Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Goes On Within Four Walls Of NDTV?

Comedian Stephen Colbert, the host of Comedy Central's ‘The Colbert Report’, coined the term "Truthiness" as the notion that truth doesn't lie in books and facts but rather, in your gut. Before his own show Colbert frequently appeared with Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show. Both lampoon the American media and politicians and expose their lies on a daily basis. Neither Stewart nor Colbert interpret news reports. They just quote reports and statements and nail the lies behind them or their funny side. What should be even more amusing is that most US citizens trust satirist Stewart for real news. On another front Bill Adair, the chief editor of Politifact states: “Whether the fact has actually died or is just on its death bed, I think it means it's a great time to be in the fact-checking business”. Yes, that’s right, given the lies that our news channels and papers spread, for many in the social media it’s a great time to be in the ‘fact-checking’ business. And may I add, they are doing a great job of it. Most can sense the absence of ‘Truthiness’ when they watch TV reports, especially where it concerns NDTV and Gujarat riots and Narendra Modi.

There has to be some motivation for NDTV, also other late-joiners like TOI and Indian Express, for the extra-ordinary mud-slinging they have indulged in against Narendra Modi and Gujarat. So much that the SIT closure report which absolves Modi of any wrong doing on the riots is unpalatable for them. And now their entire faith in the prospect of screwing Modi hangs on a tiny fable. It’s a story concocted by Sanjiv Bhatt that he was present in a meeting held by Modi and that the CM had made statements encouraging “Hindus to vent their anger” against Muslims for the Godhra train  horror. The SIT has established, through witnesses, that Sanjiv Bhatt was not present in the meeting of February 27, 2002. Not just witnesses, other evidences – factual and circumstantial including mobile records, clearly establish the lies of Sanjiv Bhatt.

There’s some history to this. It is not just as a channel that NDTV has been campaigning against Modi. It is some of its members who have been in that business long before NDTV came into existence as a separate news channel. Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai were the pioneers in this endeavour even while they were with StarNews. But now it’s the newcomers on the channel who have been delegated that assignment. Which should explain a statement by NidhiRazdan, which she reportedly made, on her show Left,Right,Centre on May 10: "Some would say Hafiz planned 26/11 in the four walls, hence it is not an offence".(Thanks to @ssudhirkumar for reporting this ). Even on a live show that looks like a well prepared and well rehearsed statement. This followed an article on NDTV website “Gujarat riots: Illegal orders within a room no offence, says SIT report on Modi”.

Truthiness in an observer’s gut will explain that the headline itself is mischievous and intended to camouflage the actual explanation of the SIT. The SIT only hypothetically stated that even if the ‘alleged’ statements were made by Modi then such a statement within four walls does not constitute an offence. More importantly, circumstantial evidence and subsequent actions by Modi do not in any manner suggest or imply that he made that statement or carried it out. So the wisegal Nidhi tries to equate the “alleged” statement with possible statements by Hafiz Saeed, the wanted Pakistani terrorist, within four walls with Modi. Make no mistake – the unstated implication is that Modi is as much a terrorist as Hafiz Saeed. I am surprised Nidhi stopped at Hafeez Saeed and did not go on to make a comparison with the ‘Viagral’ adventures of Osamji within four walls.

By Nidhi’s logic Hafiz Saeed would not be guilty of terrorist activities if he plotted them within four walls. “Take that, all you goats who died in 26/11”. It doesn’t matter to NDTV or Nidhi Razdan that Saeed, by subsequent conduct and actions, had carried out whatever he may be accused of plotting within four walls. This is how our news channels compromise our actions against terror. Oh wait, NDTV is the only channel that also broadcasts in Pakistan, to my knowledge. Is that a motivation? I have stated in no uncertain terms earlier that the manner of reporting and lies spread on the Gujarat riots by our news channels may have even inspired many terrorists and terror attacks. Balance and sensitivity has long been lost on NDTV. No wonder Chetanya Kunte after the 26/11 carnage accused them of ‘Shoddy Journalism’.

