Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Media's Complete Loss Of Decency

The three-day  Sadbhavana Mission of Narendra Modi ended on September 19 with a rousing speech that sought to set new directions for governance, equality and national policies. The mainstream media had no option to be there. After all, no matter how much hatred they continue to heap on him, Modi simply stands tall where leadership and governance are concerned. It also helps that he is a great orator. But make no mistake, the MSM wasn’t there to just cover the event. It was there to see if any more muck can be raised against Modi and to remind him that in the ‘supreme court of the media’ he has already been declared guilty of crimes. Much of the transactions at the Sadbhavana event were live and will also be available to read in newspapers, magazines and online pages for quite some time. So let’s try and understand the orchestration to disrupt the event by the media and other charlatans. Mine is not to discuss the merits/de-merits of the event or its political impact but to understand the orchestrated campaign of hate from some in the media and some activists.

Here’s a tweet from @shammybaweja from September 16 (She is Harinder Baweja, Editor Investigations of Headlines Today):  “Off to Guj for Modis sadhbhavna. Remorse and legal justice needed for 1984 and 2002. Fast track justice, not cong bjp fast wars”.

Well, one would have thought like others she too would land up at the Gujarat University grounds but where does she land up? Naroda Patiya, a site of mob violence and killing in the 2002 riots. Hmmm, so what was cooking? In the morning of September 17 Mallika Sarabhai, another crusader for justice, suddenly summons a presser and accuses Narendra Modi of having bribed her lawyers to scuttle her PIL on the post-Godhra riots. The crusader-come-lately, Sanjiv Bhatt, backs up her allegations as being true. Then later she too lands up at Naroda Patiya. A small group of people, riot victims, are organised to protest and march for justice by Mukul Sinha, a lawyer. So, by strange co-incidence, Mallika, Mukul and Baweja all turn up at Naroda Patiya. Headlines Today was the only channel telecasting live from the site. The protestors were also carrying printed pamphlets that must have been organised overnight. Ordinarily, there would be nothing wrong in such protests except for the timing. Mallika could have made her allegations and led these protests many times over in the last few months but she did not. But the objective was simple – to rekindle and continue the hate-NaMo campaign during the Sadbhavana event.

And that was trigger enough for NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today and others to start their chorus of abuse without even verifying the accusations made by Mallika. So let’s deal with the the lies of Mallika Sarabhai. This report based on comments by her own lawyers should be enough to nail her filthy lies.

From TOI: “Lawyers who appeared for…Mallika Sarabhai in the SCourt in 2002 for her PIL on the post-Godhra riots denied her allegation that bribes were paid to her advocates by the Narendra Modi government to derail the petition…….Advocate Mahesh Agrawala, the counsel who filed the writ petition number 221 of 2002 in the SC with Sarabhai as the petitioner, said it was "totally false that any money was ever paid to us by anyone to do anything or not do something relating to the petition. No money was ever paid to us and we did the case free of cost. Moreover, her case was argued on April 15, 2002, by senior advocate P Chidambaram before a bench headed by the CJI and comprising Justices Shivraj V Patil and H K Sema. The court had admitted the petition, issued notices to the Centre and Gujarat government and allowed early listing,"…….Agrawala said, "She got the relief she wanted on the very first day of hearing. It is unfortunate that after nine years, she is making the allegation about payment of money, which is patently false."

So the TV channels had a blast with the lies of Mallika Sarabhai. And if lies are on the menu can Teesta Setalvad be left out? Naturally, this washing machine of justice was back on TV all through the last three days hurling abuses and spreading untruths once again. Acts for which she was awarded with a Padmashri, of course. And where else to go but on the channel that has been the worldwide platform for the lies against Narendra Modi and about the Gujarat riots, NDTV. It is widely believed that the only channel that Narendra Modi refused an interview to is NDTV. Barkha Dutt herself laments that the CM would not entertain her. There’s a good reason too. Anyone who knows well enough that NDTV and, in particular, Barkha Dutt has carried out a systematic campaign of calumny about Gujarat and Modi wouldn’t trust that channel to be honest or relate to facts.

Long before the Gujarat riots Teesta Setalvad was funded by the Congress, CPM, CPI and others to campaign and carry out ads against the BJP during the 1999 election campaign. She had asked for and received funds from these political parties for her campaign. And she did advertise and campaign against the BJP in her magazine ‘Communal Combat’. Therefore, the lie that Teesta is a ‘social’ or ‘rights’ activist is one of the greatest lies peddled by the media. She is clearly a political activist and her political persuasion and motivation is cunningly suppressed by NDTV and other channels.

