Monday, September 5, 2011

Rahul Gandhi - 'Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Loser'

I have often compared Rahul Gandhi to Sarah Palin. During the 2008 US election campaign, out of the blue, a curious third-grader asked VP candidate Palin: “What does a Vice President do?”. Predictably, Palin didn’t know and gave a funnily inaccurate reply. One by one the skeletons of Palin’s ignorance on various issues started tumbling out. She backed it up by silly statements too. Sample this one: “We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation. This is where we find the kindness and the goodness and the courage of everyday Americans…..”. So, just like Palin discovered two Americas, Rahul Gandhi discovered two Indias. He stated: "There exists two Indias -- one in towns and cities with highrise buildings, computers, cars and modern gadgets, and the other in rural areas still underdeveloped for lack of facilities and opportunities.." So I am naturally tempted to wonder if RG derives some secret inspiration from Palin. The major difference between these two people being that Palin was a relative unknown whereas RG comes from the ‘dynasty’.I also wonder if any college kid ever asked RG what exactly a PM does. It would be interesting to hear his answers.

The media had generously crafted RG as the next PM of India. Poll after questionable poll showed he was way ahead in popularity as the choice for PM. India Today and CNN-IBN, in particular, repeated these polls. And crediting him with revival of Congress in UP, CNN-IBN even bestowed upon him the title ‘Indian of the year’. It wasn’t the fawning media’s support that RG lacked. What comes about repeatedly is that it’s his own lack of vision and skills. In the face of a severe crisis with the Anna fast RG rushed off to Pune to console the farmer families who were victims of police firing. While his thought and sentiment would have been genuine there wasn’t one word to condemn the indiscriminate police firing. Quite understandable, his own party was involved in that crime. Next came his disconnected speech in Parliament on August 26. When a crisis begged for solution RG was propounding theories. That speech was like lecturing people severely hit by drought on the technology and long-term benefits of rain-harvesting. Wrong speech, wrong time. I even doubt if RG wrote it himself.

The media was desperately hoping that RG will finally wave that elusive ‘magic wand’ that the PM often refers to and bring the crisis to an end. Instead, he turned the old saying “Cometh the hour…” on its head. It was now “Cometh the hour, cometh the loser”. RG didn’t deliver anything except a phrase which the media played out over the next two days. He termed his own speech a ‘game-changer’. Tavleen Singh wrote: “This was his second chance to lead. Instead, he read out a speech so filled with banalities it could have been written by a political science professor. Whispers of ‘Pappu fail ho gaya,’ filtered out of the chambers of Parliament afterwards but the truth is that Rahul could not have done better.”

These are not particularly good times for Rahul Gandhi. His mother is down with illness and civil society activists are up against the Congress on corruption. His Congress cheerleaders were just the other day suggesting he was ready to become PM. His sycophant, Digvijay Singh, was the most vocal among them. His cheerleaders in the media were supporting that belief. If not publicly at least privately many in the Congress may now be acknowledging RG is not PM material. Many in the public already know that. The media never reported the slogans being chanted against RG and others outside Tihar jail during Anna’s detention. The media never posed serious questions to or about him. The media refused to analyse the man properly. And just like the third-grader’s question to Palin, the most probing questions to RG came from university students. But what the media and politicians may not reveal eventually comes out through social networks and that latest enemy of politicians called Wikileaks.

A Wikileaks cable credits noted journalist and Gandhi family friend Saeed Naqvi thus: “Naqvi claimed that it is increasingly common knowledge that Rahul suffers from ""personality problems"" of an emotional or psychological nature that are severe enough to prevent him from functioning as PM.” Psychological problems, really? A few weeks back I wrote the post titled ‘Rahul & Digvijay - The Narcissist& The Sycophant. A dynastic heir is always tempted to have darbaris and sycophants surround him. This is the problem with RG. He needs to have people around him that will tell him a few blunt truths. His speech writers seem to further remove him from the truths and context of situations. These are the bad choices that RG makes that renders him unfit for bigger leadership roles, like that of a PM.

