Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sanjiv Bhatt In Arnab's Kangaroo Court

I had already suggested ‘Padma Shri awaits Sanjiv Bhatt’. I guess that is not enough so a higher award for this courageous cop may be in order. If Teesta Setalvad got embroiled in fake cases of her own affidavits the media needed a new hero against Narendra Modi. Well, looks like they’ve found one.

On August 9 evening Arnab Goswami scooped an interview with Sanjiv Bhatt. The first round had Arnab questioning Bhatt about his hobnobbing with Congress leaders, getting Blackberry from them, emails that were exchanged and so on. The hilarious part came a little later in the evening at 9pm on Arnab’s Newshour when he again had Sanjiv Bhatt and a panel to discuss the suspension of Bhatt by the Gujarat government or to be more specific Narendra Modi as media would insinuate. Sanjiv Bhatt came to the discussions with his lawyer Iqbal Syed. With his lawyer? Yes! That’s right, hahahhaa!

Hello Arnab, you know me, now meet my lawyer please’! Isn’t that nice? Now what else would Arnab want for his Kangaroo court? Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai must be writhing in anger that they couldn’t manage to do this on their channels. The lynch mob isn't out there on the streets anymore, it's there on TV channels in the form of news anchors.

Imagine, a supposedly honest cop, a whistleblower, possessing great regard for truth and his own convictions turns up at a TV panel discussion with his lawyer. And Bhatt has made a statement these are desperate measures (his suspension) by a desperate government. Bravo! By now the Congress spokespeople are all over the place. Ambika Soni stated “everybody knows what is happening in Gujarat”. Yes we do, it is that terrible police state where all freedoms have been suspended and it’s a state where there is virtual emergency. Of course, in case you missed it, the tainted Teesta Setalvad got her chance to be on TV again and shooting off her mouth.

Okay, all that is fine. Now, if you even remotely know anything about Narendra Modi you would also know that he is one of the shrewdest politicians around. He is not so dumb as to not estimate that actions such as those against Sanjiv Bhatt (and lately one against Rahul Sharma) wouldn’t invite accusations of vendetta politics. That he would be accused of hounding a cop who has filed an affidavit against him in the SC. That this would give the Congress and all the sickular media channels to again start hurling abuses at him. Is Narendra Modi that silly? Well, even if there is some grain of truth in the vendetta part I doubt he is nervous (as Arnab implies) and I also doubt if there is any legal loop-hole in the actions against Sanjiv Bhatt or Rahul Sharma.

Now, apart from being the CM of Gujarat and knowing well the Congress would use the issue to sidetrack many other issues would Modi be silly enough to undertake these actions? I doubt. This is also given the fact that Congress at the centre is in shambles over various issues of corruption and wrong doings. NaMo would hardly hand them an issue on a platter in such a situation.But the media thinks he desperately would.

In another case of fake encounters it was made out that Modi was a mass murder, ‘maut ka saudagar’. In an article today this is what S. Gurumurthy wrote in the Indian Express:

That State (Gujarat) is the least sinner in fake encounters, just one in a hundred. Yet, its leader is vilified as ‘Mauth Ka Saudagar’ [merchant of death]. So, the selected State’s leader is the target, not fake encounters as evil. The State selected? Needs no guess. It is Gujarat, certified as the best governed, most prosperous. The leader targeted? Needs no mention. Narendra Modi, known as the cleanest, also the ablest. The National Human Rights Commission’s list of 440 fake encounters from 2002 to 2007 under inquest shows the share of Gujarat as just 5, almost the lowest. Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 231, followed by Rajasthan 33, Maharashtra 31, Delhi 26, Andhra Pradesh 22, Uttaranchal 19, Assam 12, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka 10 each, Tamil Nadu 9, West Bengal 8, Bihar and Haryana 6 each. More. At 7.25 am, on 8.8.2011, the NewX channel reported a further 120 fake encounter deaths in UP after 2007!

