Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sanjay Pinto Mourns Social Networks

When the opening line of an article reads: “I'm all for free speech and against attempts to gag dissent” it’s a clear warning about what is going to follow. All the ‘Ifs and buts’ and then sound reasoning why there should be regulation and some form of censorship will start pouring. Surprisingly, in the MSM it doesn’t come from religious heads or bigots. It usually comes from news reporters and editors. The name Sanjay Pinto didn’t seem very familiar till I looked it up. Aha, this guy is from the same stable that holds the social networks in utter contempt – NDTV. Funnily enough, Pinto appears prominently in their section called ‘NDTV Social’. After all, it was originally his colleague and frustrated star Barkha Dutt, the epitome of decency and uprightness that first waged a war against bloggers and lost. Something about the social network bothers Barkha, Nidhi Razdan, Sonia Singh and now Sanjay Pinto. I am tempted to ask ‘Sanjay Pinto ko gussa kyon aata hai’ after reading his piece titled “The Social Network — Unknown abusers” in The Hindu. So let’s see what Pinto had to say.

Pinto writes: “The tenor of anonymous tweets would make even the most liberal crusaders for free speech think twice about demanding the decriminalisation of defamation. There is intolerance for ‘the other view', vulgarity and vituperation in 140 characters. There is mob psychology at play. And there is uncontrolled, apparently unmonitored rudeness on what is meant to be a wonderful platform to “find out what's happening about people and organisations you care about.” Mob Psychology? Hahaha, welcome to ‘The Family’! Of all the people on Twitter Pinto seems to be reading tweets only from the rude and vulgar ones, especially the ‘anonymous’ types. You should really be reading the feedback page of NDTV or any other channel where you can read comments from people who watch the channel are displayed. Oh, now don’t ask me where that feedback page is, because you’re not going to find it anywhere. For NDTV and Sanjay Pinto it is hard to even listen to and absorb genuine feedback or criticism so why should this guy be even bothered with rude and vulgar tweets. And where do these supposed journalists even get the right to deliver moral sermons?

The problem with these moralists is that it’s the identity that counts and not what is being said. If Shekhar Kapur were to tweet Barkha Dutt and say “Your program sucks” then that would be okay, but if an anonymous person were to say the same thing, he would be a troll. After all didn't NDTV misuse a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan to imply he rubbished Virat Kohli? (And later apologised) Still, look up Barkha’s TL on her Twitter account and you will find endless tweets of ‘Thanks’, ‘Thank you’ and so on. You are unlikely to find any response to criticism. When Prasanna Vishwanathan (@prasannavishy), a popular tweeter and respected web journalist himself, once pointed out a critical article to Barkha, she barked back: “Why don’t you and your friends go rant in your own corner”. Sagarika Ghose once responded to the same person with the remark: “You’re a gutter-snipe”. Now, I can tell you with a good deal of certitude that @prasannavishy is neither anonymous nor a troll and you will agree if you go through his tweets. Sanjay Pinto probably doesn’t read tweets from his own ‘mob’ who may be non-anonymous but are quite frequently as rude and vulgar as the ones he laments about.

And no, I really haven’t forgotten the anonymous part. Pinto seems to be unaware that if there is some serious trouble then even anonymous accounts and fake IDs can be traced and located. That, though, is not the problem here. You see, this Pinto and his mob sort of believe only those who reveal their identity have any right to comment or tweet. By this stupid logic we should also know who voted for whom in a ‘secret ballot’. Okay, that might sound silly but here’s a brilliant note on why anonymity is as much a valued possession as an identity. Tweeter @RealityCheckInd wrote this piece “Thank you from Google India” during the height of Kapil Sibal’s nonsense about pre-screening.  I recommend Sanjay Pinto and all the other morons in the MSM read the piece before breast-beating about anonymous users of the social network. And Pinto forgets, it was CNN-IBN that was begging Bachchan to promote one of their programs or articles on Twitter because of his celebrity following. Naturally, of what use are anonymous idiots!

