Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TIME Strikes, TimesNow Bites

Many will remember that grand ‘pre-screening’ scheme of Kapil Sibal to silence major Internet operators. What you should also recall is that it wasn’t some Indian media outlet that broke the story, it was the New York Times. In much a similar manner the Indian media, and the Congress have  been rattled by certain media events. The disgustful conduct of the Congress over Salman Rushdie during the Jaipur Literature Festival to appease muslims received a resounding slap from the voters of UP. As if that wasn’t enough Rushdie came to India over the weekend for the India Today Conclave and had the choicest words for them. “All the years of kneeling before mullahs didn’t work, Rahul” said Rushdie figuratively spanking Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. It’s a slap for our media too. They didn’t stand up when it counted the most against a communal Congress. Well, just as NYT had exposed the sinister plans of Sibal two other articles the last week rattled the servantile Indian media; one from TIME magazine and the other from the reputed think tank of Brookings Institute. Increasingly, any misdeed of the Congress or UPA now seem to be coming out only through foreign publications while our own media mafia seem hell-bent on covering up for them.

It wasn’t just any other article. It was about Narendra Modi! TIME featured Modi as a cover story and Brookings wrote a sort of two-page essay on him. Both were almost identical in their story – Modi, the most loved and loathed politician in India, an effective administrator and asked the question if he can lead India. That’s it. And suddenly the Skype fell on Teesta Setalvad, Vinod Sharma, Mukul Sinha, Shaktisinh Gohil (Gujarat Congress), Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai and, of course, Arnab Goswami.

A few weeks ago during the 10th anniversary of Godhra it already appeared our media had nothing to really say and was suffering from Modi-fatigue. The lies and untruths about Modi were no more being bought by people. It was clearly ‘Game over for Indian media’ and as with the Sibal censorship plan it is now the foreign media that is reporting on Indian issues with a lot more balance. The same TIME is often lampooned in the US for its bad reporting on US but their world editions do report fairly on other countries. You can expect a similar behaviour from Indian journals where you will find them being more objective about Syria or Egypt but absolutely biased and untruthful when it comes to India. This is obviously because in India our media is driven by their own political agenda of serving the Congress. TIME and Brookings do not have such a compulsion.

Teesta Setalvad (who else?) naturally responded by stating it was a PR exercise by Modi. She brandished Frontline and Outlook magazines, with cover stories about Modi and Gujarat riots, as proof of TIME not being reliable. Oh yeah! Frontline and Outlook are fountainhead of honesty and fair journalism, in her dreams. The Gujarat Congress responded with: “Even Laden and Saddam Hussein were featured on TIME cover”. They forgot Gandhi and Nehru were also on TIME cover so Shaktisinh Gohil and Arjun Modhvadia, Gujarat Congress leaders, may now need to ponder if Gandhi-Nehru are also in the same league as Laden and Saddam. Sagarika Ghose of CNN-IBN, the journalistic-bimbo, even suggested TIME may not help Modi escape his “Image trap”. Haha! If the articles in TIME and Brookings were worthless why were these people so worked up and agitated? ‘Pulitzer winner’ Shobhaa De (Yes her name has two As) even asked “Who reads TIME magazine anymore… drop all the fuss about Narendra Modi, who cares”? LOL! Yes, she doesn’t care that’s why she had to tweet her wisdom over the issue.

The best, of course, was saved for by TimeNow. Nobody does it better than Arnab the Armpit. His pompous suggestion: “India is too big to be determined by opinions in TIME or Brookings”. Nobody said TIME or Brookings were in any way the opinions of India but you can trust Arnab to see imaginary devils. And he brought the Congress spokesperson, Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Times (Yes the same guy with the DGP Rathore smirk), to set the record straight. I don’t think TIME or Brookings may influence many opinions but they surely managed to rattle Vinod Sharma into a Raging Bull, who wasn’t willing to let anyone else speak. What’s Vinod’s argument? That he would have accepted an article favouring Narendra Modi in ‘The Economist’ rather than TIME. After his fretting, fuming and kicking and screaming for a few minutes Vinod Sharma had to be chastised by India’s Bahu, Smriti Irani. After being badgered and interrupted frequently, she had a good estimate of how Agent Vinod might be treating his staffers and had to remind him: “I am not one of your staff writers that you can snuff out… let me finish”. From being a great alternative to Congress channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN Arnab has reduced TimesNow to a mere doormat of the party. Worse still, like the other two cousins TimesNow too has started quoting tweets in support of their nonsense.

