Monday, June 25, 2012

Sangma Slaps Karan 'TheTool' Thapar

In the American-Italian mafia business everyone had a nickname. Among the famous ones is George ‘Babyface’ Nelson. Then there’s the introduction to the GoodFellas: Nicky ‘Eyes’, Frankie ‘TheWop’ (A slur for those of Italian descent meaning  ‘Without Papers’), ‘Fat’ Andy, and the best one had to be when Henry Hill introduces Jimmy: “And then there was Jimmy ‘Two’Times’, who got that nickname because he said everything twice”. And the typical response by Jimmy TwoTimes: “I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers”.

Sometime back I had already explained why the MSM is ‘India’s biggest mafia’. One of the ‘honourable’ members of this MSM just got a new nickname: Karan ‘TheTool’ Thapar. This was in his interview of Presidential nominee of Opposition parties, P.A. Sangma. Anyone who saw the interview would easily agree it was indeed motivated, sometimes in poor taste, and mostly ‘Karan The Tool’ clearly seemed to be campaigning for the other ticket, Pranab Mukherjee. Such is our criminally biased media that far from interviewing Sangma, The Tool was actually ridiculing him on many counts. That Sangma is an ‘underdog’ is not good enough reason for the media to campaign for Pranab, which they have been doing so far.

There’s a reason Justice Katju once said our so-called journalists are not well-versed in History (or Science or anything). Take a look at the picture on the left. The headline says “Dewey defeats Truman”. The man holding up the newspaper and smiling is definitely not Thomas Dewey the Presidential candidate against Harry Truman in 1948. Truman was the underdog in that election and almost everyone had predicted he would lose. No one gave him a chance. The presidential elections were held on November 2, 1948 and even before final results were announced the Chicago Tribune had released its early morning edition of November 3, 1948 with that headline. Many newspapers even ridiculed Truman’s campaign and candidature, just like Thapar The Tool and the rest of Indian MSM do with Sangma. A New York Times article editorialized that "If Truman is nominated, he will be forced to wage the loneliest campaign in recent history". Everybody loves an underdog. Fact: Harry Truman won the election. You won’t find a bigger slap on the media in history than that headline carried by the Chicago Tribune. But the likes of Thapar TheTool, CNN-IBN and others in the Indian MSM don’t seem to learn from history.

Even if a candidate is an underdog, even if the media favours Pranab Mukherjee journalists would tread a bit cautiously in making extreme statements. The Tool’s interview of Sangma smacks of arrogance, extreme bias, motivated and in very bad taste. Here are some of the questions and statements (in blue) from the interview  (Read the full transcript here):

Mr Sangma I have spoken to many people and practically all of them, including many of your sponsors, say that you have very little chance of winning. Then, why are you contesting..

I guess nobody taught Thapar The Tool, that in a democracy it is almost a ‘Sin’ to not contest elections and allow any candidate to be elected unopposed. This is the very foundation of democracy. But slaves like CNN-IBN, The Tool and others in the MSM want Pranab to be elected unanimously. Was democracy created for unanimity? Shameful!

Mr Sangma let me put it to you, people are fond of you, they indulge you, but they are laughing at the fact that you believe that you can win. Nobody believes it but you.

By sheer logic why was The Tool’s channel breaking so much sweat over Lee-Hesh and Tennis players for the Olympics. Does anyone seriously expect them to win a medal? What is the motive for deriding a person’s candidature? It can’t be mere bias or sympathy for the other ticket. It has to be a lot more than that. And those who play or contest elections must firmly do so with the belief they can win. If not, they should behave like losers like The Tool.

Are you a little worried that by standing in the face of such odds and they are incredible odds, you might make yourself a laughing stock?

A laughing stock? Where does such language come from? Only uncouth, uncivilised and badly reared journalists talk to a presidential candidate in this filthy language. I wonder if such journalists are becoming the speciality of CNN-IBN. In reference to BJP’s support for Sangma, The Tool comes up with this:

Mr Sangma are you reducing the killings in Kandhamal, the killings in Dang, the Graham Staines, as a few incidents?

