Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Internet Rattles Communal Digvijay

Politics is probably one domain where non-performance can be rewarded with promotions. The distance between Bhopal, capital of MP, and Indore, the main commercial city of MP is just about 190Kms. In the ten years that he was CM of MP, Digivijay Singh, couldn’t get even a decent two-lane road between these two most important cities of MP built. This was a stage post-reforms when infrastructure had become a top priority in most parts of the country. The journey between the two cities then used to take anything from 6 to 7 hours. In neighbouring Gujarat you could cover the distance in 3 hours flat. I do not know the current status of that highway but the former CM of MP is now on the national stage for Congress charged with the task of invoking the fear of RSS and other Hindu organisations under the garb of ‘Saffron Terror’. Pushed out of the limelight by the Anna Hazare campaign DS finally comes with a blog equating corruption to Communalism. This time instead of rabble rousing in the TV media  he has written a post on the Times website: Communalism is as dangerous as corruption. This time the rant is against the Internet warriors or should I say, Internet Hindus. So let’s try and understand his latest rant (quotes in blue). (Thanks to @KittuKrithika who sent in the feed)

If you were expecting him to be discussing both corruption and communalism in his article then you’re going to be disappointed. The word corruption appears only twice in the whole post. Corruption appears once in the title and then again in a repetition of the title towards the end. Such is the deception of the whole piece. Understandable, because not once in many years has DS ever spoken about the rampant corruption in and by the party he belongs to.

The internet technology has now gathered momentum and now made the virtual world, at times more powerful and overpowering than the real one. Obviously, politicians in India so far used to the cut and thrust and real world politics in India also can't ignore the opinion manipulating possibilities of the tools of virtual media. Read carefully what he says – “manipulating possibilities”! Millions of people on the net are out to manipulate opinion? That many views and opinions are circulated on the net are not really his problem it appears. The problem is that there is now alternative media for millions who have found their voice which is usually never heard in the mainstream. There is a mild admission that politicians have probably not managed to manipulate this virtual media as they have been able to do with the paid and servantile mainstream media. If indeed any media holds “manipulating” potential as DS states then the politicians would be the first one to use it to great effect. Unfortunately, he has yet to come to terms with the greater independence of the net.

An empowered middle class enjoying the fruits of economic liberalization has become extremely politically conscious which I feel is quite a healthy sign . But this new found political articulation is sometimes ill-tempered and in several cases extremely partisan and crosses the limits of decent public discourse. There are many great writers on the net. Many are far superior to our regular mainstream journalists. Where ill-temper is concerned there is little chance anyone on earth can use language more foul than some of our politicians. And what is wrong with being partisan? As a Congress member DS is not exactly the greatest symbol of bi-partisan discourse, is he? In all fairness the ones on the internet are actually far more bi-partisan and if there are extreme and unfair views or campaigns the internet users criticise those heavily too. DS may not believe how well self-regulated internet is.

I say this from personal experience. As, I have lately been on the receiving end of the abusive hate mail whenever I have expressed my forthright views on Right Wing Terror. In such situations, the articulate middle class has its right to dissent against the views of politicians, but should be tolerant enough to listen to the views that they may not agree to without being abusive. Forthright views are quite different from malicious campaigns. Calling a protester a ‘thug’ or calling a chief minister ‘maut ka saudagar’ are not exactly forthright views presented in a civil manner. Come to think of it, our politicians have moved a privilege motion against Kiran Bedi and Om Puri for mimicking them and ridiculing them. Even if the duo’s acts were in bad taste they weren’t half as vulgar as the language or actions that politicians employ. Yet, they cannot stomach such minor ridicule.

I have always felt fanatic religious or ethnic fundamentalism is the root cause of global terror. Irrespective of the religion they may profess, the perpetrators of this ideology of fanatic fundamentalism breed hatred and appropriate a self -righteous authority to impose their beliefs on others and then unleash violence against the non-believers. History is full of such examples. This is like Moses talking. It is anybody’s guess which religious groups have sought to impose their beliefs on others through swords and terrorism.

