Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SC Exposes Media's Clean Shit

In 1999, after losing a no-confidence motion by one vote, the BJP+NDA came back to power after mid-term polls. It was a result that no doubt shocked the Congress and its ‘secular’ allies. The BJP victory was probably also helped by the Kargil war. That war produced a new media hero of sorts – Barkha Dutt. The StarNews team of Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai had gained prominence during that time. People still believed what the media said. Then came Kandahar. The extra-ordinary hysteria and emotions that the trio whipped up during the hijack drama on TV was unbelievable. Relatives of the hostages were flung on to the screens. The distress, chest-beating, wailing and abusing of the minsters was a precursor of sorts. Some of us suspected that the media was not doing this on their own. There are still suspicions that many of the relatives of the hijack victims were instigated by both the Congress and the Left and the media to humiliate the NDA with abundant aid from this media trio. So even today after every terror attack Kandahar creeps into discussions. That episode was the one where paid media started to go downhill.

On the morning of March 1, 2002 if you had walked the streets of the relatively posh western parts of Ahmedabad you wouldn’t believe what had happened while you were sleeping. You could see shops and restaurants that were burned overnight. All these shops had such names – Bhagyoday, Kabir, National and so on – all belonged to muslims, and this was a predominantly Hindu area. While there was property damage there was no report of people being killed in the area. Even residents of Ahmedabad had no idea of the scale of the riots that were going on. And then suddenly on the scene bursts Barkha Dutt and then Rajdeep Sardesai (both with Starnews then) and some more.

Hour after hour after hour we hear the most horrific stories of mass killings all over the state. In cities, towns, villages and even on highways. Words like mass murder, genocide, pogrom start to gain currency in some quarters. Were there terrible killings? You bet, some of it very horrible. But the kind of dramatic and hysterical reporting on TV was no more news reporting. It was almost fanning the flames. So much so that in some areas some TV channels had to be shut down to contain the provocation. As in the case of war, even in an unfortunate communal riot such as this, ‘truth’ is the first casualty. The numbers-killed story was generously sprinkled with imagination of people being raped, foetuses ripped and more by the media. I can safely say that the response to the Godhra train burning was spontaneous. The Gulbarg case which has become prominent because of the widow of Ehsan Jafri, killed by mobs, were attacks by mobs that would have been difficult to handle by any police force given that many other parts of Ahmedabad were equally badly affected. For all this to make one man singularly responsible could not have been anything but an agenda driven media. This agenda had to be surely backed by political forces and extraordinary influx of funds. This is where the witch hunt of Narendra Modi started. Lies, lies and more lies have been peddled by the media since then. The best example is of Suzanne Arundhati Roy who oozed brilliant lies.

Writing about the Gujarat riots, Suzy Roy had this to say (Outlook, May 6,2002).
A mob surrounded the house of ex-Congress MP Iqbal Ehsan Jaffri. His phone calls to the director-general of police, the police commissioner, the chief secretary, the additional chief secretary (home) were ignored. The mobile police vans around his house did not intervene. The mob broke into the house. They stripped his daughters and burnt them alive. Then they beheaded Jaffri and dismembered him.

The description is graphic; the veracity of the incident taken almost for granted coming from a writer of Arundhati Roy's reputation. But, alas, that's where we make the mistake. Fame and honesty are not interlinked as the following paragraph clearly indicates.

Jaffri was killed in the riots but his daughters were neither 'stripped' nor 'burnt alive.' T.A. Jafri, his son, in a front-page interview titled Nobody knew my father's house was the target (Asian Age, May 2, Delhi edition), says, "among my brothers and sisters, I am the only one living in India. And I am the eldest in the family. My sister and brother live in the US. I am 40 years old and I have been born and brought up in Ahmedabad. So if Ehsan Jaffri had only one daughter (singular) who was safe and sound in the US, where did Roy get her facts about not one, but daughters (plural) being stripped and burnt? Was it the fantasy of a writer's mind? Or was it willful deceit aimed at maligning her ideological adversaries?

Arundhati Roy did apologise for her mistake in a letter published in Outlook May 27, 2002. Could this have been a genuine mistake, one is tempted to ask? But when such 'mistakes' occur periodically, the chances of them being accidental appear remote. They appear to be in fact calculated machinations aimed at achieving a specific goal as the following incident further proves. In the same article, Roy claims.

