Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skeleton Singh - The Closet Prime Minister

Sometime in June 2011 following frequent demands that the “PM break his silence” and speak up on various scams and issues confronting the nation Manmohan Singh held a press meet with five carefully handpicked print media editors. This was supported by the announcement that he would hold such a press meet every week. That done, there were no subsequent press meets. The weekly Malamal lottery of handpicking editors to meet ended with the first and only one. Our “friendly-fire” media is happy too, since the noise had died down on this promise of ‘weekly press-meets’ and the PM could go back to his closet.

Come the monsoon session of the parliament and suddenly MMS comes out all-guns blazing like Rambo (or should I lately say Singham?) and breaks his silence again by delivering one stupid sound bite. “There are skeletons in the Opposition’s cupboard too” he effectively said. Silence is not too great for a Prime Minister, but surely stupidity has to be even worse. I find it hard to believe MMS can come up with that line on his own so I wonder who tutored him. Perhaps Harish Khare or the ministers who manage the media keep feeding him these lines. I guess MMS finally got tired of being Caesar’s wife and now sees skeletons.

Ironically, the first new skeleton to tumble out as the parliament commenced a new session was directly from his own closet. A CAG report is cited as stating that the PMO overlooked a GOM decision to appoint Suresh Kalamadi as CWG-OC Chairman. That Singham video has since has been taken off following threats by Congress goons. But it’s unlikely the CWG and other scams are going to be shut down in a hurry. In an article, FirstPost, even questions the alteration of the minutes of meeting of the GOM that led to the appointment of Kalmadi.

While Ajay Maken, the current Sports Minister, is desperately trying to pin the blame for Kalmadi’s appointment to the previous NDA government there cannot be any doubt now that the PMO has been involved in not only this but was in full knowledge of many other scams too. A. Raja’s statements in court have clearly established the PM was in the know and had even approved the spectrum transactions.

People are now sick and tired of the media’s and the Congress’ attempt to continue to stick the “honesty and integrity” tag to this PM. It now appears that far from the imaginary honesty and integrity, he has wilfully allowed the scams to flourish. He has allowed and overseen the greatest loot of this nation ever in its history. For an economist he has also overseen the economic slide of India, the growth story is grounded and India’s international standing has corroded. The terrible lack of political leadership is starting to affect every sphere of endeavour in this nation.

None of the above is new. MMS has a history to it. Here are excerpts (in blue) from an article from April 2009 by Surajit Dasgupta titled ‘The Manmohan Singh Chronology. I repeat, these are random excerpts from a very long article and I would strongly recommend that the full article be read:

There is a paradox in the thought process of onlookers. On the one hand, ask a loser why he couldn't make it big in life. Chances are high, he has an alibi of honesty. On the other, point out to him the illustrious growth of a known personality in society and he exclaims, "Wow!"

That the Indian Prime Minister is the epitome of honesty and integrity is a notion not even his biggest detractor in politics dares to challenge. ……. Also, if beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it must be noted that most journalists in the country are either Bachelors of Arts (pass course) or hold MA in history, not embellished further by an MPhil, let alone a PhD. As for business scribes, a sizeable number of whom are postgraduates in economics and commerce, we know how they conduct their routine business. They pick up information from corporate communication heads of companies, published brochures, leaflets, pamphlets and uploaded website content of those firms, besides sound-bytes of the CEOs…… without ever trying to explore the darker alleys of the business houses by befriending executives from the purchase, sales, accounts and human resource departments.

In the evening of 5 February 2006, I edited an article by Ajoy Bose for The Pioneer, "Manmohan, doctor of politics"….. Bose wondered how Singh "managed to flourish so well under different political masters through the turbulent 1970s and '80s". Then, the silence of the Congress turned deafening when on 21 May 2006, The Statesman published an article by Subroto Roy with several facts that cast aspersions on the character of Manmohan Singh, the economist and bureaucrat. Titled "The politics of Dr Singh", the article presented a chronology of events in Singh's career since his days as a student in University of Cambridge. For systematic reading, let us look at the contents of Roy's article in a bulletised format:

As a student -
(England onwards)
Greatest influences among teachers: Joan Robinson & Nicholas Kaldor (both communists)
Mao Zedong's "Little Leap Forward" followed by "Great Leap Forward".
Curiously, Mao himself apologised to the Chinese people subsequently for both.

