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Seema Mustafa V Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy in his true insightful but provocative style has written an article in DNA July 14: ‘How to wipe out Islamic Terror. Much of the article is on Islamic terrorism and how it threatens Hindus in India. In response Seema Mustafa, a noted journalist, has responded with another article in DNA July 19 titled ‘Dr Subramanian Swamy has inflamed passions through blatant falsehoods’. I have read only a few of Mustafa’s articles which have come across as good, sensible pieces of journalism. This particular piece of hers in response to Swamy stands out in some ways. Falsehoods she says. Okay, so before I come back to her article let’s try and understand what Swamy has said.

Swamy’s strongly worded article revolves around 5 goals that he attributes to the Islamists or the ‘unfinished’ Islamic business for India if you like. I believe these being central to his article would constitute the falsehoods that Seema Mustafa is talking about.

Goal 1 (Falsehood 1) : Overawe India on Kashmir.
I need not go into the history of Pak-funding of militants, frequent incursions, Kargil war and all that. They never happened. Lakhs of Hindu Pandits displaced violently from their homes and are refugees in their own country. Falsehood, never happened. SmitaPrakash, another prominent journalist writes chillingly about how teenagers and youths were paid money in the stone pelting exercise. Oops, falsehood again! Geelani and company go around the country  with inflammatory speeches. Falsehood! Again! Hoisting Pakistani flags at Lal Chowk on Republic Day. Falsehood, never happened. There you go, Mustafa disproves Swamy’s goal no.1

Goal 2 (Falsehood 2): Blast temples, kill Hindu devotees.
Blasts at Varanasi this year. Oops, that wasn’t a temple, that was some Sulabh Sauchalay. Daring attack on Akshardham in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) in 2002. Again Akshardham is hardly a Hindu temple. Sai Baba temple blast in 2002. Misreported. Sankat Mochan temple blast. What a lie! All these are falsehoods because Muslims and Christians may have died in these temple blasts too. There might be more and I guess all of those are falsehoods too. Mustafa exposes Swamy’s lie on this one too.

Goal 3 (Falsehood 3): Turn India into Darul Islam.
That’s a blatant lie by Swamy. This statement by the Imam Bukhari of Delhi was falsely reported by media all over. “We were rulers here for 800 years. Inshaallah, we shall return to powerhere once again”" and threatens “this country is in for another partition,so let us be prepared for nation- wide riots and violence. ” I would recommend readers to go through the post ‘Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Sharia. Swamy is a liar. It is not just India, this particular falsehood is for the whole world and not just India. Mustafa, once again, brilliantly exposes the falsehood.

Goal 4 (Falsehood 4): Change India’s demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.
Read my post ‘Make Mumbai aseparate state. There isn’t still a handle on the number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan or other places in Mumbai, Assam, Bengal and other places. The vote-bank hugging ‘secular’ government simply loves this. And when was the last time you ever heard of population control, family planning etc.? Those terms died in the late seventies. Mustafa doesn’t have much to say on this so her silence proves it to be an absolute falsehood. Bravo!

Goal 5 (Falsehood5): Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in mosques, madrassas, and churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation.
Well, I suppose at all mosques and madrasas they are only preaching love for humanity. I guess the FBI in the USA is stupid to be keeping a close vigil on all major mosques. The UK does it now too. Some mosques in Germany have even been shut down. It is only in India that Swamy is stupid to peddle this lie. Once again Seema Mustafa has nothing to say on this. So once again her silence on this proves it to be a falsehood. We would never get to know what goes on in mosques and madrasas because our ‘secular’ government considers that too important a sentiment to offend.