"Last night a friend from Baroda called. Weeping. It took her fifteen minutes to tell me what the matter was. It wasn't very complicated. Only that Sayeeda, a friend of hers, had been caught by a mob. Only that her stomach had been ripped open and stuffed with burning rags. Only that after she died, someone carved 'OM' on her forehead."

Disturbed by the thought of such a ghastly act, Balbir Punj (a BJP MP) had this matter investigated. In Outlook (Jul 08, 2002) he wrote. Shocked by this despicable 'incident,' I got in touch with the Gujarat Government. The police investigations revealed that no such case, involving someone called Sayeeda, had been reported either in urban or rural Baroda. Subsequently, the police sought Roy's help to identify the victim and seek access to witnesses who could lead them to those guilty of this crime. But the police got no cooperation. Instead, Roy, through her lawyer, replied that the police had no power to issue summons. Why is she hedging behind technical excuses? So when asked to prove her allegations, Arundhati Roy developed cold feet; definitely not the attitude of a crusader for truth.

Despite the lies being exposed, Suzy Roy continues to be hosted as a crusader by our media. For such absolutely blatant and deliberate lies no journalist would have survived in any mature and honest media. Such liars can expect to grow in the Indian media. On TV Rajdeep and Barkha continued their blitzkrieg against Modi, while the likes of Vir Sanghvi called him a ‘mass murderer’ in print. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that the degeneration of TV news owes a great debt to both Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. You could call them the leaders of the moral decay.

Now, after the riots calmed, out of nowhere came up another crusader. Someone called Teesta Setalvad, I had never heard of her before, she arrives on the scene with her NGO called Citizens for Justice and Peace. This NGO was created in April 2002, according to their website, to fight for justice for the riot victims. Hmmm! Suddenly, there was a flurry of affidavits being filed in the courts supported by Teesta’s group, flurry of FIRs being filed, complaints of lack of facilities at refugee camps. All this seemed noble till Teesta started appearing more often on TV channels. By now the newly born NDTV, CNN-IBN were already neck deep in targeting Narendra Modi at every opportunity. The discussions shifted from justice for the victims to singularly implicate Modi and somehow hang him. The Zahira case, the Best Bakery case, shifting of cases outside Gujarat, were all systematic effort at tarnishing Modi’s image and implying there can be no justice in Gujarat. Mind you, not one of these channels or journalists ever talked about justice for those who were burned to death on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra. Never mind!

Modi had then won the elections in December 2002. This was another blow to the media and the Congress. So later, Teesta and her cronies approach the Supreme Court and the SC also sets up an SIT to investigate. This year around 30 people are convicted for the Godhra killing of Hindu Kar sevaks. Contrary to expectations of the media and the Congress the SIT nails the lies of Teesta Setalvad and exposes her fake affidavits. Many witnesses back out from their original affidavit or testimony. In 2007, suddenly, Mrs.Zakia Jafri, widow of Ehsan Jafri finds evidence that some 60 officers of the state, including Narendra Modi, had conspired to engineer the riots and have her husband killed. This had to be the strangest concoction of a theory that came years after the investigation into the riots had started. The Gujarat High Court did not accept her petition finding no merit in it. That is how the Gulbarg case landed in the Supreme Court. Needless to say, her petition was obviously backed by Teesta Setalvad.

Despite the literary classic of ‘Maut ka Saudagar’ used by Sonia Gandhi, BJP wins the election again in 2007. As in the case of Suzy Roy, the media continued to host the tainted Teesta on their shows to support the malicious campaign against Narendra Modi. In the course of time Gujarat started gaining prominence because of development, investments and universal recognition of Narendra Modi’s performance on governance. So what happens? The Congress throws up a new hero, Sanjiv Bhatt, and more affidavits are filed in the SC.

Two of the prominent campaigners against Narendra Modi, Teesta Setalvad and Harsh Mander, go on to to a stage where they get to influence national policies and laws. They become part of a team, the NAC, that would draft the vicious Communal Violence Bill. Every step of the way these voices, along with nation-dividers like Digvijay Singh were given the biggest space in the media. If anyone remotely appreciated or associated with the work of Narendra Modi they were ripped apart. Ghulam Vastanvi and Amitabh Bachchan were fair targets for the Congress and the media.

