Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hate Engineers

Believe it or not, in four years since 2007 an average of 25 women have been added to the imaginary number of women gang-raped in the Gujarat 2002 riots. That is how Shabnam Hashmi churns out figures. Now, Shabnam Hashmi is an activist extraordinaire, a media pet and an expert on communal issues. No matter what the discussion she will invariably come up with and link the issues to Ayodhya, Gujarat riots and Narendra Modi. Her world becomes complete with these three topics.

In 2007 Hashmi wrote an open letter to Narendra Modi about 300 women being gang-raped who are yet to get justice. This was in response to Modi’s offer of shelter to Taslima Nasreen in Gujarat. Taslima, being hounded by her own country Bangladesh and later by Bengal and the Indian govt, is a muslim writer whose writings have angered her community. You may carry on accusing Modi of a thousand things but what could possibly be wrong with such a gesture? But then for the likes of Shabnam Hashmi Modi represents the punching bag which keeps their careers and their NGOs funded. Now the lies that the NGOs peddled have already been exposed over and over again yet Hashmi continues to dangle hate through numbers.
On Sunday,  September 25, Narendra Modi was to hold a huge rally at Vastral on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Obviously, he would make some political statements, but where was Shabnam Hashmi? She was right there in a predominantly muslim locality asking them to boycott Modi’s rally. What was her charge? Well, here’s what DNA reports: “Hashmi talked about the 400 women of 2002 riots who were allegedly gang-raped during the riots and were yet to get justice. She also talked in abusive terms about the Muslims who had attended Modi's Sadbhavna fast.”  So, from the charge of 300 women gang-raped in 2007, according to her letter to Modi, the number has now risen to 400. Such is the power of lies that are used to spread hatred.

The original accusation of 300 women, or any number, being gang-raped has not been backed by any evidence. Those lies already stand exposed. Now Shabnam Hashmi peddles more lies by throwing up a number of 400. Her letter of 2007 also accuses Modi of women being treated badly in Gujarat. Well, I don’t carry numbers or statistics but I am sure Hashmi can see only one state in India’s map and that is Gujarat. Safety or Crimes against women is altogether an issue and has little to do with her hatred for Modi.

Hashmi didn’t stop there, she went on to shower contempt on those who attended Modi’s Sadbhavna event: "We want to stop this politics of hate and you people don't feel ashamed in going to Modi's fast with the skullcap on your head? You posed for photographs with him after taking Rs200 to Rs500?" she said, referring to the chief minister in derogatory terms.“We will not stop anybody who wants to go to the Vastral rally but they should understand that all this is politics. People of India will never let Modi become the prime minister."

Now whatever else the criticism of the Sadbhavna Mission there is hardly any sense or maturity in showering scorn on those who attended it. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Jains and more attended it. Yet, Hashmi goes on to lecture the Muslim community with the hope and intention of permanently keeping them from integration. I call it hate engineering! I guess throwing up vague, irresponsible statements is a significant feature of hate engineering. There is no other way to describe the acts of Shabnam Hashmi. Ironically, such hate-mongers camouflage their intent and acts with smart-sounding NGOs. Hashmi’s NGO is named ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy). She is the founder of this NGO along with Harsh Mandar. Now Mandar needs no introduction for his campaign against Narendra Modi. He is now a member of the NAC. I think the right name for these fake harmony mongers would be ‘Been-HAD’ for the manner in which they spread lies to divide communities. I could even comically redefine Anhad as “Act now for hatred and disintegration”!

On the same topic but on a different note DNA carries another article by Girish Patel (September 21). The title straightaway indicts and convicts Narendra Modi: ‘Despite Sadbhavna Narendra Modi guilty under international law. If you read the article carefully, there is no such international law that exists and India is not a signatory to the International Court or Tribunal. But the writer’s theory could well be a veiled invitation for activists like Hashmi, Mandar and Teesta Setalvad to attempt a misadventure. Fact is, Teesta has already been rapped by the Supreme Court once for writing to the UN about Gujarat riots and trying to internationalise the matter. I do not know much about this Girish Patel or what his persuasion is, but I can tell him that the International Court was created to handle cases from countries whose legal systems were dubious. By his article Patel clearly rubbishes the justice system of India. Whatever our shortcomings, India still has a fine judiciary that is capable of delivering justice. Just because verdicts don’t go your way is no reason to sling mud at our judiciary system. But that is how media crooks invent theories.