I could hardly believe on being told by friends on Twitter that TimesNow quoted a tweet of mine during the hearings against TIME and Brookings. I really have to wonder if TimesNow has sunk that low to be quoting MediaCrooks, an account that regularly lampoons our media. So it was indeed a surprise on learning they quoted me as under:

@Mediacrooks: “India is too big to be determined by a TIME or Brookings article..” 

I should be so lucky and thrilled that a news channel should be so fair and balanced to quote one of its most consistent critics. Ah well, some clerk at TimesNow forgot to read the name and the account handle. Enthusiasm! The actual tweet read as under:

@Mediacrooks: “Arnab, If India is too big to be determined by a TIME or Brookings article why are you debating it? Who r u fooling? @thenewshour @timesnow”

This is not the first time a news channel has misquoted and misused a tweet to appear as if it supports the channels theory. That’s the lesser problem. But it is this same twisted manner in which news reports are made or stories are spun in the media that should be of concern to any viewer or reader. It is the consistent lies that the India media has perpetrated that make articles by TIME and Brookings not so much about Narendra Modi but about exposing the lies of our media. That’s why it hurts them.

All the carefully crafted lies and untruths about Narendra Modi and Gujarat were already coming undone in bits and pieces. But they are now coming undone in torrents. The media mafia’s turf is under constant threat by the likes of Rushdie, TIME, Brookings and more will come up from abroad. TimesNow is not the only one using lies to peddle their debates. It’s a disease across the Indian media. TIME has struck, one can only hope our media hears the bell tolling

Update: Here's a screen shot of TimesNow manipulating my tweet.Thanks to @DilipSanchora who sent this in:


  1. If you have seen the Scooby Doo movie, a similar case of media manipulation was used in that movie to twist the words spoken by that gang. Maybe they copied after seeing our Media doing a Hit Job on Modi. Anyways a brilliant article. Dude You Rock

  2. Just last night I dreamed u would write an article on TIME, and kudos u did. interesting how media's crooks twisted a tweet of mediacrooks to milk their own business. One thing I can't get why media took 4 days to respond to TIME, I guess they were waiting for a date with teesta. Once again kudos to u for such a brilliant article.

  3. I am not going to say Hats off anymore, i am running out of my hats !!!;-)

  4. Modi did right : right from the beginning. He neglected MSM always. I often wondered whether it was right to neglect the media to that level. But now, when we the situation where the media is not willing to change its opinion despite the heaps of facts which suggest the contrary, what Modi did seems right. I anticipate death bells ringing for MSM soon (at least for the crooks over there)

  5. Thanks Ravinar. I was waiting for your blog. I have read both the articles and comments. It seems that US has realised the truth and its mistake over the VISA issue. It is trying to make it up. Will the Indian MSM realise?

  6. Mr.Ranivar, My sincere hope that one day you will be invited by Arnob Goswami for a live debate

  7. Good Job on this article..Indian media has surrended to Nehru family...Poor Indian people don't even realise that this family has bee rulling India since it's independant..Playing minority card to collect votes..keep minority poor so they never understand how they are being used by this family.

    Look at Modi...he has changed Gujarat..not only Hindus but all other communities have grown equally in his leadership..Why would so many muslims come to his Sadbhavna fasting to support him? But instead of showing those things..media is too busy collecting big fat check from Congress to manipulate the stories to favour the congress only..

    Not for long though.. :)

  8. Statements like, Time is passe etc. would have been the exact opposite if Sonia was on the cover!

  9. Think, the MSM guys from these channels should read and must re-read your piece, this one in particular, to know where they stand in front of some serious and educated writers and viewers!

  10. The Time article and the Brookings Institution article on Modi have stumped our Desi Media. When our Media was going hammer and tongs hitting Modi all over the place, they got stumped silently from behind by these two articles from foreign media. It was a delight to see how Desi media got stunned by this googly. Desi flavor (I mean loaded with lies) has become stale now. How long can the Desi flavor last? Sadly the shelf life is over!!!

  11. ya i saw this debate and i must confess BJP needs someone like Smriti Irani to give reply since if you cant present your case in appropriate style then your battle is lost and if you can shun them out with befitting reply then viewers can judge who is right and who is wrong ... some spokespersons of BJP listen meekly and it seems that other party is right but that is not the case ... and it is the media channels and their anchors who will interrupt when some bjp spokesperson is speaking and letting stooges of congress speak uninterruptly. last night debate on ENDTV with regard to railways was like that when sonia singh interrupted Mr sudheender kulkarni for making his argument ...

