Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gujarat Riots - Game Over For Media

And so the Godhra 10th anniversary came and passed. I had predicted a “Hang-Modi” weekend in the media. I am pleasantly surprised the extended weekend wasn’t as bad as I expected. While the cacophony over the 10th anniversary of Godhra and the Gujarat riots was all over the media, the anti-Modi, anti-Gujarat hate engineers clearly appear to have lost momentum. This is not so much because they have had a change of heart but somewhere there seems to be a realisation that people on the ground in Gujarat are fighting for a different cause. Rajdeep Sardesai was first off the block with a Ground Zero special on Godhra and after on CNN-IBN, next was Barkha Dutt on NDTV and, of course, Arnab Goswami followed up late on Monday, February 27. As Howard Beale would tell you: “TV is not the truth, it’s an amusement park....We lie like hell”. The Oscar awards show happened the same day taking away a lot of precious time from the Gujarat campaign and that should have upset some of the media crooks.

First, has Gujarat moved on? Have the victims of violence moved on? Yes, Gujarat has certainly moved on but it will take much longer for the victims to move on. For anyone who has lost family members and friends to violence life doesn’t stop but it does take a long time to move on. It took a long time for families to move on from the tragedies of Partition. Some may still have bad memories. In much the same way a decade is too short a period to get over deaths and tragedies from mass violence. The Sikhs of the 1984 genocide are still seeking closure. The victims of Gujarat riots too are seeking closure. Maybe it will take another generation to completely move on from individual tragedies.

There are killers from every tragedy who are still roaming free. Be it the 1984 Sikh massacre, be it the Kashmir ethnic cleansing, be it many other communal riots or be it Gujarat. I believe if one could talk to some of these killers they would probably wonder if they would indulge in such wanton killing as a normal individual. Ask them when sober if they would now do again what they did then, they will probably regret their act. But mob killings are just that. It is like a drunk who isn’t totally aware of his acts. The media and certain NGOs made an industry of the justice campaign. Most of this campaign was based on lies. The only objective of this gang was to get Narendra Modi to resign, be sentenced to death or prison and if all that didn’t work out to somehow apologise. The lies have slowly but surely come undone and most of the hate engineers stand exposed.

Rajdeep Sardesai’s poor display of raw emotion and tears to make an emotionally appealing documentary is a good indicator of muddling facts and reason. His programme wasn’t live and could have been edited to take out the emotional bursts. But hey, who wants to delete good theatre? To his credit Rajdeep consciously avoided even mentioning Modi too often in his show or demonising him as he has done in the past. As an after-thought, CNN-IBN later carried stories about a famous restaurant, Chandra Vilas on the riot-prone Gandhi Road (where Gandhi and Sardar have dined) which was destroyed during the riots and is now back to normal. To balance that there was a muslim shopkeeper who stated he has moved on and 2002 is well buried. And for the first time Rajdeep also featured families of the Godhra train victims.

The worst programme on the anniversary was quite definitely Arnab Goswami’s Newshour. With time, Arnab appears to more ill-behaved, more foul-mouthed and more incoherent than any of the panelists that appear on his show. I dare say he is starting to be India’s own Howard Beale, the deranged TV anchor of ‘Network. To make matters worse he hosted two discredited liars on his show - Sanjiv Bhatt and Shabnam Hashmi. The motives of these two individuals have long been established and chronicled. In contrast Barkha Dutt was far more subdued. One panelist on her show let out that she had agreed she would not make it a political discussion. That should tell us something about her past programmes on Gujarat. Even so, she had Javed Anand (husband of Teesta Setalvad) who drew parallels with Hitler’s Jewish massacre and so on. Barkha’s question was: Is reconciliation possible without justice? We will come to that later.

In the meantime the usual suspects, including Javed Anand, like Ashutosh of IBN7, Nikhil Wagle of Lokmat were there to rank Modi as Hitler and equate the Gujarat riots to the holocaust. Not that this needs any rebuttal but it reflects the vile campaign that these gentlemen have carried on for years. It is too much to expect of these motivated activists and so called journalists to understand that Hitler’s campaign was one of racial superiority. The systematic killing of Jews, because they were more successful economically and racially inferior, was Hitler’s main cause. And the Jews weren’t exactly burning train-loads of Christian Germans. Was Hitler the only one to persecute Jews? For 2000 years Jews were slaughtered by Christians and Muslims. Surprisingly, none of these hacks would want to talk of the Islamic killing of Jews. It doesn’t fit their agenda. Even today there are Islamic leaders who have sworn to wipe Israel off the world map. Nikhil Wagle and Ashutosh are some of the scumbags who thrive on lies. Ashutosh and Wagle do not possess the polish of a Barkha or Rajdeep but they do not lag in anyway in the skills of lie-mongering. Like Rajdeep and Barkha they too need wardrobe managers to dress up their lies.

