Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barkha Darwin: Evolving The Gandhi - Part 2

The wife constantly nagged him for being a thorough idiot. Not surprisingly his name was Buddhuram. She frequently kept hearing of other men reciting poems at the King’s court and winning gold coins while her husband never won anything. One fine day she forced him to write a poem and win some coins else there won’t be any food for him, she threatened. So B goes out to drown himself and fails but observes Kalia the Crow that is dipping its beak into the water and then sharpening its beak against a stone. And voila, poetry strikes him: “Oh Kalia, I can read your mind, you sharpen it again and again and you dip it in water. Oh Kalia I can read your mind”. As he recites the poem in the King’s court everyone laughs but the King believes there has to be a real deep meaning in what Buddhuram recited and awards him a few gold coins. Read this old and hilarious Indian folk tale here. Sometimes, the King or Queen does recognise even garbage as profound brilliance to look and sound intelligent. Well, that Indian folktale does continue in different forms in our modern MSM where garbage passes off as brilliance. And yes, there are gold coins too.

Buddhuram came up with the Kalia story innocently without any intention of making other poets look like idiots. But, as with narcs, Barkha Dutt is frequently tempted to enlighten the world on something she sees that other idiot journos cannot. Most people may not remember, but sometime in February 2011 the PM decided to have a live conference with top editors. They discussed this and that and Arnab Goswami, in particular, was pulled up by Harish Khare then media advisor to the PM. Most discussions were on domestic issues but Barkha felt ‘Domestic concerns were distractions’ and all the idiotic journos at the conference failed to discuss Pakistan. Yeah, if she were there she would have brought up Pakistan. Wouldn’t she? So on June 11, 2012 Barkha put on her Gambler Hat and tweeted this:

My wager for 2014. It will not be a Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi face-off. Neither, in my assessment, will be a PM candidate”. Right, so most other journos can’t see what she can. Umm.. just like “Oh Kalia, I can read your mind”!

Oh Kalia! (Do watch out for the Beast)
In the parlour games that often masquerade as punditry in India's political capital, there is already frenzied betting on who will be the contenders for 2014. Despite the fact that every media cliché - 'litmus test' to 'make or break' - has been exhausted while debating Rahul Gandhi's performance in Uttar Pradesh, most political gamblers believe that irrespective of the outcome in the state, the Congress general secretary will be the party's prime ministerial candidate”. No, that’s not the report of an independent observer from the United Nations. That’s our very own Barkha Dutt’s “Oh Kalia” moment”. Of course, Barkha isn’t part of the parlours where our pundits parade. She, like the profound Buddhuram, can see what others can’t.

In the context of her tweet that I quoted above she refers to her article “PMs not in waiting” of March 12, 2012 in, where else, but Hindustan Trolls (HT). So there we go, Barkha Darwin is about to evolve Rahul Gandhi again. She can read his mind and that of the Congress. Now, I recommend you read the first part: “NDTV – Evolving the Gandhi”, in case you haven’t already, where in a show Barkha tried to evolve Gandhi as a great politician who will thrash every other party in UP.

Let’s read further:

Gandhi has made the Youth Congress his laboratory to experiment with what he has often called a new brand of politics. What remains unclear is whether the mobilisation of numbers under the Youth Congress will have any impact on the electoral prospects of the parent party. But this is where his personal focus is centred on Uttar Pradesh - to create an organisational structure that can challenge regional forces like Mayawati's BSP and Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party…..  In many ways, the experiment mirrors the social engineering model perfected by Nitish Kumar in Bihar, in terms of going beyond the political loyalties of dominant caste groups to build a new structure from the disadvantaged and the marginalised of all these groups”.  Hmm! All that stuff is so easy to understand when Barkha explains it. I wish RG would explain his strategies and tactics as simply as she does. As for Youth Congress numbers, they are indeed having an impact as the million plus numbers in Tamil Nadu have already shown. And Uttar Pradesh? RG did challenge the forces of Mayawati and Mulayam and was exonerated for his failures due to absence of organisational structures. So Barkha reads his mind on that one again – Now RG will evolve as the organisation builder rather than as a PM candidate. Fantastic!

