Friday, March 23, 2012

Sexed-Up Media Mafia, Caught With Pants Down

The term ‘sexed-up’ for the media came to prominence in 2003. In May 2003 Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist, reported allegations that a dossier published by the British Govt of Tony Blair had "sexed up" the military capabilities of Iraq in order to bolster the argument for going to war with the country. Following the scandal Gilligan had to quit his job and there was greater tragedy to follow. Gilligan's source was biological weapons expert David Kelly. Kelly was found dead, having apparently committed suicide, shortly after being identified as the source for the story. That was serious business but where our Indian media is concerned ‘sexing up’ their reports is a fairly routine affair. This becomes even more pronounced on a bad day for their masters, the Congress, and if they could get something to tar the BJP with. Business as usual!

So on March 21, a day when the Congress was wiped out in the by-polls in Andhra Pradesh,  the media mafia found a thrilling story in the form of two BJP MLAs in the Gujarat assembly being caught watching porn pictures. That’s it! From Rajdeep Sardesai’s CNN-IBN to every scumbag’s Aaj Tak and the filthier cousins of NDTV, TimesNow, Headlines Today all went to town with the story from noon till night. TimesNow, of course, is quickly acquiring the status of ‘liars to the nation’ in an effort to beat other English channels for TRP.

All the channels played the video of the MLAs with their Ipads with grainy pictures and the Ipad images blurred. Not one channel bothered to stop and verify if there was really evidence of the MLAs actually watching obscene material on their Ipads. Truth is: The channels did have the evidence to the contrary but they chose to stick with the lies. The videos, without the blurring, can be watched here and here. One posted by Deshgujarat and the second one by Congress leader in Gujarat, Arjun Modhvadia. In what is visible one MLA is actually scrolling pages from left to right. Hardly looks like keenly watching anything in particular at all.

The channels played the video, grabbed by a journalist called Janak Purohit of Gujarat Samachar (A local daily from Ahmedabad) who claimed to have reported the incident to the Speaker of the Gujarat assembly. So today, after the Forensic Laboratory cleared the Ipads of having any obscene content and thus clearing the MLAs, the channels are playing the same videos again. This time the video images weren’t blurred and it was quite obvious that there was no evidence of any dirty pictures being watched. So why did the channels blur the images earlier? Simple! Spread the lies, cause as much damage to BJP and through that to Narendra Modi, and then later claim no evidence. The old rule: Stick the convict badge, then worry about the crime and evidence.

Interestingly, Rajdeep Sardesai, the father of the media mafia’s conscience, tweeted about the incident (at different times) and here are some:

I think it's a tad unfair to pronounce the Gujarat MLAs guilty of watching porn without any corroborative evidence. (22.10 March 21)
Shoot and scoot journalism will be the bane of our profession. We pass judgements too easily, often without fact checking. (22.16 March 21)
@dineshdasa1 Well, I said it 2 days ago, the BJP MLAs alleged to have watched porn were not given fair hearing in media. (17.20 March 23)

All that after a lot of damage was attempted. Read the last tweet above: “..not given fair hearing in media”. Haha! This moron actually believes media has the right to conduct a hearing? This is the same disease that Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Rahul Kanwal and others suffer from. They have indeed come to believe that their sexed up channels are some form of court where hearings are conducted and verdicts dispensed instantly like a toilet roll dispenser.

There is an online news site called On this issue this site had a quick double take. Here’s how the site reported the incident at first: ‘Gujarat porngate brought to you by BJP again’ (March 21) : “Once bitten, twice shy (not) that's how the proverb should run for the Bharatiya Janata party. It appears the saffron party has not appeased the gods, clearly as the 'moral' fabric of the upright political outfit is being shredded by its own members over and over again”. Now, a day later on March 22, the same site somehow discovered extra-ordinary wisdom and intelligence to report: ‘Porngate’ exposes faction ridden Gujarat Congress’. The second report implies that one faction of the Congress sexed up the fake porngate incident to draw attention away from a by-poll win by another faction of the Congress.

After Radiagate and Barkha Dutt’s brokering for Congress, this is what Rajdeep Sardesai had to say: “Conversation between source and journo is legitimate. if quid pro quo is shown, expose it. else, dont destroy hard earned reputations”. This, when it was clearly evident what Barkha was up to and the man was defending the indefensible. Yet, when it comes to others the question of facts does not bother him one bit, especially if it concerns BJP or its members. To his credit, Rajdeep does express the flaws of the media when his conscience strikes. But all the anchors must wonder how and what they would feel if such a terrible report about them had been aired. That they were watching porn while at work. They must wonder what their families, friends and colleagues would think.

Our sexed up media owe a sincere apology to the two MLAs to whom they have caused immense distress and damage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MLAs sued that scumbag called Janak Purohit and even some news channels for the fake report. This is not the first time the media mafia has done a ‘whack job’ on BJP members. The BS Yedurappa case is still not very old nor is the Shehla Masood case. The recent death of IPS officer Narendra Singh in MP which the media attributes to a mining mafia is another case where reports were turned in without full facts.