And so to that question – Is reconciliation possible without justice? Let’s take murder cases. There are many murder cases that are yet to be solved. These cases have leads, there are possible suspects, even forensic evidence but they remain unsolved. And the victim or the family doesn’t get justice. In mass violence by mobs mostly made up of many unknown faces it is impossible that every offender is brought to justice. Hitler’s killers lived all over the world escaping justice. Simon Wiesenthal fought till the end to bring each of Hitler’s men to justice. Some are dead, others unknown. H.K.L. Bhagat, the man many hold responsible for the Sikh killings of 1984 died. Would he have been brought to justice if he were alive? Nobody knows. There are others like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar who are accused by victims but are still free. What about the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir? Hardly any investigation was even made into the killings of the Pandits. And I have doubts anyone will ever be brought to justice for those killings. Where mob violence and civil wars are concerned it is nearly impossible to bring justice to every incident. However, there can be reconciliation.

Reconciliation, of course, needs truth to be established and expressed. That is where the media and the NGOs have worked to make it impossible. They have removed Truth so far from the Gujarat riots story that it makes reconciliation that much more difficult. But reconciliation will happen. The clamour for justice for victims of Gujarat riots would have been fair. But that wasn’t what the media celebs and activists wanted. Their single point agenda was Modi and Modi alone. They are guilty of turning the riots into a political battle. The victims of the riots, as with a terror attack or an unsolved murder case, have no option but to move on with or without justice. Justice might reinforce faith in the system but does not help moving on easily. That takes decades or generations to bury the wounds. Moving on needs finding life and happiness in the present and the future and the opportunities it brings. The jews haven’t forgotten and never will but they have moved on.

There is a very disturbing trend in this media madness though. For the first time they did manage to get some victims of the Sabarmati Express in their programmes. However, there are two events in the Gujarat case – One is Godhra and the other is post-Godhra. If one watched all the programmes over the last decade they would lead you to believe that not a single Hindu died post-Godhra. 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus died in the post Godhra riots. Yet, anyone watching the media and the activists would believe only muslims were killed. Not one, I repeat not one, family of the 254 Hindu victims were ever covered by the media. They probably don't even know where these families are. Which is the reason media and the activists failed in their political agenda. Their entire focus was to somehow implicate and nail Modi. 

Sanjiv Bhatt even mentions somewhere that he might even join politics. I wonder what he means by that. He IS already in politics, just like Teesta, Shabnam, Mallika, Rajdeep, Barkha, Arnab and the others in the ‘Anti-Modi cottage industry’ are. Most of these people have enriched themselves in their quest for justice for Modi over the past decade while the victims struggle. But that miserable enemy of media called truth sooner or later turned up somewhere. There will be a few noises that will still continue but for a large part their game is well and truly over.


  1. Was the first one to read hang modi and also this one. Really nice article exposing all the rotten asses in the media. They now want just a remorse from modi after 10 years of hang modi campaign. For anti modi cottage industry It was less about justice and more about to make a living out of it. hats off to mediacrooks. Keep it going.

  2. Fabulous agree with every word except these "the polish of a Barkha or Rajdeep"...!! wild gesticulation and hogging airtime; and stuttering and pontificating is called polish??!

  3. Apart from documenting the lies of media anchors, your articles put facts in the correct context. If there's an attempt by vested media to distort history, your efforts help to right those wrongs and record the truth. Kudos!

  4. Brilliant as always. What more can I say.

  5. I don’t know Modi personally and neither do most people. I have never visited Gujarat and I am sure neither has the majority. YET we all have very strong opinions on what /who Modi is!
    Luminaries like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Mittal probably know him somewhat better….and they are happy to be associated with him ( no one compels these guys )

    Where do WE get our information to form such a strong opinion of Modi?

    The MEDIA!…….happy to be a stooge of the dispensation in power….a dispensation that crafted the massacre of our Sikh brothers in 1984……(with no closure or justice even after 25 years!)

    But THAT is OK…….??!

  6. As Usual another GEM.... Yes Arnab has become too arrogant, and that will be his fall,.. Nikhil Waghle is a useless gutter Rat, one can read his mind from his Tweets,. Once Asshutosh commented on CNNIBN that some journo's get bribe and have Apartments in Bangalore,. So maybe Assutosh is aiming for one in Spartan Heights !!

  7. Electronic media is a dala of congress party.

  8. Media was expected to report facts.It has instead become a news manufacturer.
    Each state govt is extending long hands to journos in form of residential plots and unexpected favours.
    Less spoken of media credibility is better.

  9. i blame modi for all this media onslaught against him. He never offered them a piece of flesh to these barking dogs, which he should have. A state honor like gujrat shree should have been conferred upon them and they would bark against their own masters like teesta and company.

    1. I agree. Look at how some of his own people are displeased with him. A prominent Patel leader from Saurashtra is reported to be unhappy because income generation for his son-in-law has stopped because of Modi's famous policy of " I don't eat; nor do I allow others to eat"!! His obsession with a clean administration is causing a lot of 'anguish' among bureaucrats & ministers.