When the moment of reckoning comes in 2014, you may well find Rahul Gandhi apply the same philosophy to the national stage. He has often said that the issue of who will be PM is a media obsession. But reading between the lines, one gets the distinct impression that Gandhi may opt to focus all his energies on a long-term revamp of the Congress from within, seeking to revitalise and rebuild its structural weaknesses. In other words, 2014 may not be his personal milestone to fight as a prime ministerial candidate”. Oh yeah, if only I could read and understand what RG says as Barkha does. And yes, RG won’t make 2014 a personal milestone of any sort just as he didn’t appear to make UP 2012 a personal milestone. She quotes: “He has often said that issue of who will be PM is a media obsession”. Damn! RG must have whispered that in Barkha’s ears because I have never heard that from him. Or maybe Barkha is seeing and hearing what others can’t like Buddhuram with ‘Oh Kalia’.

And Barkha finally adds: “And the political pundits may well have to imagine another face-off to keep themselves entertained”. Indeed, we may have to find someone else. The honest truth is: Rahul Gandhi doesn’t even seem to be any kind of match for Narendra Modi. It will take Barkha Darwin a huge effort to evolve him to some level of maturity. Till then, like Buddhuram, she and only she, can read Kalia’s mind.


  1. Nice Read! Good One! Slap on Barkha!

  2. Wonder who the "wife" is who pushes Barkha into Darwin mode!

    1. N.K.Singh is her "soulmate" in this episode. New found bonhomie is to out of mutual benefit. To pin Modi's Delhi aspirations down splitting NDA is best bet. Who can do do it better than Nitish Kumar .The Diva is doing her hatchet job on behalf of her minders in Congress. Today's Ahmed Patel and N.K.Singh meeting is testimony to what I am suspecting

  3. she behaves like media adviser or mouthpiece of RG like Pankaj pachaurri now of MMS

  4. she must be called as "Barkha Darling" in the congi circles i guess..... another great post Ravinar... i check ur blog everyday to see if u hav posted anything new :)

  5. ROTFL!!! Hilarious. Oh Kalia - help me read Barkha's mind. Everyone else can wait. Or atleast, Oh Kalia, shave off some wisdom to understand when she speaks her mind.
    BTW! Evolution also involves phenomenon called Extinction. Considering what has happened so far Barkha is fairly successful in "evolving" Rahul. UP, Bihar etc... One last push in 2014 and Rahul becomes dinosaur of Indian Politics

  6. Barkha is right in her assessment. RG has said on numerous occasions that he is least interested in the PM job. Modi will be not the candidate because RSS doesnt want him and neither does BJP stalwarts like sushma and advani. Apart from that, allies will not agree in the NDA fold. It is a simple matter. Both parties will go for elections without naming any person for the top job. Media will continue to speculate as if congress will win and RG will agree. If NDA wins, it will be either Nitish or Sushma and if congress wins it will be someone like Meira kumar.

    1. Dear Menka,

      Just like Barkha reads mind of Baby Rahul, it seems you can read mind of even RSS which was & is No 1 enemy of the MSM for past 6 decades.. Its sickening how just to defeat NAMO, the MSM is pitching Nitish, Advani, Sanjay Joshi, etc. These Congress tactics of Divide & Rule are not going to work anymore.

    2. Abhijeeet

      Nitish made a statement in response to Modis remark about Bihar's casteism isnt it? where did congress come in between?

      Advani in his blog wrote against Gadkari and it is common knowledge that he wants to be PM at the ripe old age of 90. Is congress pushing him to be PM?

      RSS mouthpiece kamal sandesh wrote that Modi is a man in hurry. Is kamal sandesh edited by congress person?

      Dude, infighting in BJP has nothing to do with congress. Apply some logic before writing any crap.

    3. Dear Menka,

      The simple Logic is on the Wall for everybody to read.

      1) This so called infighting within BJP/NDA is a part of Democratic process & nothing wrong with it.

      2) Kamal Sandesh is BJP Mouthpiece & not RSS. Although even if an Article in Panchjanya or Organiser writes something against Modi, they have a right to say what they feel correct.(RSS Magazines are not funded up by BJP).