In other reports from Wikileaks the headlines read “Rahul proposed NREGS for Afghanistan, Assam model for Palestine”. Nobody seems to have had the wisdom to warn RG that NREGA is failing in India and currently the govt itself is considering closure of the scheme. And Palestine? Well seriously, if RG can advise on Palestine I can any day give a 3 hour lecture on the mating habits of insects.

And we now have a term that describes his coterie well – ‘Rahul Brigade’. You can usually find them sitting next to him. The Scindias and the Prasadas. This snippet from the Sunday Guardian makes an interesting observation: “Rahul brigade wanted TV muzzled… Ambika Soni came under attack from the Rahul brigade for failing to muzzle the television channels that were reporting on Anna Hazare's fast. When some of Rahul's associates asked Soni why she was letting the TV channels have a field day supporting the Anna movement, she told them that she could not do anything as they were independent. Soni was under pressure to speak to the owners of the TV channels. Soni is also in the firing line of AICC leaders for allowing three pro-BJP TV journalists join the Accreditation Committee. Deepak Chaurasia, Navika Kumar and Bhupendra Chaubey are known for their proximity to the BJP. Navika Kumar is supposedly close to P. Chidambaram as well, on whose recommendation she is said to have been taken on the panel.” 

Well, well that brings the media to a full circle. For years now the servantile media that has carefully crafted RG’s image as a ‘youth icon’ now had to be forced to move elsewhere to cover some ‘real’ events. The crowds were unstoppable and the drama impossible not to cover. As much as RG needs to learn, media outlets like NDTV, CNN-IBN and their partners also need to learn that even electronic sycophancy will not help to cover up the truth. The Congress tried everything, even getting someone like Imam Bukhari to announce muslims are against the Anna movement. They even tried the anti-dalit card. Nothing worked. Regardless of the merits of the movement the Congress proved rudderless and leaderless.

It’s not over yet. Post the agitation the Congress is now on a witch-hunt. Privilege and IT notices have been served to Team Anna members. ED is making vague statements against Ramdev. And RG’s mentor Digvijay is on the loose again making communal and foolish statements. This is one more chance for RG. He can step up even now and put a stop to the witch hunt and set the national debate on a different course. But will he? Does he have what it takes? He once again has the chance to show he can be a statesman. Will he? I seriously doubt, because I haven’t seen anything of a leader or statesman in him.

Even as this is being written, his cronies have made an extra-ordinary statement. “The Anna Hazare movement is not really against corruption. It is not even against the Congress. It is aimed at undermining Rahul Gandhi’s growing youth base, a Congress party office-bearer has alleged.” as reported by DNA newspaper. There maybe two Indias but there is only one Rahul Gandhi. He epitomises the new idiom I thought I’d never hear – Cometh the hour, cometh the loser..”


  1. Excellent,..Superb analysis, to the point..

  2. I am sharing the link on my FB wall...

  3. I always do share your blogs in Facebook and many have become regular readers. The popularity of your blog is really growing and can be gauged from the google search.
    Keep it up

  4. Another biased write-up. Agreed, he doesnt have all the attributes but he is honest and sincere. He is trying hard to learn and understand indian polity. Imagine if he wished he could have become PM anytime after 2004. If he were to declare today he wants to become PM, the party will annoint him tomorrow. He has said publicly he wants to work for the party. In that process, he will fail, fall and take wrong decisions but that is part of any learning.

  5. @ Loneranger

    I think I know who you are. Now, If RG wants to step up to the plate and even fail, I wouldnt mind.. Id rethink my assessment of him. But I dont think he has the guts.. you go try convincing him.. before you call me biased..

    So till your RG stands for something, do yourself a favour, dont suck up to him... its very unwomanly...