Teesta’s campaign against the BJP in 1999 failed as the BJP+NDA returned to power. Naturally, the investments that the Congress made in her had to be recovered somehow. Come the unfortunate Gujarat riots and Teesta had to deliver her pound of flesh. She creates the CJP in April 2002 after the riots have calmed. What followed was the most extraordinary campaign of untruths, fake affidavits, rumour mongering – all gleefully accepted and churned out by the media crooks. How much money has poured into her CJP is not public knowledge. Even the SC had pulled her up for trying to internationalise Modi as a criminal by writing to the UN.

In my post “SC exposes the media’s clean shit” I have detailed the lies that Suzy Roy deliberately peddled about the riots. In case of Teesta her lies were exposed by the SIT itself. All the ‘copy-cat’ affidavits she engineered for the riot victims now stand thoroughly exposed. Her own former colleagues have also nailed her lies. Imagine, this washing machine of justice has twice sought anticipatory bail, something more common among politicians. Her organisation, Citizens for Justice and Peace, parades as an NGO while clearly being a political organisation. However, this campaign of lies did pay off in some way, coupled with many other reasons. The NDA lost power in 2004 and the Congress+UPA came to power. Rewarding Barkha Dutt, Teesta Setalvad (and also Rajdeep Sardesai) immediately would be a dead give-away. So a few years later all three were awarded the Padmashri. But every time Narendra Modi is in the news, these washing machines unfailingly get back into action.

Reading motives or even words where there were none, the MSM uniformly talked about NaMo’s PM ambitions. They sought an apology from him when their attempts to nail him legally haven’t produced anything so far. Interpreted Nitish Kumar’s absence from the Sadbhavana event as a snub and for that reason the event is not supported by all. They even employed fake tweets or manipulated them to heap further abuse. During the event CNBC-TV18 even carried a full interview with Teesta in its programme “Beautiful People”. Hahhaaa, that’s an irony and, mind you, I am not talking about her looks.

The Sadbhavana event can be criticised on many other fronts but that wasn’t the case. The entire narrative was built on continuing the hate-Modi campaign. Every media celeb that talked to Modi had not one question to ask about the development model of Modi. Not one had any question of how Gujarat coped with the historic problem of water shortages. Not one talked about the girl-child education campaign in Gujarat. Not one talked about how Gujarat grew without frivolous subsidies. Not one talked about how Gujarat got around to building such great roads and highways. Not one talked about how Gujarat manages to provide uninterrupted power supply. Not one talked about reasons why industrialists are thrilled to set up businesses in Gujarat. Nothing! Whether Modi gained by the event or not, time will tell. But one outcome has been clearly established. The media’s complete loss of decency, respect for facts and truth, and further erosion in their already low credibility. Modi was giving interviews to all and sundry and if Barkha Dutt feels snubbed by not getting her chance that should tell her how low her image and credibility has sunk. An interview with Modi would have given her some redemption, but I doubt that is ever going to happen.

For all the campaigns against Modi the same crooks are yet to even find what is wrong with Sonia Gandhi, her illness, her treatment, her whereabouts. NDTV has even comically reported her return to India at least 4 or 5 times. And I doubt they still know where Sonia is. Never mind that. But this mainstream media is hurtling towards greater decimation. The social network is already delivering it a severe blow. The online netizens have become a watchdog over the media in absence of an independent body. And if that isn’t enough, there is Wikileaks exposing all the information that the media may have covered up or suppressed.

The future of Narendra Modi doesn’t exactly concern me enormously as much as it concerns the media crooks. They live in fear that his rise to the top may completely destroy whatever is left of their credibility. Whatever else, but there is one thing that these crooks can learn from NaMo. In all this campaign of calumny he has conducted himself in a dignified manner and never shot back at any of his detractors. They called the Sadbhavana event a political stunt or gimmick. NaMo is a politician and the event IS political – what is so wrong about it? That is what politicians are supposed to do – mobilise political views and directions. Modi has successfully done that in at least one thing – ‘vote bank politics will not pay in the future’. The media even tried to make a big issue of Modi not wearing the muslim skull cap offered to him by a visitor. Here is the best response I found on Twitter to that by @Pari500: “…and Maulana says 'refusal of the cap is an insult to Islam', really? Now we know the honour of islam rests SOLELY on Modi's head!”