As a bureaucrat -
March 1971: Seeks 'blessings' of PN Haksar, who had followed his model of protectionism to help Indira Gandhi's regime nationalise banks, to join bureaucracy
Haksar's background:
• In London, protégé of R Palme Dutt and Krishna Menon
• IFS under Jawaharlal Nehru's regime
• May 1967 onwards, Indira Gandhi’s adviser

Haksar's feats:
• Nationalisation of India’s banks
• The Congress split and creation of the Congress(I)
• Politicisation of the bureaucracy including the intelligence services
• Highly placed civil servants became politically committed pro-USSR bureaucrats
• Beginning of courtier culture and durbar politics

As a politician (almost) -
22 March 1991: Rajiv Gandhi prepares documents for liberalisation. Singh had nothing to do with the origins of the 1991 reform and never interacted with Rajiv Gandhi in the last months of the latter's life…. It was Subroto Roy's encounter with Rajiv Gandhi that led to the Congress's change of economic thinking in 1990-1991.

Mission unaccomplished:
• Continuing deficit finance
• No measure to check corruption
• No enforcement of clean accounting
• No strict audits

Skipping 11 years…
May 2002: Congress passes a resolution saying the ideas of India’s liberalisation had originated with neither Manmohan Singh nor Narasimha Rao! The account was too damning and the newspaper that carried it too credible to be ignored. But ignore Singh's party did. Why? Was it out of the fear that any action, legal or otherwise, would turn the article or its writer more popular and more people might revisit and perhaps revise their opinion about the current prime minister?

As the "honesty" and "integrity" of our prime minister has turned almost into an electioneering slogan of the Congress, it's time to dig deeper….

After the Narasimha Rao era began, in August 1991, the rate of inflation rose to more than 17 %; the BoP crisis had already turned critical with India left with forex reserves just about enough to pay for three weeks’ imports. Under these circumstances, why did Rao summon Singh’s predecessor at RBI, IG Patel, and request him to accept the post of finance minister in his cabinet? Why was Singh the second preference?

Certain notions are so deeply set in the public psyche, even hindsight many years later cannot rectify the myths. That India embarked upon a path to a free market regime in the period 1991-96 is one such notion. Reforms should mean competitive prices for the consumer, but almost all infrastructure projects at that time were pursued without competition, Enron and Cogentrix being two prime examples. …..While to its credit, the Rao-Singh regime could boast of successively increasing growth rates – Corruption in all public-private partnership deals became the order of the day. And the Great Indian Securities Scam unfolded.

……When advised by admirers to leave the Congress in 1996 and concentrate again on propounding economic philosophies, he had dismissed the plea with his signature feeble voice, thus, "But I am in politics!" It seems somewhere in his subconscious he fancied his chances in a possible second innings in the future. Soon after the 1996 elections at a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party, he quoted the "Caesar's wife" proverb. the insinuation was clear; he was distancing himself from Narasimha Rao. But he knew his future would be in the Congress.

If it was not a bureaucrat being dictated by his political master(s) (1971-91), or a minister being given ideas by a prime minister (1991-96), or a prime minister being told what to do by his party's head, it is an ally telling him what to do, more importantly, what not to do (2004-2009). If nationalisation of wholesale trade in foodgrains was Indira Gandhi's idea, if increasing corporate taxes in 1979 was Charan Singh's or HM Patel's idea, if mortgaging the country's gold was Chandrashekhar's idea, if liberalisation and globalisation were ideas of the IMF-Narasimha Rao combine and, finally, reforms with a human face was Sonia Gandhi's idea with too much of facial massage (read NREGA) added by the left, what, for heaven's sake, is Manmohan Singh's idea?

To conclude, Manmohan Singh has but two words that sum up all his ideas: "Yes, boss!".

The Real CABINET Meeting
The mainstream media for a long time has been hounding lesser ministers and crooks. The root of the entire disaster that confronts India lies at the top of the pyramid and not at the bottom. It is the honourable Prime Minister with a great deal of skeletons to protect who must be held responsible. Not far behind is the UPA chairperson. If a Chief Minister can be forced to resign by leaked reports and an activist Lokayukta then the closet PM is guilty of far larger crimes. The honesty and integrity crap doesn’t wash anymore. It is time for a real leader to step in.  Skeleton Singh, the closet PM, must go.