This is not the first time that NDTV has perpetrated reports lacking in Truthiness. In February 2012, just around the 10th year of the Godhra horror they pulled out another fairy tale. Not surprising, considering their group editor is frequently obsessed with Alice In Wonderland. They put out this report: ‘2002 Gujarat riots: Former judge says there's audio tape with evidence against Modi’. Both reports are by NDTV reporter Rohit Bhan, but these days anyone can draft any report or even affidavit as a TOI journalist will tell you. The atrocity of this report can be measured by the following content in it:

Justice Suresh says that during his trip to Gujarat, he met Haren Pandya, who was then a minister in Mr Modi's government. Mr  Pandya allegedly said that the chief minister had called a meeting in February, hours after a train was set on fire at the Godhra station. Justice Suresh says that Mr Pandya' conversation with him and retired Supreme Court judge PB Sawant was recorded on an audio tape. But Mr Pandya pleaded with both judges to not attribute this information to him. "He said he will come and meet us provided its kept confidential and his name should not be disclosed ...we agreed on that...only some of us Justice Sawant, myself and one or two others were there ..and then we heard him, recorded his statement but we kept it very confidential," Justice Suresh told NDTV.

Now, this judge was specially interviewed by NDTV in February 2012. Interesting how after Haren Pandya’s death the judge claims an audio tape that for “confidential” reasons cannot be disclosed or aired. Even if Haren Pandya did make a statement to these judges, they claim to have already discussed it with the SIT. So what NDTV was trying to imply by this report and the interview is for you to figure out. But hey, it helps to add any fuel to the fire started by NDTV.

If Politifact were to assess NDTV’s reportage over the years I am quite certain that they would have scored “Pants on Fire” on a number of occasions. Facts established by special investigating bodies do not seem to count with NDTV. So what exactly is NDTV’s motive behind such a long witch-hunt? So much that there is a sharp and militant unwillingness to accept even the SIT’s report. Looks like they will not be happy unless and until some kangaroo court of their own choice pronounces Modi guilty and sentences him to death. Of course, they aren’t alone but they are the most voluble in this campaign. Far from justice for any riot victim or justice for the sake of supremacy of law, the motives surely have to be something else and somewhere else.

The most apparent motive is obviously the decimation of BJP as a political party through their anti-Modi campaign. This becomes even more obvious with elections in Gujarat around the corner and general elections in 2014. The increasing noises about Modi as PM candidate is probably also sending chills down their spine. The most disturbing aspect for me is that there might be very powerful forces behind NDTV’s campaign. The blatant violations and disregard for routine norms of ethics in journalism suggest a “larger” (A term Nidhi Razdan would love) conspiracy that only time will tell. The involvement of many Indian journalists and their being beneficiaries of Ghulam Nabi Fai must be borne in mind. One never knows how many such Fais are lurking around the shadows and feeding our journalists and media outlets.

There’s only one question that hasn’t been answered for a long time. How does NDTV, a channel which has constantly lost share value, consistently made losses still manage to stay afloat? Well, Deep Throat did say “Follow the money” and I hope someone will. Only that will finally reveal whose war is being fought by NDTV and what goes on within their four walls. Going by Indian media ethics it won’t be another journalist or media outlet that will bring the truth home. It will be probably be some comedian who has a gut feel for Truthiness.


  1. Wow man!! very well written. And NDTV ripped apart. i just wish that NDTV meet its fate by virtue of its karma. Jai Sri Ram!

  2. Superb! So many angles to the game of NDTV & its like brought out in this one blog. If Katju was really serious about cleansing the media, he should read your blog than scare the public with his riots by Social Media.

    This is every bit responsible, hard-hitting, with facts, and logical inferences based on what has been happening in the so called Mainstream Media. The cancer of biased news, motivated attacks has crossed third stage, as you rightly say the 2014 is a reason for worry for them, their masters.

    Once again, a great expose. Thank you.

  3. Your last paragraph first - I don't bite that fact that they are loss making. Erosion of Share Value and Channel in Red are two different things, No? Share values are on declared income - Draw your conclusions now. Some select Stakeholders are having the cake and eating it too. Period

    Yes, in the fond hope that repeating a lie too many times may turn that into truth. Or make hay as long as sun shines ? They are just extending the life of anti NaMo bashing using a ventilator. Wait till even that fails which I see happening very soon.