The vicious anti-Modi industry is a mixed bag of media crooks, NGOs and politicians. A heady cocktail if you like and the only thing we don’t know about these liars is who funds them and to what extent they were funded. The misdeeds of the ‘cash-for-votes’ scam exposed Rajdeep Sardesai for what he is. But the final evidence of Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi being well entrenched in Congress persuasions was exposed by Radiagate. There was no place left to hide.

What the media did not anticipate in 2002 was another form of media. In 2002 the internet was just about growing in India, mobile phones usage was going up. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. The law takes time to catch up, but the social media doesn’t. In the absence of social network there was really no challenge to the corrupt media. The Congress was in power and they had a field day. Rajdeep, Barkha, Sagarika, Vir Sangvi, Prannoy Roy had established themselves as the most powerful force after the govt. One should recall a prominent editor once boasting that he “was the second most powerful man in India after the PM”. Naturally, the media believed the case against Narendra Modi was already rested. They had signed, sealed and delivered the judgement. He was guilty, he was a mass murderer and should be put away. The advent of the social network was a challenge the mainstream media did not calculate. Writers, bloggers, websites, tweeters, youtubers all started exposing the lies of the media.

The make-up and mask of Chachi 420 wasn’t meant to last forever. Like bad make-up, the media’s lies came crashing on September 12, 2011. The Supreme Court simply directed Zakia Jaffri to approach the lower court with her petition. Effectively, there was no significant evidence in her petition to pronounce any indictment of Modi or to warrant a probe against him by the SC. The SC also informed that it would not monitor the case further. The media crooks didn’t know which way to look. All the years of carefully crafted hate, lie-mongering had come undone in a single stroke. So, as in the case of many other verdicts, the media now even questions the wisdom of learned judges of the SC.

The media’s campaign against Modi shouldn’t be seen as a stand-alone case. The cottage industry of hatred has coloured every national issue. Be it terrorism, riots, communal harmony, civil rights. In all cases the media has mostly been on the wrong side of justice. Suddenly, new terms were being searched for  “clean-chit”, “relief”, “breather” to describe the SC verdict on Modi. And just as they called the Ayodhya verdict a “panchayat” judgement this time the crooks called the SC verdict overlooking the “moral” aspect of the Modi issue. So when a media campaign fails the legal measure, they invoke the moral measure.

Politicians in India are not reputed to have great moral standards. It’s the media that has become the gutter and the drain. That tainted journalists like Barkha Dutt continue in their jobs is a feature you may not find in the media of any other democracy. The ones who should be accused and found guilty of moral failure and more are Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Vir Sanghvi, Suzy Roy and many more. The list is too long. The bigger danger is that there could be darker forces funding and handling a media that never fails to honk its independence. Next time any of these media celebs talk about morals, imagine them naked and see how full of shit they are.

From Kandahar to 26/11, from 1984 to 2002, from Ayodhya to Ahmedabad, I maintain that the current media is the greatest danger to Indian democracy. I don’t think Modi is debating whether it’s a clean chit or not. But the Supreme Court of India has clearly exposed the media’s clean shit.


  1. What an apt title! It sums up everything Ravinar. May I recommend a new poll for your website: worst repeated phrase by our media stars.

    1. it is strange who are living in glass home throwing stone on other,,shameful moron,,verkha,suzzanroy should be banned and put in jail that is why civil is imminent in india becuase majority of public voices is striffled and whole their achievement is rediculed,,they asking 100 question to modi likeman but not able to answer simple 10 of congress bas,,,,,d,,

  2. To Answer your Question that who Funded Barkha Dutt?? I heard way back in 2004 that Barkha was paid 9 Crores routed thru Italy. And, she was specifically required in return to interview only affected Muslim family and accordingly she interviewed only muslims and not even a single Hindu affected family was interviewed. Barkha has found a gloden-egg-laying chicken and just encashing on the same trusted relationship that has only matured with time. But I believe that NDTV,CNN-IBN exist today but may not exist for ever. Things change with time. And when the show is over and out, to which Circus company, these media jokers will lend their services, is the question.