And then morons like The Tool and his channel keep screaming about “Secularism” and “One nation”. What has Kandhamal got to do with Sangma’s candidature? Has The Tool asked Pranab about Emergency? Given that Pranab was directly involved in certain actions during that time? Has The Tool asked Pranab about favours and offences relating to benefits allowed to some corporate bodies?

Mr Sangma, even if you look at the BJP, who you said a moment ago had increased their support for you to 26-28 per cent, are using you… as a stepping stone over the bridge to Jayalalithaa and Naveen Patnaik. Mr Sangma you are a tool. You are a part of a strategy that supports their convenience. That’s why they are supporting you, not because they believe in you.

Those are not questions. Those are inferences and theories spawned by the interviewer himself. That’s CNN-IBN journalism for you. But Sangma responded with a resounding slap for The Tool: “You think we are ignorant of which media is whose tool? Mr Karan, you think we are ignorant of which media is whose tool. Mr Karan don’t talk about tools”.

Karan‘TheTool’Thapar:  Are you suggesting that my questioning is motivated?
Candidate PA Sangma:   Yes, yes, you are also a tool….

In trying to campaign for the Congress candidate Pranab Mukherjee, Thapar The Tool ended up making up an absolute fool of himself. I always knew that Thapar The Tool is a motivated, biased and a journalistic moron. Sangma just confirmed all of it and exposed him to the whole world. However, there is always this bright side. Given that the MSM is India’s biggest mafia, Karan Thapar has a first to his credit. He is the first one to be nicknamed by a Presidential candidate like in all mafias and the nickname suits him in many ways. He is now Karan ‘TheTool’ Thapar. He and CNN-IBN can celebrate! 

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  1. Wow, This man Sangama is ought to be our president.

  2. PA Sangma used to be a popular leader during PVNarasimha Rao regime, later he was packed off by Maino into oblivion after 2004 indicating that there is after all something good about PA Sangma and he will not be a doormat of Maino. The degree is disdain and loathsome attitude towards political adversaries of CON party, these MSM guys have become is mere suicidal bcoz they tend to think/assume that CON party will be in power for ever and there will never ever be a change of guard. These guys never get to interview Pranab, MMS,Maino as dogs are supposed to follow their master and not to question them, leaving the dog with only the other option to bark at his master's adversaries. I remember the old gramophones used to play the vinely records, and most of them had a logo HMV with a dog sitting in obedience, there MSM should rename their channels as HMV-His Master's Voice.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    Another excellent article!

    We get so much fodder on a daily basis to write, doubt it very much if there is any other country afflicted with so many ailments all at the same time.

    Media should we even call it that. It's the very thought of defeat for Congress that scares them out of their wits.

    Existential issue, with most supporters of Congress.

    Anil Kohli

  4. Karan "The Disputed Fact" Thapar re-christened upon total open conversion as a CONgi stooge - Karan "The Tool" Thapar. Just asking, since you are closely watching these fellows for quite a while, does he have a locked jaw? Why does he keep gnawing and not open his mouth while he speaks.
    Every CONgi stooge has a problem when someone challenges(even democratically) diktats of the family. Ridiculous to even hear them making out that a electoral contest in a democracy is an anathema (and communal, LoL). And I thought this show was an instinctive talk show like that of Hardtalk on which this is modeled. It is so very obvious it is a totally scripted one. Expect a 10-Janapath debate from the Tool soon Doha Debate. Till then let's keep sharpening "The Tool" (formerly known as The Disputed Facts journo)

  5. Remember the Bob Hoskins movie where he had a ..... tattooed on his forehead?
    That's the kind of tool KTT is!
    Good job!

  6. Lovely epithet Ravinar!...I shall be praying that Sangma wins..if only to spite this "Tool Thapar"!

    My two bits on his shenanigans!

  7. Dear Ravi,

    Nice post. Didnt see the interview - read the transcript. One punch to the MSM and they get defensive. Non-UPA parties (not including Left) who get the rough end of the stick from Media should boycott them and tell them at every forum that they are biased in favour of congress. It will reduce the credibility.