    2. That is why Modi stands apart from the appeasement crowd of coward politicians.

  10. Excellent piece. While the shrillness of the secular brigade on "Hang Modi", agenda has reduced, I feel there is still a strong effort to discredit Gujarati's in general and Modi in specific. Barkha and a few other panelists were making insensitive demand that entire Gujarati middle class "feel guilt" for the riots. Perpetrators of any form of violence should be punished according to law.There is also a political motive in denting(if not discrediting) the development success of the Modi, by saying "dev is not inclusive" and "Dev is nothing if there is no compassion" etc. I hope soon they will realize the futility of their agenda, and allow Muslims to move on in life.

  11. MSM's rhetoric about Godhra riots is now tiresome. Maybe they thought by repeating lies over and over again it will be the truth. The ordinary people can see through their hypocrisy that is the reason why Shri Narendra Modi is still the CM of Gujarat. It is time they stop the character assassination of Modi.

  12. Around 30 karsevaks were killed on 2nd oct 1990 in Ayodhya by specially selected force of ITBP in Ayodhya. And many were wounded. Why no one is asking for justice? When BJP was in power, even they did not appoint any commission of enquiry nor any FIR was filed. There were no citizens for peace working overtime.

    1. In contrast, an Islamist terrorist mob in Bijebehara in kashmir had fired gunshot rounds at a BSF contingent without provocation; when the BSF returned fire as it was naturally supposed to, media crooks like INDIA TODAY loudly lamented that the BSF had used Excessive force(?on a peaceful procession from which random Sniper firing had occured) and that therefore BSF officials ought to be punished. Under pressure from the pseudo-secularist American puppy administration, more than a dozen BSF soldiers were court-martialled; a great price for having done their duty !

      Contrast this scenario with the case of Kalyan Singh, a vastly popular elected chief minister from the OBC community, who was jailed by a Dravidian brahmin judge named Venkatachaliah for (having listened to the voice of his conscience) and not having opened fire on a very large crowd comprising of some of the poorest commoners and Sadhus, just to save a dilapidated and long-unused building from collapse.

  13. What an observation *Applause *. You covered every aspect of 10th year of Godhra riot. Riot has never done good to anyone one , let it be hindus or muslims . Riot leaves mark on those family but as you rightly says it has to move on . This can only happen if you join main stream of development. Let’s take the example of tragedy in anyone’s family, if affected one keep thinking that I lost someone close. They can never overcome this tragedy. I see people spend 2 lakh per month on a blood cancer mother. Person comes from US and goes back after doing 13th days ritual. In my view they are following “Life moves ON”. So if you want to comes out of wound of this riot you have to join the main stream. Paid media souls only wake up 27th of Feb and before that they don’t have napkin to wipe tears. Isn’t a well managed nautanki ?

    Thanks Ravi
    Vikash Kumar Roy

  14. I have no bias against Modi, but I do believe in calling a spade a spade.

    During the 2002 riots I have myself seen some of Modi’s speeches on television. In one of those hateful speeches I remember he calls Muslims by some derrogatory references. (Something like they are two and they produce 13 or something like that).

    Of course, I do admire Modi’s efforts and developmental agenda in the last several years. I do appreciate him for that reason. (So please don’t call me biased.)

    However, please talk to some of the Muslims who have been impacted by the riots. Before talking about broken records, think for yourself. If you had lost a close relative because police (which is supposed to come to your help) will not come when you call them, are you going to forget it in your life-time? (I have not lost any, but I have met people who have lost friends and/or family.)

    I have personally talked to Muslims and Hindus both from Gujarat. While both of them (even Muslims) today are willing to give credit for Modi’s developmental works, some of them (Muslims) had tears when they remember the Godhra riots. When they talk about Modi they look over their shoulders to see if anyone is hearing and then they whisper (everyone knows what Modi and his group did during that time… but who has guts to oppose Modi in Gujarat?).

    Development and so-called progress cannot obliterate a person’s past record. Israeli intelligence agencies are still looking for Nazis even after 50 years and looking to bring justice.

    We need a person who can view the whole humanity as one human race to lead INDIA. (Because today the whole world flocks to US/UK/Australia and tomorrow people from these parts of the world might want to work in India as it grows economically). Do we need a person who believes in Hindutva supremacy (and is willing to get people killed) or racial or has religious bias in his thinking?

    We need a person to lead India who believes in Vasudev Kutumbakam and believes that every Indian citizen from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has the right to live in security, peace and freedoms. Not in fear of mobs who will be given a free leash by politicians.

    Whether those mobs come in the form of Congress goons, Hindutva goons or Islamic goons or Communist goons is immaterial….

    Let us try and build that India. An India, not just prosperous alone (Modi’s model), but an INDIA which is liberal, open to all thoughts and traditions and offers security to all its citizens whether it is the Kashmiri Pandit or the Gujrati Muslim or the tribal Christian in Orissa.

    In this context, people like Modi, Raj Thackerey etc. leading India would be a bad and sad day for India, given their dictatorial tendencies. India is the land of Gandhi and others like him, not of people with asuric tendencies. Mahabali was a great administrator and ruler (like Modi), but being an asura Vishnu came in the form of an avatar and destroyed him.

    1. If you dont have a bias against Modi where was the need for a disclaimer in your very first line? That gives you away.