    1. BJP should never ever send this Sudheendhra Kulkarni for any debates. He might be extremely knowledgeable but when it comes to debates he looks like an ass

    2. BJP's image will change dramatically if they stop sending any of the male spokespersons. None of them can stand the intimidation by Congress spokespersons. Instead, any of these ladies - Meenakshi Lekhi, Nirmala Subramanian or Smriti Irani, will manage to win an argument on TV debates.

  12. Supreme Justice Arnab has become so sickening now a days . Earlier people were watching him for his bold stand against the Government. Of late, he has become a pet poodle of the CON's and he has recently won the awards on all categories for the prizes announced by the Clown Prince during his stealth breakfast meet some 20 days back. The categories were 1) 1) Best killer licker awarded to SJ Arnab and his team beating his nearest competitor Raajdeep and Co.,2) Best Lightning lickers- Again Arnab and Co., wins convincingly beating habitual lickers like VOID Sharma , Kumar Ketkar & VOID Mehta 3) Best stealth licker- here Arnab scores a perfect 10 convincingly beating Burqua Dutt. 4) Best All-round licker- here again SJ Arnab walks away with the unanimous choice of the elite jury panel of the CON's that was chaired by the Clown Prince and eminent members like Pig Vijay Singh, Kapil Chapal, Cheatumbaram, Sadman Kurshid, Madshankar Iyer, Rowdika Chowdry... SJ Arnab will be awarded a cash prize of USD 10 M with a glittering crown engraved with " Superstar licker" in an undisclosed resort in Italy by the Empress....

    1. This comment is hilarious. ROFL

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. well said. wish the great arnab could read this

  13. Remarkably right stuff at the right time on Mediacrooks. Best you can say that these media people whom we are discussing made HIT WICKET on their own . They dont need to be bowled out by someone .

    You cant say that all the media houses are pro congress and all hails these people , but the rule is that if some bigger line is placed close to the smaller line , then the actual scene gets clear . These chanel they take it as if they are representing people of India with hidden motives and Pro Congress Agenda , but when they are shown mirror with some international publishers , instead of feeling ashamed with their big stories made recently for Past incidence , which people have forgot and few are trying to forget . But they want to scratch the old wounds and give more pain , instead of actually sympathesing with their old sorrows .

    Just hunted with Modi Fobia , a new medical term , nothing else which applies to them .

    Salman Rushdie rightly said the fact , but you dont find any stories build around his points or the debate thrown by him . They are just trying to pamper their chote Baba , who was digged hard by Diggy and bent hard by Beni . Diggy has really no business in any matter except trying to stay in limelight with his trash remarks which anyone can judge on utterance , but still he fancies on it .

    Gujarat congress leaders they should better check their deeds before jumping onto any conclusions , as they have already praised Mr. Modi . Comparision of Mr. Modi with Saddam Hussein is just bullshit . Congress leaders have forgotten the past . They should better check Congress photo library and archives where , Congress leaders warm heartedly welcomed Saddam and gave him the state honour and they were taking pride in standing beside to him . You can find lots of pics what i mentioned .

    People of Gujarat have witnessed the change in their life and seen the work done by the Government . BJP does not need to showcase the work . It is already in public domain . Congress and those media biased cant see the work , then WHOSE PROBLEM IT IS ?

    One more thing to add , BJP has got very strong people in their cadre , they should take care that these type of wrong publicity and debates and stories running should be tackled with utmost care to expose them . BJP should see that they avoid dumb persons getting involved in those debates which needs some aggressive spokespersons to advocate .

    Thanks Ravinar for the good work done by you .

    You keep on with the good work done by you in service to this great nation .

  14. The men of BJP look like jokers in these televised debates. It's women like Smriti irani, Nirmala sitaram, meenakshi Lekhi and others who are doing a commendable job in the procongress media debates. For the educated illiterates of india, english media is god's word and BJP needs to find fast a media outlet that will voice its opinions to these dumbos.

