Friday, October 7, 2011

Social Scientologist Dipankar Gupta's Advice For Gujarat Congress

This seems to be the season for celebrities to shower advice on the Congress party. In my previous post I tried understanding why ‘Shekhar Gupta is doctoring and nursing the Congress’. Rajdeep Sardesai in an article, “Insider, Outsider” laments  on Pranab Mukherjee never getting his due from the Congress because others have to be kept at bay. Another one, “Telling the wrong story” is what catches my attention though. It is written by Social Scientologist Dipankar Gupta. Alright, let me explain. This Gupta, a former professor with JNU, the coffee shop of communists, is supposedly a social scientist. My understanding was that social scientists do a lot of work on the ground with people on various issues to arrive at conclusions. But Social Scientologists in India are now a cult group that simply work on a pre-set body of beliefs and rituals created by fiction and fantasy. The supposed religion of Scientology is described as a body of beliefs and related practices created by science fiction and fantasy author L. Ron Hubbard. It would have been unheard of but for prominent celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta being its followers. Scientology is also a very very secretive cult. Therefore, rather than being referred to as scientists who deal with facts, the term scientologists is more appropriate for people like Dipankar Gupta who write largely with no first hand research. After all, FAITH, is the key.

So Dipankar Gupta (DG) is his article in TOI “Telling the wrong story” (Quotes in blue) wonders why the Congress isn’t telling the right story. He writes: “Is the Congress afraid of winning in Gujarat? Nothing else explains why it lets Narendra Modi tom-tom development when it should have been the Congress banging the drums. The economic achievements of governments before Modi's read like an award citation, but too much secularism has since led the Congress astray. Instead of showcasing its past performance to regain Gujarat, it is obsessed with nailing Modi as a communalist-in-chief. Naturally, it is not getting anywhere fast”. Interesting, “too much secularism”? I give that much to DG, secularism has almost become synonymous with anti-development. It has come to represent pandering and appeasement and nothing more.

After those opening lines DG then goes on to reel off a healthy dose of statistics to reveal why Gujarat was a poster-boy for development even before Modi. I quite agree and have always maintained that Gujarat has been economically progressive historically and traditionally. As a state it has done far better on most fronts than a huge majority of states in India even before Modi. DG only fails in his reasoning why Congress is unable to counter NaMo. That is because he fails to understand the people of Gujarat. The most important ingredient in political and electoral battles is the public. As a social scientologist DG has completely failed to read the minds of the Gujjus. That’s the reason all the statistics and economic indexes he uses become academic nonsense for a Congress revival.

The story of Congress in Gujarat cannot be written without a mention of its divisive politics in the state. The one theory that most epitomises its deeply divisive tactic that meant to divide a ‘secular’ society has to be the one by former CM Madhavsinh Solanki. His KHAM theory is as much a Secular laboratory as the Hindutva laboratory that Gujarat is often called. KHAM stands for Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi & Muslim. The Congress believed creating and strengthening such vote-banks would keep them in power for good. Well, vote-bank politics is a traditional tactic for the Congress. To support that tactic the Congress also sprinkled its strategy with an abundance of reservations and subsidies. Surprised? Well that is still the strategy in most states for the ‘secular’ parties. DG perhaps overlooks an important turning point in the history of Gujarat.

In 1985 the Madhavsinh Solanki announced reservation policies which resulted in agitations and riots throughout the state. These went on for months and then suddenly turned into communal riots. A majority of people believe that the Congress turned it into communal riots to deflect the reservations issue. The Hindus in Gujarat believed they were at the receiving end of all social mishaps. Reservations, communal riots, subsidies etc. These are emotive issues and not the statistical nonsense that DG reduces the discussion to. And he’s supposed to be a social scientologist!  If one Congress leader can be held singularly responsible for the party’s sinking in Gujarat, it has to be Madhavsinh Solanki. And what’s his reward? He gets to be a minister in the Central Govt. later on.

Now, having all along fought their elections on fake ‘secularism’, garibi-hatao, aam-aadmi, reservations, caste and community divisions, minorities appeasement, subsidies and so on can the Congress suddenly jump to ‘Development’ as an electoral strategy? I am surprised someone as educated as DG cannot see the irony. By his own logic Gujarat was already on a development path, what the Gujaratis didn’t want was the other nonsense that the Congress party fought elections on. Get that DG?