  6. And Palestine? Well seriously, if RG can advise on Palestine I can any day give a 3 hour lecture on the mating habits of insects.
    WELL SAID of how to describe RG's intellectual wisdom in 3 lines. I would also like you to read about his darbar functions; albeit in sarcasm

  7. Anna Hazare and Manmohan Singh are both Gandhians. Its just that they both follow different Gandhis.... :):)

  8. Mr Rahul Gandhi never had the guts to run a government with fractured mandate, hence did not take the responsibility in 2004 & 2009. But now even the Plans to put the Yuvraj on his birthright gaddi in 2014 are in serious jeopardy. Hence the witch hunt has started & believe me, even the social networking sites might feel the heat in near future. We must not allow the Dynasty to forcefully remove our right of speech & expression. The CBI, Enforcement directorate & Mr Chidambaram's home ministry are all out looking for any free voice which they might be able to shut up.The ramdev's, hazare's & even the main opposition party is been targeted.

  9. @ Loneranger
    True, RG could have become PM, if so desired. But it is not about his magnanimity. It is about the level of incompetence and dishonesty Congress, that we could believe that RG could have become PM any time after 2004! Also, it's time that he takes a single decision on his own, having chosen politics as his career, forget about his desires, hard work and earnestness in wanting to become PM sometime!

  10. whoever wrote Rahul's speech looks like he is patriot and wishes well for India...... :)

  11. Ravinar - I am not sucking up to him. I am merely pointing out the reality. Just imagine anyone in his position, who would not have wanted to be PM in 2004 ? The whole party sucks up to him and in congress it will always be some one from the family. So, one has to accept that and see what is he bringing to the table. Look at other progeny be it kumaraswamy or jagan or stalin or anurag etc,. who are all hankering to be CM by hook or crook. Here is a person who could have easily taken the mantle but he said he wants to work for the organisation and in that process there will be lot of mistakes. He has not given up and that is the key here, there are numerous criticisms some unfounded, some constructive but he has been learning it hard way. I am sure in two years time he will take a stand on many issues so let us give him that leeway.

  12. No No Mr Loneranger,

    It is not correct assessment when you say that Mr RG could have become PM in 2004 & decided against it to serve the party. Actually he did not have the attitude & guts to run a Government with a fractured mandate which he still don't have even after 7 years in power. Giving him some leeway for another 2 years would seem as if he is a a toddler wanting to have his toy & should be given to it no matter what as if its his birthright. Now that's really sucking up to him.

  13. @ Loneranger

    The question 'who would not have wanted to be PM in his position in 2004' looks like as if RG had done some sacrifice for the Congress (certainly, no non-congress supporter would believe it for themselves). If RG and mom could have all the powers of governance without responsibility till date and decide to wait for a moment when he or she can rule this country in the same democratic manner as they rule Congress, what's so much honest, earnest and sacrificial about it ? Second, comparing one goat with the other in our politics is like sowing onion seeds and expecting sprouting of mushrooms, instead. Also, it's time that Congress party realizes that their loyalty towards these two citizens need not be the yardsticks for others to feel worthy of emulation.

  14. When a spokesperson of cong, a lawyer I surmise expresses that Sonia would arrive during first week of September and would guide them further, anything is possible. But when the globe is advancing at jet rate our nation overreaches in corruption and scams regardless of the voters who elected them. Precisely when a defeated candidate can become a home minister and the trial of the case has not started despite more than two years, then such voters are also need not be present anymore.

    When the duo RG and DS presses their foot in any general election on the offing, the cong is decimated then it is by wild imagination that he would become a prime minister. Let him live in this hypocritical school of thought.

  15. rahul gandhi out palined palin when he 'read' his now infamous speech during zero hour.his idiocy was further highlighted when his much younger cousin varun delivered a sensible and finely nuanced speech which reflected a deep sense of understanding of the turmoil ordinary people were going through at that point in time.i wish the press stops being mediacrooks and subject him to a tenth of the scrutiny that anna hazare and his team has been subject to.the results could of course be predicted even by a person with half a brain.being propped up by cynical and selfish courtiers and fawned over by a corrupt media cannot gloss his lack of commitment to the country,his utter lack of real empathy to farmers and ordinary folk,his frightening ignorance of matters political,financial and social or disguise the arrogance that comes with an attitude of 'to the manor born'.palin thought africa was a country,for rahul gandhi india could well be in mars.most indians are that much 'spaced' from him.

  16. let him be the PM, congress wont be able to come in power ever again.