India is a country of tolerance……We can't allow the idea of "Vasudev Kutumbhakam" so closely identified with our history and our culture to be snatched away by these rabid fanatic fundamentalists whether they are Muslims or Hindus. Simply amazing! This is the first time I’ve heard DS using a Hindu phrase to recollect our history. I'd have thought he would have invoked 'Osamaji'! It is simply a tragic realisation for us Indians that we have gone a step too far beyond tolerance. We have gone to the extreme of tolerating the intolerant. That is the cause of so much churning in our society. Imagine, which democracy will tolerate a party that has institutionalised corruption and managed to alienate the majority community for most of the last 65 years. Which democracy will tolerate a foreigner holding the power strings? Which democracy will have PMs being imposed on them rather than through elections?

I have faced the ire equally of both rabid fanatic Hindus and Muslims when I went to Azamgarh and when I went to Barak Valley in Assam. They are the faces of the same coin. They feed on each other in a mutually sustainable way. Some times when I see that within minutes of my statement, even in some remote corner of the country against right wing terror, there is a flood of abusive comments against me. I have doubts on their authenticity. Are they sponsored? Have the perpetrators of hate and terror been able to organize themselves through cells/ groups that run these ‘virtual campaigns' through assumed identities to brow beat any one into silence who dares to expose their acts of violence? Really sweetheart? If I were the TOI I would have asked DS to put up 10 mails/letters from Hindu and Muslim people to support this frivolous statement. If there are any mails it would largely be from Hindus who have been targeted over and over again through DS’s foul comments. When DS stepped up after the 13/7 Mumbai blast and indicated Saffron hand in the blasts cannot be ruled out despite the govt’s position not to speculate, what was the authenticity or reason for such statements? What is the authenticity that dead men had spoken to DS? Sometimes it’s better to ask silly questions to one self rather than throwing them out in the open to unknown commoners.

But I would urge upon all those who believe in universal brotherhood who believe in liberal modern secular India to react with the same zeal against these communal fascists who through wireless technology …..To me communalism is as dangerous as corruption. We don’t have to look too far as we have in our neighborhood the example of almost a failed state of Pakistan….Let us get together and not allow the fascist communal fanatics to capture the mind and thoughts of the people of this great country through the use of the 'virtual world '. First, corruption is within your house DS! And that would be easier to confront than any other problem. Second, the more often you use the term ‘communal fascists’ for some net users it betrays your thorough lack of understanding of the power of the net or wireless technology. The net has all kinds, including the likes of DS. There are communalists, fascists, Nazis, islamists, mujahideens and believe me, even Congress fanatics.

The internet is not the greatest threat to this country. The greatest threat is pretty much the current state of Congress which is thoroughly soaked in corruption, nepotism, and communalism (Remember wikileaks?) Maybe DS should also read the article ‘Communal games of secular Congress’. No wonder the internet has rattled the mainstream media and now it has rattled saffron baiter Digivijay Singh himself. I thought I’d never see this day. Celebrate!


  1. Diggy Raja describes internet users as 'faceless'. May be in future while commenting on his bigotry, all should also mention name and phone no. and physical address etc to facilitate CONgis thugs to come and greet personally. What about his name??, why is he still using the 'Singh' like the other 'Soni's and 'Jogis' and 'Dwivedis'.

  2. This guys is the epitome of what a congress servant of sonia italiano should be. Zero self respect and dignity, for money and position ever ready to drop his pants, Liar no. 1, anti Anna and he wants others to be respectful of his views. gutter mein muh dho doggie raja. This clown did not get a cabinet position in the current government, since then he has become more moronic by the day. Maybe sticking tongue in Retard Baba's backside can yield something! What about corruption that you CONdoms have indulged in, nothing on that zip nada zilch. This jihad supporting joker should be a guest of an asylum or shipped out to pukeland next door.

  3. http://swamy39.blogspot.com/
    subramaniun swami's blog

    The National Minority Commission has yet to sent me a Notice despite their announcement in the press two weeks ago of sending it. However, if such a Notice comes I shall first raise the question of corrupt practices of two membersVinod Sharma and Sardar Hanspal Which merit prosecution under the Prevention of Corruption Act. In case of Mr. Sharma there is also a complaint pending for police prosecution for drunken and disorderly behaviour recently at the India International Centre as well as his physical assalut of a Dalit IAS officer of the of the Steel Ministry.