Here is an interesting observation by The Economist: “The biggest shift is that journalism is no longer the exclusive preserve of journalists. Ordinary people are playing a more active role in the news system, along with a host of technology firms, news start-ups and not-for-profit groups. Social media are certainly not a fad, and their impact is only just beginning to be felt. “It’s everywhere and it’s going to be even more everywhere,” says Arianna Huffington. Successful media organisations will be the ones that accept this new reality. They need to reorient themselves towards serving readers rather than advertisers, embrace social features and collaboration, get off political and moral high horses and stop trying to erect barriers around journalism to protect their position. The digital future of news has much in common with its chaotic, ink-stained past.”

If ever Bill Gates made a business error, the biggest one has to be his refusal or failure to see the potential of the Internet when it came about. Since that failure, his company has only been playing catch up. Google now reports that India will add 200Mn more net users by 2014. That’s a good sign for the nation but a serious warning for the MSM. If they don’t see the writing on the wall the social network will grow to a level that will make them obsolete where news and debates are concerned. The loss of credibility has already come about.. the best they can do is to attempt restoration of some decency and respect for facts and truth.


  1. ”O Kings! Donot insult a wise man. He will not bear your insulting words by seeing your great wealth. Do you think the lotus stems can bind a raging elephant?”

  2. You nailed it as usual. for others, these crooks will shout lies from the roof top and whisper the truth. For NaMo, they will save the whisper too. So shameless.
    But what to do? There are a few thousands or lakhs of die hard congi oldies (like my mother) who knowingly want to be oblivious to the bias and want to listen to this crap, when I am off.
    And it is these set of people who keep the trp ticking.
    The steady rise of interactive digital media will drown these clowns.

  3. Brilliant Stuff. You have caught them naked.

  4. Hey Ravinar,

    The Media Bias is so glaring & naked that these idiots are being easily manipulated by NAMO to strengthen his support base.

  5. The fly in the ointment is the lawyers who clamour that they took up the case for popularity at free of cost did not file damage suit against such perpetrators of rumours but simply abdicated with rebuttal. Moreover, most of the names are all tainted with Islamism and one Ravinar is enough to bleach them but they are still unabashed over their attitude which is white washed here. I have my own doubt if the third rated will go through this site and mend their attitudes but fixed that they have incorrigible attitude in them since being mediocre birth.

  6. Hello Mr. Ravinar,

    Again an excellent artricle from your side.

    But I found it extremely strange to observe that firstpost.com has published an article which is out of a blue.


  7. Ravinar - As usual, a noteworthy article!

    Your article reminded me of the (in)famous article by Joel Stein, my own private India. Not much about the article, but the article was published in Time (a CNN product) and the response to the article was published by Rahul Parikh, in CNN. Somehow, I feel similar things are happening in their Indian channels as well. First there is Modi bashing and Congress hailing in Mr. Sardesai's channel to an extent that now they are called media crooks.Then they open another online channel to praise Modi and vilify the government. I am talking about First Post. I am sure you read those articles too. I am not saying that these two are completely opposite, first post also has anti Modi articles, but its really far and few. Recently, there was an article in First Post about "Rahul-flation". I was surprised by that article, which directly said, all this inflation is a drama to bring Rahul on raj-gaddi!

    Not trying to sound sympathetic, but, the media biggies have stooped so low that I doubt they can ever come up. Whatever you said in this article is true, but the fact remains, they have to continue to do so - for two reasons. Firstly, they cannot come out and plead guilty. Period. It will not make them credible by saying so.
    Secondly, their pockets will be empty if they start speaking the truth. So, having a parallel channel (from their own house) seems to be a solution to them! I am not sure if other channels have taken a hint yet!

    The only hope that I have from active online netizens is that may be they will coerce the media to an extent that (hopefully) truth will not be distorted. After all, Rajdeep once replied to one of his commentators - I only report, I don't conclude!!!!

  8. the congress and their cohorts -setalvad,barkha et al are worried,very worried - the thought that na mo who is finally on the prowl may actually become pm in 2014 has them desperately clutching at straws and literally at anything to shore up their belief that they can stop the initial movement of a juggernaut.they would have desperately wished that na mo had worn the skull cap offered to him so that they could have had a field day lampooning him for the ridiculous figure that he would have invariably cut.no such luck though- na mo being true to his faith rejected quite rightly what was clearly a prayer cap of another faith,a spontaneous act devoid of considerations of votebank politics,an act devoid of subterfuge and indeed one of strength-an act that did not mean any insult to any faith and not even remotely suggesting less than being even handed when disbursing fruits of development

  9. The one line that stood out was "They (MSM) need to reorient themselves towards serving readers rather than advertisers". I hope this one line gets through otherwise, if it gets ignored, then one more line will do the job "ignore at your own risk".

