both are irrational fanatic groups.

  21. I was really delighted to know. now I am an INTERNET HINDU ..... We must not tolerate the INTOLORENT.....

  22. Excellent piece and loved what Swamy said - there is secularism in India only coz of Hindu tolerance but somewhere down the line, this has been taken for granted by most and the media appeasing muslims to help the ruling party is even more disgraceful!!

    Sagarika is now a entertainment machine and rarely does any one see her as a serious contributor to journalism... she is a joke and we shd laugh - after all she does help everyone find their funny bone and sarcasm when they answer to her ridiculous tweets!!

  23. Brilliant post Ravinar.
    Never knew about this quote

    "Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal"

    How true is the statement, especially for the Indian context!

    And Sagarika, forget it! she doesn't belong in here, she's from elsewhere!

    Internet Hindus are here to stay!

  24. “Liberals always have to be the victims, particularly when they are oppressing others. Modern victims aren’t victims because of what they have suffered; they are victims of convenience for the left…….. Playing the game of He Who Is Offended First Wins, the key to any political argument is to pretend to be insulted and register operating anger. Liberals are the masters of
    finger-wagging indignation. They will wail about some perceived slight to a sacred feeling of theirs, frightening people who have never before witnessed the liberal’s capacity to invoke
    synthetic outrage. Distracted by the crocodile tears of the liberal, Americans don’t notice that these fake victims are attacking, advancing, and creating genuine victims.”

    From GUILTY a book, author ANN COULTER 2008
    Publisher Crown Forum, a div of Random House, Inc., NEWYORK

  25. Hahha! Not surprised to read this piece from you, after all you're one of those abusive, non secular BJP/RSS ideology subscriber (which we all know in toady's context is Hindu fanaticism and minority hatred) Internet Hindu on Twitter. Also I won't be surprised if this comment doesn't get through your filter or disappears from here (if your comments are not moderated)! ;)

    1. @kstreetjournal

      You were allowed your say once. Fair enough. What you do not disclose in your comment is that you have been blocked on Twitter (Your handle @kstreetjournal) as well by me for the very same reason: Ranting, spamming without reason. So comments motivated by anger and frustration don't usually follow reason. My suggestion is please rant and spam elsewhere. And that message is in simple English.

  26. Does Kstreet stand for Congress or is publication of IM?

    Ravi, Brilliant piece. Loved the bit about tolerant. I am also convinced that to survive the intolerant rain bearing upon us, we need to draw the line. Hats off man. Vande Matram.

    1. KStreet may not be publication of IM but he is the typical fake liberal mentioned by Popper. He is like Sagarika, in absence of logic tag people and make ad hominem attacks. Does not talk about anything in the post but calls people names. Too filled with hatred.

  27. Pl read this also


  28. Comprehensive statement on Hindu Tolerance. I feel lucky to read such posts.

    "If Hindus had continued to practice many of the social evils of their own society they would have been just as backward too."

    I really liked this one. Perpetual internal reforms helped Hinduism survive for thousands of years. And it will continue to so.

  29. Dear Ravi,

    Very nice piece and I too am proud to be a Internet Hindu. (It is a altogether a different matter that I take on "secularists" in person as well in a round of debate at every given opportunity.)

    Liked the unlimited tolerance bit. A slightly modified version was given in Tulsidas ji's Ramcharitmanas. The doha goes

    "Vinay na maanat jaldhi jad, gaye teen din beet; bolay raam sakop sang bhay bin hoye na preet" (Sea god did not heed to prayers of Lord Rama for 3 days - when he was to cross to Lanka - the Lord Ram says in anger that fear also smoothens relation) (The translation is not upto the mark but I am sure all the readers will get the msg)

    May be time is coming that Hindus too will have to unite and follow the Bhay bin hoye na preet model.

    The one link referred by SLC is a masterpiece. All of us must read it and forward to all of those we know. We have been too politically correct for far too long !!

    Keep up the good work..