  17. @ Loneranger

    I cannot guess who you are but you are surely a Congress supporter who in true tradition is not ready to accept logical and rational arguements. Getting MMS was not an act of sacrifice by the "Maharani" or "Yuvraaj." Think - as a PM you are powerful but what is your power levels if PM is powerless before you. Hope you get it right in this lifetime.

    RG epitomizes what all is wrong with our system. One very simple analysis - could he have become MP or "Youth Icon" (bullshit) without him being a "Gandhi". Stop giving honesty, sincerety arguement since he hasnt been tested at all and also you make a finished product as a PM rather than sending a rookie to get trained. Only congress suckers love that logic

  18. Why RG is not interested in becoming the PM of India?

    To get the answer to this, you should understand the role of Congress leaders. The role of leaders like MMS, Pranab,Chidambaram, Sibal...and the likes are all clearly defined.

    What is that role? The role of MMS is to shield the dynasty. To protect them from criticism. To protect them from corruption charges of Bofors.

    The PM of India will not worry about the development, or economy of the country, because, he is fully occupied in his job which is to protect the dynasty from public scrutiny by putting his neck on the line.

    This is the full time job for all Congress elected leaders. Day in and day out, they go about protecting the fair name of the Dynasty and thinking about how to give credit to them for things they don't deserve.

    If Rahul becomes PM, then there will be no one to protect him. There will be no one to give credit to him. In short, he will be exposed, for the sort of dimwit that he is. Naturally, he wanted someone pliable as Manmohan Singh as PM; this way, both Sonia and Rahul can have power without responsibility or accountability.

    Since, an entire army of Congress men are out to protect the Dynasty, you can say that they are doing a pretty job of staying out of PM's post !

  19. Excellent analysis, high time we feel embarrassed having the ilk of Rahul Ghandi as future potential leader.
    How can a dim wit who after failure after failure in education be considered the leader of the world's biggest democracy. How can someone who was "home-schooled" no anything about the reality of life, how has been sheltered all his life. Rahul Ghandi is a disaster.
    Forget all the conspiracy theories about him, Rahul Ghandi is a sham and loser, considering all the smart people India have.

  20. Subject: ON Rahul Gandhi: "I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing what has happened here in UP". A daring letter by an IIT'an to Rahul Gandhi : PLEASE READ AND SHARE..... [ Source : FACEBOOK]
    Dear Rahul,


    But don't be disappointed, I would give you ample reasons to feel ashamed... You really want to feel Ashamed..?

    * First Ask Pranav Mukherjee, Why isn't he giving the details of the account holders in the Swiss Banks.
    * Ask your Mother, Who is impeding the Investigation against Hasan Ali?
    * Ask her, Who got 60% Kickbacks in the 2G Scam ?
    * Kalamadi is accused of a Few hundred Crores, Who Pocketed the Rest in the Common Wealth Games?
    * Ask Praful Patel what he did to the Indian Airlines? Why did Air India let go of the Profitable Routes ?
    * Why should the Tax Payer pay for the Air India losses, when you intend to eventually DIVEST IT ANYWAY!!!
    * Also, You People can't run an Airline Properly. How can we expect you to run the Nation?
    * Ask Manmohan Singh. Why/What kept him quiet for so long?
    * Are Kalmadi and A Raja are Scapegoats to save Big Names like Harshad Mehta was in the 1992 Stock Market Scandal ?
    * Who let the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Accused go Scot Free? (20,000 People died in that Tragedy)
    * Who ordered the State Sponsored Massacre of SIKHS in 84?
    * Please read more about, How Indira Gandhi pushed the Nation Under Emergency in 76-77, after the HC declared her election to Lok Sabha Void!

    WHY ONLY HIGHLIGHT THIS ARREST? ( ... that took place in UP.....)

    Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested/detained by the FBI the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.
    You were carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash. You couldn't explain why you were carrying so much Cash. (Incidentally He was with his Columbian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli, ALLEGEDLY, the Daughter of Drug Mafia. 9 HOURS he was kept at the Airport. Later then freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released him.
    When FBI was asked to divulge the information, by Right/Freedom to Information Activists about the reasons Rahul was arrested ... FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi. So Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, " If you have NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission" HE NEVER REPLIED!)