  10. Your comments on this


  11. Hi, I am a regular reader of your posts. After watching all the suffocatingly predisposed debates on the English news channels, reading your article comes as a whiff of fresh air. Modi held a Sadbhavana fast inside the Guj convention hall and Shankarsinh Vaghela held a comical counter fast on the footpath. The media on its part was holding a non- stop fierce Modi bashing event outside the convention hall and in their TV studios to counteract his fast. Right outside the hall we all had the privilege to listen to Shiv Vishwanathan and Sanjeev Shrivastava through HT on their great psychoanalysis of Modi with Shiv calling him a master fascist, master chameleon, and Sanjeev calling him a master choreographer…… All the channels, probably except Times Now, had a lopsided panel of guests in which Modi bashing was only getting shriller and shriller. While there was a skull cap episode one day, it was Sushma-Mehbooba episode the next day. I saw the debate on ‘Buck stops here’ and was aghast to hear from Shankarshan Thakur a known die hard Nitish fan, saying that in all probability Mehbooba was quoted out of context and extrapolated by Sushma to lift Modi’s image. He says all this even before the recordings of the NIC proceedings are yet to be made public. So he has already declared through his opinion that Sushma was lying, and Mehbooba was speaking the truth; so much credibility for being a Muslim in this country, no matter even if she is pro-terrorist and pro-secessionist. The other editor from Hindustan Times, Sujata Anandan literally baffled me when she said that even Shiv Sena might have problems with Modi’s candidature as PM. Her argument was that Shiv Sena has more acceptability among Muslims than Modi, because SS had done so much good work for Muslims on ground at the corporation level, and that Modi would be a deterring factor in getting their votes. Has Modi not done anything good for Gujarat?? When every section of the state which also includes the Muslims is being benefitted by his development work why should there be any acceptability problem when it comes to Modi.
    Shiv Vishwanathan in his blog “The fast as politics” in IBN Live has come out with another interesting dissection on Modi and the kind of new tyranny and power system that Modi is inventing without showing any remorse for the riot victims. I am afraid Shiv being a celebrated sociologist doesn’t understand this simple thing that Modi has given what a common man on the street today wants. He has given them all the basic services along with safety and security. And even more than any other CM of any state or our beloved PM can even imagine giving! Shiv calls himself a social science NOMAD! I would prefer to call him just MAD!
    All the debates in the last three to four days that I have been watching on TV have stirred only one thing in me – VOMIT!
    One thing was very clear from all the frenzy that media was displaying – they are out to destroy Modi and in the process BJP too. Hence all the opinions of the so called senior journalists and the NDA allies were laid bare on TV to convey to the people, that NDA is falling apart and therefore Cong is the only option left before them and that we should live with it! Thanks to you for coming up with such excellent articles. Your article, works as a balm for the anger and frustration that is mounting within us built up by this wild and vicious media.

  12. Excellent article. Sadbhavana fast was a good occasion for all to understand the Modi effect. While Modi repeatedly talked of the development as tool for the political parties rather than the appeasement, the powerful MSM could not rise above the treaded path to show the maturity in reporting. If there are any excesses duing 2002 riots the law of the land is taking its course.The media has no business to sit in judgement. The MSM had an opportunity to explore Modi as catalyst for development. The MSM could have tried to understand how development has been achieved in Gujarat. Interestingly, when Rahul of Headlines today,a senior jounalist, was inerviewing Modi, he made Rahul to accept that there are no cases pending against Modi in in any court/any where. And Modi made him to say it loudly on to the Mic during the live interview. which he did but, it appeared, hesitantly.

  13. At last- the comprehensive comment I was looking for!
    Good job!

  14. Here is one more article exposing how the crooks in the media are doing a great job of cover-up to hide the ugly and the real face of Cong.


  15. What nonsense? as always you see only one side of the coin. One needs a balanced, nuanced perceptive here. Dutt or sardesai have seen with their own eyes how bajrangis were roaming the streets looking for muslims. Development cant replace the death of innocents. In naroda patiya, so many families are bereft of a son, daughter , father etc,. If modi can give their lives back, no one will criticise him.