  15. I think there is complete unanimity on this forum over quality of spokespersons BJP has cultivated over the years. Whether English or Hindi, barring likes of Smriti Irani and Ms Seetaraman, all are atrocious. Even on issues where they can easily out-argue Congress and MSM stooges, one can find them fumbling. Either they are incompetent or sold out. Once upon a time likes of Arun Jaitley and Pramod Mahajan used to easily trample over likes of Kapil Sibal. It is high time BJP overhauled their media management team with young and aggressive guys/gals replacing Ravi Shankar Prasad, Shahnawaz Hussein etc. Otherwise they will lose this battle of perception.

    1. Vineet BhardwajMarch 21, 2012 3:11 PM

      BJP needs a serious change of mindset in media management.

      They seemed to be resigned to the fact that english MSM will belittle them. I have said it a few times on this forum and I repeat it in case there is any BJP office bearer reading this one.

      Boycott NDTV and CNN-IBN for a couple of months. Dont go for any of their talk shows, suddenly their credibility (whatever left) will go down the drain since they will not be seen as being balanced.

      2 months and likes of Arnab and ilk will fall in line. BJP can then dictate who should be the non-political (so called) co-panelists.

      They should use more of Smriti. Hussain is very good for Hindi channels and has developed a nack for one liners. They need to work on their research and not be apologetic about Gujrat and counter Congress with vigour.

      Rake up issues such as Hazratbal, Charar-e-Sharif mishandling everytime Kandhar is mentioned, J&K issue, Shimla Agreement, China goof-up in 1962 when Kargil is uttered, Sikh riots, other riots in congress rule at mere mention of Gujrat. Say how Congress councillor was involved in Godhra Carnage (burning 60 Hindus alive) talk of how congress is making the dead Narsimha Rao as fall guy for everything wrong done.

      No harm in slipping a line or two about the channel or co-panelists being congress extended spokes channel/persons. Throw spanner in works. Nothing achieved by being the nice guys.

      BJP - hit them where it will hurt the most.

      Ravi - Great Article as always

    2. Dear Vineet,
      Bang on.BJP for some period boycott these stooges.But it is not long term solution. The way social media has strong pro-BJP presence, so called MSM will get similar shape. It will depend on how articulate spokespersons are deployed. But I have doubt that there are some Trojan Horses in BJP who are acting on behest of Congress.

  16. Very much correct . It is high time for BJP to tackle these Media Goons and trying to act Pseudo secular mascots like Rajdeep, Ashutosh , Rahul Kanwal , Arnab , Barkha , Ketkar and likes of Vinod Sharma .

    Actually it is clearly visible if we rollback to history in the days of DD channel . Pranab Roy used to cover elections on behalf of DD . Those were the days , Congress was the single largest party, and none dared to go against it . Since then , the tuning of Pranab with Congress was established . Since then major Goons created are all thanks to Pranab Roy & Co. that is Enditv.

    Barkha still stuck with him , Arnab , Rajdeep are Pranab's influence care takers . And with Rajdeep heading IBN team , he has created another bunch of people who are carrying forward the legacy of Enditv, proxy way .

  17. WHAT THE ....You removed my frigging comment. Not at all fair media crooks.

    1. Since you find my 'Comments policy' ridiculous... you are unwelcome to comment here. Any more comments from you can and will be deleted.

    2. Again, your latest comment was deleted. You talk about dissent. There are a lot of dissenting comments on this blog.. some very very critical and even accusatory. I have no problems with that. Dont teach me stuff about HT or TOI or all that. I'm pretty well-versed with all that. If your basic purpose of commenting here is to heap ridicule, it is not the place. On top of that, you write something here as 'Anonymous'.. I gave you that privilege to keep your ID secret. Remember that! And then you tweet me some nonsense. Learn to use your freedom to dissent decently before you talk about any freedom with me.

      As stated earlier you are unwelcome here. So if you have any self-respect you will stay away.

  18. Very much true what VINEET said .

    Unless they adopt a firm and agressive strategy , it is quiet difficult for countering rubbish agenda bearers .

    It is well known fact that all the mentioned above names are working on hidden agenda of covering Congress , trying to save the face of the Yuvraj , as said by them and blind loyalists of Yuvraj .

    If we people know who the hidden face is behind the panelist in the debates held by those Media goons , why is BJP hard line strategist not understanding the fact and acting in accordance to the needs .

    Why is the need to go defensive , when there are lots of options to remain offensive all the time .