Yet,from 2006, the ‘secular’ media has been obsessed with, not the most guilty in encounter sins, but the least — Gujarat; and with only one of the 440 encounters — of Syed Sohrabuddin in Gujarat, none from the rest. Baying for Modi’s scalp, the media relentlessly pursued Sohrabuddin’s case, charged Gujarat with killing him [and his wife, Kausar Bi] only because of his religion. It made Sohrabuddin the poster boy of secularism, insisted on CBI probe to cover Amit Shah, Gujarat Home Minister then, and Modi himself. The judiciary too chose for CBI probe only Sohrabuddin’s case out of the 440 encounters. Later when CBI misused the court mandate, resorted to patent illegalities to fix Shah and target Gujarat and Modi, the media even seemed relieved. Interrogatories to ‘secular’ media on its role in the Sohrabuddin case are overdue. Here are some.Did the media even hint that, like Sohrabuddin’s in Gujarat, there were 435 other encounters outside, being inquired into by NHRC? No. And did it ever ask for CBI probe into them? No.”

There is a universal principle that Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai would do well to remember. IT IS USUALLY THE LOSER THAT GOES TO THE MEDIA. Check up history, check-up businesses and the principle will hold true. Teesta Setalvad talked about truth and justice for a long time. Now we know where she comes from and what her actions were. In much a similar fashion Sanjiv Bhatt talks about truth and justice.

In all the shrill noise that Arnab Goswami and others make not one, I repeat not one, has bothered to ask if the charges against Bhatt are true or accurate. If he has indeed been playing truant and is on illegitimate leave for 10 months. If those accusations are true then all this bullshit by Bhatt, Arnab and others will not wash.

I tend to call such people ‘washing machines of justice’ that wash nothing. These assholes don’t seem to realise that the more nails they drive in to Modi’s imaginary coffin the more popular he becomes. What next? Now are people going to bring their mom and dad to TV panel discussions? Arnab Goswami only exemplified what our media already is. TimesNow, NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today and some more are truly the real lynch mob in their own Kangaroo Courts.


  1. Stray dogs are barking and merits no reply. When I studied, about statistics, it was quoted as lie more lie and statistcs now it is imperative to replace, statistics with Burkah, Arnob, DS and Singvi.
    Indeed they are vying with each other and the latest one being the one who anointed the drug addict as our future PM. Their head and bum are inter placed, else they will not try to submerge a whole pumpkin into the plate meal

  2. BharatWellWisherAugust 11, 2011 2:59 PM

    Hi Ravinar
    The following links should be read by one and all to get a clear picture on the post Godhra riots amidst all the blatant lies by the media.Hope this truth can be propagated with more vengeance day in day out to counter the falsehood that has been fed to the common man.

    I think it can change the minds of a lot of people who are not sure of what happened.

    Many Thanks

  3. Dear Ravinar,

    I am glad you wrote about the Times Now discussion yesterday. I have never seen a pukeworthy show in my life and Arnab Goswamy is an embarrassment to watch. Was he born a moron or did the Congress money compelled him to dumb down?

    The panel discussion yesterday was being held on the a priori assumption that 'whistleblower' Sanjiv Bhatt was speaking the 'truth'. If this is the starting point, the discussion was doomed right from the beginning.

    Meenakshi Lekhi (who is a great catch for BJP to appear on these shows) tried to explain to the Moron Goswamy that there was an ACTUAL reason behind the suspension and that the order was passed after giving Bhatt to respond to the show cause notice and appear before the disciplinary panel as many as FIVE TIMES. To this, Moron replied "Why are going into technicalities". Can this man be serious?? Right from the beginning, Arnab had proclaimed that "it was obvious" that this was a case of vendetta politics If it so obvious, why the hell did he bother to even hold the debate?

    Sanjiv Bhatt, on the show, admitted that he had sought and received Blackberry phones and other goodies from CONGRESS POLITICIANS. Kamini Jaiswal explained this off as a necessity given how handy BB phones are! Arnab, obviously, took this on face value, and attacked Meenksha Lekhi by saying "YOU ARE INCENSED that this WHISTLEBLOWER cop has managed to obtain a blackberry in order to expose the truth". Of course, it din't matter that the only BB Sanjiv Bhatt coveted was the one financed by Congress politicians.