Pinto goes on: Fake profiles, especially for public figures, have become such a nuisance that genuine users are inconvenienced. For instance, the twitter ID ‘Rajdeep Sardesai' is taken. The original Rajdeep has had to create one in true Olympic-list style with ‘Sardesai Rajdeep'. Here, the nature of the tweets, scoops or programming information, are usually enough to distinguish a real celebrity from an impostor. Really? What is it about CNN-IBN’s Rajdeep Sardesai that makes him the ‘Original Rajdeep’. LOL! Did he invent the name? The @RajdeepSardesai account clearly and sarcastically mentions he is not to be confused with the RS of the Cash4Votes infamy. And by what logic does Pinto imply that the @rajdeepsardesai account is an impostor? I can guarantee there might be at least a 1000 Sanjay Pintos in India. Which is probably why even his Twitter account has an underscore to it (@sanjay_pinto). If you go through the TL of @RS you won’t find any tweet or message that remotely resembles those of the IBN Rajdeep and nor does it claim to be even a parody account. But these are the childish concerns that seem to occupy the idle minds of journos like Sanjay Pinto.

Pinto also talks about defamation. As far as I can see there are really no serious cases of defamation on the social network. People on the network aren’t stupid enough to fall for lies and frivolous comments by others, whether anonymous or identified. And defamation happens only when people seriously believe some falsehood about a person as being true. Hypothetically, if I were to call Sanjay Pinto a part-time bar dancer not only are people unlikely to believe me but I would be receiving a lot of brickbats and very scathing criticism from readers of this blog. The problem with the Pintos, Barkhas and his clan is that they do not believe that common citizens have the brains to sift the grain from the chaff.

Here is what really bothers Pinto as he writes: "In most newsrooms, Twitter is slowly overtaking even news wires as a source of information. When this medium is going to occupy such an important role in our lives, users must be entitled to higher standards of reliability and safety. For starters, let the social-media moguls work to ensure better safeguards against misuse. And let users start reading the terms of service before clicking on the ‘I Agree' button”. That is true, the MSM is really rattled that some media other than their own has now the power to influence opinions and events. If morals and righteousness were the issues Pinto would be asking Barkha, Sagarika and many others of his ‘mob’ to resign from their jobs for the immense damage they have caused to journalism. But no, like the ones named Pinto believes they are ‘God’s lonely messengers’ and their turf shouldn’t be invaded.

Friend @WordofThefree who brought Pinto’s POS to my notice also tweeted that there are Block buttons, Spam buttons, Report buttons. I believe instead of sermons, Sanjay Pinto should first learn to use those buttons. If defamation is an issue, far more cases can be piled up against the MSM media mafia than on those on Twitter or any other social media. Pinto would also do well to read my previous post and realise the MSM channels abuse Twitter far more than any other group.


  1. The Only Pinto i know is a Liquor shop at Hubli called Pinto's and they sell original stuff unlike any other Pinto's of the world !!!!

  2. I was blocked by Sagarika Ghosh because I critiqued her for her fake "live" interview with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    Nikhil Wagle blocked me because whenever he took a higher moral ground I reminded him of his tweet about middle class people having low IQ and who were supporter of BJP. (It was a sarcasm from my side but no reason get blocked by him)

    Tavleen Singh blocked me because I always asked for a her alternate solution to the Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal bill.

    Neither did I abused them nor insulted them. But they just could not tolerate any one who is questioning them. They think idea is a one way traffic. It only flows from them to the masses.

    1. An insight into the compulsive "swarm-behaviour" deeds of the likes of Sagarika Ghosh, Tavleen Singh etc. in blocking legitimate but eye-opening (and therefore unpalatable )blogs almost with a seemingly irrational vengeance can be had from examining the working of the strategic planners behind all of the Western MSM (and of course by direct implied extension, its cohorts in India). The Western Oligarchist media, which is just a social-engineering tool of the super-Oligarchy which controls the sham democratic Western governments and judiciary, is based on the assumption that the people of the world can be very effectively brainwashed through incessant propaganda disguised as news provided that it is aired on multiple channels having apparently different ownership and provided that thinking individuals as well as the collective corpus of the masses is DELIBERATELY BY DESIGN denied access to this media. The underlying principle is the superlative power of the mass-media (with its inordinately wide satellite reach)in innundating and overwhelming the sane voice (howsoever ,factual, honest and convincingly truthful) of individuals from among the grassroot masses ----whose acess to means of idea-dissemination remains limited (restricted) to face-to-face meetings with the community. Crafty WESTERN-funded NGO's and corporatist lawyers utilise the strongarm of a corrupt (but wholly unaccountable-to-the-native public) OxFordian judiciary and bureaucracy("autonomous" power centres) to frame and notify regulations and legislation that debar the rank-and-file masses and their genuine representative leaders from meaningful access to the airwaves, while forcing third-world governments to cede evermore spectrum to the mole-entities controlled by Western corporates ! The AIM is to weave a super-matrix of disinformation and an utopial ( hallucinating, narcotic) all-is-well-why-should-I-ever-give-a-damn feeling among the masses to enfeeble their collective and individual psychological defences against superlatively unrestrained rape by the imperialistic Western Oligarchy. Motivated Churches, Western intelligence agencies and militaries, being simply tools of the insatiatably lustful& gluttonous Oligarchy--work with consistent planning in concert with the electronic media towards that end.

