Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vir Sanghvi - In Defense Of The Corrupt

By Ram Valmiki

It’s very important to know the personal opinions of journalists as that is what influences how they report events or news.  There are many in Indian MSM who are incapable of reporting without their personal biases. Vir Sanghvi is just one of them. It is not a big secret, at least among netizens or as they put it “Internet Hindus” that VS is biased towards Congress and Government. In his recent posts on his blog titled “Don’t blame media, Mr. Kejriwal” and “How the govt lost its way, and its face” he so openly defends the corrupt government and tries to peddle the lie that it’s actually the government that brought out the scams into public. The title chosen for his second post is very misleading.

I am prepared to agree with Kejriwal when he says that the Shanti Bhushan CD was part of a conspiracy. We know now that the CD was faked and the refusal of the Delhi Police to recognise that it was a cut-and-paste job suggests a certain level of official complicity even if the CD itself was made by non-governmental sources

Yes Mr VS, it does suggest government conspiracy but how many from your MSM has really taken on government about this issue. The very idea that there exists possibility that a government can conspire against the citizens is disturbing. VS and MSM should have concentrated on this area rather than going behind the Team Anna. Just because CD was made by non-governmental sources does not in any way lessen the sin if those sources were prompted to do so by government?

Unless Arvind Kejriwal can somehow convince us that the government hypnotised Kiran Bedi into filing fake reimbursement claims, it is hard to see how this is part of an official conspiracy. The most he can suggest is that official agencies helped in unearthing the evidence. But if this is proof of a government conspiracy then surely he is also a co-conspirator with the government when he makes statements based on reports issued by such government bodies as the CAG. Just because the government digs up accurate information – as the CAG did in the telecom scam – and this information is used by the media and concerned citizens it does not follow that there is any conspiracy

I could have never imagined an experienced editor and journalist would be able to dole out crap logic ever if I had not come across these posts. It’s really amazing that though “official agencies helped in unearthing the evidence”, what is more surprising is these “official agencies”  one fine day had a dream and then went on to dig stuff of selected people who happen to be criticizing the government.  I am not aware of any complaint against Bedi that led to “official agencies” to investigate and dig up the mess of Bedi. If VS is aware of any such complaint, I would like to know because it’s really frightening to know that “official agencies” can unearth evidences just to please the political masters.  In lay man’s language that would be termed “witch hunting”.

CAG providing his report is NOT similar to “official agencies unearthing evidence” in case of Bedi. It’s the duty of the CAG to audit and provide report of government expenditure. CAG did his routine job and fortunately for India, CAG is a very honest and upright gentleman unlike MMS. Comparing CAG’s job with “official agencies” is totally out of context. As per the law “official agencies” require governmental permission or formal complaint or court order to “unearth evidences”. In Bedi’s case media has not reported any complaint or court order that prompted “unearthing” exercise and hence we have no choice but to believe the government conspired.  CAG does not take orders from executive branch of the government (ministers) where as “official agencies” do.

VS continues his new found CAG argument in his next post as well. We will look into that but before that, let’s just LOL at the statement by him: “On the other hand, you could argue that in the UPA’s second term, the scandals that have emerged have all been uncovered only as a result of the government’s own efforts.” Either VS thinks all his readers have no IQ or VS thinks by vomiting such crap will make him an intellectual journalist.  I mean, how in the holy god of secularism’s name he concludes that a government involved in scandals will uncover its own corruption. On second thoughts, has govt promised him Padma Bhushan next year?

Let’s take 2G. The scandal only broke as a result of a report by the CAG. You may or may not agree with the CAG’s computation of the loss caused to the exchequer (and it is now clear that even within the CAG’s office, there were disagreements), but you cannot dispute that if there had been no CAG report, there would be no 2G scandal.” This is such a blatant lie that VS is trying to sell here. The scandal was in public even before the CAG report. PILs were filed and Subramanian Swamy moved SC long before the CAG report was tabled. If anything, the CAG report only confirmed the monstrous size of the scandal.  Here is the list of events and timeline as per Wikipedia. Yes Wikipedia is authentic reference, as it constructs the time line based on media reports.