    2. This is to warn Ravinar and his readers here that Mr.Loneranger is a vicious anti-hindu troll who got recently banned from the blog sandeepweb.com.... his single point agenda is to hijack discussions in nationalist blogs, distract people with his far-left views. He likes it best when people disagree with him and even better when they abuse him. That gives him a great kick.

      He specifically writes things that would lead any proud Indian and a proud hindu to call him names -

      # like badmouthing Kashmiri Pandits for betraying their Kashmiri muslim brothers and betraying the secular struggle for Kashmiri independence. He basically blames the Kashmiri Pandits and their hindu deviousness for bringing a bad name to the wonderful Kashmir's freedom movement.

      # pointing out at the ill treatment of women in hinduism evidence of which is the Rajput women committing jauhar after their husbands got killed fighting the muslim barbarian invaders...according to Loneranger it would have been better for the Rajput women to cohabit with the muslim barbarians like Ghori, Ghazni etc. rather than commit jauhar.

      # Claiming that supporters of Modi are just a few dozen people on the internet. Claiming to have extensively travelled across Gujarat, and knowing what the average Gujarati actually thinks, insisting that Modi is highly unpopular in Gujarat.

      # Claiming to be a selfless NGO worker who could have got any job after a degree from London School of Economics... but unlike the selfish and career oriented supporters of Modi and BJP, deciding to deliberately impoverish himself by deciding on a career of altruism and working tirelessly for the cause of the poor and wretched. Endlessly comparing his "personal sacrifice" against the greed and selfishness of admirers of Modi and BJP.

      These are just a few examples of his thoughts on sandeepweb.com.He basically is what is called an attention-seeking-whore. My advise to Ravinar is to note down his IP address and block him. Avoid him like you would avoid plague.




    3. @ Red_Devil

      Thanks. And yes, I'm quite aware of Loneranger's comments from Sandeepweb (a blog I admire) and am aware of his ways. I am from Ahmedabad and quite well-versed with every nook and corner of Gujarat so LR doesnt fool me nor do the fake reports of journos. I dont think LR fools anyone else either. Besides, as a frequent traveller I have been to and still travel to various corners of our great country.

      So far, while his comments have been pretty off-topic he is yet to hit the extreme like he did on Sandeepweb. If he does, he will meet the same fate on this blog too. I hope Loneranger will appreciate and stick to topic at hand, even in criticism.


    4. @Ranger aka red devil

      I feel sorry for fascists like you.


      If you are from Ahd, please travel to chota udaipur , panchmahal and sabarkantha to see the power crisis.

    5. @ Loneranger

      1. I go thru Sabarkantha frequently and sometimes stay overnight.. never faced any power situation.

      2. Panchmahal - For last few days many TV channels and crew were in Godhra. If there were power problems in the area they would have made a big hue and cry about it. And you know that..


    6. @ Loneranger
      Why are you going completely off-topic. Who is talking about power crisis here. Don't degrade yourself with your dumb-ass attention seeking irrelevant comments. I would not be surprised if you say that toilet flushes are not working in these places you have mentioned and you blame Modi for that.

      @ Ravinar Sir I highly appreciate your articles. Keep them coming. I am just waiting for the day when these shameless media lie-mongers are running for covers after 2014 elections.

    7. While your post can be rebutted point by point, I will ask you only one question. You state: "but an INDIA which is liberal, open to all thoughts and traditions and offers security to all its citizens.."

      Are Islam and Christianity open to all thoughts? While Hindu Dharma accepts all and respects all religions, those two are exclusive, my way or highway, or more precisely in case of Islam, my way or death, religions.

      Wake up from your la-la land and come down to earth.

  15. Ravinar,
    Absolutely brilliant. Hats off to you. Just ignore loneranger. Let him/her rant. HE can't digest any right things.

  16. Assuming that the media has removed "Truth so far from the riots ...", then does it mean Modi is innocent? If he was, who killed all the hundreds of Muslims? Right wing perverts could even say Congress engineered everything to show Modi & his gang in bad light.

    1. LOL!!!

      If we apply your logic and reasoning, Gandhi and Nehru should have been hanged for presiding over the partition riots.

      BTW, for your information, there is evidence of local Congress leaders conspiring and implementing the Godhra carnage of kar sevaks.

  17. Really Arnab is getting deranged rapidly !!YOu left headlines today's take on riots which was similar to rajdeep!!

  18. Naina devi ,Guruyaur and so many stampedes can be a manufactured event by just a hand full of trained people masquerading as pilgrims.We had a judge or a person of equal eminence who came to a conclusion that Godhra train burning was some sort of spontaneous combustion,wonder why it is difficult for them to follow , some times the reaction can also be spontaneous.

  19. Everytime I hear the words of Aravind Kejriwal I would feel like that he is giving voice to all our feelings lingering somewhere in our heart about Politics.. That it would feel so much right whenever he speaks!

    You are doing exactly the same thing as AK in putting our feelings about the MSM in words beautifully. Kudos for your efforts and keep doing it.

