Monday, April 9, 2012

A Meeting Of Two 10 Percents

There is something about Justice Markandeya Katju that’s keeping him in the news. Yesterday, the former SC judge and now PCI Chairman once again reiterated his belief that “90% Indians are fools”. I don’t agree with a lot of other things that Katju says but I do find some sense in it when he frequently suggests 90% of Indians are fools. I am also quite certain that he doesn’t mean ‘fools’ as in deprived of thinking skills but rather the unwillingness to think. For a start, it is people from this very 90% that vote for an alien to power for no rhyme or reason. It’s also quite possible that ‘Fair and Lovely’ thrives on much of this 90% population. We have been told that 70% of the nation is made of up youth. Unfortunately, most of the 70% is also made of Katju’s fools. One can’t blame the 40% or so people below the poverty line whose daily struggle would leave them with little or no time to think. But Katju doesn’t specifically state anywhere that this ‘90% fool population’ also includes much of our media. Some of our media people are not just foolish, a few of them border on outright anti-national. That is the only explanation for their going overboard over a private visit of a much-maligned President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan. Affectionately called ‘Mr.10%’, Zardari crossed over to lunch with our PM, Manmohan Singh, on his way to pray at Ajmer. Perfect! Why MMS is not called ‘Mr. 10%’ is a mystery to me.

From Times Of India
Take a look at this cartoon from Times of India. Observe carefully. There is something seriously missing. I will leave it to you to figure what is missing for now. Sometime in 1998 in the middle of all the sex scandals Bill Clinton bombed Sudan and Afghanistan. Turned out the target in Sudan was a pharma company. Never mind. Clinton was then accused of diverting attention from the scandal and the incident even seemed inspired by a movie; ‘Wag The Dog. Zardari’s visit is somewhat similar. Look at Pakistan – plagued with troubles, a bounty on terrorist Hafiz Saeed recently announced by the US, a general election around the corner and the list could go on. It was the perfect time for Zardari to go on a religious trip to a shrine in Ajmer in India. To add to emotional content he tags along son Bilawal Bhutto. Aha! Like our own Priyanka Vadra, Bilawal doesn’t seem very willing to let go of the Bhutto tag. Perfect! On the other hand there’s MMS, drowned in a sea of scams. If Zardari wants to pray at Ajmer MMS makes sure he doesn’t pray on an empty stomach. So he invites him to lunch on the way. Nothing wrong, these are common courtesies to be extended to any state head. Nothing wrong, except another foolish episode by our media.

From the morning of April 8 till around 4pm in the afternoon when Zardari finally left Ajmer all the usual suspects were on TV. Fortunately, Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami chose to stay away. However, we had Barkha Dutt on NDTV, Suhasini Haider on CNN-IBN and the rest with a non-stop commentary on a non-event. Was there anything to the luncheon meet? Except for small talk maybe nothing was expected and nothing happened. The usual invitation to the PM to visit Pak, and a similar invitation by Bilawal to Rahul Gandhi apart, the other loose change was predictable. Zardari talked about Kashmir and Siachen and MMS talked about terrorism. This is the ‘foolishness’ Katju is probably referring to. Fed on a daily dose of tamasha and cover up of real news,  people generally ‘drink the sand’ even when they know it doesn’t quench their thirst. And if nothing came out of the lunch, there was always soap in the form of Rahul-Bilawal.

Pic received from @Sheefal
So some of our media slaves started belting out stories of how Rahul and Bilawal are similar. How both are soft-spoken and thorough gentlemen, though I’m not quite sure Rahul wants to get rid of his newly acquired ‘angry-at-everything’ image. I don’t know much about Bilawal because he is yet to demonstrate his stupidity. However, if stories that abound somewhere, as here in the Daily Mail, he is truly equipped to match Rahul in every respect. Like drama-queens they even strike similar poses as the pic shows. Would be harsh to comment on Pakistan and Bilawal. But yes, it does take a nation of fools to put an established fool like Rahul Gandhi in any seat of power. But like Katju says, we have 90% fools here and which is the reason RG is even in the limelight. The much touted ‘intelligent’ youth of the nation is brought up by our media on a healthy diet of Pyjama Cricket, Bollywood crap and shows like BigBoss. I can assure you 90% of these youth, the future of India’s glory, can’t find Bangalore or Bhopal on a map. I would credit them with extra-ordinary intelligence if they even manage to name the state capitals of MP or Kerala unless they are residents of those states.

One of the other problems with the media and our politicians is this mirage of  a peaceful and friendly Pakistan. This not only gives them enough to spin tales, it keeps the money flowing. Sons often carry on the legacy of their parent or the promises the parents made. This Bilawal is the grand-son of a Bhutto who has promised a “thousand-year holy war against India”. This Bilawal is the son of a Bhutto who can be credited with fomenting and sowing the seeds of terrorism in Kashmir. There will never be peace with Pakistan. NEVER! Our option is to not seek a war or any conflict but this charade of peace is a tool with which politicians and media fool the fools from both nations. And we have 90% of them, as Katju frequently reminds us.

