Friday, June 1, 2012

Covering Up Commies' Rat Killings

I want you to find this nancy-boy Eliot Ness ! I want him DEAD! I want his family, DEAD! I want his house burned  to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna piss on his ASHES. Yeah, if you want to kill someone that’s the kind of spirit one would like to see.

                           Al Capone (From 'The Untouchables')

That’s the vicious Al Capone, the mob boss, giving out orders for a whack job against the FBI man, Eliot Ness, who finally nailed him. Someone in Bihar seems to have given a similar order. An order to whack RanvirSena chief Brahmeshwar Singh must have been given out. That was in Arrah town in the state of Bihar. This is the first major political killing in Bihar since Nitish Kumar took over as CM, where killings of this sort were normal earlier.  I would tend to believe this wasn’t a crime of “passion” and so hasn’t caught the orgy in our media. Ah well, not in the same way some POS Cop saying “Yeahhhh, I was in that meeting on that day of February 27”. Something of that nature would have been enough to declare a CM a mass murderer. The Indian media relies heavily on such subtle, deceptive and outright lies as conclusive evidence but when it comes to a clear confession… hmmm, that is unacceptable.

So when a local CPM leader in Kerala, M.M. Mani, confesses in a speech about killing political opponents our media makes a quick splash and then the story disappears. It goes cold. Nowhere in his speech has Mani mentioned that he personally carried out the killings, he clearly says it was his party’s tactics. Says Firstpost in a report: “The murders he narrated were in fact among the most sensational in the district – three of them in the early 1980s and the fourth in 2004. In the first three, nobody had been convicted for lack of evidence. Mani’s admission to the party’s involvement has provided fresh evidence for the police to reopen the cases”. Stunning!

Instead, our media quickly moves on to ‘Rat F**king’ (RF). They suddenly find juicy stories to smear the opposition leaders, particularly Narendra Modi. There’s the rift in the BJP executive meet in Mumbai, L.K. Advani and Sushma Swaraj don’t attend the rally, then Advani writes a blog in which he criticises his own party publicly, Ram Jethmalani writes some letter. If that is not enough, there is some Prabhakar Jha, editor of some BJP mouthpiece called Kamal Sandesh, who again criticises some aspects of Modi’s working. While partly relying on actual facts the media goes on to spin stories around these as if they have a camera in every room of every BJP meeting and of every BJP member. And who’s all this rat f**king for? The commies and the Congress are the closest friends of the media. It must have broken the hearts of those at NDTV, CNN-IBN, TimesNow, HeadlinesToday and other news channels that this Mani came about and spilled the beans on the true nature of CPM’s handling of opponents.

Don Segretti is famous for being the operator of the dirty tricks department for Richard Nixon. His job was simple. To forge documents, to plant fake stories in the media, to tarnish the reputations of opponents. His place in history is secured because for these operations he coined the famous term “Rat F**king”. Segretti did go to jail on various counts. But his legacy is carried on happily by those in the Indian media. Keep throwing mud at the opponents of their paymasters, tweak stories, spin facts and at their best, even spread lies. Anyone who is a political opponent of the Congress or the Communists is likely to sooner or later be RF’d by our media. So even as Modi was meeting both Advani and Vajpayee in Delhi on June 1, CNN-IBN headlines this story: “Modi stays away from Advani, meets Vajpayee”. Isn’t that nice? This, especially after Modi had tweeted having met both.

Just imagine if instead of the CPM, M.M. Mani had belonged to the BJP or any member of the NDA. All hell would have broken loose in the media. The Congress would be out with swords demanding a ban on the parties concerned by the Election Commission.

But just as the media RFs the opponents of Congress and Communists they have accepted the explanation of Sitaram Yechury that Mani doesn’t represent the views of the party. Doesn’t represent the views? These are not views, these are confessions to killings. The Kerala police have registered cases of murders against Mani but there is no call to investigate the CPM party itself. And investigate the CPM they must. It is simply impossible that a series of killings were the private acts of one deranged man. This is clearly organised murder of political opponents.

There is hardly any doubt that like with communist parties the world over there have been killings in India too. The thousands of deaths in Bengal alone are enough cause to open a serious investigation. This also comes at a time when the current Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee, has been claiming threats to her life. This seems quite plausible. The media scoffs at such claims by her. Looks like while the media happily continues its RF the truth about the story of Rat Killings of CPM will not be followed by them. They have once again buried an important story in the politics of India.