      Dravidian and Brahminist racists of alien genocidist lineage, ADEPT MASTERS OF DISGUISE THAT THEY ARE, feign allegiance to egalitarianism and communism while being rapaciously ultra-corporatist by essential genetic nature. They do so in order to perplex the Indian Hindu masses, who are their prey, by imposing on them a feeling of totally unjustified unreasonable guilt and shame(Offence is the best form of defence !----You must bear all the oligarchist transgressions against your human rights and civilisation with a grin without so much as a whimper of protest---because limitless suffering is the atonement for your (imaginary) sins. This is precisely what the Maoist muderous mercenary army columns of the imperialist Western Christian fundamentalist corporate regimes and their overtly capitalist Dravidian racist bedpals in bureaucracy, judiciary and the media are all about. Those who think that the HINDU and FRONTLINE are "Communist"/"leftist" by ideology, should perhaps think again. The only abiding and immutable feature of the corporatist vampires in the media is their cardinal unrelenting animosity towards the Indian masses, legitimate children of Bharat Maa. The fakers in disguise may feign leftist pretension, but their DEEDS amply betray their unreformable innate lustful nature, inherited from their alien ancestors and crystallised in their psyche and genetic constitution via reiteration over thousands of generations. There is in reality no underlying paradox in the bewildering but incredibly synergistic Capitalist and "Communist" assault on the sublimely virtuous 900 million children of Bharat Maa.

    2. Absolutely well said, Raj. Brainwashing the masses with maliciously immoral untruth by way of monopolistic de-facto CENTRALISED control (by the Western Oligarchy)over the ONE-TO-A BILLION TELEVISION AIRWAVES AMOUNTS to DICTATORIAL RAW BRUTALISATION of the masses at its worst, INCOMPARABLY MORE SINISTER than the imaginary "MOB PSYCHOLOGY" so misleadingly harped on by Goanese Catholic Christian Brahmin propagandist PINTO to unreasonably vilify the masses and slander their collective intelligence. The CORPORATIST MASS-DISINFORMATION-MONGERS (who write the script for all of their cohort deceptive media around the globe) are a trillion times more CENTRALISED, AUTOCRATIC and intolerant of DISSENT than the erstwhile CPSU.

  3. I can’t agree with you more regarding that for this mob “its identity that matters” and if the identity is “SUPER IDENTITY” then the garbage or gutter these so called IDENTITIES offer and utter does not ruffle or disturb them . On the contrary, these IDENTITIES have a more social responsibility .But on hearing this crap these so called Family of Moralists just smile or blush ashamedly . Just to give you an example – there was an article by Ms Sunethra Chowdhary about a politician making a sexist comment , But what about KING KHAN in one of interviews to Barkha told that in response to a suspicion raised by an elderly woman about him being a GAY , he told her to spend time with her .. Barkha laughed .. and if such a remark had been made by non-identities, we would be torn to pieces … and also once Mani shankar Aiyar commented on her beauty in one episode of The Buck Stops Here that was not in good taste or the manner in which it was said but all is well when it is Identities and the sky falls when it is non-identities