For all the talk of women’s rights and safety, Shabnam Hashmi had spewed venom on the Baba Ramdev campaign in early June 2011. Activists like her and some media channels threw so much mud that it emboldened the central govt to carry out a brutal midnight violent attack on a huge crowd of peaceful protesters at the Ramlila grounds. Many were injured but one woman, 51 year old Rajabala, was paralysed for four months and finally died on September 26. I wonder what Hashmi & Co. have to say about that. Your guess is as good as mine. After all democracy or rights or security is not the greatest concern for the hate engineers.


  1. Super, once again an apt article Ravinar. No one cares for Rajabala, the MSM made a big issue when Ishrat Jehan who was confirmed as Jehadi by David Hadley was shot dead in an encounter. But I don’t see any such discussions , anger by MSM on the death of Rajabala? If Amit Shah the Home Minister of Gujarat can be arrested and jailed for killing of the gangster Soharabuddin, why not Chiddu who directed the Delhi Police to unleash terror on a peaceful satyagrahis? Hindu blood has no value in our Pseudo secular country!!

  2. A very good article, Ravinar! And not just this, many many prev articles. PLEASE keep going. I am relying on you. And am spreading your message :-)

  3. Thanks Ravinar for the article.
    An off topic but interesting news article. Let me collate and search which NGO's are involved, will keep you posted.
    Crackdown on anti-national NGOs

    From the article,
    It's a shocking case of anti-national outfits posing as NGOs across the country. TIMES NOW has accessed intelligence documents listing over a hundred NGOs, which are not only violating rules but funding terrorists.

  4. Poor Rajbala is dead; only of stampede; not police brutality; or the masters who ordered this midnight attack are responsible; typical report ordered by Lalu which said Godhra victims poured petrol on themselves & were charred to death.Shameless NGOs; media & UPA2.

  5. Well i just accessed TimesNow website and it has an investigative report on terror, 'daleet' and conversion supporting NGO's, so ANHAD and its owners behaviour is not surprising.

  6. Good man, i started recently reading your articles. what ever i read I'll share it on Facebook....keep going

  7. Hats off to you for putting the 'hate engineering' concept, propagated and practiced vehemently by the likes of Hashmi and Teesta, in a very explicit and curt manner.

    Yes, a Lie told thousand times becomes truth. Fact of the matter remains that the 59 odd Hindu Karsevaks who were set ablaze by their group of cronies finds no place in the chapters of Gujarat Riots. Gujarat Riots has now become symbolic to the muslims killed and not the Hindus who died at their hands. Over 450 Hindus have been recorded killed at Muslim's hands. Where is the wailing! The Muslims who got killed deservingly find themselves coaxed and cajoled by illegal NGOs like these, pseudo-secular vote bank political players like Congress and the Main Stream Media at large.

    This selective alienation of the Hindus and implicating them as butchers of modern times needs to be stopped, either legally or forcefully. Most of these NGOs are funded heavily directly from Saudi Arabia, Rome and similar places. Though the spineless Government will not, the Judiciary must take note and begin asking questions to the contrary.

    I hope they do. Meantime do keep writing.

  8. Strange logic, this. All the hindutva hate-speeches, violence, gang-rapes etc are supposed to be fine, and being a critic of all that is supposed to be hate-mongering!

  9. Once again an excellent article, revealing facts and designs of Congi touts, if not for modi these people would be begging for alms outside some Hindu Temple, modi bashing brings them fund from congi which fulfills their daily needs.

  10. To the "Anonymous" cockroach above, "hatemongering" is more aptly attributed to the shameless distortion of reality and utterly brazen dissemination of lies in order to demonise people who are fundamentally peaceful and who follow a philosophy of diversity and "live and let live" in order to curry the favour of minorities who are steeped in a diametrically opposed worldview, and in the process completely transpose reality to the point that white becomes black and black becomes white. THAT is strange logic you brainless moron, NOT the criticism of those who pontificate on the basis of complete fabrications. Such people embody the very notion of the strawman argument. The basically peaceful nature of those who follow Sanatan Dharma has been tested to an unbearable level of galactic proportions, prodded and cajoled perpetually by scum like you and your ilk in the media in the hope of eliciting a self-fulfilling reaction and as SOON as people through their basic human fallibility are pushed beyond the threshold and react, even in a minor way, your kind jump in to say "I told you so". The anti-Indian, anti-Hindu agenda is clear; something even a five-year-old can spot and I'm not sure you even TRY to hide it. But let me explain something to you and your co-arthropods, assuming your tiny degenerate mind can grasp any facet of the real world at all, and that is you WILL get what's coming to you. ALL of you. Because the truth will always win out in the end.


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