    A day will come when we will see change in Politics/Media hopefully along with other 2 pillars of democracy as well.. Till then my hearty wishes & support to AK/You and many other fighting souls..

    1. I would personally not degrade Ravinar by equating him with Arvind Kejriwal. AK though popular for anti corruption campaign is no saint. He and his troupe defiantley have certain political agenda and they were indirectly popped up by certain groups/parties.

      They are just pawns.

    2. How I wish AK could become an active politician, by joining some clean hands like Lok Satta or others.. If you think AK's hidden agenda is to become a politician I'm sure many people will be more than happy to take that..

      And for your claims of them being "indirectly popped by certain groups/parties" You have got any proof? People tend to have some will imagination just similar to many people who say thousands of muslims where butchered in Gujarat riots ;)

    3. Aham Brahmasmi in his post (of 9:05 AM on Feb 29) is absolutely right in his suspicions about Arvind Kejriwal. Unlike Baba Ramdev's genuinely grassroot and people's popular movement, the hullabol of the trio:- Hazare, Kejriwal and Bedi was largely fed by "artificial" crowds exhorted into participation through indoctrinating lectures by corporate ideologues inside the glass & concrete walls of MNC offices. Their concept of Lokpal and his powers is at wide variance from that envisaged by Baba Ramdev and desired by the Indian masses. That doctored movement has the tacit support of Congress brahminists and calls for laws that restrict membership of the dictatorial "lokpal commitee" to (crass corporatist) personnel having served as "senior managerial staff in Insurance and Banking sector firms". These are precisely the firms which have exploited the Indian masses the most via rogue strongarm tactics(Eg. ICCI, Citi, HSBC etc) and there is every likelihhod of the general public having serious issues with the pseudo-lokpal committees which would in reality represent corporate American hegemonic interests.

  20. Extremely well written article, as usual. Love to read your posts.

  21. Kudos Ravinar for writing another riveting piece on Main stream media (MSM) . None of those will remember anniversaries of 1984 Sikh pogroms nor 1990's Pandit's killing and cleansing up in Kashmir. To top it all today there was an interview in The Hindu editorial page with Jeelani who still wants a seperate Kashmir. Shameless MSM.

  22. This article is real eye opener for me... Frankly till this point I was not knowing that 254 Hindus were dead in the riots... For 10 years I have not found a single media personnel mention about Hindu suffering. Great article

  23. there was other statistics discussed where else but ENDITV.
    they were trying to imply that Gujarat have been always prosperous and this kind of growth were already there in previous Congress Govt. Apparently they were showing these in percentages.

    Recently same % statistics was given by none other than Pranoob Da that india is really shining and growth rate was immense.

    But ground reality is that India is still a poor country. and people are suffering from price rice, inflation. etc etc.

    I don't think people barking have even come near to Gujarat. Please do visit and find how clean Ahmadabad has become. WHat prosperity.

    You don't need to go back that much. Just check Sanand, where people were not interested to buy land for even mere rs.20000/- per Bigha are now flocking there but not getting the same land for 1 crore.

    Thats how you make your people prosper.

    There are farmers who are loading Audis with potato, when asked they reply they get to market faster than a tractor.

    Check the potato farmers in Deesa who caters to pepsico. with no red tape attached foreign advisor came to help farmer help grow 6 time potato in same piece of land.

    Once Chd used to be the place where every foreign car use to be sold. Visit SG highway for taste of that in GUJ

    Check for example the brand new port that is run by Adanis.

    well to see the growth you really have to be here. Instead of barking on TV and interviewing few who couldn't find their share of this immense growth. Naturally they will feel neglected.

  24. We feel our self proud that our own Gandhijee has fought with British govt silently with non violent agitation and brought freedom to our country from the chains of bondage. But it is our misfortune that we had been remained as bondage to the congress party and they are exploiting the sentiments of our people by dividing them on caste, creed,race,religion lines.
    We are divided by caste by the constitution makers by giving the unprivileged the separate status and giving reservation to them in the constitution.Althugh the step seems to be realistic in many ways and also worked for the betterment of these communities but the reservation system which was meant for a specific period was extended many times and continuing till date. Above all the Mandal commission was constituted to grant reservation to the weaker section of society but it has opened up a Pandora’s box by advocating granting special status to the other backward castes .This has created a serious division in the Hindu society and they were divided and fighting among themselves. It was a political masterstroke by Mr.V.P.SINGH to vanquish congress as he had some deep hatred for congress but he cannot do enough damages.
    Congress was a party of national leaders till Nehru was alive and thereafter it got only the political demagogues. None of the leaders who had ascended the throne in Delhi after Rajiv Gandhi can be called a true national leader. MR.P.V.N.RAO,H.D.DEVE GOWDA,VP SINGH,CHANDRASEKHAR,I.K.GUJARAL are leaders of lesser importance who are just passing the time in gap as the PM . Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a good PM but he cannot establish his stamp on the govt as he was pressurized by the hardliners in his party. Now we have Mr.Man Mohan Singh who is weak and unfit PM as he is being camouflaged by the US, Pakistan and china as well as Sonia.We need a strong, efficient PM who should have the personality to talk tough, work tough and act tough.
    Mr.Narendra Modi has all these qualities which should have been in a politician, diplomat,nation builder.He is like the iron man Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, who has worked brilliantly to unite india.He has the qualities of Bishmarck,Napolean and Alexander.But Congress party and some NGO’s are trying their level best to tarnish his image to paint him as a dragon.He can save the country from anarchy,chaos and breaking point.
    We need his services in centre and national politics.He should be brought to national politics by the BJP high command and entrust him the works of going to each and every corner of india in the next four years and fill all the people with patriotism and nationalism and fighting qualities.