    1. There is plenty of vitriolic Roman Catholic Christian HATE against the blameless innocent 900 million Hindu children of Bharat Maa on websites on the internet hosted by (highly respected in the community) Goanese Christian Catholic Brahmins Mascarenhas et al, which display photographs taken from inside Hindu temples by ill-intentioned Christian visitors faking altruistic devotion (Remember Julia Roberts? The trivialisation of Hindu icons and faith and the crazily unintelligent praise heaped on the Eat, Pray and Love culture of English sanyasis by Goanese Brahmin media-goddess Ms Pai). The hate-monger sites carry caption legends accompanying the dozens of high resolution photos:- "Satanic Hindu girls standing outside a temple to worship the DEMONESS DURGA. Satanic Hindu laborers worshipping the DEMONESS BHUMI (Earth) at a construction site in India. They are Satanic because the one and only holy Roman Catholic Faith considers them guilty of "Latria", of associating God's creation with divinhood...". Mr. Mascarenhas goes on to absolutely justify the 500-yr long hellish inquisition of slowly burning to death 20 million Indians as ordered by the "blessed" Popes, advancing the argument that IT IS THE DIVINELY ENJOINED DUTY OF EVERY NON-PROFANE CHRISTIAN STATE TO USE ALL MEANS INCLUDING ALL FORMS OF FORCE AND EVEN TORTURE TO Dissuade the gullible populace from going astray from the path of Christ in word, thought and deed; and that such a government shall stand blameless and exalted before Christ on the day of judgement. A secular and profane government like the present Indian one shall stand doomed to eternal hellfire...". What does high priest Pinto(perhaps the Portuguese Christian God's lonely messenger) have to say of these modern day most holy Goanese Christian gods like Mascarenhas ? But then, perhaps as Justice Cyriac Joseph of the supreme court has publically asserted:- "Evangelisation is a sacred duty required (ordained) of every Christian by Lord Jesus christ. No christian can run away from it..". A South Indian Christian columnist writing a very lengthy pageful piece in the TRIBUNE boasted that when he saw a Hindu woman at the Mata Vaishno shrine in Jammu offering to let her daughter be given ritual "Kanyika" pujan offerings, he shooed her away by saying that it is "Illegal to beg" and making intimidating, threatening gestures like clicking her with his camera. Many committed Christian fundamentalist journalists, zombie mental slaves of their corporate Western overlords, make hideous trips to Hindu village temples only to ridicule and humiliate underaged Hindu girls, besides secretly offering the Eucharest, as demanded of them by the modern Jesuit Oath and exactly as enunciated 500 yrs ago by the most holy saint-theologian Francis Xavier, who massacred more women by the fire and the rod-of-impalement than all the Jews murdered by Hitler.

    2. Propaganda websites hosted by rabidly racist South Indian Christians continue to parrot the trademark American and Arundhati-Suzanne-Roy LIE about "Genocide of Tamils(=??The Christian Al-Qaeda LTTE)by the Sri Lankan Government in Jaffna, while also savagely condemning the legitimate recent Sinhala outrage against the savage "public execution style" murder of two Sinhala Buddhist women inmates who had died from the traumatic psychological shock of being forced to listen 24 hrs to incessant alien-cultured hate-filled Church propaganda on loudspeaker vilifying non-Christian fellow Sinhalese and to watch gibberish Christian orgies while being strictly held captive for days on end without being allowed to meet any relative inside a Church-run hospital. Techniques perfected by American cold-war psychologists are amply used by Christian evangelist Churches in forceful proselytisation of Hindus and Sinhalese common-folk, subjecting them to an ambience of very loud Christian sermonising and incomprehensible ritual until their psychological defences break down under duress to pave the way for their baptism. Indian Christian propagandists on the net have gone overboard in defending that barbarism.

    3. @ Anonymous

      It appears the three comments posted on religion/Churches etc. seem to be from you. There have been similar comments in previous posts. I would request you to stick to the topic and general thread of this blog. This blog has nothing to do with Churches or LTTE nor does this post specifically. While not commenting on your concerns I have to state this isn't the place for it. Please restrict your comments to the topic at hand. Future comments about churches etc. will be deleted.

  4. yes by the time i was half way i forgot where i was and what is the topic about. If examples from are to tinge with to corroborate it is acceptable but when overblown the purpose will be vanquished. I sincerely request to be near the subject in question

  5. Didn't Mr.Sanjay Pinto say anything when the original Rajdeep Sardesai's original wife Sagarika passed a fake interview with Sri Ravishankar as original?