Change is inevitable. But we have had a long line of PMs who have had less of a political inclination and more of an emotional attachment to the nonsense called Pakistan peace. And the media, in its quest to earn a few more bucks, adds to this blatant untruth. MMS may long for his hometown in Lahore or Advani might long for Sindh. The emotional connection is fine. But unless and until India has a PM who has no baggage of historical connections and is willing to look at Pakistan for what it is today, there isn’t the slightest chance of any reconciliation or peace. Zardari is affectionately called ‘10%’ but MMS is a ‘10%’ too. MMS is 10% PM and 90% either a puppet or a doormat. Worse, MMS could be 10% and the rest of him could fall in Katju’s basket. The problem with the TOI cartoon I first referred to is that it shows only Zardari sitting on the lap of his army boss. The right one would have been to also show MMS sitting on the lap of Sonia Gandhi. That would be reality. In absence of any real powers vested in either Sardarji or Zardarji, this is just a meeting of two 10 Percents.


  1. Very well written. I agree with you and Mr. Katju and thanks to you I did my initial research on him and am going to continue doing the same in more details hereafter.

  2. This Zardari visit reminds of 1. Hina Rabbani Khar's visit and 2. Mian Musharaff's visit. While in the case of HRK, the media was busy analysing the dressing sense and who was the tailor and what shop did she bought her clothes from, and in case of Mian Musharaff, the media was busy counting how many times Mian Musharaff touched his hairs to straighten them. The role of media starts and ends there. So the present estylish coverage of Zardari,Bilawal,MMS, Rahul etc holds no face value to the Indians, and we frankly should not expect Media to talk about the crux of the matter.

  3. The problem lies in the journalism course/colleges- students are taught how to report but not how to analyze a situation. The institutions leave that part to the students. More often than not the students get carried away by the glamour and fail miserably to give a story the treatment it deserves. They report Bollywood and politics with the same mentality.
    Another thing that's missing in the cartoon is not just Sonia, but also her 'soft spoken' son Rahul-isn't he also the boss?

  4. Whtever above mentioned regd the fools....its 100% true.... I see them around
    everywhere.... The otherday.. I was talking about PChiddu...and
    .people are so numb that ... They still had n good impression on him
    Asking them why... They didn't had answer ....moreover they say..
    They just feel it ... Duh.... And after sometime I came to know that they
    Didn't know subramaniyan swamy or VKSingh either ... Yet they argue on sachins 100 100s all day 24#7....our country will never change .. !!!! Excellent posts from you by the way sir....

  5. Agree with Anonymous..its a sad commentary on the youth and media of our country...but i have had the misfortune of an gentlemen in his 50s exclaim "oh Raja is out of jail" whilst watching an old clip of Chidu n Raja on NDTV. so much for "awareness' even in the older "educated" "successful" generation!

  6. May I ask Mr.Katju, through your blog, to which category he belongs - 90% fool or the 10% intelligent?

  7. I know someone who has no baggage of historical connections and is willing to look at Pakistan for what it is today.

    And that person's name is Jayalalitha.

    In 2014, she will take oath as the PM of India and you will see how these sardesais and dutts shivering in their boots.

    V Anand

  8. There were rumours in past that MMS want to have NOBEL prize in his kitty on the cost of nation . Indians should be very careful with the people at helm of affairs not to give concessions at the cost of nation for personal gains .

    1. Obama got the Noble Prize, just for Promises not for what he delivered. So it has no meaning :) even if MMS gets it, it has no value.


  9. You were dot on w.r.t the intelligence of our youth, which can not go beyond, Allwoods & Cricket. But astonishingly media seems to peddle the view that, looks/appearance are the most important trait and qualifications to lead this nation.

  10. heres our one more act of foolishness:

    1. The other day I saw maths book of a 4th standard student.

      The book had a chapter on Roman Numerals i.e. I, II, --- X etc. But no where Devnagari numerals.

      I wonder the Inferiority complex of educators.

  11. I started reading the article with great expectations and lot of interest but soon realised that its just another one from those disgruntled elements from the Saffron stable and as usual in camouflage. Keep writing till you prove that Narendra Modi is the only who can save India from all its evils (probably he can do something about poverty if he can arrange another massacre, this time the entire 150 million Muslims and thereby bringing down the total population to just over 105Cr!!. Well, that sounds very progressive. Even Varun Gandhi's father, the tyrant Sanjay Gandhi, wouldnt achieved it with all the forced sterlisation he carried out on Indian poor.