DG goes on to write: “Now that Gujarat's economy is all grown up and good-looking, the Congress should admit its responsibility and submit to a paternity test. What is there to hide? Hefty anti-saffron helpings, on their own, will not do. With a stomach full of that stuff, the Congress can hardly catch up with Modi. In fact, Jawaharlal Nehru taught us that secularism does not win elections, development does. Why then is the Congress doing its best to come second-best by gagging its record of the 1990s? In politics, as in sports, winning is not everything, it is the only thing”. Well DG you and other colleagues of yours in the social club and the media are the ones who brought the Congress to such a miserable shape. Peddling lies only helps so much. Fighting elections by calling Modi a mass murderer, calling him communal and anti-muslim does not resonate with Gujaratis. The Congress hoped to benefit by permanently tagging Modi with the 2002 riots and with the support of corrupt NGOs, social clubbers and the media hoped to win elections. A first start would be to admit that this strategy has failed.Another first would be to admit that Jawaharlal Nehru did to India what Congress has mostly done to Gujarat.

Another important aspect in politics and society is not just about being a minister, winning elections or about the Chief Minister. It is about leadership. I repeat what I wrote in a previous post: "What a leader does for followers is..turn anxiety into confidence. They’ve always done that throughout time and in every different society and situation. When leaders lead well, it’s because they’re able to rally people to a better future and make people spirited when they were previously anxious." This is what NaMo provided to a state in a time of severe strife and anxiety brought about by the 2001 earthquake followed by the 2002 riots. Maybe yes, he would have played a communal card since he is and will remain a politician. So why did the secular card repeatedly fail then?

Another important issue that DG overlooks is that the Congress now wants to campaign against NaMo on issues of corruption for the 2012 elections. Would you believe that DG? Where’s your advice on that? You might find a lot to hurl at Modi but corruption can be related to Modi as much as Sarah Palin sees Russia from her lawns. An issue that DG does not acknowledge is that if Gujarat managed to make giant strides under Modi it is actually because of absence of or negligible corruption in the system and elimination of the red tape.

Another wrong example that DG draws on is that of Dhirubhai Ambani: “Most recently, Mukesh Ambani praised Narendra Modi for putting Gujarat on the world map. He seems to have forgotten that his father, and Reliance, prospered in Gujarat well before Modi properly entered politics”. Dhirubhai’s success is in no way connected with Congress rule in Gujarat before Modi. Dhirubhai was a Gujju and his first venture in textiles was when Gujarat was still the Manchester of India. It is state where labour unrest was minimal. DG might like to know that once public giant IPCL used to proudly put up a sign at its entrance that said to the effect “Since inception no strikes at IPCL”.  Reliance is now a stake-holder in IPCL and it still doesn’t see strikes. If the Sardar Sarovar project was started much before Modi he is credited with speeding up the canals and bringing the Narmada water to various parts of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad. The dam is only half the achievement, bringing water to the parched cities and villages counts for a lot more. Much of Gujarat was drought-prone, that’s a situation laid to rest in a very large measure.

While his sympathy for the Congress may not be misplaced, social scientologists like DG sometimes use the most spurious arguments as logic. In a discussion with Rajdeep Sardesai on Subramanian Swamy’s controversial article in DNA and the subsequent petition for his dismissal by some Harvard constituents, this is what DG had to say: “If anybody goes to teach summer school in Harvard he is obviously not top of the pops”! Well, I reserve my opinion on the professors of JNU but if DG really wants to revive the Congress in Gujarat he must sacrifice scientology and embrace facts.


  1. Dipankar Gupta is filthy intolerant commie bigot for whom truth is enemy no. 1.Commie rascals like him are pillion riders of congi communal ruelrs .His hate and lies vommit is intolereale to bear!

  2. I've read some of this Dipankar Gupta's articles (by accident), and half way through you start to yawn. What are all these commies smoking? I don't understand how they can be so delusional. JNU, Jamia Islamia and other so called "universities" should be banned for giving rise to these filthy fringe elements who seem to make a living out of peddling lies, and more lies and then some more lies. It leads to a nation full of delusional morons. Are we going to become as delusional as the Pakistanis next door who still believe that the Mossad was responsible for 9/11? Thankfully more Indians' eyes will open in the coming decades as India registers 500 million new internet users. Lying commies like this idiot, Suzy, Sardesai, Setalvad, and a whole generation of JNU filth will disappear when they see they don't have an audience anymore.

  3. his desperation shows.gupta is just bewildered as to how modi chugs along despite all the soothsayers of doom-he included- predicting modi's downfall.hence this too clever by half piece.these guys are professional tv 'pontificators' and often preach to an audience of none.the bottom of the dungheap speaks about the top of the pops.gupta would give an arm ,leg anything to get a position similar to swamy at harvard. the green monster looms large.

  4. See how one more member of DG's club spills out his shit...

  5. Well, despite our reservations about Subramaniam Swamy, we would like to comment on DG's “If anybody goes to teach summer school in Harvard he is obviously not top of the pops” jibe. Swamy may not be the top of the pops, but Swamy surely tops the intellectual paupers like DG and his ilk from the JNUs.

