Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Indian MSM Blacked-out Sibal's Grand Scheme

It is hard to imagine that almost a whole generation of kids in Kashmir may have grown up without watching a movie in a cinema theatre. That is what religious extremism brings about. The Kashmiri Hurriyat separatist leader, Syed Geelani, even considers it “immoral” to watch movies. No wonder kids in the valley find stone-pelting such a thrilling and rewarding experience. Geelani is not the only one who believes censorship and bans make for a healthy society. The latest one to join the moral brigade is union minister Kapil Sibal. Much has been already said and written about Sibal’s move to censor social networks so I won’t add to it. It was enough for the hashtag #IdiotKapilSibal trend for nearly two days on Twitter. Not surprisingly, Sibal’s stupidity was exposed on the same day that an Islamic cleric residing in Europe said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any “sexual thoughts.”

Sibal’s anger is understandable, if you were Sonia Gandhi's protector. The mainstream media (MSM) in India have for long resisted any form of regulation but they have successfully managed ‘self-censorship’. The social networks refuse to self-censor themselves. And at the centre of this all is Sonia Gandhi. The MSM won’t publish anything remotely critical about SoniaG or question any of her actions. The secrecy of SG’s illness and surgery or whatever it was can only be protected by a servantile MSM as that in India.

Two previous posts on this blog detail the manner in which our MSM suppresses any mention of Sonia Gandhi: “Why Is Indian Media Scared Of Sonia Gandhi?” and “Rajdeep Sardesai : "No Wild Allegations Against Gandhis, Please...." Far from talking about or questioning Sonia Gandhi, our MSM actually protects her against such acts. To speak about SG is a sin! To question her, to ridicule her, to paint funny ugly pictures of her is blasphemy for Kapil Sibal.

What most of us totally missed in the whole episode was that Sibal was meeting the heads of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft etc. over the last six weeks or so. Yet there was no mention of these meetings anywhere in the Indian media or the transactions. Most of these internet giants are huge advertisers and would have thought our media would have spoken up for them. None! Even the last meeting by Sibal with these networks was not reported by the Indian media. Yes indeed, they blacked out the news! It took the New York Times to report the meeting and demands of Kapil Sibal.

Once the NYT broke the news the Indian MSM had no option but to relay the story and then all the editors and anchors of our spineless news media start moralising and sermonising about freedom of speech. This is once the Twitterati collectively put Sibal on their lap and spanked him. This is a senior minister we are talking about. One can rest assured that many journalists hang around his office for bits and pieces of sound-bites and yet none reported the meeting with the network heads. One prominent Congress friendly channel even had an exclusive interview with the Indian head of Google during the same period and yet remained silent about Sibal’s grand plan.

NYT reports about the first meeting six weeks ago: “At the meeting, Mr. Sibal showed attendees a Facebook page that maligned the Congress Party’s president, Sonia Gandhi.  “This is unacceptable,” he told attendees, the executive said, and he asked them to find a way to monitor what is posted on their sites”. But once this news got out both Kapil Sibal and the Indian media weren’t talking about the SG factor. It was all about SG and objectionable content that create communal tensions. Trust Sibal and the Congress to give it all a communal twist and colour.

I doubt Sibal can ever stop freedom on the internet. He might well take a warning from the kids in Kashmir. If the youth and all the people who vent their anger in various forms on the net are stopped they might be out on the streets and pelting stones too. Far from creating tensions the net allows people to let off steam and keep violence off the streets. As for dirty pictures or obscene content there are enough laws in the country to prosecute offenders.

At the time of writing, Google has already received an IT notice. More might follow. Ironically, and I say this with deep sympathy and not out of sarcasm, Kapil Sibal was hit on his eye in the parliament on the next day the news about his censorship plans broke. His eye was injured accidentally by the sharp edge of a folder flipped by a colleague. So at least for a while Sibal will not see evil comfortably on the net. But the manner in which Indian MSM suppresses any news concerning the deceptive and nefarious plans of the Congress does stand exposed again. Maybe 100% FDI in media should also be considered along with other reforms.


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  2. Ravinar,

    Hats off to you. You have clearly exposed the hypocrisy of MSM. You have been doing a great service. Our MSM, in my opinion, will act only when the foreign media reports anything Otherwise they are in a deep slumber. It is high time that MSM cartel should be broken. Thanks for your eye opening post.


  3. The post by you was again precise and to the point, keep on going.
    Man the lyrics was fantastic, keep it up

  4. Well said!
    Honestly its all really foolish and if history has taught us anything, its that censorship and bans and prohibitions mean nothing in the larger picture and to call a country a democracy and then try and suppress freedom of expression and venting is a horrifically infantile plan.

  5. Keerti , no copyright , place it in utube

  6. It will be interesting what the reaction of MSM will be if one took Hussein's paintings and changed the names (from Sita etc.) to Sonia, Antonia, and so on.

    Kapil Sibal, of course, will ask his colleague to flip a file again on his other side, so that he can transform himself into one of the buffoons of Mohandas.

    @Ravinar: You are free to sympathize with Sibal's eye-opener (err eye-closer). However, we have no sympathy for a man who, after horrendous police atrocity on protesters in Ramlila Maidan at midnight, said - callously, brutally and shamelessly - "Jo hua achchha hua" (Whatever happened, happened for good).

    People like Sibal and D. Singh must suffer before the eyes of public for long and in great measure. In the present situation we can only say "Jo hua, bahut kam hua, par theek disha mein hua" [Whatever happened (eye-closer), though in a very small measure, happened in the right direction].