    Why did that arrest not make Headlines Rahul? You could have gone to the Media and told, "I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?". Or is it that, you only do like to highlight Symbolic Arrests (like in UP) and not Actual Arrests (In BOSTON) Kindly Clarify.....In any case, you want to feel ashamed, Read Along...

  21. Part II


    According to a Provision in the Citizenship Act, A Foreign National who becomes a Citizen of India, is bounded by the same restrictions, which an Indian would face, If he/she were to become a Citizen of Italy. (Condition based on principle of reciprocity)

    Now Since you can't become a PM in Italy, Unless you are born there. Likewise an Italian Citizen can't become Indian PM, unless He/She is not born here!
    Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Man who Exposed the 2G Scam) sent a letter to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA bringing the same to his Notice. PRESIDENT OF INDIA sent a letter to Sonia Gandhi to this effect, 3:30 PM, May 17th, 2004.
    Swearing Ceremony was scheduled for 5 PM the same Day. Manmohan Singh was brought in the Picture at the last moment to Save Face!!
    Rest of the SACRIFICE DRAMA which she choreographed was an EYE WASH!!! In fact Sonia Gandhi had sent, 340 letters, each signed by different MP to the PRESIDENT KALAM, supporting her candidacy for PM. One of those letters read, "I Sonia Gandhi, elected Member from Rai Bareli, hereby propose Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister."

    So SHE was Pretty INTERESTED! Until She came to know the Facts! She didn't make any Sacrifice,
    It so happens that SONIA GANDHI couldn't have become the PM of INDIA hat time. You could be Ashamed about that Dear Rahul!! One Credential Sonia G had, Even that was a HOAX!


    You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power) Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months....
    (Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn't the Dean of Harvard that time, else you might have had a chance... Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan Singh!)

    Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam) At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam. Hindi Exam!!! And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the Country?


    Sonia G gave a sworn affidavit as a Candidate that She Studied English at University of Cambridge According to Cambridge University, there is no such Student EVER! Upon a Case by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami filed against her, She subsequently Dropped the CAMBRIDGE CREDENTIAL from her Affidavit.
    Sonia Gandhi didn't even pass High School. She is just 5th class Pass! In this sense, She shares a common Educational Background with her 2G Partner In Crime, Karunanidhi.
    You Fake your Educational Degree, Your Mother Fakes her Educational Degree. And then you go out saying, " We want Educated Youth into Politics!"

  22. Part III

    Not that Education is a Prerequisite for being a great Leader, but then you shouldn't have lied about your qualifications! You could feel a little ashamed about Lying about your Educational Qualifications. You had your reasons I know, Because in India, WE RESPECT EDUCATION! But who cares about Education, When you are a Youth Icon!!


    You traveled in the Local Train for the first time at the Age of 38. You went to some Villages as a part of Election Campaign. And You won a Youth Icon!! ... That's why You are my Youth Icon. For 25 Million People travel by Train Every day. You are the First Person to win a Youth Icon for boarding a Train.
    Thousands of Postmen go to remotest of Villages. None of them have yet gotten a Youth Icon. You were neither YOUNG Nor ICONIC! Still You became a Youth Icon beating Iconic and Younger Contenders like RAHUL DRAVID.


    Shakespeare said, What's in a Name?
    Little did he knew, It's all in the Name, Especially the Surname!
    Speaking of Surname, Sir DO YOU REALLY RESPECT GANDHI, OR IS IT JUST TO CASH IN ON THE GOODWILL OF MAHATMA? Because the Name on your Passport is RAUL VINCI. Not RAHUL GANDHI.. May be if you wrote your Surname as Gandhi, you would have experienced, what Gandhi feels like, LITERALLY ( Pun Intended) You People don't seem to use Gandhi much, except when you are fighting Elections. ( There it makes complete sense). Imagine fighting elections by the Name Raul Vinci...
    You use the name GANDHI at will and then say,

    "Mujhe yeh YUVRAJ shabd Insulting lagta hai! Kyonki aaj Hindustan mein Democracy hai, aur is shabd ka koi matlab nahin hai! YUVRAJ, Itna hi Insulting lagta hai, to lad lo RAUL VINCI ke Naam se!!! Jin Kisano ke saath photo khinchate ho woh bhi isliye entertain karte hain ki GANDHI ho.. RAUL VINCI bol ke Jao... Ghar mein nahin ghusaenge!!!