  3. Good article and presented chronologically; even Moran can read. But unfortunately our nation is more populated with sweet maron; hence, even if lynching with footwear- like article disseminated, it could hardly be read and understood and they would be entertained.
    The journalists and the people instrumental to monger canards and rumors are rewarded means, how loath our nation is stooped down during the UPA and its ally’s governance from highly ethical was our nation.
    The orientation of the corrupt cong impregnated with five buffoons is obsessed to loot the nation to the optimum and the said buffoons are harnessed to fool the people to vote them repeatedly and the common will seldom be upgraded lest they would not vote if otherwise.
    But for the third pillar; the court, the cong would have gulped this nation and decimated from the map though they are doing it like classic frog boiling.

  4. Ravinar, you have succinctly described media's misdeeds of the past decade, especially in context of the Gujarat riots.
    The striking contrast between yesterday's news coverage and the news coverage following the Godhra train carnage verdict would shock the sensibilities of any reasonable man. While the "denial of justice" to Zakia made headlines everywhere, with the poor lady being tortured to give sound bites on every channel, I don't remember a single family of the Godhra train carnage being interviewed as a symbol of sympathy or solidarity.

    The advent of social media has clearly rattled the English media. But do you really think it has induced them to make any amends in the manner of their reporting? Journos continue to run amok when faced with somebody with ideologically opposite views. This mob/herd mentality was on full display during Baba Ramdev agitation. You had posted about it and we had listed out tweets of verious TV personalities. At the end of the day, journos are concerned with the big bucks and lavish lifestyles that they have come to acquire owing to their absolute servility to the ruling government of the day. Any journalist worth his salt would have been ashamed by the brickbats encountered on social media and undertaken some introspection.

    Someimes I feel these journalists are nothing short of evil. Yesterday on the news, I saw a shocking spectacle. Every channel was replaying, recounting the killings in the riots.

    This is what Headlines Today had to show:
    - The most violent scenes from the movie Parazania. Depicted people (Muslims) getting butchered
    - A show titled 'the real Gulbarg Society story' (or something like that) wherein it played some old clips of Gulbarg accused apparently caught on camera describing how they killed!

    CNNIBN throughout its panel discussion continuously replayed photos and clips from the riots. Even while the panelists spoke, there was a second screen, playing these images.

    These channels touched a new low. It's as if they WANTED blood to spill. They would have delighted in some nut-cracks getting incited and going on a rampage.

    India media is beyond the stage of mere bias or prejudice. It is nothing short of criminal.

  5. Excellent Article... should not contempt cases filled against these useless morons..

  6. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. You have structured it very well. Hope MSM will read this and mend their ways.

  7. Fantastic article Ravinar. Beautifully written and well elucidated.

  8. Very well stated. The way these media crooks continue to dig up a nine-year old corpse and flog it is beyond shameful. Strange that when the SC in fact vindicates Modi and his supporters, media seek to repeat their nine year old lies and once again try to stir the pot. Wonder where these evil folks will go in their afterlife. And what was Owaisi doing on a panel on that clown Arnab's show? What qualified him to be a judge on Gujarat and Modi when he has nothing to do with Gujarat? This time media lies are not going to be swallowed thanks to the Internet and social networks.

  9. Excellent! Very lucid and chronological. Ravinar Sir, i would love to read your views on the MSM hindi media as well.

  10. Awesome article Ravinar, I was in Baroda (12th class) when the riots happened and Rajdeep was extensively covering riots those days. I remember it very well, I was surely bowled over by his eloquence and used to believe everything he would say. Now like you said, there are so many platforms which are exposing the lies of media barons and I have my eyes opened! Just out of curiosity, do you think these media people ever read your (or other's similar) articles? Do you ever get any form of feedback (I guess, may be you don't care, but like they make politicians to answer to all the so called "allegations", I would like to hear their response too on these articles, can they defend themselves?) Do you think they ever think about all the lies (at least in conscience?)or are they completely sold out?

  11. Ideally, these journalists must be asked to reply to the points raised here.

    I am sure many of them would have got the link through Twitter. Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep, etc must be asked to come clear and apologize for their wrongs (if they could ask Narendra Modi to apologize, one has the right to ask them for their (mis)reporting).

  12. @ Raji

    Rest assured the media people are getting the msg. They may not directly respond but they get the msg.. They will be forced to think about their lies.. there is no other alternative...