May 4, 2009: An NGO Telecom Watchdog files complaint to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on the illegalities in the spectrum allocation to Loop Telecom.
….May 19, 2009: Another complaint was filed to the CVC by Arun Agarwal, highlighting grant of spectrum to Swan Telecom at throwaway prices.
….May, 2010: NGO Centre for Public Interest litigation moves the Delhi High Court seeking investigation into the scam by SIT or CBI.
….Sept 13, 2010: SC asks government, Raja to reply within 10 days to three petitions filed by CPIL and others alleging there was a Rs 70,000 crore scam in the grant of telecom licences in 2008
….Sept 24, 2010: Swamy moves SC seeking direction to the PM to sanction prosecution of Raja.

The SC has numerous times pulled up CBI for shoddy investigation. If not for active role of SC and petitioners like Swamy, the scandal would have been easily buried by the government. Saying government uncovered the scandals is nothing but a joke. “The current CAG, an honest and upright bureaucrat called Vinod Rai, got the job because the UPA Cabinet chose him. His candidacy was strongly pushed by the former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram who knew Rai from his career in the finance ministry.” Justice Santosh Hegde was appointed by the government headed by Yedurappa. This is similar to Vinod Rai being appointed by the UPA government. Fortunately both of them have done justice to their assigned duties. This in no means absolves the governments of their sins. How would have VS responded if BJP claimed that it was their government that uncovered mining scam? It cannot get funnier than that. “So it is with the arrests. Who would have thought it possible that Spectrum King A. Raja would spend so many months in jail. Who would have imagined that the CBI would have the guts to arrest the daughter of M. Karunanidhi, an important Congress ally at a time when the government depended on the DMK’s support for its survival?”

CBI had no choice after being pulled up by SC. With various petitions that Swamy filed with documents he possessed, CBI had to act. Let us ask counter question. If Swamy did not really have possession of documents he claims he has, is he insane to move SC to seek permission to prosecute Chidambaram and also showing intention of even inducting MMS? “In the end, all of the uncovering of the scandal, all of the investigating and all of the arresting has been done by branches of the government. And yet, nobody believes that this government has any interest in uncovering the truth or in fighting corruption. The credit is given to the courts (who can only act once the CBI brings cases to them), to the media and to the opposition. The government itself gets no credit at all.” I don’t understand why VS is so hell bent on using illogical arguments in proving government is anti-corrupt. Is not this the most corrupt government yet? A government that indulges in corruption can no way uncover its own corruption. VS is either acting innocent or its time he took sanyas. I would prefer second option for him for his own good as well as the country.

 So here’s what the truth is. No, this is not the most corrupt government is history. It is headed by a decent and honest man. And his government has uncovered most of the corruption cases we read about. But this is a government without a visible leader. The Prime Minister has made the mistake of sitting back and watching while his allies have made money. And now, while he should be associating himself with the clean-up, he cowers silently at Race Course Road.

Well yeah you are right VS. Seriously, if PM was silent when his allies made money, he is as much responsible. That only means for him more than national interests, saving government was important. It’s not surprising though. We are already aware that to save itself, congress can indulge in horse trading. It is an art it has mastered. Cash for votes scam is another hot topic now.

With the title of his second post he misleads the reader to believe he is criticizing the government whereas all he does is mindlessly defend the government. Then he ends with questioning leadership of the government. It is clear where he is heading with his arguments. With Clown Prince rumoured to be made party president and Diggy already announcing in public that it’s high time sycophants like him are ruled by Clown Prince, it’s an attempt to create grounds for MMS to exit and Clown to claim Gaddi. After all, it’s not surprising if Congress realizes that they may not return to power in 2014 and Clown prince would have to wait god knows how many more years to sit on gaddi.


  1. Dear Virji,

    if you are so on the truthfulness side, what was the need to resign from the lucrative post you had. have nothing more to say. The author simply wasted his valuable time to write for this crook and devoted a whole page for this.

  2. Vir and Barkha are trying to extricate themselves.Their names are sullied but being 'besharam' they defend indefensible instead of atoning.Justice Katju has also referred to Radia tapes in his new letter

  3. Excellent article..after reading so many articles here i am beginning to see how these paid journos work....thanks for enlightening me....

  4. @Urban Lama

    Though i understand your sarcasm, I had to devout the time as if not answered in time, this CAG/Government argument would have been peddeled by sickulars to claim credit for government... I apologize though for being pre emptive which is not the case most often for anti sickulars.... :)

    Ram Valmiki

  5. Viewers should appeal to Justice Katju, that anchors' are panelists' religious/political affiliations and their spouses business interests should be made public on the channels' website the following day.

    Watched one anchor's flattering interview with a leading designer. It transpired that the anchor was also a consumer- cost mentioned was in five figures on the higher side..