    1. When somebody says "Rahul is an idiot", It actually means he (Rahul) is an idiot and not that Modi is the saviour. For forward looking people in Congress (guess they were extinct in congress), if Rahul failed the best they can think of is priyanka but not Sachin pilot,jyotiraditya scindya or even milind deora. People who blindly support congress keep find silly excuses for voting them. If Modi was such a murderer, how come he failed to trigger the riots in rest of the decade he was in power. Do you actually know that Hyderabad is presently burning because of the ineptness of congress governance but our media wont even report it.

    2. I fail to understand how come congress criticizers becoming BJP supporters... This blog is an excellent blog and by looking at over all comments any one can know that.... Seems like you belong to tht rare breed of Congi supporters...

    3. 150 Million Less Muslims means that much less sympathizers for this Paki Terrorists and that much less problem for my mother land. And your technique of branding every congi critic as a saffron warrior is a bottom-less bucket.

    4. Dear "India Against Hypocritics",

      1) What did you expected from the article or why you started reading it with expectation is your problem but the real question is Why does it bother you if the Blogger, i.e Ravinar is Modi sympathizer ???? Do you even believe in equal rights to all Indians under our constitution ???? If yes then Why target Modi without a shread of evidence ????
      2) Why do the Right wing elements need to be disgruntled or camouflaged anyways????
      3) Lets say in the situation where Mr Modi's PM candidacy is not supported by NDA in 2014, would that in anyways change the reality that the whole Main stream Media is Pro Congress & Anti Hindu ????
      4) The real problem is not Modi Sympathizers but the Extremely corrupt & Bias Media which is now become almost Anti national in order sustain their own black hole of corruption.

  12. @Ravinar,

    Katju may be partially right in his sayings. But then he proved that he belonged to the herd of these foolish indians, who generalize *everything*.

    Take for instance, his comment on Astrology, where he claims it is superstitious. Agree that the way the media scoundrels have projected Astrology with all those cheap astrologers vying for public attention is worse, but to claim that Astrology is superstition, he seems to have gone overboard.

    I hope that Katju will agree that Cheiro (an Englishman who studied astrology / palmistry in Bharat) and became world famous is not a foolish person.

    I had a high opinion on this guy Katju, but his sweeping generalization makes me rethink about it.

    1. True.. Katju has made a mess of himself with too many opinions. I have taken his "fools" comment only in a limited context. As for Astrology he does have a point when TV channels peddle "instant" astrology as a pop solution and not the serious study that you refer to. And like many religions, astrology too is a matter of faith...

  13. Ravinar,

    Excellent Article once again. It will be more interesting if you start a 24/7 news channel :) Wondering how the headlines and breaking news will be :)

    Good luck.


  14. The so called Youngistan of today prefer to watch shit shows like Roadies. What can be the level of intellect of people who have such ideals?

  15. Brilliant post, especially on the subject of peace with Pakistan. I just fail to understand why the mainstream media and some speakers like Mani AIyar talk about the so called 'Pakistani people' actually wanting to have peace with india. And the hundreds of thousands that appear in rallies of Hafiz Saeed and other radical elements. Are we to believe that Pakistan is a nation of moderate peace loving people when you see the rallies and protests in pakistan and assasination of reformists like Slman Taseer.

    Are we ever going to get justice on 26/11 or any of the numerous attacks that have happened on india since 1992. 2008 was especially ghastly with 8 terrorist attacks spanning every major city in INdia. In Ahmedabad there were 17 separate blasts in a single evening. How do we brush these attacks under the carpet under the garb of having friendly relations with our 'neighbour'. Even this ultra soft PM who makes no firm or strong statement went on record saying that an attack like 26/11 wouldnt be possible without the hand of state support behind them. Headley in his confession even said on one occasion that PM Gilani came to meet him in Pakistan about a month after the attacks.

    What has changed since then and what action has Pakistan taken that warrants us to fall head over heels like this. I am seriously led to believe that there is something more sinister than meets the eye. Are the Pakistan army and ISI blackmailing Indian politicians.

    Why on earth does the media show no indignation over how India has been ignored over its concerns of terrorism. I was aghast in one particular interview on CNN IBN when Siddarth Varadarajan of THe Hindu said about an year after 26/11 that "India should not be obsessed over terrorism and should take the peace process forward" Do these people really care about Indian lives being lost like this.

    Peace process at what cost may I ask?

  16. Its just super excellent.....

  17. Why don't we get this kind of analysis in more forms of english media?
    Its as if everyone is pandering to some special interest group or some rhetoric. The only reason I frequent this website is because it gives me some hope that my silent thoughts can find some kind of validation in a civilized forum. I am sure there is a silent majority that feels hijacked by fringe or the pop culture-minded politically-correct nazis who shout the loudest.

    Thanks for the article btw. You are totally right when you called out on the lies in the cartoon. They just show one side of the truth, that Mr. Zardari is the leader of a banana republic, while carefully leaving out the one pulling the strings of our PM.

    Also, totally agreed about your point on today's youth. I am just in my 30s and I already feel too old and alienated by the current "India is a superpower" crowd.

    - Meena


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