      3) The point is why such petty internal Organizational issues are made into national Headlines???? Are they more important than Corruption, Price Rise, Terrorism & Good Governance ?

      That's where the Congress Comes in sweety !!!!

    4. And Poofff....Menka goes into oblivion when real issues pop-in.

  7. Ravi - nice article - specially the Budhuram story

    Well I was expecting an article on the Siachen Pull Back that Barkha and Rajdeep are pushing so hard making nice sounding statements in favour of our soldiers facing hardships!!

    Please observe a pattern in programmes on Siachen pull back. Time and again military experts are saying that it will be a grave blunder to do it - but to no avail.

    They get some stupid peacenik - who agrees that we were the agressors in siachen - never heard an army being called aggressor when it is holding its position in its own land. Most of these peaceniks should be investigated for having links with likes of Fai.

  8. I’ve been a fervent, almost bordering religious reader of this blog for over a year now. Aside from feeling a little embarrassed at not having left a comment of ‘thank you’ ever, or a feeling of visceral jealously at not being able to write such good blogs myself, I’ve always enjoyed the sharp analysis, witticism, anecdotes, cross-references, and excellent writing skills of the author. That apart, I had a couple of observations that may not go well with the author’s regular blog reading fans. I’ll pen them anyways and good luck making sense especially because they are not in the context of this particular blog entry:-
    Of late, my overwhelming sense is that the genuine anger against a predominantly left-liberal media is getting misdirected towards defending an individual or two. For the purpose of elaboration, there is no doubt that the mainstream media has created, nurtured, and let loose a bogey of anti-Modi propaganda on the gullible public, but this anger and frustration with the MSM is resulting in a no-holds-barred and onto death kind of spirited defense of Modi – legally, morally, and politically – in the blogosphere and on Twitter and Facebook. While the defense of Modi by private citizens in itself is not wrong, there appears to be realization among urban middle-class, especially with a sub-conscious or conscious center-of-the-right disposition, that Modi is the last stand against the MSM. There is a genuine fear of more and more well-intentioned, educated, and reasonable individuals getting pushed towards the far-right by well-orchestrated media campaign against an individual political leader. Both the action and reaction cannot and should not be condoned. The exuberant defense and subsequent exoneration of Modi should not allowed to become a watershed moment in the fight against prejudice and hidden agendas of the MSM, instead the war against the venal corporate media is long drawn, one that can only be won by continuously and consistently exposing the hollowness of their coverage of news in a logical and technical manner of which the author is doing a wonderful job. At the risk of sounding sanctimonious, for which I may already be held guilty in some quarters, my only hope is that the author steers clear of the unchartered areas I’ve mentioned above and avoid drowning into quagmire of defending the indefensible just because he doesn’t like the aggressor.
    My final submission is that there should be concerted efforts towards syndication, if not synergizing, of those bloggers, writers and thinkers with the center-of-the-right temperament. I am not sure if the author appreciates being stereotyped with this political inclination, but this is impression I’ve got of him so far. There is a dying need for articulation of this disposition’s viewpoints in several areas – media coverage, real-politicking, current affairs, ideology/identity politics, and economics. In this direction, I’ve marked www.mediacrooks.com, www.voxindica.net, www.centreright.in among others as useful links for dissemination of very valuable opinions and viewpoints. I hope someone would put more efforts in bringing listing more such links and bringing these contributors together and to produce more articles on varied subjects in a coordinated manner.

    1. @ RightThinker

      This site been classified frequently as 'Paid-BJP writer or RSS writer' etc. But this site does not indulge in any kind of 'Ideology', left, right or centre. It is primarily anti corrupt-media and anti corrupt-govt. Ideology of any kind doesn't drive this blog... maybe simple common sense of fairness does.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. One can not but agree with Ravinar about Barkha. After 'daring' a dig at an amorphous band of 'political pundits' she brazenly tries to pass off her own pep talk for Baba Rahul as profound political punditry!

    Kishore Chandra Das

  10. Suddenly after the election results RG's tour of UP villages, lunches, dinner and sleepovers suddenly stopped.

    what does that convey.?


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