  6. Excellent article Ram. Now i cam to know how the media is works. How Media will fool common man. Now all yougster to
    come up make difference. this is the time. Thanx Ram

  7. Thank you for enlighting the truth Ram. It's an excellent article. As said, one knows what the truth is irrespective of such veteron journalists masking them.

  8. vir sanghavi looks like humpty dumpty these days and like him he had a great fall and all the king's oops, queen's horses and men cannot put humpty dumpty together again.

  9. Hi, Ravinar,

    VS was buried after Nadia’s exposure. He was in the woods for some time and now wants to emerge out of it.

    You are great as usual but you do suffer from slight affiliations. I hope you understand what I meant by affiliations. Hahahahaha!!! I am also in the same boat. But I have my disappointments but I will communicate the same to you later.

    Vir Sanghvi, MJ Akbar and the like, yes, of course, the Jug Suraiya all belong to the same cradle. They will never change but they think they are God’s gift.

    Are not you tired of watching the same stupid faces in the English TV channels? Can’t they get some neutral people from the civil society or people from different walks of life? Same Vinodh Metha, Niramala, Renuka the ‘Oppari’ artiste (people who excel in crying during condolence visits in north India i.e Rudalis)

    Can you recall how she excelled in the art of ‘Oppari” ( Rudali) when S Gandhi could not become the PM of the Country because of Kalam’s final say?

    The English TV Channels do not have an interactive session with their viewers i.e I mean phone calls during debates. I tried many times writing to the different channels to introduce this scheme but they simply do not bother.

    Who are they discussing or debating the issues for? If it is for the people of this country, why then there is no interactive phone number during the debate? We could blast these idiots just like that.

    Attn : Urban lama: I have nothing against you. But to your question” if you are so on the truthfulness side, what was the need to resign from the lucrative post you had. Have nothing more to say. The author simply wasted his valuable time to write for this crook and devoted a whole page for this”.

    Lama, Ravinar has his mind stoutly fixed where it should be.

    I must say, if every one is truthful, why Balajis, Guruvaurappans and such Deities get so much money? You bribe God in this country, Lama.

    I liked your write ups earlier but now I feel you are no different from the guy who appeared in Times Now channel at 2130 hrs this night (news show) who concurred with the extra police authorities of the ‘Didi’ of West Bengal.

    We need to live with people like you next door.That is the curse. God bless.

  10. Just like totla chawal, Mr prabhu chawla, vir sanghvi came back to give us brain stroke.

  11. @Emmaarcee

    This particular post, as mentioned at the top, is by Ram Valmiki...

  12. Lama,

    My apologies at your feet. I got issues mixed up and Ravinar knows how!!!!. Pardon me. Ravinar opened my eyes. I am sorry.

  13. @ emmaarcee
    We're cool! Sir!!
    i made a short comment. and on the lighter side.

    As far as i am concerned VS, Barkha are long gone and just pushing along.

    The new ones to join them are really good ones. Their hindi counterparts. Vinod Dua, ravish. I mean they used to be very good at what they do. Now they are just playing along doing their 9-5 jobs and reading the pre-prepared script.

    They will very soon regret what they have done with their career.

    i hope the day will come soon.

  14. Dear Ram,

    Can you put it on record that Vir Sanghvi is a PAID journo? Will you write, under your own by-line that he is a CROOK and a PAID journo?

    No, of course, you won't. You will make cheap insinuations but you will NEVER stand up and say such a thing. Because it is untrue. There is no proof, no reason, to believe that he is paid.

    Also note that Vir Sanghvi offers his opinions in an OPINION COLUMN. What he has to say is his bloody business. You don't like his views? Don't read them.


    Why piggyback on somebody's else success by denigrating him personally, and in the process getting cheap taalis from some people?

    I'm sure you will delete this opinion. I fully expect you to.

  15. @ Anonymous (above)

    If VirSanghvi has an opinion it is not kept to himself but published widely. Therefore the opinions of journos are likely to be scrutinised. And just as one may not read Sanghvi's post you were equally free not to read this post... You did more than read.. you responded. The very crime you accuse Ram of. Hope you realise that!

  16. Vir Sanghvi is the journo who has been honey-trapped by Chinese in the past.

  17. One thing to be read with opera glass is whatever the agency headed on the recommendation of PC are all with questionable moral turpitude. Hence, were the CVO playing marble upon the NGO complaints?


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