  6. @Kunal:

    We read the piece (piss?)* by Prashant Pandey, another fecal matter between the ears buffoon. What this guy must try to figure out is: If Congress could get away with the lies "Mohandas got us freedom through non-violence"; what is Pandey's problem if Modi get away (assuming so just for the sake of argument, that is!) with "Modi brought development to Gujarat"?

    Or does Pandey want to surmise that when two lies are told it is usually the bigger lie which is believed to be true?


  7. A bong from JNU cannot ever be up to any good. I saw the name and then his citation at the bottom of the article and that was enough to ignore the article. Ditto for the entire Slimes brigade. Even Swaminathan Iyer has begun to talk secular nonsense. The best use I have for this rag is cleaning out my pet rabbits hutch with it.

  8. Any amount of exercise by the congress with paid news and articles, it is a spent force in TN,Guj,UP, Bihar, Orrissa and AP is on the anvil. Gluing with independence struggle, the modern congress has done more harm than the aliens and now (at present, old wine in new bottle) Italy than English. The latter is crooks the former is mafia which is better is anybody's guess.

    The lone difference is the former acted arbitrarily the latter acts on the advice of Indian foxes (five)

  9. Mr Samalochaka,

    A very valid point indeed when you say its a lie that"Mohandas got us freedom through non-violence" . In fact During the second world war, the Germans attacked England & almost 4 million Brits were killed in that war. Eventually, the Brits had to focus on their nation's rehabilitation & did not want to waste their time & money in governing others. This lead to Freedom of not just India but many other countries on the planet. Unfortunately, the British still divided India using Islamic terrorists to force a comeback later.That's real history which the JNU stooges don't want anyone to know.

  10. Reading your posts on Gujarat, I remember a stage-managed incident of attempted assassination of Late Indira Gandhi by one Lalwani of Baroda on 14th April 1980 in Delhi with an old blunt knife. The man named the deputy mayor of Baroda(of Janatha Party) as the conspirator and I have forgotten the witch-hunting the Delhi and Gujarat police did with political motive. Would anybody give details of the case and what finally happened thereafter.

  11. this is with reference to a comment that a bong from jnu can be upto no good. as an elitist educated jnu bong i would like to give my opinion on gujjus. gujjus can always illtreat women, have pathetic human development indicators, kill female foetuses,be illiterate, kill muslims and be good banias. they can only sell. they can never reach the elite corridors of india.they can never be like the bongs who are known all over the world for their intellectuality.

  12. DG's article puts forward facts. You too put forward points. Yes the Congress doesn't know it's head from it's ass in gujarat, but what DG has presented is the truth. The facts can't be changed.
    The truth is that whether it was power generation, or Dhirubhai, or the Pharma industry, or whatever else, it was all govt. prior to modi that did the good work. modi is only claiming it for himself in order to satisfy his ambitions. With our public being either gullible or biased, he's enjoyed a degree of success, but for how long. That is the question that remains to be answered. Going by what is happening around modi, I think the end of the modi-show is near. He may not go to jail for his murders (no politician in India does apparently), but he will be reduced to a bystander like a Chandrababu Naidu. A 2 bit power-broker at best.

  13. @Anonymous,

    Between your rant about Gujjus being all so pathetic and Bongs being so intellectual, the sample of your intellect makes me feel that Gujrat is lucky that they did not have such intellectuals else their not-so-intellectual fellow Gujjus have to go to other state to find jobs. In case, I am perceived as anti-Bong, I am a Bong by birth who worked in Modi's Gujrat for some time. I understand the disgust, @Seadog's comment was not in good taste and smells of parochialism.

    If anyone like Naidu can survive what you and commie morons in your alma mater unleashed on Modi in last ten years then they should get more credit that they get. The truth is that despite all your best effort (not to mention those super intellect that you are so proud of) as well as the money coming from outside through various NGO channels, you can not take down a single RSS pracharak whose life began with working in a roadside tea stall. So much for great intellect. It does hurt, does it not?

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  15. Subramanian Swamy started his career as a newspaper columnist on the Zionist payroll. He is a Mossad puppet who wrote the blueprint that opened up India for free market loot during 90s and took convenient U turn now on the FDI issue, real twoface. Mossad through it’s dubious activities trained both the Indian Tamilians and Sri Lankans and profited heavily from it’s enormous illegal arms supply to both the sides eventually destabilizing the region that not only put the two countries on a collision course but also lead to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi through it’s Indian stooges one of which was Subramaniyan Swamy. Punch into google Subramanian Swamy – The Mossad Stooge to know the real face of this two faced Mossad puppet.

    1. Thanks for nothing. A ludicrous and ridiculous smear. Like the crackpot jihadis, you see Jewish conspiracies behind everything.

  16. Thanks for the articles, have book marked them and will definitely be taking forward some of their advice. Thanks again! I’ll be back for more tips next week!



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