    Excellent analogies and conclusions. I have seen survivors of Cancer - but this malignancy of #Paidnews is beyond hope and incurable. Rotten values have dug and entrenched with deep roots. Exterminate!

    Thanks for the wonderful fact filled column.

  4. Hello Ravi, NDTV is no less than a Temple and those who work for it [Head honcho Pranoy Roy downwards] are No Less than Gods. Ditto can be said about those worthies who participate in their Discussion Dramas [Yes, Dramas - because they are staged].
    Irrespective of many responding to you as: Wearing your right wing affiliations on sleeves etc;fact remains that your articles are well researched and are based on facts. And possibly, that's the real rub that these worthies call you names.
    But I am a die-hard optimist and I know that NDTV and their clones shall be exposed for what they are really worth. Thanks again for a wonderful piece. Regards - KRV

    Thus they rule with their own rules as a nawab rule in a democratic country

  6. I think you need a worpress, google, Live Journal, Type pad account to post your comments.....Why are thses restrictions on this site??

    1. They are not restrictions, These are the commenting options with Google Blogspot.

      But @Mediacrooks you may like to add Facebook commenting plugin to site. It's not very difficult. Also the social share buttons don't stand out very well. It's very easy to add tools like wibiya to blogspot for social sharing of articles. (Check my site for example). I can give you some more gyan on SEO (in case you are interested) as I seriously feel that this site needs more viewers than it currently has.

      Ok, I agree I am going tangential than the topic you discussed here, but just my two cents.

  7. ya i did see that LRS episode .. it was such a biased debate..there were four, sorry five(including Larger Nidhi) against one Mr Vyas of Gujarat BJP . you are such a gem Ravi.. just wanna fly and kiss those hands .. might some day see you ..i salute you

  8. Excellent article... Nidhi knows how Larger a Viagara can make it grow !!! any amount of pounding will not change these shameless creatures,.. "નાગા ને નાહવું સુ અને નિચોવું સુ"

    1. Do you imply that she's begun to feel it?! ;-) Well, there is a lot more to come! 'Thaknaa nahi babee...thakna nahin!" We've become larger...let's make yours larger! ;-)

  9. I have one question; the way Sanjeev Bhatt had carried out his so called crusade against Modi though SIT report has punctured all his theory and deflated his claim of him attending the meeting on 27-02-2002; what would've transpired him to say something which is lie that too under oath.
    To say something in affidavit which is other than facts; is criminal offense and if it is proven that there was deep rooted malaise then he would be criminally culpable.
    I don't think he has any Plan B other than going behind jail as his Plan A of managing the judges and SIT head is failed and his lies are in public and exposed.

  10. December Gujarat election is make or break for India ( Not for NaMo ). The way Congress laid plans are unfolding,it certain that they have their own assessment that they are not going to get next term at centre. Italian mafia and their tacit Islamic supporters fear that if BJP inches closer to power and NaMo gets PMship ( I have doubts on BJP's internal politics as Jaitley/Swaraj are trojan horses planted by Congress )he is the only one capable of hounding them out of country. ABV/LKA should have done that during 1998-2004.The way Congress uses all arms of power to subdue opposition BJP should have done that.The main culprit is ABV.NaMo is the only guy in India who hasn't bowed before Italian madam. Sorry to say ABV/LKA/AJ/SS have skeletons in closet. It is unlikely that without such thing they have allowed an uneducated waitress to steamroll themselves like uncouths like Mulayam,Lalu,Maya

  11. Excellent. Looks like you have taken the rage of all of us and put it out coherently. Thank you!

  12. The pain of Barkha Dutt is; to establish herself as one of the top journalist of the country; the biggest obstacle is - not talking to Narendra Modi for the past 10 yrs (since 2002 riots), a prospective Prime Minister, best performing Chief Minister for the past 8-9 yrs, person who appeared on the cover page of TIME magazine, industrialists somehow do want to associate themselves with Gujarat and Modi ... and Barkha Dutt is stripped off any such privilege of interviewing him.