    1. Hey Vineet,

      Thanks for the Tulidasji's Doha. Hope they keep coming frequently. Bin Bhay Hoye Na Preet! Wow.

  30. Dear Ravi

    Was just checking the Times of India website regarding passing away of Shri Dara Singh ji. Was a bit emotional of a hero passing away. The only reason I bought Milkfood Desi Ghee instead of Vita was that Milkfood by backed by our beloved "Hanuman ji"

    I was about to close the window and saw a secular advertisement by Google Ads "Do you know Islam" Join us in private live chat.

    How secular of TOI to publish such banner. I have taken a print screen of the shot- dont know how to send it to you. The link of that pate is times.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Dara-Singh-passes-away/articleshow/14838702.cms

  31. Well comparing to minority in india is like comparing Mcdonalds to local darshinis in Bangalore for example, yes they may be a minority in the give place and geography but on a global scale they are a majority and huge force considering petro power and cultural domination they have had in the recent 1000 years, there are equal number of muslims as Hindus if not more, and since hindus are not one block considering the socio-ethnic and caste fault lines which still haunt us and some equally dull hindus who still don't understand the objective view, it was unfair for sagarika in her dumb wit to take a stupid stance like she did... I think SS could have made these points and case is game, set and match

  32. Excellent ! havent got a chance to read your blog for some time...and then I get back to read this hard-hitting piece... Got to keep reading you.
    Call it proud,internet or whatever..You are definitely a Hindu - level-headed,with reason, without hatred and no tolerence for BS.

  33. great I am proud to be a internet HIndu...If not now then never....Let we handle these pseudo - Seculars,....and Save our country they have crossed our tolerance..

  34. In this country Muslims rose to the President of India, supreme constitutional post in the Constitution, Vice-President, several union cabinet ministers, Chief Ministers is various states, Member of Parliament, MLAs yet few skewed opinionated feel that Muslims are discriminated. I see it as their desperation to be called liberals and secular in itself is flawed and erroneous.
    Sagarika's claim that muslims don't get flat for rent in Mumbai is preposterous logic. There are many Hindus who are also denied to get the houses for rent but it is ridiculous to say that it is discrimination rather it is prerogative of house owner to whom the house for rent is been given or not.
    If a house owner doesn't want that his/her kitchen is used for preparing non-veg or beef he/she is well within in her/his right to refuse to give the house for rent to Muslim and same owner will refuse to many Hindus too.

  35. As per Sacchar Committee Muslims in general are economically backward. This suggests that Muslims contribute way less in tax collection than Hindus ( around 95% tax payers are Hindus). Therefore those who are accused of tax evasion obviously would be more Hindus than Muslims.
    Should we therefore infer that Income Tax laws are discriminatory against Hindus ?? and my answer would be big NO.

  36. In the recent brawl of Shahrukh Khan with MCA ( Maharashtra Cricket Association) officials in one of the IPL match never gave the impression that Shahrukh Khan in any of his utterances and abusive languages towards stadium security and MCA officials was apprehensive of any discrimination. SRK was prolific in using all kind of possible abuses seen in the video and not even minuscule traces of him being afraid of any backlash because he belongs to minority Muslim.
    Therefore it is wrong, inaccurate, far-fetching conclusion of Sagarika that Muslims are discriminated in India and in Mumbai.
    Unfortunately her turning blind eye of Kashmiri Hindus and not taking the cause of their plight and their discrimination in Kashmir which forced them for mass exodus from Kashmir and settle in refugee camps is deplorable.

  37. One of the counterpoint Sagarika made against Swamy was that lower cadres lack the kind of intellect Swamy has and the moment message trickles down to common man they tend to engage in violence.
    Through this, she also feels that no matter Islam is religion of peace but one of the interpretation of Islam is what Osama Bin Laden practiced and preached therefore should we blame it to Islam and Qoran.
    Therefore what few fringe and lampoon elements practice, they can't bring disrepute to original thoughts. If this is true for Islam and Qoran then it is also true for intellect of Swamy else we all should blame Islam and its religious book Qoran for what Osama stands for in public perception.