    You could feel ashamed for your Double Standards.

  23. part IV


    Now You want Youth to Join Politics.
    I say First you Join Politics. Because you haven't Joined Politics. You have Joined a Family Business.
    First you Join Politics. Win an Election fighting as RAUL VINCI and Not Rahul Gandhi, then come and ask the youth and the Educated Brass for more involvement in Politics. Also till then, Please don't give me examples of Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora and Naveen Jindal as youth who have joined Politics. They are not Politicians. They Just happen to be Politicians. Much Like Abhishek Bachchan and other Star Sons are not Actors. They just happen to be Actors (For Obvious Reasons) So, We would appreciate if you stop requesting the Youth to Join Politics till you establish your credentials... WHY WE CAN'T JOIN POLITICS!
    Rahul Baba, Please understand, Your Father had a lot of money in your Family account ( in Swiss Bank) when he died. Ordinary Youth has to WORK FOR A LIVING. YOUR FAMILY just needs to


    If our Father had left thousands of Crores with us, We might consider doing the same. But we have to Work. Not just for ourselves. But also for you. So that we can pay 30% of our Income to the Govt., which can then be channelized to the Swiss Banks and your Personal Accounts under some Pseudo Names.
    So Rahul, Please don't mind If the Youth doesn't Join Politics. We are doing our best to fund your Election Campaigns and your Chopper Trips to the Villages. Somebody has to Earn the Money that Politicians Feed On.


    Air India, KG Gas Division, 2G, CWG, SWISS BANK Account Details... Hasan Ali, KGB., FBI Arrest..
    You want to feel ashamed..? Feel Ashamed for what the First Family of Politics has been reduced to... A Money Laundering Enterprise.


    Indira didn't marry Mahatma Gandhi's Son. For even if you had one GENE OF GANDHI JI in your DNA.


    You really want to feel Ashamed? Feel Ashamed for what you 'SO CALLED GANDHI'S' have done to MAHATMA's Legacy.. I so wish GANDHI JI had Copyrighted his Name! Meanwhile, I would request Sonia Gandhi to change her name to $ONIA GANDHI, and you could replace the 'R' in RAHUL/RAUL by the New Rupee Symbol!!!

    RAUL VINCI : I am ashamed to call myself an Indian. Even we are ashamed to call you so!

    P.S: Popular Media is either bought or blackmailed, controlled to Manufacture Consent! My Guess is Social Media is still a Democratic Platform. (Now they are trying to put legislations to censor that too!!).

    Meanwhile, Let's ask these questions, for we deserve some Answers.

    B. Tech, IIT Bombay

  24. @ Loneranger
    I hope you can find the answer for your thoughtless attribution of sacrifice in my Part II presentation of plagiarised from facebook and get educated. If you still persist what she did is a sacrifice then you are direction challenged

  25. Student: What does the PM do? RG: Whatever my mother says

  26. Excellent Blog!! I am really liking every post of yours..Keep up the good work..

    @Loneranger, Since you are defending RG so much..May I know the answers to a few questions..
    Why should we make this RG a PM? Just bcos he has the famous surname (and a fake one at that) acquired by his gr8 grandmother who was a curse to this nation.. What credentials and pedigree does he have to earn the title of a PM? Can we get out of this colonial hangover and dynasty politics pls? Ignorant Indians have been fooled enough for the last 60 years.. And stop talking about sacrifices.. Sonia Maino had to let go her PM candidacy bcos of a few good men (read as Abdul Kalam and Dr. Subramaniam Swamy) who intervened..Else, our Italian waitress would have loved the opportunity to rule this nation with no objections from our sold media who would have lost no time to suck her ass..


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