Till now some journalistic bimbos were compared with Rakhee Sawant … not too long before these bimbos are equated with Poonam Pandey for sexing up reports. Hard to believe that a noble profession like journalism is now being completely run by a mafia of pimps of the Congress who try everything to sex up their reports and still fail to launch. This time they were caught with their pants down and skirts up!


  1. Utterly shameful! If they have any integrity left the media should render a public apology to the MPs.

  2. I remember while driving in 2005, listening to a news where the American radio station announced that an Indian boy who came from a very poor family background has passed a tough NASA examination. Now what was the source of this news? Of course Indian media. So I read some of our reputed news paper like TOI and Hindustan Times. And there it was. My first feeling was of pride. I was so happy that a poor student from India has passed that examination. But that happiness was very short lived. After few days, on the same radio station, the same radio announcer informed us that NASA conducted no such examinations and this news that has circulated on the web and radio was a big lie. So no price in guessing that I was deeply embarrassed. I went back to our reputed newspaper and there they were pondering over how they were fooled into printing such story and how they need to be more vigilant in publishing any story. This might have been an example of a genuine mistake. But the Gujarat porn story is no mistake. It is a genuine attempt by the cheap reporter to damage people's reputation.

  3. Wish if media mafia reads your column and somehow feels compelled to change course. Is there a way to force an interview with each of the journos?

  4. I wonder which School of Journalism they have gone to. Whatever it is, these filthy journos have not yet realised the power of Internet. They have not yet understood the fact they do not have the birth-right to criticise others. They too will be criticised like hell. Earlier they realise this better it is for them

    1. All these journalists graduated from CATS (Congress Anchors Training School)!!

  5. Now i think BJP must sue all these so that these things dont happen again but one thing is obvious and certain that all this is done to put blocks in way of NaMo . con gress is afraid of this man since he is the ultimate threat in way of clown prince for the paste of PM

  6. Do you expect these shameful moron’s to apologies ? We must learn from Rupert Murdoch example and set one for our nation . That is the way these media pimps who set up their own peepli court and pronounce their verdict will learn . I don’t see any way to control these media goons . They are much dangerous than our politician . These all whore and pimps think they are above and beyond everything.
    As usual good job Ravi


  7. Congress has understood that the only thing they can do to fight well performing BJP governments is to blame them for various planted fake scandals by taking support from there journo pimps.

    1. I totally agree to your comments & feel that the days of un-accountable journalism, planted stories & scandals is slowly but surely coming to an end.
      I sincerely hope that the BJP & NAMO takes these scumbag journos to task once the NDA gets into a majority in 2014. Their time has come.

  8. Somme of the media persons do know (not a question of belief anymore) that they are Gods.

  9. “..not given fair hearing in media” - media feel so powerful these days this leads to being arrogant, it’s like a invisible Sharia LAW and they can tarnish the image of someone and that depend on how they are going to get compensated Politically or financially – its about a country dam it and we have to set the values for next gen.

  10. I only have to say you were too kind this time. Media these days don't wear anything - so caught with pants down/skirt up may be overstatement. Shameless despite being caught red-handed so many times of late, they seem to have discarded even that modicum of cover.
    Great blog Sir! and loved the part especially where you caught on to Rajdeep Sardesai pronouncement on "Media Hearing". This is what makes you unique. No one can get away with any kind of punctuations escaping your hawk eye. Hats off and keep this coming :-) My respects and pranaams At the risk of sounding monotonous (I have to keep writing this in every blog), thanks to you for this wonderful and educative blog.

  11. Where had gone the news of N D Tiwari, the governor of AP. In Maharashtra also,
    when HIGH court ranted the Congress government for the slow pace of investigation into the grave crime of Maval firing near Pune by police( con parties hired shooters) on running innocent farmers, this news also seemed to be of no importance to the Congress slaved media in Maharashtra. IAS officer Yashwant Sonavane's daylight murder by oil Mafia in Maharashtra also gone into oblivion. I am really started feeling ashamed of being part of this so called fake Democratic country.
    God save India.

  12. Media Lies BustedMarch 24, 2012 12:54 PM

    Exceptionally superb pick by Ravinar , not much amazing for us by the Post made by you. I was expecting .