    Arnan rounded up the debate by pontificating on the 'leaks' that apparently took place in the SIT matter. This coming from a channel that thrives on the basis of leaked reports is mighty pompous. Somebody aptly said on twitter, Karnataka Lokayukta leak is secular, SIT leak is communal.

    I have never in my life seen a more pathetic, farcical debate on television. Arnab Goswami and his low IQ is an embarrassment to mankind and Indians in particular.

  4. And, of course, you are right, Ravinar. Modi is a shrewd politician. It's not as if he is not aware of the brickbats he would face following his government's actions regarding these two erring officers, who also happen to be the darlings of anti-Modi brigade. It is my firm belief that the government must have a really strong case against these individuals and a cost-benefit analysis would have been undertaken. Sanjiv Bhatt has decided to go to court against the suspension order. If the facts surrounding his suspension are true - i.e. he failed to give satisfactory reasons for his unauthorised leave, and even failed to appear at the hearings - then I am pretty confident this is an apt case for suspension.

    BTW< Gujarat govt. has given clearance to prosecute another "whistleblower" cop. Teesta Setalvad was on Times Now this entire afternoon. Pls keep an eye out for more media manipulation.

    I am certain that the Gujarat govt. has thought this out.

  5. Another story worth following:

    "The CAG has questioned the deals between the CWG and certain media houses as the organising committee (OC) apparently resorted to pick-and-choose policy in the award of contracts worth over Rs 6.73 crore." CNNIBN, NDTV, HT named.

  6. Teesta Setalvad need no revelation; she's epitome of India's stink with politics, money and characterless life. The less said of journalists like Arnab the better. He's one of those chracters better placed to spend his vocal chords and brain in his own drawing room with his own august audience in chacha, mama and behenji stuff. Pity, some entrepreneur chose to air his drawing-room show public.

  7. It's raining "whistleblowers" - one by one, each will be shown his place.

  8. @ Poorva

    Join me @mediacrooks on Twitter .. if you already havent... somethings gotta give...

  9. @Ravinar

    Hey, I have yet to get an account :) Will surely follow you once I join the bandwagon. I have seen your account- Not very active! But yes, it helps to be around. Twitter folks give a wealth of information!

  10. @ Poorva

    In all my posts I deal with liars. Hhahahahaha! You want to be one of them????

  11. @Ravinar,

    Just saw your account and I see you have become quite active now as opposed to a couple of months ago :) It's a great forum for spreading awareness, esp about our cause at hand. Good luck!

  12. MUST READ!

    A summary of the details of the charges against Sanjiv Bhatt :

  13. Another MUST READ!

    Clear the facts regarding IPS Rahul Sharma

  14. By chance I have stumbled upon your website and impressed by the intellectual discussions here. The 'media crooks'is very appropriate name at first glance and whether one should be the media crooked is prerequisite or not is uncertain. Nevertheless, letme introduce myself : Abdulraheman Patrawala : Practicing Advocate since 1981 : Surat Gujarat India. It will be my endeavour to know more about Mr. Narendra Modi : the qualified and experienced politician of world class. I like his political expediencies. One more request : Will you please give me e-mail address of Mr. Swaminathan Gurumurthy- the RSS ideologue ? I share his views on 'Hindutva'. Thanks.

  15. @Abdulraheman Patrawala

    I have seen you post regularly on TimesofIndia website. Your views are highly erratic, to say the least. I hope you ensure that you constructively contribute on this forum.

  16. @Abdulraheman Patrawala

    This blog is not about Modi. There are plenty of places to find info on him. No blogger will give out email IDs of people. You may have to write to Gurumurthy at his own site or comment on his articles where ever he writes them

  17. Thank you for responding to my request. One cannot see his own back and I would like to have you correct my views. I believe anti corruption crusade should be based on following four points : 1. Black money should be declared National assets. 2. Indian Law should be based on the UNO model to which the Govt. of India is signatory and recently ratified. 3. Legislature, Executive and judiciary except the President of India should come within the ambit of it and 4. The offenders in millions be awarded life and in billions capital punishment.Otherwise IPC and Anti Corruption Act are meant for rest of the offenders.


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