  1. BJP should admit Mani as primary member of the party and then watch the fun...

  2. Thank you, Ravi. As usual, you expose the double standards of the Mainstream Media (today we get a new acronym for MSM, RFM!). In this case where the conspirator admits to murdering in the most brutal manner, the media is trying to help hide story & thereby protect the image of the perpetrators. MSM, its virtually partnering in CPM's crime through silent approval by hiding their acts. used to regularly report the attacks on RSS workers by CPM, but hardly anyone in MSM cared. I have seen many photographs of people brutally chopped by the killer goons of these brigades (at times, RSS has had to retaliate too - those were far n few).

    Recently Narendra Modi questioned the silence of concerned on the murder of over 250 RSS workers - see it here:

    The hypocrisy of media, and leaders, including, Sitaram Yechury must be questioned, and a due process of law observed to nail all guilty. Look at how he reacted earlier, and how CNNIBN "balanced" the story:

    A journalist from Kerala, when questioned recently (it happened around the time this MM Mani story broke out), told me that RSS / BJP should have their own media to expose the crimes against them! He admitted that the murders do take place, and media which is lenient to them does not report them. It was a shocking admission, without a sense of remorse from him.

    This story must be taken to its logical conclusion. I hope BJP does NOT ditch the citizens, and, its friends & followers in Kerala.

  3. Ravinar you are doing great job. Optimist in me says perseverance will pay. But cynic in me says crooks will overwhelm the truth. I will be glad if optimism triumphs over cynicism.

  4. Good read. Lage raho Ravi Bhai Show these media dogs there place.

  5. Why media never wanted to discuss this story???????

    Google world's 4th richest politician.....Sonia Gandhi is the world’s fourth richest politician, said Business Insider, a U.S. based internet news aggregator and publisher. As per the report, the UPA chairperson’s wealth is currently valued at $2-19 billion (Rs 10,000-45,000 crore).

  6. I never miss reading any of your blogs & always feel grateful that there are people like you who expose the media on a daily basis.

    Articulation is just superb.


  7. WoW! At the risk of sounding repititive, I have to nevertheless state "This is a great one" The analogy to Al Capone -> Nitish Kumar -> Commies couldn't suit better. While the Xians-Reds-Media axis is well known, what is dangerous is the so called Centrist Libtards (you can also include Pseudo-rights too) aligning themselves into this equation. This is a heady mix that we can do without. You have exposed them in this post though the message is too subtle to discern fast :) When I say Reds, it includes every single denomination and variants - Naxals,Maoists, IAC, NBAs I see them as a bigger danger than the M-Terrorism (which is simply an American Creation)

    To cut the short story short, unless these kind of discourses reaches wider audience, for which greater responsibility has to be assumed by the Opposition parties (if there are any) and with active participation and inputs from writers like you, we do not see any real transformation happening

    Thanks once again for this enlightening post. Yeah! as someone commented, Articulation is simply superb and everyone has to agree you have a way with your words :) Have a lovely day

    I just don't get how the highest literate rate state can get so violent. Last time I heard Education awakens you. Expecting unbiased reporting from MSM is like expecting fair CWG games from Kalmadi

  9. Very nicely put

    MSM definitely has mastered the art of raising non-serious stories to camouflage the wrong doings of communists and congress. They love congress more for money and communists as part of their own.

    Ravi - As usual you were able to see beyond the visual in front and put it so nicely.

  10. Excellent article exposing how the media is trying to brush these communist confessions of murders as a political strategy. EC should initiate action on CPI(M), since these confessions are in the public domain. Communists have ruled several states for decades & it is dreadful to think of the likely elimination of scores of political rivals during their rule. Communists seek to grab power through the very instrument(democracy), they want to destroy. They are indeed a great threat to our polity. They also transform themselves into naxals, & maoists & try to subvert the state. Unfortunately a section of the media, left-liberal intellectuals, even judiciary have become sympathetic to their cause & make every effort to help their cause. Thanks for an enlightening piece.


    This story would get lost too. haven't seen it anywhere else. what say Ravi?

  12. All good, except that last part about there being any truth to there being any genuine threat to Ms Banerjee's life. It makes one go puh-leeze. TMC is known to control as many militia, if not more, than the CPM and Mamta's hysterics past and present (during the Singur protests, she got herself admitted to the Command Hospital under the pretext that she would be poisoned in the civilian hospitals) are hardly convincing.

    First of all, one only has to look at the kind of police state didi's TMC is running to know that TMC and Mamta Banerjee are, unfortunately, not agents of progress but regression. They are the products of the same regressive mentality that the CPM had fostered in Bengal for decades. The sad part is that there was finally someone at the helm of affairs who had the courage to go against his own party's established dictums and work for progress, the capitalism-communism be damned.

    Yes, the 'development' work is going on a faster pace under the new government, but I fear it is merely varnish to hide the rot underneath. The speed of constructing a bridge is immaterial in the longer run if we have to put up with a leader with totalitarian ambitions, even if we only have to put up with her for five years.


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