Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terror Is Not The Enemy, Wilful Blindness Is

I suppose it will take something really terrible, something even worse than 26/11 to wake up our government. Maybe something as dramatic as 9/11 attack with thousands dying might stand a better chance, although I can’t be so sure anymore. Nothing else can explain the pussyfooting on terrorism by the Congress. Let me first warn you – those who say “don’t politicise terror, terror has no religion, nation must unite, we will not succumb” are the ones most misleading the nation. The worst of these has to be “bombs don’t know who they kill”. These pearls of wisdom have been so drilled into our minds that people in charge and in the media have even stopped asking the right questions. A larger war is being confused for terrorism. A larger master-plan is being cleverly cloaked by frequently invoking Hindu terror by politicians and the media. The term ‘Islamic Jihad’ has even disappeared from the lexicon of the media and government. Instead, the media wilfully sings the same song as the Congress to spread a fear of Saffron terror. Rahul Gandhi even sets the agenda by suggesting Hindu Terror is more dangerous than LeT. His mentor, Digvijay Singh, takes many steps forward by clouding every terror incident by pointing fingers at Hindu terrorists.

War on terror? Even the media keeps harping - War on terror! Hmmm! You cannot win or wage a war if you don’t even know who your enemy is or refuse to acknowledge the reality of the enemy. And that is Jihad.

In response to the 7/9 Delhi blast the PM stated “it’s a cowardly act”! Seriously, it’s not the jihadis who are cowards anymore. The cowards are those who are wilfully blind to Jihad.  The jihadis are willing to die for their cause just as a soldier in uniform is willing to die for the nation. The Jihadis go back and report to their masters another successful battle. What do our ministers report? They send out messages to the people that are becoming increasingly unbearable to tolerate for us as their bosses. The people, unfortunately, have to tolerate both – the jihadis and an incompetent govt. It’s a lose-lose proposition for all citizens.

For the sake of argument let’s assume Hindu terror is a bigger threat as Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and P. Chidambaram would have the nation believe. What exactly is the objective of Hindu terrorists? Do they want to conquer India? Do they want to over throw a democratically elected government? At worst, these could be revenge-thirsty elements of the Hindu fringe. In contrast the Jihadis have a long term plan. And terrorism is just one part of their entire plan of action. I repeat, terrorism is just one part of their overall plan.

There are pockets in India like Deganga (Bengal) where Hindus and their temples are being repeatedly attacked and they are being forced out of town. There are places like Miraj (Maha) and Adoni (AP) where Ganesh pandals are frequently attacked. There are places like Ahmedabad where Rath Yatras are frequently stoned. Sure, let’s dismiss all this as mere communal incidents. There is a news item today which reports the Muthoot group, a finance company, which has ordered dress codes and banned wearing of ‘bindis’. How do you explain that? There are pockets in Kerala which administer Sharia justice by chopping off arms. In response to the Batla house encounter some years back there were those who smeared brave police officers. One prominent media favourite even went to suggest muslims are like jews under the Nazis. So on hand you have the politician-media nexus which covers up the jihadi truth and then you have pockets where you have creeping sharia. Why? The motivation is vote bank politics.

It is weird and even absolutely idiotic to think that every nook and corner of a vast country like India can be secured by policing and technology. It is impossible. Security at strategic locations is a must but you don’t win wars by defending. You win wars by taking the offensive to the enemy. It’s as simple as that. So who is the enemy? Terror is a strategy, it is not the enemy by itself. Col. Allen West of the US army (now a Congressman) put it brilliantly when he asked – “How intelligent would it be during second world war if we identified Blitzkreig as the enemy”? Blitzkreig was a strategy, the enemy was Hitler’s Nazi. Similarly, terror is a strategy. You cannot wage a silly war on terror, you have to wage it against the enemy. The enemy here is the Jihadi. And this is where the govt is wilfully blind and repeatedly fools the nation.

Strangely the PM again made a silly statement: “Terrorists are using loopholes in our security”. What the hell is that supposed to mean? That one day you will eliminate all loopholes? Is that even possible? And the media can’t stop screaming that every terror attack is a wake up call that we need ‘fool-proof’ security. Is there really anything like fool-proof security? The dunderheads that the media assembles after every terror attack do more damage to the morale of the nation than reassuring it. “The objective of terrorists is to strike fear” says HM P.Chidambaram. And you didn’t get that in over 20 years of terrorism?