  25. There is unanimity that Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader in the BJP. The pre-election anxieties across regional parties over a Modi-led Government are well known, given the propensity of the Congress to drive a wedge in the hope of consolidating Muslim votes. But if Modi were to do a Erdogan, it could prove to be a game-changer

  26. You are all yapping day in and day out what shenanigans NDTV,TIMESNOW,CNNIBN,HEADLINESTODAY indulge in but then you must also be wondering why there has been no newspaper or TV which has a strong presence among the Hindu majority?Except for one in english newspaper,rest are all either leftist dominated or congis psedo secular dominated.Why is it unfashionable for Hindu Indians to be Hindu and proud? Maculay correctly ascertained that English language will wean away the inteligent masses from their roots.It is time to set the record right.Can any of the rich Hindu Indian put money where his/her mouth is and help kickstart a first rate English newspaper and a TV engaging first rate hands on knowledgeable journalists not the ones warming their arses in air conditioned rooms and writing or mouthing off on gut feel? It is time the Hindu Indians show what quality,truthfullness and accuracy is all about in news media.English media in India does not have wide reach but it sets the tone for the ruling class and what rest of Indian language media does , so it has nuisance value as well as agenda setting value.Time to act guys and gals

    1. Good Point. I have already raised this point several times on this website but for some reason, never got a reply. BJP needs to tap immediately into the so called educated english media devouring masses if any change needs to happen in 2014.

    2. I don't have money, otherwise I would have walked the talk at least for fun.What use money if we cannot put it to a purposeful use? One can only have 1000 houses,100kg gold,crores in cash under the bed,few extra women apart from wifey,play cards in the neighbourhood club or place some bets in one of the stupid T20s, a private jet in the modern times but then what do we do with the rest of the loot?

    3. Spot on reply !

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. A beginning has been made, though not by BJP. Visit
      www.sudarshantv (.com) The URL was deleted first time by the blog mechanism. If you do not see a URL in this mail too, Google Sudarshan TV.

  27. an excellent article as always. Well discerned& studied.
    Very few people know these facts. The real hurdle for India's progress is the lack of general awareness, Congress party & its politics thrives on this. The more people involved in materialistic & unimportant things, the more it is better for these crooks. No one focuses on Gujarat progress & the efforts done by the government to bring it. I can read such well studied & brilliant articles only here & in The Hindu paper.

  28. Was in Gujarat recently, passing by, and amazed to hear stories of how roadside chaiwalas are driving Golfs and turned into real estate agents.

    But neverthless, this comparison of the Nazi party is wierd. Hitler ideology was based on purely unprovoked racial cleansing.
    In India there is only one race. And eradication of religion is difficult when people are slimbags and would change at a whimp is things got out of hand.

  29. For 2000 years Jews were slaughtered by Christians and Muslims. Surprisingly, none of these hacks would want to talk of the Islamic killing of Jews"

    Jewish history is very interesting. What started as a small rebellion within the priestly class , was exploited by the Romans to the hilt to taken in Christianity for imperialistic colonization. On the way right from 32 AD,( Did Islam follow this or was it intercinine fight between Jews and Arabs or was this following coupled with intercinine war) they finished of the Jews to mere 14 million population right upto 1945. WWII was a moral victory FOR Jews. 6 million Jews were killed during 1939-45.
    Here is good web site



    Many say that some padres came out to help the Jews during troubled times. But the Vatican kept quiet. Why ?