  16. Dear Loneranger,

    In the interview mentioned by eskepee, Modi had asked the journalist to compare 6-7 major riots of India, including Gujrat 2002, on parameters of conviction, rehabilitation etc. The joker nodded in affirmative but yet to see anything.

    So stop being a Congress stooge...

  17. Anonymous - I am no stooge. I am merely stating facts. It is the country's misfortune that rajiv was not punished for 1984 riots so people like you want to compare. A human life has some value understand it. Just because one guy got away doesnt mean every one who indulges in a state sponsored pogram will get away.

  18. Loneranger, pls go to the link that I have mentioned above and read the article. You will know that how the so called best news channels with their star anchors are working overtime to cover-up the misdeeds of Cong. I don't find any of these TV anchors being balanced or upright in their criticism when it comes to Cong ruled states. And as for your allegation that Gujarat riots were a state sponsored pogrom, I have only one thing to say : I will accept only the verdict of the judiciary rather than your prejudices.

  19. @Loneranger

    Welcome your views even if you accuse me of bias. Well for all that you say about these journalists.. let me just say I was in Ahmedabad too so I write from FIRST-HAND knowledge and not second-hand news peddled by the MSM. I know Ahmedabad and Gujarat much better than these journos. I LIVE THERE. So while I welcome your criticism.. dont call my write nonsense.. I know exactly what happened and where.. So there!

  20. Loneranger please go to this website http://www.gujaratriots.com to see through the MSM lies.

    Hope you do go through the entire wesite without any prejudice.

  21. If it was country's misfortune that Rajiv was not punished for 84 riots, it is the same misfortune in which we find certain jounalists, politicians and the political activists like Teesa, Harsh, etc. itching to punish Modi for the 2002 riots. We should leave it with the courts for both. Till todate Rajiv is not even considered responsible for 84 riots by INC, its stooges and Indian courts as well and so should Modi be allowed to be revered and regarded till the courts think that he wasn't guilty. If some of these clowns like Rajdeep or Barkha had seen the murders happening before their eyes and further have evidence that Modi was behind it, why don't they go to police and register FIR ? Why talk rubbish in the air about Modi instead ? Anyway when these journalists apply their mind 24-hours-a-day to eulogise Sonia Gandhi and her royal family by stushing out bogus stats after stats, they can also go for some real ones. Go after these dozen riots that had plagued this nation for years and bring out some common parameters of state's involvement or interference and place it before the viewers. It would do a world of good for their knowledge and for us too.

  22. Ravinar - With all due respects to you, are you saying that the families of those killed in Naroda patiya are lying ? I have met most of them on my visits and heard their heart wrenching stories. It is a shame innocents were murdered brutually in a planned manner. As a CM, why did he fail in his duty to protect and if it was not so, why did vajpayee (the best PM ever) comment modi failed in rajdharma ?

  23. @ Loneranger

    Now, you are the one peddling lies. I have nowhere stated families or victims are lying. My post is all about media and some activists spreading lies and not victims or their families. If you have reading and comprehension problems that can't be helped by hurling silly accusations at me.

  24. Dear Ravinar,

    As you can see, this Loneranger is working on a plan to somehow get into an argument with everybody on this website & especially you as the target. The objective is just to try & waste your energy & time with his pre-written text rhetoric of Hindu bashing. The Pseudos are facing an ever increasing battle against the truth because of the social network, so here they are.

  25. Interjection by @Loneranger to divert the issue from media bias to riot victims is exactly the kind of tactic that paid crooks employ to confuse and distort issues.

    Yes, there are victims of the riots.
    Yes, Modi's government was unable to save a lot of them from the wrath of the riots.
    Modi's government was also not able to save 59 innocent Coach S-6 passengers from being roasted alive.
    Modi's government tried though - shot down around 300 Hindus in police firing during the riots - that's about 30% of the total riots casualties
    Yes, Naroda victims must get justice. Cases are going on the trial courts for this purpose. Many in other riots incidents are behind bars.

    Not a single FIR exists against Modi in any police station in the country. The onus is on those alleging all sundry things against him to prove the same.