  1. Ravinar, thanks for writing this expose and links. Media have been using kid gloves for him too long. He is the worst culprit of all... slyly using people's helplessness. A truly honest man would have tried to win a Lok Sabha seat before occupying the chair for so long. At this stage, a truly honest person would have stepped down, even left the Congress. He has no right to occupy the chair in the first place, not having won a Lok Sabha seat ever.Sly slimeball, that's what he is!

  2. MMS was always corrupt since the beginning. My father was working in a PSU and in the year 1990-91 there was a team made to visit UK for some training and my father was on the list. But at the last moment my father's name was dropped and a lesser ranked officer who happened to be a Sikh replaced my father. It was revealed later that MSM had sent the recommendation letter to the PSU MD for pushing the Sikh guy in the team. This speaks a lot regarding the MMS. This may a simple case of recommendation but it speaks about the ethical standing of MMS.

  3. Ravinar - My mind has become blank after reading this post. You have done a great job. Hope this post gathers mass and pace to become a snowball for UPA. May God bless You

  4. like someone said above, I have too become numb and dumb after reading this... oh god! Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

  5. a rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet.manmohan singh in any garb would remain a crook.

  6. Let me take the privilege of repeating my beating the bush that Sardar had revenged Bharat for 1984 riot like a classic frog boiling.(a frog if put in boiling water it will jump but if put in cool water and Boil it by the time it understands that it will be boiled)in the first place.

    Secondly he stands in the same scale of Anderson in criminalism haunting over this nation

  7. MMS will have to go. His time has come.

  8. One legendary remark of MMS gets missed very often. In the 1998 Lok Sabha elections he stood from South Delhi constituency and lost. He made one statement "RSS was responsible for 1984 anti-Sikh riots." I know one sikh who did not vote for him because of this statement.

    Still media does not question him that if he was sure of what he said in 1998 what has he done since 2004 as a PM. MMS is enjoying fruits of being perceived as "not dangerous"

  9. Please help Aavani guys...

  10. While Rahul Gandhi politicizes, Narendra Modi delivers. It's amazing how the same LAWS,same MACHINERY are made to work in Gujarat where they fail in other parts of the country

    Land acquisition law fraud, learn from Gujarat: Supreme Court

    Express news service
    Posted: Aug 05, 2011 at 0255 hrs IST

    Dispelling the notion largely created by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that the land acquisition model adopted by Haryana is the best for being considerate towards the deprived land owners, the Supreme Court has complimented the BJP government in Gujarat for having a policy that doesn’t permit “forced” eviction of farmers from their land.

    Expressing serious concern over the increasing incidents of government forcibly acquiring land for industries and residential schemes, the apex court on Thursday remarked that the law ought to be scrapped as it is a “fraud” devised by some “sick people”.

    However, the judges had all applauds for the Narendra Modi government for its land acquisition policy that doesn’t generate “complaints of any forcible acquisition” unlike other states where farmers are uprooted and rendered homeless.The bench of justices G S Singhvi and HL Dattu, which a day ago scrapped the Mayawati government’s order acquiring land for the construction of a district jail, warned that if remedial measures are not initiated then in another “five years muscle men would take over the private land and utter chaos would prevail as the prices of land are shooting up everywhere”.

    “The Act has become a fraud. It seems to have been devised by people with a sick mind who have scant regard for the welfare of the common man,” the court said and slammed the states while hearing several petitions filed by farmers from Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district challenging the forcible acquisition of 82 acres of land for developing a leather industry.

  11. So very true!! It is absolutely laughable to watch all the media parrots to tout this line of PM's personal integrity etc etc.!! But wait , what honesty?? Has he not uttered that line of 'coalition politics' as his justification of DMK scams? And therby giving the game away that he is just another power hungry politico sticking to his gaddi at any cost? But do we have any chance of NDTV. IBN etc etc ever waking up to the truth?? A fat chance there unless MMS suddenly decides to join BJP!!

  12. Ravinar,

    I am disgusted of all Indians.99 % of us are loots. This country will reach its nadir.

    Manmohan is a ch oo th. She is a big ...c........nt. We will never progress either in your or my lifetime.

    Sibals, Thiwaris and the like will ever remain and lick the boots.

    Are not we wasting our time?

  13. Ravinar - My mind has become blank after reading this post. You have done a great job. Hope this post gathers mass and pace to become a snowball for UPA. May God bless You


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