  30. Although it is off topic but I want to bring attention toward new phenomena of congress to bribe poor voters by launching so called social schemes( Like NREGS, food security, Indira awas yojna etc). It claiming it as congress schemes, although it is funded by taxpayers and NO media channel questions about it uselessness.
    We have had NREGA, the Indira awas yojna, we have had talk about the right to food, the right to education, the right to this, the right to that, but nobody has talked about How it is going to be paid for or How well these schemes are performing. Already more than $25 billion ( Rs.1,20,000 crore) are being spent yearly on the above said schemes. The Food security Bill will take it to well beyond $70 billion (Rs.3,50,000 crore) every year.
    "Where will the money come from?"
    This government has already taken extra Rs 50,000 crore loan recently, over and above its yearly debt requirement. The revenue collection is not increasing at the same rate as government expenditure. Someone will have to pay for these schemes as debt have to be paid in future.
    So what will be the source of funds? Simple. Higher taxes, Increased borrowing by government, increasing the prices of Petrol/ Diesel, High fiscal deficit. Now increasing taxes, either individual, corporate, sales or service, will definitely increase inflation. Already, government levy heavy taxes on petro products to increase its revenue and to lower fiscal deficit. Tax payers hard earned money will be wasted to fund the government’s populist scheme so that it can win elections.
    The government has put the cost at Rs 95,000 crore. The estimates are a joke. This means subsidy of 260 crores a day. But the scheme plans to covers 65 % of India’s population of 120 crore, or about 78 crore people. So you are going to to feed a person on Rs 3 a day in this high inflation economy. GREAT.
    The real figure is estimated to be Rs 6 lakh crore over three years, so that’s about Rs 2 lakh crore a year, which means that the government’s estimate is wrong by half. So, there is a huge fiscal issue there is no doubt about that. So it is going to devastate the central budget.
    This bill, if it actually goes through, will enhance the problem of inflation. Increasing more taxes will increase the rates of product and services , thereby increasing inflation.
    The prime cause of the current inflation is the consistent increase in the minimum support prices for procuring grain. With the Food Security Bill, you are going to be procuring even more and more grain every year. That means you will have to keep raising your MSP. MSP is the prime cause of your food inflation.

    Government may think so but poor people needs other products apart from grains. Maybe small percentage of poor might get grains at cheaper rates due to FS bill but it will increase the prices of other essential items like oil, vegetables, pulses, clothing, cooking gas, soap and other daily use products. This will prove to be counterproductive and will reduce the purchasing power of economically weaker section.

    Higher borrowing leads to higher fiscal deficit which will create a “Euro zone crisis” like situation. European nations are facing problems recession, high unemployment, negative industrial growth, decreasing per capita income.

    1. The principle cause of the neck-breaking food-inflation is the virtual control over the food industry and trade by ultra-rapacious Western corporates and their racist Dravidian-Goanese Brahminist surrogates. The congenitally callous and anti-egalitarian brahminists who have ruled at the centre for over half a century take their orders like faithful schoolboys from corporate America and consider it an article of faith to bleed the Indian masses to abject impoverishment in order to enrich their Western masters and also get their own "crumbs". They are committed to the agenda of expropriating all the ancestral agricultural land of the Indian masses and hand it over to WESTERN CORPORATE GIANTS and destroy Indian retail and wholesale macroeconomy by enforcing monopoly of the likes of CARREFOUR and WALMART. The brahminist rulers have tactically entered into an understanding (with their corporate pals which HOARD FOOD on an unprecedental scale in gigantic warehouses) to temporarily flood the market by offloading just some of the old stock so as to temporarily mitigate food-inflation ----so as to confuse the voters and forestall a backlash from the masses during the ongoing elections. Once the elections are over, the brahminist rulers will strike full-throttle, crushing the masses as if with a vengeance, imposing on them a barrage of undemocratic and inhumane corporatist policies to please their corporate European masters. The Gangetic plain, the most fertile piece of land in the world, has been swindled out of its rightful traditional owners:- the Indian masses, by a dollar-rich Goanese-Brahminist corporate mafia (subservient to global Western hegemonic interests)which has robbed the masses of access to its unlimited food-potential via the rapacious "contract farming system" .

      The UPA (Congress)government has ordered all domestic consumers of cooking gas in every family who share the same family to surrender all gas connections but one, which is most likely a ploy to force family members to separate their kitchens, a cultural social-engineeringonslought on the traditions of the masses as is desired by Western corporate oligarchic MEDIA whorehouses which make TV reality shows and manufacture NEWS to lambast the Indian masses and their slave:- Narendra damodardass Modi.

      If the Indian economy is really in such dismally dire straits as the corporatists in the PC allege, under the circumstances is it not a grave crime against the masses for the Congress Govt to generously splash billions into the coffer of EU corporates in the garb of helping their economies tide over the looming "insolvency" crisis ?

      The Indian masses have been systematically dessicated over the years of brahminist and Congress rule via the Asuric Western & Goanese-brahmin cultural-racist institutions of IPR's :- PATENTS, which eventhough sacrosanct in perverse Western corporate culture, form the single greatest abomination in Vedic doctrine, even more despicable than idolatory is in Judaism or islam !The imposition of an Asuric alien Euro-brahminist economic model and a vitiated ultra-Rajasic thought-culture on the masses is the REAL CAUSE of INDIA's superficial POVERTY, and not any putative "LAZINESS or INCAPABILITY TO GENERATE WEALTH" of the urban and rural masses--as is parrotted day and night by the brahminist policy-makers so morbidly hateful of Narendra Modi.