  13. Media ne hum logon ko Zakia Zafari, Zaahira Sheikh ka naam rataa diyaa hai .. lekin hum mein se kisi ko nahi maloom ki wo innocent 57 kar sevaks jinhe jihaad muslims findamentalist terrorists ne jindaa jalaa diyaa tha, unke naam kya the. kabhi unke ghar waalon ka naam nahi sunaa, unke parivar ke kisi ka koi interview nahi dekhaa ..

    1. Sadly hinduon ke marne ka dard kise hai? Wo chhota bachcha jo apni maa ke saath lipat ke jal gaya, uski tadap kise hai? Main kaise kahoon ki main ajaad hoon.
      Mujhe Gandhi ki ajaadi nahin chahiye. Isase achchha hota Ham lad ke mare hote phir jeete hote. Aisi ahinsak napunsakata ki ajaadi nahin chahiye. I hate my self.

    2. Bharat ! you have touched the right cord. Misgovernance, irresponsible media, callous people (who vote on vote-bank basis) are responsible for our wailing/ suffering, in this great nation and people. We all should consolidate and demonstrate every sunday against Misgovernance, corruption, irresponsible media to bring to attention on what we are losing the ethics and peace apart from prosperity

  14. Muslims for Secular Democracy - is an NGO headed by Mr Javed Anand. We often see him in TV panel discussion not for him against fundamentalism ridden Muslim comunity rather post Godhara 2002 riots and targeting Narendra Modi.

    When the secularism and freedom of expression begging for its survival in Jaipur literary festival, where Salaman Rushdie, noted author, novelist and Bookers prize winner was not allowed to participate by Muslim fundamentalists, some voice from moderate Muslims was highly required. That time no one heard Mr Javed Anand and if so what is the use for any organisation name Muslims for Secular Democracy. Mr Anand never came forward to criticise Deoband seminary stand of not allowing Salman Rushdie in Jaipur literay festival.

    Shouldn't we question the existence and relevance of Muslims for Secular Democracy or the existence of such organistion is mere an agenda against Narendra Modi only. Shouldn't we add motive to Mr Javed Anand because he as person and his organisation failed in the litmus test in justifying the name of his organisation and his resolve of preparing secular Muslim community.

  15. Now come to the accusation made by learned lawyer of Hon'ble Supreme Court Mr Dushyant Dave mentioning in the discussion that the decision of Gujarat Govt. to take the dead bodies of 57 karsevaks who were burnt alive. Unfortunately, either Mr Dave hadn't read the part of that SIT report, which had appropriately replied to this accusation or he conveneiently skipped it.

    The charred dead bodies of innocent 57 karsevaks were beyond recognition and ONLY way to ascertain the idendities of those karsevaks were performing DNA tests. Being Godhara a small town, the district hospital hadn't had the facilities to conduct the DNA test. The state Govt. had an obligation to handover the dead bodies of innocent karsevaks to their family after identifying the corpses. Therefore Govt. decided to take the dead bodies to Ahmedabad. It would have been monumental injustice to the families, kith and kin and freinds who lost their loved one of committing no mistake if the Gujarat Govt. had taken the decision otherwise and would've performed final rites in Godhara.
    This should also be seen from the view point of human right activists, civil right activists who had vehemently advocated the right of final rites to the family of Osama Bin Laden, the dreaded terrorsit killed in covert operation by USA naval seil.

    Therefore the argument of Mr Dave's accusation is not only the manifestation of deep rooted hatred and malaise against Gujarat Govt and Mr Modi in particular but denying the natural justice to the familes and dependent of innocent karsevaks also.

    1. ingenious indeed!

      bodies taken for DNA testing can and indeed are always taken in an ambulance direct to the hospital.

      But when they are taken in a procession to the accompaniment of hate speeches of the hum paanch uke pachees variety, the implication is that it is being done for political gains.