    I had mentioned in one of my responses earlier that Smriti Irani, BJP had questioned the source of funding of Tehelka to Ashish Khetan, Tehelka on Arnab's show and for the remaining part of the show, Khetan made no noise, except, may be - farting.

    Repeating myself again, if any BJP chap reads this blog, they should seriously consider boycotting NDTV and CNN-IBN for 4-5 months and these jokers will not know how to respond.

    Hope you would have seen Seedhi Baat yesterday on Aaj Tak with Yashwant Sinha. One tight one from former FM made the anchor change track in one swift motion.

    Start hitting them back, ridicule media, suddenly all they say in favour of UPA and against NDA will no longer hold any water in public eye.

  8. Karan Thapar has got a sounding slap... good BJP is supporting Sangma.. has the media gone mad? even RS tweeted "30 days fame for Sangma", they are openly showing their likeness for Congress, they should stop calling themselves as MSM, they are Cong mouth piece..

  9. Excellent knock out punch-what could he say after that- If I were Rajdeep I would sack him immediately-naam bade aur darshan chotey - the problem is 10 JP has the 'bodi' or pigtail of everyone in their hand thanks to succular BJP stalwarts- Only Hindutva can unite Hindus and hour is now- it is now now and now!

  10. Tool Thaper is a cad but he literally dwarfed himself.Mr Sangma was head and shoulders above him and over him

  11. Even print media is no exception.
    The Hindu once unearthed Bofors deals thus changing political scene in India.
    Today it is stooping in front of one 'amma' to counter another 'amma'.
    See June 22nd main story
    The Presidential ‘race’ is over for all practical purposes even before it has begun. Barring an unforeseeable situation, UPA nominee and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will be sworn in as the First Citizen on July 25.
    I read this when I was still drowsing. For one movement I thought Pranab getting elected unopposed.

  12. FYI George ‘Babyface’ Nelson was not part of mafia but the depression era bank robber. any way point taken.

    To analyze the actual thinking logic of The Tool Thapar, watch his interview with Madhu Trehan. His logic that Madhu was going harsh on him was such kiddish in nature.

  13. wonder why no tool's prog with queen or prince !!

  14. I saw that interview and was surprised by the rude tone and tenor of Karan's questions. Just outrightly boorish and impolite

  15. I have to say Sangma has been extremely polite (he pre-fixed Mr. to "The Tool"...) in his response for the heights of sarcasm, insult, derogatory, defamatory interview that Karan "The Tool" Thapar is in-famous for...

  16. Sir.Sangma i am pround of you being a North-eastern ,what many great indian politican were insulted at the same time scared to face interview with "DEVIL ADVOCATE:KARAN THAPAR"instead you gave him a befitting reply may God be with you and win this election you truely deserve you have the capability to do it "SORRY KARAN THAPAR NOT THIS TIME"

  17. The Media, instead of unmasking the hypocrisy of corrupt, criminal politicians, subversive organizations, individuals who act as subversive agents who create and deepen the crises in India, endorse and support the patrician politics that divide the nation. For years, our media contributed to the climate of corruption, subversive activities polarizing the nation, and helped to spread the contentious and dangerous messages of Muslims and anti national groups.
    Setting aside the rest, there are three individuals stand on their own leg means one Dr Swamy, the another is Sangma. The third one is Jagan in confronting like a lion though caged yet lion is a lion leave the rest of his allegations since no one is free from the same allegation but he refused to part with as others did.

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  19. It is difficult to put Karan Thapar and co to shame; these are gifted generations of our fourth estate with skins beyond wear and tear. From the high ideals of yesteryears' noble objective in being a watchdog of democracy to its present state of wailing dogs at its political masters' doorstep; need more than a windfall of revolutionary movement for bringing this hooliganisim to book.

  20. sangma is apparently better than Pranb. Pranab socio-political theores are such like that you should not expect anything other thwn naxalist retaliation as a befitting response to them. That is Pranab's idea of Power and Politics.

  21. this is the tampered form of the interview...
    I reckon u see this:

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Wow! you have some real punch man ! more power to you !


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