    Not much to write about you have already posted . I would like to add is this Fake Porngate going to reach logical conclusion may be

    1. Legal option to sue Janak Purohit .
    2. Legal option to sue Congress people who worked very hard day and night to fabricate the issue and syndicate the so called journalist and various channels who can help them cobble the web around this story .
    3. Gujarat Assembly to take actions against those crooked Congress MLAs for waisting the time of Gujarat Assembly for their malafide fabrication work which flopped .
    4. Are Congress leaders going to gracefully accept that they have messed up with the issue like they always mess up in reference with Maligning Modi .
    5. Are those newspapers going to regret for jumping in the bandwagon without actually seeing the credibility of the news they are publishing .
    6. Are those TV Mafia going to apologise for the constant runup of the story of Fake Porngate .
    7. Are those so called Anchors/Jornos who actually have their soul been sold to Congress and Anti Hindu entities lick their words back in public domain which they share .
    8. Run a debate on those channels titled "How media goofs up the story to tarnish the image of BJP , Gujarat & Modi " .
    9. Are those channels who try to establish themselves as part and parcel of Investigation journalism , campaign and establish the links between Janak Purohit and others who joined in Chorus with Congress People .
    10. Are they going to establish the real facts about how much money was paid to conclude this Fake Porngate ?
    11. Are those Channels & News papers going to publish editorial advising Congress to stay away from these type of objectionable & immoral tactics .

    It should reach the conclusion if justice is to be prevailed, after so much precious human hours enrolled in the issue .

    Justice is very much necessary as the 2 MLAs are social creatures with family background . They have suffered a lot due to this Fake Porngate conducted by Congress and their Pimps . MLAs and their family must have passed horrible time with duration untill was exposed completely answering rubbish questions related to the issue in which there was no truth . We express our solidarity towards the MLAs and their family for the mischief created and fabricated by Congress.

    Arjun Modhvadia , Shaktisinh Gohil , Sidharth Patel & Shankersinh Vaghela of Congress all are affiliated to different factions of Congress . It is high time to frame them according to their misdeeds . It is very surprising to hear from these chaps that they dont trust Gujarat FSL , Gujarat Govt. , Gujarat CM, Gujarat People , or SIT framed by honourable Supreme Court or any other institutional bodies in Gujarat . If they dont trust , what is the motive for them to stay here in Gujarat ? Just to malign and tarnish Modi . It was really surprising to see Modhvadia alleging Modi about the report of FSL . Dude Modhvadia why dont you go for some Physiologist . There is some problem with your mental situation . You see in everyperson and everything , only one person behind i.e. Modi . You are really patient of Modi Fobia . Better treat fast to get well soon .

    All of us should really wish
    MAMU (Gujarat Congress & their dirty dudes ) GET WELL SOON .

  13. Truth is Congress loves flattery and rewards the flatterer well. All Congress workers are sycophants, so are the journalists. Journalists get aroused if they find a small thing that goes against the opposition party's image and they blow it out of proportion. They also edit the parts where the Con party men have goofed up. Even if the younger journos cover a story that has the slightest thing against the Con party the senior doesn't let it to be aired. It is so common in TV media.

  14. In this context Rajdeep can say, 'the media is raping the viewers intellectually,' or 'we are intellectually seducing the viewers with out their consent,' instead of saying 'Shoot and scoot journalism will be the bane of our profession. We pass judgements too easily, often without fact checking.' First thing about reporting is checking and rechecking the given data and then making a 100% sure if the data is true. And then the reporter can publish it or air it. It is the ABC of journalism or reporting. If you are not doing that then you are not a journalist.

  15. I have looked at the unblurred video. Nothing spotted. Any "normal" Bollywood movie has much worse hip gyration which passess off as "entertainment". Why these double standards ? In fact, if I go to the Times Of India website anytime, there is near-porno stuff there. Today it is "Kim Kardashian flour scammed" , tomorrow it will be something else, but this is staple fare ! The Press Council of India should slam these purveyors of porno first.

  16. Be careful. Rakhee Sawant and Poonam Pandey may sue you for comparing them with these media barons!

  17. Sometime last week, I read a report about Mr Subramanyam Swami's petition against Mr Chidambaram in a High Court to overturn the trial court's order. Since then I haven't heard anything anywhere; internet, Television etc. Any news / update on that ? Is this another glaring case of media reporting only those news which favor the government?
    Also, talking about 2G scam, can you please dedicate some time on a regular basis, to update everyone on what is happening? I believe that way, we can have unbiased report on that scam.


  18. The media has become the Sharia in India. Whoever THEY think is guilty, is guilty. What are courts for in this country, then? To fry eggs??? What right does the media have to conduct a trial on anybody? In the future, I won't be surprised if somebody commits suicide due to continuous harassment and slander by the media. And now, since the media is completely bored, they keep bothering and harassing Sachin Tendulkar about his retirement plans.

  19. Vineet BhardwajMarch 26, 2012 2:38 PM

    Dear Ravi,

    Great one as usual!!! We are running out of superlatives for the articles, hence, accept our greats/very good/excellent as our sincere appreciation.

    BJP should go on the offensive. Get the two MLA's to file defamation case against all major channels asking for huge amounts or alternatively make them run apologies / organise debates etc to say sorry for twice the time spent on maligning these guys.

    BJP has enough lawyers on board to rub the nose of TV Channels into soil.

    This way they can sound warning bell to others.

    But only if BJP could and would listen and follow...


  20. Can we take these Media Men to court or complain to any broadcast board? hightime these buggers are sued

  21. Media Lies BustedMarch 26, 2012 3:18 PM

    Twitter has suspended my account . Very rubbish act .


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