    1. Hindu lower cadres or high cadres are not deficient in intellect as the ever blushy Sagarika says. They have behind them thousands of years old history of socio-cultural evolution and Sattvik penance of austerely preserving personal morality in the face of formidable adversity. THE INDIAN MASSES HAVE THE MOST REFINED SAATVIK INTELLECT IN THE WORLD; MOB Psychology is a word coined by evangelist hypocrites to deride them dishonestly.

      BUT I can as well argue that the controversial programme on Al-Jazeera featuring mischievous leads by sly European anchor LISA FLETCHER may have been intended to provoke the unlettered Muslim viewership across the world into violence against Hindus and India, just as European journalists had provoked Afghans into electrocuting Hindu Afghan citizens immediately after the Tajik Mujahideen's overthrow of Najibullah government.

  38. This piece puts a comprehensive perspective to the debate on Internet Hindus. Sagarika believes there is an organised Hindu mob in the internet, "out to pounce" on seculars, is far from truth. Of-course there is a large number of internet savvy Hindus, who seem to share a common grief that, "the main stream media is biased against, anything related to Hindu culture, and closes its eyes to the most dangerous ills of minority community, which can be divisive and extreme". A biased media, a pro-minority central govt, and the internet technology enabling people to access uncolored information, have contributed to people challenging falsehoods and lies peddled for decades.

    Sadanand Dhume's pointed question to Sagarika, to show one country in Asia, which treats minorities with the respect as India does, did not get an answer. It may be true that Muslims may have faced problems in getting houses for rent in Hindu areas. Muslims have to do some serious introspection, as to why this has happened? The ghetto culture has been perpetuated by the Muslims, because of their inability to integrate into the main stream culture. The silence of the Muslim leadership, when terrorists strike India,the involvement of Muslims in these heinous crimes, in most cases, coupled with the serious differences in food habits, have contributed to their difficulty in getting house for rents/purchase. The Govt policy of minority appeasement, have only accentuated the boundaries of the Muslim ghettos.

    In a Hindu majority India, minority muslims, may face difficulty in getting houses for rent/purchase. In a Muslim majority State(J&K), & Country(Pak & Bangladesh), minority Hindus, are converted, or driven out, or Killed.

    The most significant lesson from this is the grave danger to the very survival of "Tolerant Hindu" through the misplaced policy of "Tolerating the Intolerant" being practiced by the Lib-Secular brigade.

    Thanks again for a very hard hitting, & enjoyable article.

  39. Dear Ravi

    Please keep writing such a wonderful blog as you always coming up with new info and ideas which are directly or indirectly affecting all of us. Also, your ideas are making huge contribution to win the battle. A battle against paid and corrupt media.

    Regarding your points, I think Congress is working on some KEY AGENDAs right now.

    1. Divert attention from Main issues but How?
    - Ask paid journo to run such programmes which can beneficial only to Congress
    - Give some illogical statements to media to keep occupy people mind with non sense (and, while people are spending their time on such discussion, burn and shred some files to abandoned corrupt cases).
    - Remember, Chidambaram is EGoM head right now and he is working very hard to escape from all corruption charges. To do that either he has to burn Gov. Offices or alter existing files/documents.
    - They have realised that they will not be in a position after 2014 elections where they form an alliance with small regional parties to harass ruling government. So, now one task left, just wipe and mess everything before we go as this will make new Gov job much harder to revive country's situations. Either you believe it or not but this is the biggest threat and concern.

    2. Polarisation of votebank
    - Kashmir, Ramsethu, Ram mandir, Hindu/Muslim Riots are some listed issues which always makes BJP in an awkward situations especially before any elections) so, please expect to hear more debates on these issues via their paid media channels. They have always started to create atmosphere by proposing Internet Hindu debate.