  4. It seems like Pigvijay Singh wrote this "article" at the behest of Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt who are perpetually whining about those they like to label as the right-wing trolls on the internet forums fora for interactions. Who are these "trolls"? Some of them write the best blogs in the country, containing articles whose sound logic and cogent arguments will put most of the media journalists to shame (oxymoron, I know). Others are common folks from across the country, with jobs and families, and who put up their pictures, give out their names and real times locations, engage in genuine, constructive, intellectual interactions and discourse online.

    Media and its benefactor, the Congress are petrified of this online social mobilization, as it has full potential to gobble them up or at least sideline them into insignificance. The wealth of information available online has opened the eyes of many to the dangers of left-liberalism, pseudo-secularism and paidmedia to this country. These haughty journalists have been left stumped and speechless at the smart, incisive questions and queries that these "right wing trolls" pose directly to them, making gaping holes in every theory that the media has falsely and manipulative peddled as sacrosanct, gospel truth for the past many years. The foundation is shaking as a alternative intellectual movement gains strength online. It will eventually spill over to the real world and push these scheming anti-national traitors from the comforts of the establishments that they have captured for many decades.

    If being an Internet Hindu troll means any of the things I have mentioned above, then I am proud to be one.

  5. Digvijay Singh is still to answer why he turned down Gujarat Government's request for additional troops from MP (where he was CM) during the 2002 riots as alleged by Modi himself in this video (after 4 mins).


  6. the strategy of bullies like digvijay and mediacrooks against any person or opinion not conforming with their idea of so called secularism is to target,then isolate, then condemn by innuendo and finally demonize by the gobbellsian principle of repeating a lie a thousand times till the person or thought is cowed and destroyed and finally labelled communal.the chickens have come home to roost and these thugs are getting more than a dose of their own medicine.the internet has struck them where it hurts with a vengeance and the bullies are now complaining and whining.the print and electronic media should be aware that unless they stop being 'mediacrooks'and start reporting fearlessly,they would soon be irrelevant.as things stand they are subject to a barrage of criticism on twitter etc almost immediately some nonsense is spoken.revenge is so sweet...

  7. RajjuBanGiyaJintelMaanAugust 31, 2011 9:48 PM

    Diggy Raja is a Hindu converted to a Christian but still retains his 'Singh' name to fool people around.

    Read these tweets from Mahesh Bhatt who is suffering from a similar syndrome.

    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - Today the virtual world is more powerful than the real world.If used effectively it can help u a great deal to shape and manipulate opinions.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - The 'Recreational Revolutionaries' use this opinion shaping tools rather effectively. Though sometimes they cross the limits of decency.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - You must not allow these rabid fanatics to destroy the core idea of India under the garb of patriotism. Tolerance is the heartbeat of India.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - I have reasons to believe that these hate msg's are sponsored. There r cells which which run these hate campaigns in the virtual world.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - These faceless hate mongers have standard abuses. Don't let them browbeat u into silence. Rise up & take these bullies on with the same zeal.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - These fascists are fooling you & giving u an impression that they represent the majority view. They don't.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - It would be a tragedy if we allow these fascists & these hate mongers to use twitter to capture the mind-space of our great nation.
    MaheshNBhattMahesh Bhatt - Say anything against the right wing politics & u are bound to get flooded with abusive hate msg's. There is 0 tolerance towards dissent.”

  8. It would be nice to know what the comments for this piece would have been. I am sure people would have ripped him apart - to put it politely;p

  9. @Ravinar
    The article "rahul gandhi sukanya case amazing media" has been removed now. Any specific reasons??? afraid of someone.

  10. A fact but a joke: Diggy was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his integrity.

    Punch line: Award was conferred by none other than Mr. Sharad Pawar, who is the head of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). LOL

  11. Nicely articulated mediacrooks ! The leftist pseudo secular liberals, biased paid media and congi perpetual scammers and swindlers are finally awakening to the power of free speech on the internet. This groundswell will only increase.
    As you rightly pointed out, the aam aadmi has started seeing through the facade of 'communal' secularism cultivated by the congress over the years. The fast growing younger educated and independent thinking generation will be the nemesis of low life politicians like Mr. Diggy Singh.


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