    2. I reject the accusation of Mr Ashish that
      'hum paanch uke pachees variety' was the official stand of Gujarat Govt. of the day . There can be lunatic fringe elements who could have said so and to counter that Mr Modi had made an appeal to remain clam, maintain peace and not to heed to any rumors.
      Ashish is ignorant to the fact that it was an accident and preparedness of administration wasn't immaculate. Godhara administration wasn't prepared with 57 ambulances in advance. At the same time it was imperative on the part of the Govt. to accommodate the psyche of people at large who were angered with the incident.
      It would be unfair to judge every decision of the administration with one objective.
      The erudite Mr Raghvan had given due consideration to the reasoning of the state Govt and the accusation that it was an deliberate act on the part of the Govt. holds no water.
      Unfortunately, different states of India had seen worst ever communal riots and harping on only one riots is less for seeking justice and more of targeting an individual.

  16. So are Pioneer and Organiser the epitome of integrity and probity?

    Your constant but selective rant against NDTV or those media outlets seemingly opposed to your favored party, the BJP reveals your own political bias.

    Bias that makes you as culpable as NDTV.

    1. I admire your spirited defence of NDTV, although you havent elaborated. I would encourage you to think about the following points:

      1. If I criticize NDTV does it mean I should somehow balance it by criticizing Pioneer & Organiser. This is the diet of seculars who think everyone should be EQUALLY criticised regardless of their crimes.

      2. Now, I wonder if Pioneer and Organiser have indulged in a long campaign of lies and mudslinging as NDTV has. If you know of such instances you should have pointed out.

      3. To your previous comment about hate speeches accompanying dead bodies. That is as much a lie as those of NDTV. The Hum Panch speech was made much later around December 2002 elections. You are short on facts.

      4. Even if the Hum Panch speech is in bad taste is that a matter relating to the SIT report? Since the SIT report and its twisting is the topic of this post. And moreso, if there are bad speeches it is for voters to decide, as they did in UP.

      5. You have conveniently concluded BJP is my favoured party. I could just as easily conclude you are offended because of your own political affiliation. But that kind of logic does not test the facts that are mentioned in the post.

      6. This response is not just to you but also to others who choose to make blanket statements instead of debating the content of the post or this blog. If there are factual inaccuracies I would have welcomed and corrected those. But you have none. Every para quotes statements by NDTV. You quote none and simply want Pioneer or some other magazine to be lampooned because that would give your misplaced self-righteousness some satisfaction. I dont have to do that.

      And yes, I do consider NDTV one of the worst news channels in the world and I shall continue to criticise them when ever they slip.

    2. Can there be a fair trial, when the SIT is appointed by and under the administrative control of the Accused (in this case Narendra Modi)? Can these officers be expected to work fairly when their promotions and their careers, indeed their lives depend on writing out reports favorable to the Accused?

      Certainly not!

      MediaCrooks and other anonymous bloggers writing in support of the RSS/Narendra Modi cannot take away the blot on this mans character. Nor can it be wiped away by lobbying by firms like APCO Worldwide, paid for with Gujarati Taxpayers money.

      They will be exposed.

    3. Wow....That is called Defense- which KO the haters off !!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I am terribly sorry, of responding a person who is ignorant to the fact that SIT was constituted by Hon'ble Supreme Court and not by Modi. Its members were picked by Supreme Court & time and again few of them were dropped against the representations made by various NGOs doubting their integrity.
      Having said that, I agree that to remain IGNORANT is prerogative of Mr Ashish and I extend my best wishes to his blissful ignorance.
      However, no matter how much ignorant you're but your ignorance can't be admissible fact and occupy the place of Gospel Truth.

  17. >> Pioneer and Organiser have indulged in a long campaign >> of lies and mudslinging as NDTV has.
    errr YEAH!

    ofcourse, considering your known political bias, you might not consider articles on what Rahul Gandhi's real name is or how they are actually Khans etc as "lies"
    and "mudslinging".

    >> I shall continue to criticise them when ever they slip.
    that is your right ofcourse! but it is equally our right to point out that you are not exactly an unbiased critic, but a Modi-Bhakt hiding behind a cover of anonymity posting unsubstantiated allegations against a media organisation.

    1. @Ashish Prabhu, you have been repeating the accusation that this blogger is "anonymous". Can you prove that accusation?