  6. Just to the point , where it hurts to the MSM coz it is the reality and the fact mentioned by you .

    First of all people does not know much about who this Pinto is . But with association with crooked network channels ppl will better know him. It is funny to see that NDTV has a section called NDTV Social . Dont know much about NDTV Social department , but surely know their so called so called social activities in twitter . Any way people cant call their or their cronies's tweets resembling to any thing social . Just biased towards the Congress .

    The way he mentions Mob Physiology he is no way civilized person for sure . If he works in NDTV Social department, he does not get any right to utter non sense on others appearing as anonymous . I dont know about his religion , but he surely displays sick mentality towards Hindus . He should be aware of the fact that there is democracy in India and not the Dictatorship of the Congress whom they continue licking the feet , people has the right to express themselves.

    Sagrika , Barkha and lots of other retarded freaks goes on with abusive language on twitter, do they call it Social activity on twitter . Just praise those crooks in your tweet and you surely get the quick response , but if you want to criticize them , may be you are blocked or just ignored . They seems to be like First family of Congress who just likes to hear good things from others and respond to them .

    What moral right does those crooks have to advice the tweepies or people on social network about the credibility , reliability and safety . They have just attained the peak of shamelessness and dont hesitate even to show their faces even after several apologies made my those MSM in reference to displaying fake tweets and wrong tweets .

    No body in India has given them God status so that they feel encroachment through twitter on News coverage . It is better for them to wake up at this call and improve their strategy else will be phased out with their credibility rate .

    Those MSM channels must be having expert guys to support them but they forget that India is a vast ocean of talents lying in the social corridor and they have to fight the open talent pool . Here on the social media network they have to face the real people whom they always try to ignore . They can be answered in the manner they twist , sorry tweet .

    How can people beleive that these crooks are going to establish a self regulating body for the News media , when they cant regulate their own self and find themselves vulnerable to the deeds they have been active in .

    Hope they find a lesson at this point and avoid confrontation with vast number of socialist on the social media to avoid being bashed and thrashed and getting their dirty linen washed in public .

  7. Pinto had a few Pints when he said that. Pardon him for the drunken stupor under whose influence he went and talked some nonsense. But the best part, He got a chance to be featured in your Blog, Sir!!! For all we know that is a glory for him to be even mentioned by him. Funniest part is he claiming a patent on the name (not in so many words though) and assigning a Star rating to Rajdeep Sardesai. Ha ha ha.
    Just curious, Is Sanjay Pinto a alter-ego of Rajdeep, by any chance?
    Yet another great piece of writing. Keep this coming and educating common folks like us. Crooks in the Media will not get away anymore as long as this site exist! Hats Off!

  8. Dear Ravi,

    ENDITV hindi showed a discussion in modi and his time mag cover.

    Please write a piece on it.

  9. Very nice article. These media moguls have enjoyed fame for long time, and they are addicted to it. Their selective news offerings, biased commentary, etc are now getting exposed by tweeple. These idiots are therefore unnerved and have started barking. I wish more people join this tweeter tsunami and drown these antinationals and hate mongers completely.

    The comment about rajdeep handle by Pinto was hillarious. As on of the popular phrases for idiots goes in Maharashtra, this guy has his brain in his knees.

  10. Great Write up...I hope Sanjay "The Original" Pinto reads this and get enlightened. Looks like now you need really low level of common sense and thinking to become a journalist on those bullshit channels and newspapers. Katju's 90% lot

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Mr. Pinto has learnt to use the buttons, finally..

    "For starters, let the social-media moguls work to ensure better safeguards against misuse. And let users start reading the terms of service before clicking on the ‘I Agree' button”. "

    Mr.Pinto wants to think all the previous generations media moguls (who always provided a unidirectional communication to the masses) now have the authority to be Social media moguls....

    am reminded of the advt for Polo and its byline !

  13. All these neo converts are burned by hate, not reason. wonder, they find meaning in incoherent mumbo jumbo, so called books supposed to have been written or said by a primitive person ?!. they belong to that era . Why they exist now ?!


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