    It is nice to think you were from Baroda and now in Indiana... I am connected to both in some ways.. LOL!

  13. @Raji

    I'm sure media reads some of these blogs but never acknowledges it. Giving feedback may attract more eyeballs and that‘s exactly they don't want.
    I was also in Baroda around those times and have to say that I was in complete awe of these 'great' journalists. I was also bit shocked-shaken-embarrassed with all the happenings around me. The feeling was mixed. Part of me was happy about 'getting back' to people who caused troubles invariably at every rathyatras and ganesh visarjans, part of me was sad seeing brutality around me, part of me was scared with muslim-mob-on-a-killing-spree rumors and part of me was just happy to bunk classes.

    I agree with every single word of this blog and I know how media has played a huge role in tarnishing Gujarat’s image. I have spend considerable amount of time outside Gujarat ( within and outside India) which made me understand how people see this incident, people of Gujarat and Modi from their perspective.

    Although I agree that how skewed opinions have made Gujarat a punching bag of the nation thanks to corrupt media I also know for the fact that there was a feeling in the air that police-is-on-our–side.
    I relive those moments every single time such discussions happen and that mixed feeling rush back to me all over again, of course minus the awe.

  14. Yesterday 12/09/2011 electronic media was continuously bombarding the viewers with all the
    so called knowall specialists; "Gadi athi hai"
    "Gadi atha hai" "Gadi avath hai" "Modi is a Monster" "Blah...Blah...Blah.......!!!!!!!! conviniently ignoring the fact that we viewers are analysing enverything like those thinktanks; have clear views; & we are not all that muddle headed..

  15. The broad cast in the English media further accusing Mr Modi albeit apex court verdict is to be taken to the logical end that they have not read this fantastic, chronological articulation or they have to wear helmet even while walking since empty items are highly fragile? Itis high time for them to mind the listeners' p's and q's lest more puking indeed.

  16. We come across Rajasthani and Gujaratis in other states but people warn to be liberal with Gujaratis only. But the corrupt cong and media blah blahed to zilch any Gujaratis for ever but their concerted effort to tarnish as if they are all terrorists and the accusation went beyond proportion even a much naxal infested area did not attract or the extremist infested Assam did not get this much attention. Will the Gujaratis give the corrupt cong a fitting lesson further?

  17. @ Poorva

    You asked if the social media has really made any real difference. Well, for one can you now ever imagine Barkha Dutt going to the streets or any site to do a live report? If the MSM finally discussed Radiagate it was forced by the social network. Vir Sanghvi was forced into oblivion by the social network.

    Huffington Post sold a stake for a very huge amount. I am confident in 5 years people will hear the MSM but will cross check on the net to confirm if what they say is true.

  18. Nicole Elfis report makes interesting reading

  19. Suzy Roy wrote (and later retracted): "... They stripped his daughters and burnt them alive. Then they beheaded Jaffri and dismembered him. ..."

    What this dumb-fuck woman ignores, and we allege ignores willfully, is that better reporters have written (and have never retracted) much ghastlier acts by that psychopathic pedophile Mahomet and his later day followers of that horrible creed, deliberately portrayed as "religion of peace" while in reality, history, text and ideology is a "vile disease".

    The hadiths are full of graphic descriptions of their gruesome acts. None of these Media-Pontiffs have had the honesty and the gall to even hint of any of them even once! These, the Rage-Deep Sardesais, the Burqua Dutts, the Suzy Arund-Hate-I Roys, are dangerous and venomous appeasers. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, these media-manipulators suck up to Muslims in the hope that they (or their own womenfolk) will be raped the last by Muslims!

  20. the ominous role played out by barkha and sardesai during the kandahar episode is a benchmark below which no journalist should sink.that's what we thought till the radia tapes and the cd episode during cash for votes proved that the mark could be further lowered by these worthies.that they march to the tune of some unknown, unseen drummer is obvious, but their ability to spread halftruths and canards has been checkmated to a large extent by netizens who are ready to call their bluff by reasoned arguments or in some cases bludgeon a 'cacofonix' ghose mercilessly.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. with the safety cushion these mediacrooks are enjoying, do you think more politicians will consider, following Manishankar Aiyar, retiring from politics into the media?