The truth of the matter is that the seeds of the Jihad were sown when the 1971 war ended. Bhutto had then declared a 1000-year holy war against India. What you’re seeing now is that war being prosecuted by the Jihadists. Terror is one of their tools. The jihad started 40 years ago. The one person who has correctly identified this enemy in the media is prominent journalist M.J. Akbar. In July 2010 he wrote an article titled “Only 960 years left”. That’s right, of the 1000-year holy Jihad 960 are left to go. That is when terror will end. When the Jihadists might manage to finally overthrow India’s democracy and establish India as an Islamic Republic. The PM did say “it will be a long war”! It is just that he doesn’t know who the war is against. Terror is not the enemy. Jihadists are.

At the foundation of the 1000 year jihad is Pakistan. One of the finer security experts in the media, Maroof Raza, has correctly analysed our dealings with Pakistan as the cause of the mayhem that is continuing and will continue. There cannot be any peace, any aman (As TOI preaches) with a country that is hell bent on destroying India. You have the violent strategy of terror executed by some warriors. The non-violent warriors are executing things like ‘Love-Jihad’ in Kerala. The govt fears revealing or even dealing with the truth due to electoral concerns. So is terrorism going away soon? Forget it. Someday it might be your turn and mine.

It is a strange irony that the first major security response to the Delhi blast has been to enhance the security of P. Chidambaram. The pussyfooting of the govt over issues of security and terror is best brought out by former CBI Director, Joginder Singh. In his article “The silent invasion of India” he states “Illegal immigration from Pakistan and Bangladesh poses a serious threat to our internal security. Thanks to vote-bank politics, our politicians are indifferent.” That illegal population may have many enemies within. The multiple strategy of the Jihadis – terror, demographics, cultural terror, electoral badgering and playing victim. Before you know  it, these illegals may well be regularised by the UID scheme of the govt. Brilliant strategy! Of these, terror gets the most attention because it is violent, causes death and is dramatic for the media. The other not so visible parts of this Jihad is not so visible on your screens all the time. That is a war that is being prosecuted covertly.

The govt appoints NIA and other such outlets which have been used more to spread the canard of saffron terror. We are yet to see at least 3 visible and result-oriented actions by the govt. It can start by conducting a massive combing to flush out illegals, cutting off all dialogue with Pakistan no matter what the compulsion and declaring an official war against the Jihadis. The war against terror is as much bullshit entertainer as your usual saas-bahu soaps on TV. And most of all, Congress should get rid of a monumental nation-divider like Digvijay Singh. It takes patriots to fight wars, not communal nation-dividers like Digvijay.

If all that is not enough you have a bunch of specially appointed interlocutors for Kashmir who want to restore the state to pre-1953 status. Well, that is precisely what the Jihadis want too, don’t they? They want to restore India centuries back to Islamic rule. Many citizens have woken up to this reality. It is our govt and the compliant media that continues to suppress the reality of the war.

The first step to winning a war is identifying the enemy. The govt and the media will repeatedly carry us through the maze of nonsense like more CCTVs, more beat cops, police reforms, technology … all of that can only be of moderate defence. You don’t need “intelligence” anymore to tell you Islamic Jihadists are your enemy. They have been so for over two decades. Going after them is the only answer. Will the govt do so? I doubt, and so many more will die and acts of terrorism will continue.

The Congress and the govt seem to exist not to serve the nation but the care-taking of the dynasty and to concote election-winning populist measures and vote-banks. The secrecy of Sonia Gandhi’s illness, protecting her from any criticism, protecting Rahul Gandhi from every failure. If that is the chosen agenda where will the govt find the time to even start to fight the terrorists. Tavleen Singh writes: “Dynastic democracy has so derailed democratic processes that we have been ruled by an unelected prime minister since 2004. He was appointed by a lady whose own entry into public life was based wholly on marrying into the right dynasty. In recent weeks, it became blindingly clear that what India needed most was a real prime minister…”.

Strategy expert Brahma Chellaney  tweets: "When a nation fails to execute for years a man sentenced to death for attacking its Parliament, it will only make its courts a terror target." Those are targets they managed to hit. Many others may very well be on their table.

Terror is not the enemy. It’s a strategic tactic, the Jihadists are the enemies. Will the govt have the courage to acknowledge that and begin the real war? If they don’t, we will just have to grow up or die! 