  7. Thanks for the feedback that Sibal was meeting the heads of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft etc. over the last six weeks or so.
    Should I quote Al Pacino's dialogue in The Devil's Advocate regarding lawyers? "We're peaking! It's our time now!"
    Or Amitabh's dialogue in Zanjeer regarding Ajit's eyesight? "Aaj say tumhare aadmiyon ko apne nazdeekh rakho, kyun ki tumhari nazdeekh ki nazar kamzor hai! "

  8. if what you write about sibal's eye incident is correct - well,- divine intervention possibly? seriously, the man is a bully and lout but wears suits .he licks above and kicks below.

  9. Your post says it all about MSM and Sibal.

    Why are the MSM like ostriches burying their head in sand? Don't they even know that if meetings have taken place outside India, the news is most certainly going to come out? Idiots and Cowards these Rajdeeps, Saggies, Burkhas et al are.

    Also great analogy from Kashmir. It's a likely scenario where in the absence of FB and other social media, India could become a country of stone pelters. Not all the lathicharging police forces in the country would then be able to control such mobs.

  10. He should know, from the beginning, this is technically impossible. I guess he has young kids at home. He should ask them. Unless he attempt to completely block Google or Youtube like China try to do not so long ago.

    He is a blithering idiot.

    Now an IT notice to Google. Thats something new in this whole wide world but common in recent time. As wiith Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Bhusan duo etc, its a Congress trend now.

    If tomorrow a Horse somehow decides to kick every Congressy politician he sees, they will start an inquiry on it too. :)

  11. Excellent post once again. I keep coming back to your blogs cos I feel someone is reading my mind and the scribbles in my head and converted that to a blog. You are doing a great service to all the Indians who have their heart and their head in the right place..
    I am an IT professional and I can guarantee that it is virtually impossible to censor anything on internet as the technology is not that mature. And moreover Internet giants like Google and Facebook thrive on the fact that they are the voice of the people, for the people and by the people. So, its a democracy in true sense unlike our paid media..
    Kapil Sabil can only lick his wounds and something else that he has been so successfully doing.. Keep up the good work.. I wish I could contribute to your blogs, but I am not blessed with a rich lexicon nor the gift of gag like you...But I will surely start blogging soon.

  12. Nikesh Arora was in India on Nov 2 and Barkha Dutt was raising the point of anonymous tweet abuses to her.She discussed about it but we will never know whether she was privy with that information that Kapil Sibal was holding discussion on this subject

  13. Please go through the following link From the above DADAGIRI of Kapil Singh is evident in SUBTLE way.Barkha Dutt is also not ashamed that this news was SUPPRESSED by MSM.We need NYT to break this story.THIS IS NEW LOW FOR MSM>

  14. Anyone notice that some channels have completely blacked out the LokPal debates. They rarely have any elaborate debates anymore. just quick snippets of a few news reports here and there

  15. What a beauty of an article about the joy of seeing the title of the article in reality. Just imagine folks.

    G Sampath: Does Kapil Sibal sleep in the nude?

    "So let me put it this way: Imagine Vidya Balan’s role in The Dirty Picture being played by Kapil Sibal, wearing those same costumes, and enacting those same sequences with Naseeruddin Shah and those other fellows. Well, it was sort of like that, but really dirty.

    Usually I can never remember my dreams. When I wake up, I have a vague sense that I have had some powerful dreams, but the imagery always escapes me. I am guessing it is some form of censorship at work. But what bothers me now is that this oneiric censorship mechanism has stopped working ever since Kapil Sibal began invading my dreams'

  16. Witzel of Harvard Sibalizing Harvard.

  17. Wow to sibal veridi.
    Mr Ravinar, you are lynching the indian media and its crooks since long but they have not understood it. You know the language our politicians and media will understand? We must speak the language they understand.

    But few politicians and most media are licking the bar dancer's foot and they have adhesives in their tongue and they cannot remove it

  18. Hey Ravinar,

    I tried to open up the links provided by you about Sonia (Antonia Edvige Albina Maino)but could not open them. So is is true that the Internet has been already put under restriction in relation to our Foreign Amma ?

  19. Ravinar

    Great Job - What else you can expect of a party which imposed Emergency on the country. And is currently doing the same in various forms. MSM was up in arms against Justice Katju when he showed him the mirror but silent on websites for even they (MSM) want the internet content to be controlled.

    As for MSM - I am reminded of Advani's famous quote about Media role during Emergency "They crawled when they were asked to bend"

    Kashmir Cinema Halls - Had Farooq Abdullah not mentioned it in one of the statements, most of us wouldnt have been aware of cinema hall ban in Kashmir. May have heard about it when imposed, but it was off the radar for quite some time now. Wonder why Barkha Dutt, spokesperson for Hurriyat, never confronts kashmiri separatists with their Talibani mindset.

  20. Ravinar, we've been hooked on your blogs for the last month or so. Thanks for giving us fresh insights on the main stream media's antics and how they affect us the general public.

    Just a thought ... ever read the super satirical British mag "Private Eye" and the kind of revelations it has on the whole gamut of corrupt shenanigans of the high and mighty in British public life?

    This publication has done alot of good by shaking and ridiculing the British establishment (including the media), to such an extent that it has had no option but to start reforming itself.

    Look forward to seeing an Indian, superior equivalent soon, Kapil Sibbal or no Kapil Sibbal!


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