    3. Prez poll (few Senior Congi workers and Pranav himself are visiting and possibly bribing MPs personally to ask favour and support for Prez poll)

    - To Blackmail and harass STATE Gov with their malign agenda if they lost election (which is highly likely)
    - Use Prez to form an alliance with regional party and take control of existing Non UPA alliance.
    - It is vital for Congress to keep dynasty running, they have to put Congi Prez at India’s high level post, so people can realise that Congress party is still exist and are born to Govern and Rule India. A clear message “Congress will never die.”

    Last but not least, Congress will do everything to stop BJP to come into power in next election. Irony for or BJP is that many southern states are weakest points due to lower their performance and still there is no indication that either Advani or NaMo might visit this states in near future to make BJP strong.

  40. sir you are simply amazing....wish all of us could get to read ur awesome posts....iv tried my best to publicize it on facbook...il sincerely appeal all our brethren to spread this like wild fire!!!

  41. I liked the last para very much and especially below line..
    "That’s called Hindu tolerance, even embracing an intended ridicule as a badge of honour. That’s the true Hindu Liberal"
    As usual u rocked with this blog post.

  42. First WHY al jazera ? WHY THEY HAVE TO COME TO india ??? WE SHOULD PASS A LAW TO MAKE MEDIA A ZONE OF SURVEILLANCE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS BY STOPPING FOREIGNERS OWNERSHIP OF INDIA MEDIA. AND ALSO PREVENT FOREGNERS OCCUPYING PM OR PRESIDENT OF PARTIES POSTS. ALSO RESTRCITNG CAPITAL IN VITAL AND STRATEGIC INDUSTRIES..WE DON't need shampoo from FRANCE or the US but technology...just prevent them selling coca pespsi soap shampoo and other edible food because they use pesticide and fertilisers more in their industries

  43. I know soemone who when he comes to India, he used to buy a coconut flavour shampoo of TATA and proud to take it to FRANCE...AND other India's pants, shirts , cashewnuts, siddha medecine , ayurvedic oil , dhotis, towel etc He used to say me that MAGGI AND OTHER RUBBISH PRODUCTS ARE NO MATCH FOR OUR TIME OLD CUISINE.

  44. If Sabana Azmi cannot get flat in Hindu area than sagrita and all pseudo seculara can live with muslims dominated areas and I don't think anybody would object to that.

  45. Mr. IZK and Mr.VP have a fight, Mr. VP insists he will slap IZK on both cheeks, while Mr. IZK insists he will cut of both hands of Mr. VP, classic UPA and Main Stream Media compromise formula is "let VP slap IZK on one cheek and let IZK cut of one hand of VP "
    As long as we continue to accept intolerance in the name of pseudo secularism, the honest, the sensible, the regular folks of all communities will end up with a hopeless future, the character of a man is best shown in his being fair to all equally.

  46. Mr. IZK and Mr.VP have a fight, Mr. VP insists he will slap IZK on both cheeks, while Mr. IZK insists he will cut of both hands of Mr. VP, classic UPA and Main Stream Media compromise formula is "let VP slap IZK on one cheek and let IZK cut of one hand of VP "
    As long as we continue to accept intolerance in the name of pseudo secularism, the honest, the sensible, the regular folks of all communities will end up with a hopeless future, the character of a man is best shown in his being fair to all equally.

  47. Mediacrooks, this is a master-piece! I am proud to be an Internet Hindu! All the Internet Hindus should unite and start a mainstream media-house in India. Any thoughts!

  48. sir,you make it most interesting.i read your blog like im listening to music or playing some video game.