  1. This UPA govt has so many friends in the business houses, pick any one and ask them what is 'strategy'. They will promptly explain that when the sales are down and business is low, they do some meetings and do some 'planning' in the sales force to increase the efficiency of the sales process. There is no need of any strategy here bcoz this a day-to-day business process takes care of this. BUT, when a company is faced with a threat of bankrupcy, then they need an effective 'strategy'. Strategy changes everything, requires a restructuring, it affects the process and all the activities. Nothing remains unaffected and everything is affected. This is strategy, the gamechanger. After each terror attack, what Govt shows is the dishonest set of plannings completely devoid of any 'strategy'. If the functioning of the Govt remains the same before and after terror attacks,then be sure that there is only planning with no strategy. Buying CCTVs and increase in security can never be called a strategy. In a nation of people who are now increasingly getting bankrupt of the trust in the Govt, where is the Strategy? honorable Home Minister.

  2. Brilliant article...the upshot is that we, the people, are FOOLs to even expect the Government to act on jihadis. So has the time come, I wonder, for "we the people" to deal with the jihadis? And for that we need to plan a strategy locally. One small beginning would be to engage with strangers in our immediate locality, question everyone's antecedents, politely of course, and have a strong answer to those who bleat about 'invasion of privacy'. We must stop trying to get the Govt to do anything. Parliament may be supreme but the dolts inside are corrosive to our nation and we have to look out for ourselves. The main-stream media is poison. And I feel blessed that we have this social media to get information and opinions such as yours. Thank you!
    Sujata Srinath [@Susri1210]

  3. Thanks Ravinar for the bravery which most foot-licking journalists are devoid of. The real reason why Congress government has repeatedly failed to fight against terrorism, is their systematic Rot of all governmental systems for electoral gains using the 3 M's : Media, Minority votes & Money. The wrath & response to Anna Hazare, Ramdev is not only due to corruption but also due to this degradation of democratic systems in our country which creates a lack of real power to face such threats effectively.

  4. Ravinar, You have hit the nail on head. But Alas who bothers. Govt. is more interested in rewarding these acts of terrorism. More the terrorism, more schemes and more money for jihadis. All forces/intelligence is directed toward the RSS/Hindus to find something by which they can be nailed and jihadis pleased. Our media is a compliant tool in this.

  5. On many counts, I have found your point of view, very relevant but not surprised why it’s not sweet music to ears of those in politics! Though, not a good thing to feel pessimistic about these terror attacks. But, when I look at people like Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh delivering ‘strong’ condemnations, I almost decide that, that’s end of play-act for this episode No.08/11. The next best thing waiting to happen would be after another episode; more ‘strong’ condemnations, more episodes. Two, on the terror front desecrating the sentiments of victims by these politicians trying to undress the religious affinity of these terrorists in full public view as someone either from a Hindu group or a Jihadi section ; for the victims, they are terrorists and instead of hiding themselves under that banyan tree of differentiation, the government should rather act. Unless of course terrorism is a genuine by-product of these political activists’ designs to keep them in power, I would believe that any such differentiation should resolved under an anti-terror law behind the screens instead of feeding the crap to public, media and the millions of drawing rooms for enabling mindless taking of sides over the dead bodies.

    I pray for all politicians in this country, that better sense shall prevail and therefore allow the other Indians to live in peace.

  6. why polls r closed????

  7. An intresting point to note.I was always scared that Jihadis would plant some bombs during the Anna Hazare fast and create some of the worst communal clashes in the country since 1947.Fortunately the fast happened during the month of Ramzan during which terrorist don't attack idolators.A simple reading of Sura 9 verse 5 will reveal us why they attacked now.

  8. This is only half the truth. Terror is a strategy agreed. However Jihad too is merely a means. The goal of Jihad is the imposition of Sharia all over the world, in other words Islamic Supremacy.

    Thus, the enemy are not Jihadists who are mere soldiers. Similarly, the enemy is not Jihadism, for there is nothing which is called Jihadism. There is Islam which calls for Jihad.

    As Geert Wilders has aptly stated There is no moderate Islam and Srdja Trifkovic has commented The best Muslims are often the Least Muslims. Of course the best is to be understood from the perspective of the non-Muslims.

    Thus the enemy is Islam. Islam, its book Koran and its founder Mohammad must all be discredited and understood for what they are: EVIL And it is this enemy that is to be fought against.