  23. To understand Godhra,Kandhamal,Singur,Nandigram,Bhatta-Parsaul etc[and many similar ones before] please google for:-

  24. While I agree a lot of this soule be an exageration by media, but one fact we all know is that some people were killed. Also, if its a fact that if government wants to stop riots, it can do it in one hour

    1. thats a huge mistake to think that govts can stop riots in an hour.

  25. God is Winess of all the truth and False. Truth wins in the end. Modi will win one day he will rule the Nation. I do not doubt. God is capable to deal the Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arundhati Roy, Cogress People, Etc. etc..... I and we all are tiny parts of God. Together we are a larger part of GOD. Let's pray in favour of Truth and against False.

  26. These media prosti**es will rot in he**ll. Oh no, not after they pass away, but post 2014.
    The maner in which they are constantly party to a continual effort to not let the wounds heal, concoct false stories, and lead a hate campaignn against the best administrator india can ask for #Namo, is a new low in the Indian story.

    Has online media made its point - he*ll yeah, loud and clear.

  27. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! EYE OPENING truly.

  28. Excellent job!
    The telling question is: who is behind this vicious media campaign?Who is funding it?

  29. This is a good eye opener as we can not use the net that frequently we were always away from the truth and believing these MEDIA people.I got to read this article very luckily.

  30. What Islam is doing all over the world ,these Hindu reporters and activits are not talking about. 10 yrs old case were 60 hindu were burned alive and no one is talking about them, 400,000 kashmiri hindus out of their ancestors home and thousand killed in kashmir no one making muslism and Jk CM responsible ,1984 rajiv gandhi caused death of 2000+ sikhs and Congress is never questioned, her wife italin rules the nationlike mafia THese Hindu reporeters have nothing to talk about them Shame on our Hindus reporters who care less for hindus but supporting a criminal communiity islam cause of deaths 280 millions in 1400 yrs.

    1. Appology for striking an otherwise note. Lets not drag faith into it. The acts of Bark.... Dutt whoever he/she is indicative of poor education. I would, given a choice, call them literary idiots. Because of people like these the britishers ruled us and now we have these educated puppets, pawns (call them as you please). Neither the Congress nor the BJP, but they are the biggest risk to secularism. Jai Hind.!!!

  31. Hey this article was( " I am SORRY is really an eye opener"). Till to date I use to hold all these Reporters in high esteem , but after going through the article and thinking bout the past, I really am of the opinion that what these so called reporters are doing is nothing but giving biased and instigated articles to whip up communal frenzy. I now know one thing for sure that, they are not what they preach. Instead of fair reporting they are just going on preaching communal polarization ( dont know at whose or what cost). My son worships these reporters as ROLE MODELS( as he intends to be a journalist )and would daily write an article from the newspaper. Alas no longer I would now personally analyse the articles and then inform him which to write





  32. People who mislead the nation and create tensions are no less then terrorists. they should be tried in court and jailed. In serious provocation cases leading to riots they should be hanged.

  33. Great article. These media people such as Barkha, Rajdeep etc are the real terrorists. They create enmity between people of various religions and countries. We need to jail them and if possible, ..... them.

  34. what can one say, as Mr. Modi is not replying to this so called reporters it is understandable that the freedom to the media is not tolerable and it heads to a mismanaged country and anybody can play this country on their tune by money power from other countries and by the bad politicians form our country with the support of this kind of reporters who think that this country is their property.

  35. I have only one thing to tell all these self-righteous media anchors, activists and Human Rights Watch(dogs). "For the past 10 years,24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, you ave been empathizing with the Muslim victims of the 2002 riots and have been expressing your outrage at all avenues possible. On this 10 anniversary of the riots, while celebrating t6he communal divide in this country, would you care to spare just one second for those 59 passengers including women and children, most of them Kar Sevaks. Would you spare at least one second to empathize with the next of kin of those 59 passengers to share the truma they have been undergoing during these 10 years? Forget those 254 Hindus who were killed in counter violence by the Muslims and police firing and their kins".

  36. Its proved that Teesta herself had manufactured evidences and influenced witnesses in Gujarat riots case.
    Thanks to the CON govt, Teesta was awarded the Padma Shri in 2007. The Padma Shri citation stated that the award had been given to her for "Public Affairs in Maharashtra"


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