  49. The managing control of Al-Jazeera channel is typical Western rather than Arab in character. Its bias towards the Hindus mirrors the bias of Western corporatist global hegemony, which is even more vociferous than that of the Islamists. Al-Jazeera, formerly famed to be owned by a Royal Sheikh of qatar(itself a banana kingdom)had to revamp its entire managerial team as a quid-pro-quo for the release from American custody of one key journalist covering the American intervention in Afghanistan. This is not to say that Jihadist societies and Islamist governments are not anti-hindu of their own. They certainly are. But the fact is that western corporatist masters entrain the stupid raw savagery of Islamist societies by provoking them into large-scale violence against India and hindus as part of the design to subjugate Indian people and resources under Western corporate hegemony. Al-Jazeera keeps raking up Muslim-Russian, Muslim-Hindu animosity from time to time, as was evidenced by its condemnable reporting of a British painter's exhibit depicting Russian atrocities agianst Islamists in Chechnya. You have the example of Gulf Sheikhdoms like the UAE where the vulgar and lascivious affluence of the rulers and the aristocratic native Arabs is built on the blood and sweat of South Asian workers and laboreres slogging it out for Western and Arabian corporate employers literally like slaves in the 50 degrees celsius blast furnace heat with little to speak of by way of human or civil rights.
    Gulf Sheikhdom puppets of Western Oligarchy have achieved the state of the art in the disenfranchisement of labor. Trade unions, strikes, and agitators are illegal, and 99% of the private-sector workforce are non-citizens. own every lucrative grain of sand in the sheikhdom. However, South Asian contract laborers, legally bound to a single employer and subject to totalitarian social controls, make up the great mass of the population. the building boom is carried on the shoulders of an army of poorly paid Pakistanis and Indians working twelve-hour shifts, six and half days a week, in the blast-furnace desert heat.

    THE Gulf SHEIKHS own every lucrative grain of sand in the sheikhdoms. spend crazily exorbitantly on silly exhibitionist projects (building a hotel inside the sea...)meant to showcase the rulers' arrogance and affluent vanity to the rest of the world but force expatriate labor workers to live like literal prisoners in degrading overcrowded conditions without the right to exercise fundamental human rights. So shamelessly lecherous are the SHEIKH RULERS that their government meteorological departments shamelessly announce the ambient temperature on working days as being below 40 degrees Celsius( and then suddenly the mercury jumps to 43 degrees on a Friday..) in order that their BEDOUIN OLIGARCHIST construction firms might be saved the botheration of having to pay expat LABORERS extra for sweating it out at >40 degrees as stipulated by law. And whenever a poor expat happens to be sunken in debt and unable to repay loans which WESTERN ZIONIST money-lenders had thrust upon him through unethical aggressive marketing, THE SHEIKH RULERS thrust the poor man or woman into prison because their HAMMURABIC LAW makes it punishable not to be able to repay one's loan
    THUS Even more than brutally inhumanely capitalist Singapore, Gulf Sheikhdoms, are really an apotheosis of neo-liberal values.

  50. Lisa asks the inane question why "Internet Hindus" oppose a secular India. She hasn't looked deep into Arabian society. Saudi Arabia and Sharjah officially regard Hindu rituals and mantra puja as "Satanic sorcery". Very recently an Indian was beheaded by Saudi govt for "sorcery". Hindu labourers were subjected to torture by electric shocks for possession of a copy of Swami Dayanand's "Satyaarth Prakash" in the privacy of their homes. A Saudi woman was beheaded by Saudia to please its Western corporate overlords because she had been accused of practising "herbal medicine". Wonder what the Saudi king would do if Baba ramdev were to open Ayurveda shop there. Saudi clerics indoctrinate Indian pilgrims with rabid jihadist venom against the Indian state during Haj in Mecca, then Saudi religious police tortures Indians that raise a finger in protest or boycott. Fundamentalist and morally depraved corporatist Saudi kings have made the Haj hostage to their lascivious whims and fancies rather than being a Muslim religious duty. Despite having zero tolerance for the practice of Hinduism by Indians even in the privacy of their homes, Saudi and Qatari Sheikhs are on a mosque and seminary-bbuilding spree all over the world, spewing vitriolic racist venom against non-Sunnis inside grand mosques built with oil money from Kerala to Akmolinsk on the Russian border. Saudia however, officially anounced an end to its politico-proselytisation activities inside the United States only some years back owing to American governmental pressure.


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