    And as you have rightly pointed out, we can not fight the enemy if we do not even understand and state who the enemy is. Thus, we all need to be clear on this: There is no moderate Islam. And the enemy is not some non-existent fantastical terms like Islamofascism, Fundamentalist Islam, Islamism, Jihadism and so on. The enemy is Islam. The mortal danger comes from Islam. And we need to protect ourselves from Islam.

  9. @ Samalochaka

    I think you missed the point where it clearly states that the final destination is Islamic Republic of India. Did you? Even at half the truth I think the whole idea is terrible...

  10. @ Anonymous - You asked why polls are closed...

    Polls are limited to a date line.. once that date passes they automatically close. So if you were late for the earlier polls maybe participate in a future one.

  11. @Ravinar

    I agree that half the truth itself is bad enough. But the point is, the way terror is not the enemy, Jihad or Jihadism is not the enemy. Islam is the enemy.

    I did read that you mentioned that their final goal is Islamic Republic of India; and that is why I was surprised to see you mention Jihadism as the enemy.

    To mention Jihadism as the enemy tends to convey that there exists a version of Islam free from Jihad, in other words a Moderate-Islam; and that is false. And I am sure that you did not mean to convey that there is any Moderate Islam.

    And that is why I mentioned that Islam and not Jihadism, is the enemy.

  12. @ Samalochaka

    There is small difference here. I mentioned Jihadis/Jihadists not jihadism. So I am referring to that group which has a clear agenda. As far as Islam is concerned it doesnt bother me if people wish to follow it in their own corner as is done in Islamic countries. Sure, Islam is considered to be also a political ideology but our immediate enemy where terror is concerned are the jihadis. That is the point Ive tried to lay out.

  13. Jihadis/Jihadists is another name for Islamic-Terrorists. So it would be like saying (say during 1971 war), our enemy is not Pakistan but Pakistani soldiers.

    Soldiers act on the orders of someone, and it is that someone who is the enemy. Jihadists/jihadis act on the orders of Islam. Thus the agenda is set by Islam. Many Muslims may not be undertaking it, but that does not matter; the agenda has been set by Islam. This is one of the reasons why Trifkovic stated that the best Muslims were usually the least Muslims.

    You wrote:"As far as Islam is concerned it doesnt bother me if people wish to follow it in their own corner as is done in Islamic countries."

    I agree that the immediate threat comes from Jihadis, like in war the immediate threat comes from enemy soldiers. So long as Islam exists, and Madrasas teaching Islam exist, Jihadis will also exist. Thus understanding Islam as the enemy becomes important.

    Another point related to your quoted statement is how do we ensure that people follow it in their corner? One would need a strategy to isolate ourselves from potential threats, for those who are following it in their corner can at any moment turn into Jihadis.

  14. @ Samalochaka

    You wrote: Jihadis/Jihadists is another name for Islamic-Terrorists. So it would be like saying (say during 1971 war), our enemy is not Pakistan but Pakistani soldiers.

    In quite a similar way, yes, that is precisely what Im saying. Like in WW2 Nazis were the enemy, all the German people were not. That is the similar distinction Im making. Besides, I know you too would agree that even in war we have to take on what can be definitely accomplished as against a centuries-drawn battle.

  15. In every terrorist attack, there will be good gift of the gab articulations of the respective Home Ministers of this corrupt cong governance. I hope the terrorists will go on such things and the government will act once the Home Ministers are running short of English articulations to scratch the back of common to believe them and their words. As we know the present Home Minister is sweet tongued but silly hearted is different. Yet he might have in store lot of such articulations added to that Tamilians are good extempo orators in general. Should they be politicians their exotic quality will be more in that fold. Moreover, this HM is a defeated candidate still enjoys such power then it is anybody"s guess over his prowess

  16. @Ravinar

    Yes, the Nazi, German people analogy can be a good starting point. Germany and German people existed even before Nazism or Nazis came into existence. Further, to be a Nazi or to support Nazis has never been an existentially integral and unalienable part of being German.

    However, in the case of Islam, Islam and Jihad are co-eval. Since the days of Mahomet, the followers of Islam waged Jihad against the non-Muslims. Islam's holy texts Koran and Hadiths enjoin Jihad, Islam's founder Mahomet waged Jihad, and Mahomet being an eternal role model every Muslim is supposed to take part in Jihad.