    It can be well accepted that strategist working for Congress are emerging pretty smart than BJP . Though they are shamelessly hanging on public issues with their own problems , in public domain thinking all the people watching them are stupid and dumb , these so called Pseudo secularist panel and Congress spokesperson are slowly eroding their own credibility .

    Coming time will make them pay the dues they are creating at this stage .

    Another thing these channels are in business . Business also just straight away related to public domain . Are they stupid not understanding the fact that , if 100 people say GOAT to a DOG , dog does not transform to GOAT . They can try using all those old tactics , which people are fair enough judging them and in long run , they will be shown their place .

    Today BJP lost the Mansa seat in Gujarat to Congress . But the Congress will start demanding resignation and what not, as if they have won the Assembly elections exceeding 2/3rd majority. Today's prime time for the absurd channel would be occupied with the analysis showing How Mr. Modi's popularity is slowly eroded and how Congress is gaining grounds .

    But reality is that they wont be able to digest the fact and accept the reality that winning one seat held by BJP for 17 years , has plenty of reasons to be examined , not just Modi Factor. There might be many local issues which would have not been addressed by the local BJP cadres .

    More over , it is a alert signal for BJP to rise and get agressive and expose Congress , who is trying to hijack the core issues from BJP and flagging irrelevant issues in public domain to remain in limelight .

    Very importantly , it is must for them to stay abreast of Congress strategy to mislead people with rubbish issues and attack offensively to counter their strategy well in advance making them hide their face .

  19. Exactly Right! loved the piece and cant agree more! I have more or less stopped watching these moronic channels...just "happened" to be led to the CNNIbn site to FTN on the TIME mag cover programme....while on my laptop yesterday...
    Here's what i thought, not very different from you and all the others that have commented. Gravy Queen!Sagarika http://ratiparker.blogspot.com
    I do hope things will change. BRD. Anna, Kejriwal shared a stage yesterday ...God willing something will emerge there

  20. Media Lies BustedMarch 22, 2012 12:54 PM

    It is getting more and more hitting below the moral level by Congress with the incidence of 2 MLAs allegedly trapped in Porngate in Gujarat Assembly .

    I dont understand the thing that , doesnt Gujarat Congress have any issues related to public to be raised , instead of raising the issue , which doesnt prove anyway with the blurry images shown on the footage shown all over the media .

    Shaktisinh of Gujarat Congress is trying to explain the thing in a manner that we did not bring out , it is a piece of work done by media .WHO WILL BELEIVE YOU Congress crooks ? Everybody here in the public domain are not dumb or stupid to remain ignorant about the fact that what media is doing and what it can do . They forget the fact , though they are from Gujarat that Gujarati people are not foolish mob who can be influenced with such immoral propogation campaign run by Congress using what so ever medium .

    It was astonishing to see Spokesperson of Congress , saying that it is not work done by a single journalist , there are many who can testify to this incidence . What do they try to prove ? Clear cut answer is that they have syndicated not just 1 journalist , but many to withstand their lies . It would be better on their part to show the evidence clearly showing the involvement instead of just alleging with chorus . Without any evidence or legal proof , saying anything or make saying anything by a person or a group of person does not prove the fact .

    It would be wise thing for Congress to understand the fact that they are dealing with Gujarati people , who are numero UNO business man . They can judge the person and persons very well . In case , they are taking Gujarati people for granted , they will be shown the right place at the right time , if they continue with these type of immoral mischiefs .

    Rubbish people start alleging and demanding resignation from BJP Mlas , better they should introspect their own house who is full of people like Maderna and ND Tiwari who have been caught on tape doing misdeeds and still being accomodated with respect in the party. WHERE DOES THE MORAL STUFF VANISH WHEN their own house is tainted .

    Stories in the media related to those issues have died or murdered . Doesnt people understand what is the truth ?

    People of India are smart enough to judge and give them right place according to their deeds .

    But yesterday even it was clearly visible there is serious problem of representation of BJP people on media . I dont understand why are they fumbling and hesitating to argue the facts . It is HIGH TIME and a real issue to be dealt on priority basis by the party to expose the lies and goofup creation done GLAMOROUSLY by so called Journos.

  21. There are so few like you out there. Commendable that you keep going. Ashoke Malik and Swapan Da are the ones I guess who look like supporting BJP but are pragmatic. While these Sharmas, Ketkars will say they are not congress sympathizers, still they take a position crystal clear of being a congress spokesperson. Smriti grounded him that day. Hats off to the lady!
    And toy you too Ravi. Please keep it up.Eagerly await your posts.

