Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Value Of Modi's Skull

By Guest writer Ram Valmiki

Lot has been already said and written about the “Hate Modi Brigade”. One can clearly see that this brigade is suffering from Ostrich Syndrome. As their lies and misdeeds are being exposed, they find new ways to manufacture new lies. Even though they have been caught pants down with their lies, they still are seen on TV and even in print media, still trying to propagate hate against Modi.

When Modi refused politely to wear a skull cap, “seculars” saw an opportunity to take shots at Modi. They gleefully grabbed it and went around the town crying how it proved that Modi was not serious about “Sadbhavana”. Fortunately they did not get as much audience as they would have liked to. No one was interested in their rants this time. I would like to ask these “seculars” a simple question.  Could Modi wearing a skull cap have made him acceptable as Secular leader in their eyes?

There are no doubts that had Modi accepted the skull cap, these same set of loud mouth activists and journalists would have cried hoarse , accusing Modi of “Drama” to appease Muslims. Modi  and his government have always maintained that they believe in  – “Justice to all, appeasement of none”. He succeeded in proving again to the country that he is not a leader who would stoop down to the level of appeasement for political gains.

The brigade is currently active in undermining the spectacular growth and development of Gujarat under   Modi.  They have now come up with figures and want us to believe that Gujarat under Modi rule is no different from Gujarat under congress rule.  I am not interested in the figures or what statistics are being used to propagate this new lie. One has to just look at various programs the Gujarat government has undertaken to bring prosperity to the State and its people.  Had earlier congress governments achieved what Modi has now, would people of Gujarat have chosen Modi as their Chief Minister continuously? The activists and journalists who doubt the Gujarat growth story surely suffer from loss of mental faculties.  They are insulting the people of Gujarat by not acknowledging their prosperity.  The Supreme Court recently praised the way Public Distribution System works in Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. It even asked central government to use implement similar model across the country. None of the MSM reported or had panel discussions about this model.

When Modi was on fast, all the MSM channels had panel discussions and as expected the debates would feature the gruesome Gujarat riots. The MSM and “secular” Activists have succeeded in separating Gujarat riots from Godhra train burning.  The activists project as if one fine day Hindus of Gujarat decided to go on rioting spree and Modi gave them freehand. Never in the debates have we seen the panelists discuss the case of 57 charred bodies of kar sevaks.  We hardly see Hindu victims being asked for opinions. It is as if the whole Media has decided that Hindu victims and Hindu pain does not deserve to be discussed about.

There wee 740 Muslim and 250 Hindu deaths. Every death was unfortunate and riots should be rightly condemned. But selective projection of views and opinions is more dangerous for the country. By separating Gujarat riots from Godhra incident will lead to wrong conclusions.

Activists demand apology from Modi on moral grounds. Why not the same activists demand apology from congress whose municipality member and an MLA were accused of conspiring and actively taking part in Godhra carnage. Media should in fact be debating the conspiracy, planning and intent behind the Godhra which resulted in riots. Asking right questions lead to right answers and correct lessons learnt.

To cover the lack of ground support for their ill intended protests, like the one by Mallika Sarabai where she could gather only 20 or odd people, these activists accuse Modi government of intimidating the minority. They claim the minority community lives in fear and do not come out in open against Modi. Well, it’s a joke. If that is really the case, why not the dare devil Media and activists bring out those victims and give them assurance of full support if they open up? After all, with the kind of Media and Congress support they enjoy, activists are in better position to ensure safety of the “would be” whistle blowers.


  1. The politicians were snake tongued now added the journalists. The author had meticulously analysed their reason being so earlier. But it is amazing that they had shelved their ethic and morality which is paining. If they do not broadcast it is their matter of sentiment but when they do it quite opposite it is paining.

    The corrupt congress and the media could hardly make die their old habits imbibed from British to divide and rule. But the fact cannot be buried for ever. The patience of common is tested and when it reaches beyond proportion, their counter will be devastating.

  2. NDTV idiots are projecting as if there is war between top BJP leaders and Modi. In general state chief ministers will not participate in the national level meetings / functions... Modi haven't participated in the central meeting because it is not his job... Now NDTV says.. modi didnt participate in the Advanis yathra because of internal issue...why they didnt speak about KA CM / MP CM?

  3. In may news articles in CNN-IBN, NDTV & Times on 30th Sept, you will find Headlines about How Modi is skipping the national executive of BJP. This is a clear cut policy of MSM of using Modi to divert attention from Congress Govt's Internal Tug of War & Chidambaram's face saver on 2G corruption, etc.
    Because Attacking Modi also looks a normal day to day activity & does not raise any eyebrows. Showing BJP as a divided house using Modi will be MSM agenda till 2014.


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