    Yes, in an ideal world, the train carnage and riots ought not to have happened. But the truth is they did. Both communities were at fault, but more so the instigators. Indian police being ill trained, ill equipped and taken by surprise could not handle the lakhs of blood-thirsty rioters on the streets.
    Last month, one of the most sophisticated police forces in the world, namely of Britain, could not control a bunch of punks from running riots in the streets of London and elsewhere for more than a week.

    Stick to the topic Loneranger, nobody is buying your pathetic attempt at convoluted issues. If you want to discuss justice to victims of train carnage + riot victims, I am sure Ravinar will oblige with a post and then we can quite facts and statistics of the trials, convictions etc.

  26. Ravinar - I asked you a question and had a question mark so I never stated you said they are lying. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is the media is not lying because I was there myself with many other journalists and have seen with my own eyes how hindu groups like bajrang dal were looting the shops, destroying state property and asking people to show them muslim houses. To some extent, few media persons have some bias and blow up things but not every one is made of the same stock.

    Once more let me clarify I didnt hurl accusations at you, it was question. I apologise if you felt it was an accusation.

  27. Yep. Loneranger is employing the same tactics employed elsewhere to divert the attention from crux. Now he is ignored in Sandeep's web (www.sandeepweb.com)

  28. Excellently written. No scope for any misunderstanding except by biased minds who deliberately twist what is stated and subtly change the context. Our media are experts at this tactic, only fewer and fewer people are buying the media's spin and fabrications.

    There are some people who don't even bother to research facts (gujaratriots.com and Rajeev Srinivasan's article on rediff are very informative) and then go around calling these two way riots initiated by a gruesome incident of burning of 59 Hindus as 'genocide'.

    Genocide is never two way but is a one way continued attack and victimization of one group by another. It is an ongoing brutalization and victimization---whereas these riots lasted for what---3 days and were definitely two way!

    Most important, Genocide is never initiated by those that are targeted and brutalized. Can you imagine Jews burning a train in which Nazis were traveling?

    I heard Swapan Dasgupta say recently that Muslims need to outgrow this victim complex that the Congress, media, and the cottage industrty that feeds on human misery (Teesta and her ilk) are constantly trying to peddle. Once they outgrow the victim complex, they'll truly progress.

  29. Just to add I was surprised at the unanimity with which all these media crooks were asking questions to Mr. Modi. pls see all the videos and one will realise all the questions and their order were also same.

  30. i dont think outlookindia.com have realized their folly nor are they going to do it soon. pls check out their oct3 edition. and their home page on their website filled with saw dust

  31. BRILLIANT piece. I always used to wonder how the shamed Barkha Dutt still had a job and still comes on TV and nobody has anything to say about it. BTW, i stopped watching NDTV a year back. Few of my friends have done the same. Maybe this is the best way to defeat them?

  32. so shammy baweja needs your permission before she goes out reporting? if she goes to naroda patiya instead of the venuw of the state-sponsored fast, how is it invalid journalism? her other colleagues from the channel were there at the fast venue. modi was interviewed by the channel and there was live coverage of the the events there. why should the viewers not be supplied multiple sides of the same story. is this china?

  33. anonymous 7:39pm, do we need your moronic permission to express our opinion? When kashmiri jihadists were pelting stones, did you give coverage to kashmiri Hindus and their plight to "supply multiple sides of the same story"? When christian terrorists/maomao's killed Swami Laxmananda in Orissa, did you give coverage to Hindus to "supply multiple sides of the same story"? You fascist and biased NDTV bozos are a blot on the entire Indian media.

  34. Hi I am the first time reader of your post but the fact is i am stunned and amazed by your writing skills , Whatever you wrote about the media and Print papers are absolutely true, you need not be very intelligent to understand all the media gimmicks , if the 1crore worth scams gets unearthed in some BJP ruled state , Print Media and the electronic media will not have the time to eat and sleep for next 10 days , it will exhaust the entire first page and all the prime time of the news channel will be exausted too , whereas all the Commonwealth scam,2gscam,Adarsha scam, aviation scams so many to count but the overpaid media by congress will have very polite debates and the news somewhere in the middle or if in the front , 100 crore scam of BJpp will put in forefront than congress, i hope you all the best in nailing all these crooks and hoping to see more and more readers for this site , i simply believe in one more thing that teesta , mukul sinha ,sanjeev bhatt , all are prospering and even able to do such comments because of our leader narendra modi's goodness otherwise in other notorious states where the truths are not tolerated then how these kind of lies would have been tolerated. Keep uP yOOUR GOOD wORK hope to see many more of your writings


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