    All Muslims are exhorted to become Jihadis and wage Jihad on Non-Muslims (terror being one of the tactics) to establish (as you have mentioned) Sharia law all over the world; and this is enjoined in and by Islam.

    Therefore I am insisting that we recognize Islam as our enemy.

    However, what we do as a result of such a realization is always a matter of debate. For example, as you have pointed out, one may want to avoid a century long battle with Islam. But what if that was inevitable? We don't know that yet right? What we know is that Islam is our enemy, and appeasement is never a solution. Islam's texts, its founder, its 1400 hears of history stand testimony to that. Unfortunately, in India we have only Mohadasian appeasement policy towards Islam. Therefore, even before we debate policies, first and foremost we need to name our enemy, which is Islam, and we need to state this unambiguously and forthrightly.


    Interested readers might read some of the proposals made, by some, in western countries. For example, the following two:

    1. Destroy Islam: This is propounded by people like David Yerushelami, Vernon Richards and so on.

    See for example:




    2. Confine Islam to its historic regions and Separate ourselves from Islam: This, named Separationism, is propounded by Lawrence Auster.

    See for example:

  17. @ Samalochaka

    I am not in disagreement with you. I am pointing repeatedly to the battle at hand which has been crippling us for over two decades. Combating Islam is not a unilateral battle that India needs to undertake, that really has to be a global battle whose time may come in the future. I do follow all the links you have provided regularly. Those voices are growing but each is spoken from the context of different social/national perspective. India needs to fight the right battle for the present and for our security.

    You may find the following article at rediff just as interesting.

  18. @Ravinar:

    Thanks. we are not emphasizing any disagreement ourselves. Among those who have got even an inkling of what Islam stands for, quibbling, if any, can only be over some details, never on the deeper understanding.

    India needs to fight against Islam within its borders and in its neighborhood. The problem is not merely two decades old! India has been suffering for more than a thousand years at the hands of Islam. However or media-crooks and leader-crooks keep talking of secularism and "Islam is a religion of peace". We can never fight Islam with such slogans. This stupidity has to go, for it is a matter of our survival. We need to be clear that Islam is the problem and that Islam is at war with us, whether we like it or not. This realization must happen whether the world realizes this or not. Anything less and we risk our very survival.

    However, during any discussion on Islam, we always want to emphasize that whether we realize it or not Islam is at war with us. Islam can never be at peace with non-Islam; any apparent peace is merely a strategic truce. Some of us understand it, many of us do not.

    The apologists for Islam adroitly exploit any term that obscures the real factor. They know that it is difficult to defend terrorism, nevertheless they do not want the blame to fall on Islam. Moreover, they can not deny that a very large fraction of terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims. And yet they do not want non-Muslims to put the twos and twos together. Therefore they seize on any term that obfuscates the matter however slightly.

    And therefore it is important for us to emphasize, even at the risk of being repetitious, that Islam is the problem. Islam is at war with us. Also that if Islam is to be reformed, Muslims must do that for themselves, we DO NOT WANT to do it for them. We want to SAVE OURSELVES. Thus we, as non-Muslims in general, and Hindus in particular, have to make a choice. Any postponement could be extremely dangerous.

    I read the link that you mentioned. The matter of reforming Islam has been controversial. In our considered opinion, the burden of reforming Islam must always be on Muslims. We should have no obligations in that regard. Our job must be to protect ourselves. Moreover, we do not want our survival to depend upon whether Muslims can reform Islam or not!

  19. There are very few people caring for broad national interest . let me take out 15% muslim ,, then rest of 85% population is not unite .
    more then 20% are from reserve categories and clearly discriminated by remaining Hindus and now they are seeking to be with muslims , so 65% population remains . Now you can argue that reservation is dividing Hindus ,, Yes you are right , but it can not eliminated without having a home-war in the country , so what is the solution ??
    The only solution is that Hindus have to unite ,, Muslim is the religion of death , they spread on sward , you can't imagine peace with them .
    So what is the solution?
    killing 15 crore muslims ?? ,, nope , this can't be done ,
    >There is need of further partition , a separate muslim country ,,although most of us may not agree on this as everyone want a win-win solution but problem is that it doesn't exist .

  20. Ek baar 80 percent Hinduon ka dimag sanak gaya, phir dekhna kaise Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bharat, Bangladesh mein Hindu Rashtra ka janm hoga.


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