      Secondly, since you are accusing of anonymity, why don't you come out of your "anonymity" and give us full details about yourself. So that we may be well aware of your history !!

  18. You have just concocted some more lies:

    1. SIT was neither appointed by Narendra Modi nor was it under his administration. it was appointed by Supreme Court. Now I if you are unaware of even such a basic fact then its obvious where you are coming from.

    2. Rahul Gandhi was indeed enrolled as Raul Vinci in College and does travel on a passport with that name. But I dont think media is harping on that.

    3. Mediacrooks is not anyonymous. This is another figment of your imagination. Name, address, phone numbers are all in the public domain. Simply because you are ignorant doesnt make me anonymous.

    So, please save your misguided beliefs. You are not dealing with facts.

    1. All my appreciations to you, Ravi. You articulate very well in your blogs, with clarity and logic which all sensible persons agree. Be blessed.

  19. Hello ,

  20. Read this insider account of NDTV hypocrisy

  21. Excellent article. You have written all our thoughts here. These channels and so called journalists do not have any shame in them. I wish people will boycott these anti-national channels.

  22. God! I don't know what kind of Hashish this Ashish guy is smoking. Every article that talks about SIT makes it clear that it is an investigative team appointed by SC. The loser can't even understand the basic facts and he comes to argue.

    Bozo Ashish!

    Organiser is an RSS orgainzation magazine. They will write whatever they want to convey the message to their members. There is similar party propaganda newspapers such as INC Sandesh, CPM, CPI and even Shiv Sena have their own official magazines. They will write glorious articles about their party and leaders. No one reads them except idiots like you who criticize Organiser without looking at INC Sandesh or CPM magazine.

    Daily Pioneer exposed the 2G scam of CON UPA allaince, Raja, MMS, Chidu etc. You have not cited any twisted facts/lies made by them or Organiser.

    here the author carefully demonstrates lies, propaganda and vilification campaign made by NDTV. You have not addressed one issue and proved the author wrong. Instead, you attack Organiser which no one reads other than RSS members or useless people like you and Dogvijay.

  23. Ravi - Very nice pointed article from you. Another par for the course considering the high quality of output you dish out

    Ravish from NDTV (Hindi) may soon move to some other show (non-news) considering he hosted a debate on primetime at 9 on conditions of Hindus in Pakistan and said somethings which would be blasphemy to true blooded NDTVians and their political masters. He had Tarun Vijay and one international affairs commentator Sudhanshu Sarin (or similar name) to say the hard hitting truths for “secular” brigade and two others to paint the "secular" side. Ravish said something on lines of "religious persecution ke tahet hinduon ko refugee kahekar sharan dena galat nahin hona chahiye" (agreeing to the comment made by Sarin)

    Vinod Dua - their best anchor is shunted to Zaika India Ka lest their masters will get angry. Same future awaits Ravish...

    Somebody should tell Nidhi that most of us dream of sharing bed with Katrina, Kareena etc, but that is no crime. If we molest a female, then it is a crime. Personal anger of Modi has no meaning as long as he was impartial in his actions

    Perhaps for Nehru Dynasty TV and for other english MSM words speak louder than actions.

  24. I am getting tired of calling every article written by you as brilliant. But really I can't find any other adjective. Someone needs to bring all these subtle but important issues on a TV channel. No one reads print journalism as much as TV journalism. You need a TV channel and bring out these issues and tell the world about it.

    1. @Hari, Runing a TV channel is not easy. It needs loads of money. So, some one who is "moneyed" and "real nationalist" has to come forward to take this "couragious step". For sure, the CONgress and many "sickular" parties and "head to toe corrupted" MSM will try their level best to scuttle such efforts. We may put in our contribution by finding out such "nationalist" persons and sending this kind of information to them with a hope that some one will take initiative.

    2. I am sure there exists a business model somewhere that dosen't require a lot of money. Why not start with debates on Youtube? Invite a few well known faces, slowly and gradually a brand could be built over time. Once the brand is built, financing is child's play. We have a lot of entrepreneurial talent - just need to channelize it. These aholes need to be exposed one way or the other.

    3. even i was thinking in the same way. thank god there are some more like me.



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