  22. BJP must counter fake, corrupt and sold out media. Tehlka, NDTV, MSD, IBN are dangerous for BJP and India. People of India must be aware of their malicious intentions. There lots of crooks who wants to destroy Indian Cultures. Sonia, Tetsa Setalwad, Arundhati Roy, Megha Patker,Azam Khan, R. V. Paswan, Dig Vijay Singh, Manu Singhvi are most dangerous for India.

  23. Ok, the "media crooks" have twisted your tweet. Your "if X were true,..." statement was edited to an emphatic "X is true..." and worse, attributed back to you ! And what is your recourse ? The Press Council of India of course ! In the past you would have been ignored, but with Justice Mr Katju at the wheel, I think you will atleast get a fair hearing. And that might eventually help to put some guidelines in place for the crooks who massage tweets and invert their meaning as and when it suits them. Please do what any responsible citizen should do ! This is a golden opportunity.

    Thanks Ravinar, for your enlightening and revelatory blog articles.

  24. its shocking and sickening to see such bimbo-like news channels misquoting and misrepresenting facts just to suit their real bosses.

    i hope rahul gandhi campaigns in gujarat , bcoz then he cud give another victory to the BJP. i cant wait for that to happen.

  25. up until the reins of the bjp are taken over by hard nosed politicians with a proven track record of winning elections namely the chief ministers of gujarat, mp , chattisgarh and even someone like khanduri (though he lost), who have their ground level contacts intact the bjp will remain the b team of the congress and indeed some from the rajya sabha delhi cabal would like the status quo to be maintained probably.tv debates do not make a difference nor do pretty speeches in parliament. serious ground level mobilisation of cadres by creditable leaders holds the key to winning elections

  26. To be fair, Modi is getting off too easily. Brooking institute was in doldrums before Reliance swooped in and saved the day by funding them. Rumor even has it that one of the board members is nominated from Reliance. The charges against Modi are of extreme seriousness and for such a man to be projected as PM of this great nation of ours horrifies me. When you have Ram jethmalani (the lawyer of Manu Sharma, Afzal Guru, Kanimozhi) as your lawyer, you clearly have something to hide. Media, print or TV owes it to nearly 1500 members of the minority community, to go after Modi with the same vengeance with which they went after 2G accused.

    1. Media Lies BustedMarch 27, 2012 4:04 PM

      Pratyush ,

      I can or any one else can apply on you the same charges framed on Modi . The matter is sub judice and not a single case has proved direct involvement of Modi in it .

      You can also be framed with charges with extreme seriousness , onus does not rest on framing , it rests on proving . And unless it is proved , it is premature to make comments like this and better check with the URL www.gujaratriots.com for all questions arising in the mind regarding the Gujarat Riots . If you still dont agree , may be you are biased with some extent to the minorities and ignoring the facts that Majority in Gujarat had even suffered the consequences .

      Stand taken by you does not prove any way . Either talk with proof or it would be the same stereo type debate like the paid media is arranging almost every few days under the guidance of their mentors Congress.

  27. In Narendra Modi's Gujarat, there exists harmoniously, apart from Natioanl Dailies like TOI, some top level regional News Paper who blame NaMo even for a "mad dog biting people". Ok wanna share something more interesting, recently BJP in Gujarat lost a byelection held for a seat emptied due to demise of an MLA. Congress put all its strength into this election and used all age old cast politics and other divisive politics, NaMo appeared unperturbed, he is experimenting with developmental politics and said will not use vote bank politics at any cost.

  28. I cannot agree with you more about "From being a great alternative to Congress channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN Arnab has reduced TimesNow to a mere doormat of the party." I stopped watching NDTV, never watched CNN-IBN..Radia revelation was last nail for me...so use to and still watch Times now for news, needless to say getting utterly disgusted with heavily biased & one-sided stories...and of-course the smug attitude in their debates/discussions.

    Ravinar, I discovered your blog about 2 months back...have read most of your write-ups. Must extend my appreciation, you do commendable job in exposing the crooks...I was always of the view that media people are the biggest scoundrels of them all...and your blog does an excellent job of highlighting this fact. Must also say that I also like your style of writing and enjoy the tiny doses of sharp humor in midst of your sharp & pointed attacks on media.

    1. true..this blog is amazing...we should spread this word to everyone!!


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