  31. Is India another “Greece” in making?
    Has government been looking at all what was happening in Europe?
    We have seen what politics of entitlement has done to Europe; it’s brought them down on its knees.
    How is the government finance it, when the growth is going down and revenues are slipping? So, you are going to actually add to debt. India’s debt to GDP ratio is already well above 80%, you are going to be 100% in another two years. Greece is at 120% or whatever, so how much longer will it take you to where Greece is?
    The European governments are in just deep-deep trouble because they failed to realize how badly the entitlements programs are going to place their debt position over the course of the next few years. And India is going down exactly the same route. You will have thought they may do something, but instead we have got the food security bill that may worsen the entitlement programs.
    India is already unlikely to meet its target to cut its fiscal deficit to 4.6 per cent of GDP in the fiscal year that ends in March, as slower-than-expected economic growth crimps tax collections and poor markets prevent India from selling stakes in government companies. Government revenue through October was only 45.5 per cent of the full year target, compared with 65.6 per cent a year earlier.
    What we are all forgetting is the impact on the banks and interest rates. The loans for Food Corporation of India have to come from the banks. We are talking about a potentially huge liability on the banking system as well. This means less money for individual/ corporate clients. This effectively translates into higher interest rates. This will going to have disastrous effect on Indian economy and Industrial growth as low interest rates are primary requirement to Business growth for any country. High interest rates make funds expensive and deter new startups/ businesses or expansion of existing business. This will have severe impact on economic growth of India and hence employment opportunities.

    Stage is set for next big scams & corruption. Show a single scheme run for poor in this country which is successful. Already around $ 25 billion per year are wasted in inefficient schemes like NREGA and IAY. Food security bill will increase the burden by another $ 45 billion. So considering that only 15% funds are properly utilized in India, mind-blowing $ 60 billion or Rs. 3000000 crore worth of funds every year will go in drain. These schemes will be mother of all scams, the biggest siphoning of national wealth in the name of poor.
    FS bill is a white elephant- out and out vote bank politics. A great bonanza for the entrenched corrupt in the supply chain and FCI. This kind of experiment has not been successful in any country big or small and will definitely be a failure in India. The only beneficiaries will be politicians and bureaucrats.
    The FSB is a patent attempt to garner the political gains accruing from the bill for the Central government without taking the states into confidence.
    It is the attempt to corner all credit for the scheme and leave the debits for poor implementation to states that shows up the narrow political goals of the one political party in promoting its version of the FSB.

    NAC members are making the biggest economic decisions that affect all our lives. And the cabinet approved a decision that will effectively bankrupt the Indian economy in a few minutes on a Sunday night.
    The FSB is thus an attempt to fool the electorate before elections, with the bill being paid by all of us – either as taxes or higher inflation.
    First, with MNREGA, the government – and thus, the taxpayer – pays Rs. 100 or more per day to rural workers, for no productivity. They can dig if they want to, but they can’t use a machine. Those are the rules. So free money.
    The only positive is political – the voter in the rural areas will vote for the party that gave free food. We can perhaps afford this in good times, but in bad times it is just disastrous.

  32. anonymous , your post on Kertzer and about Jews was quite educative, I or for that matter and nany of my friends did not know that so much truth was hidden. On exploring Kertzers site , I came across another fact that all this could be done because the Vatican opened its archives in 1998.

    Great stuff , It should be surely be circulated to many Indians in India as there abysmal knowledge of this history and facts in India. The reason I write this is because , the volume of violence and mayhem is chilling to the core during the days of 1939-45. Leave alone Godhra, even 1947 partition violence looks a poor Bollywood script in front of WWII crimes.

    Then 2003 , invasion of Iraq ( unjust invasion) a live telecast, justifies the old addage history repeats itself. What has human comprehension come to? We just keep mum about a unjust invasion and consequent colossal human loss. 2002 , ten days , Godhra , 2003 -2010, Iraq 7 yrs , no noise even by moderates or no court action , nothing. Shame

  33. "Is India another “Greece” in making?" - It has already, read Michael Lewis - Vanity Fair article.You will be laughing all the way!!

  34. Media is now a day is fully sold out. Thanks to social media networks which brings the truth to front.

  35. Anon. You have hit the bull's eye. The economy is in a pretty bad shape. Fiscal deficit is hitting the roof with all the schemes for "Mango Man". Growth is dropping every quarter and both Reform & Disinvestment plans are on the back burner. But, come March 16th and Pranab Babu will present another budget and disguise all the deficit in the maze of official statistics.

  36. Ravinar,
    waiting eagerly for your post on the recent election results in 5 states.

  37. Very Good Article I often think Thinking capability of Indians has perished good to see many Indian's who can see the truth

    Great work kep it up

  38. Media and News anchors they can use the platform and try to influence , I REPEAT "try to influence people . But they should have respect for the PEOPLE OF GUJARAT , even though they dont like Narendra Modi or BJP . Because the reason is quiet clear , we are living in democracy and people of Gujarat are not dumb or to be taken for granted , they know what is right and what is wrong . Always they do execute their right to vote and slap those Rubbish story developers . One more thing , it is necessary for Gujarat Congress to introspect , they dont know even how to face the Camera and talk natural way . Once the Camera is on them , it clearly appears , they are expressing artifically . We can not connect with them with their artificial and double game . PLEASE PLEASE , for God sake Stop abusing the Choice of people of Gujarat .

  39. great work done brother...hats of to u for wonderful analysis n social work of awareness..thnks

  40. It is just a congress bashing site. How different are you from MSM?

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