So now that Seema Mustafa has clearly established the falsehoods in Swamy’s article let’s see what she actually had to say in her piece. Much or almost all of her article is an ad hominem attack on Swamy and is basically an opinion piece. It neither confronts the basic premise of Swamy’s central arguments nor does it offer a solid, logical and factual rebuttal of his contentions. Needless to mention, Swamy’s article also contains quite a bit of his opinions and his solutions to the goals are basically his opinions, some of which are also impractical. But a response basically requires disproving the theories stated in an article. To that end, Swamy’s article contains nothing but commonly known facts which he outlines in the 5 goals. None of that is a big secret to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Swamy’s article has drawn absolutely excellent responses from the people of this country, mostly non-Muslims, to put him and his exhortations in their place” says Seema. Oh yeah? How do you know? Did you carry out a survey? Did you research all the respondents in all forms of media? This is the typical defence of the secularist. Everyone says so, so it must be balderdash. Since when is that childish logic the foundation of mature debate?

The Hindus, he keeps insisting, are the targets. But when blasts take place in crowded market places in Mumbai or any other part of India, the targets are the people of India, Dr Swamy. Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs and Christians and Parsis and Jains and Brahmins and Dalits and all those who are at the spot die because the bomb cannot differentiate among religions and castes. India, as we have grown up to understand it, is a secular, democratic country belonging to all who are its citizens” writes Mustafa. First note how cleverly and significantly she segregates Hindus, Brahmins, Dalits as three distinct entities. Isn’t that a common secular strategy? That’s the first line of attack of secularists. Separate Hindus into different groups.Wouldn't it be funny to suggest bombs kill Shias, Sunnis, Protestants and Catholics? Well, only in case of Hindus the bombs know the segregation I suppose..

There is a saying in Goa: “If you throw a stone it will invariably land on a bar”. But, of course, there is a tiny chance it can also land on a church. Same is true for people dying from bomb blasts I suppose. The bombs aimed at Hindus invariably land on other religious groups.

Yeah, bombs don’t know who they kill – brilliant. I don’t walk backwards ‘cuz I don’t have eyes in my ass! But those who plant bombs do know who their intended target is. I suppose those who planted bombs at Zaveri Bazar didn’t know there might be Muslims and Christians in the area. Of course, they also didn’t know that bazar is a predominantly Hindu and Jain bazar or a majority are Gujaratis. Of course, secularists conveniently forget that people have been dragged out of buses in Kashmir, Hindus have been sorted out and lined up separately and killed. So when terrorists have the opportunity they would indeed choose their specific targets. It’s only when it is not possible or inevitable that some collateral damage has to be accepted. How intelligent would it be to suggest that the 9/11 attack wasn’t Islamic terror because Muslims also died in those towers? Yeah, sure, we are so convinced of this line being churned out by politicians, now we have to be reminded repeatedly by journalists, that’s all.

Does anyone remember the Israeli raid on Entebbe airport in 1976. An Air-France airline was hijacked by terrorists and landed at Entebbe airport in Uganda. The terrorists allowed all to go except Jews. Does that explain that when the chance is available terrorists do choose who they wish to target or kill?  I can believe politicians can make silly statements but can’t believe journalists too expect people to be so naïve.

Seema suggests Swamy may even face charges of hate speech or some law-violation. Well, I suppose he has no right to air his views some of which are based on facts but the likes of Digvijay Singh delight our secularists. I have yet to see one really strong piece in any major media outlet that questions the utterances of that man. Never mind that either. Let’s see some more brilliance from Mustafa.

It (India) is home to all religions, and it is a vibrant democracy that thrives on plurality and diversity. The terrorists, al-Qaeda, Lashkar or the Aseemanands…” Hahahhaha! That really takes the cake! You win Seema! Aseemanand, whose arrest is full of controversy and still not convicted of anything, is sweepingly bracketed with Al-qaeeda and LeT. So fools like me finally realise now, through the wisdom of the likes of Seema Mustafa, that Aseemanand is as big a threat to India and Hindus as are Al-Qaeeda and LeT. I guess that is what RG meant by 99% terror stopped!

There, the falsehoods of Subramanian Swamy stand thoroughly exposed. On behalf of Seema Mustafa should I say, ‘QED’?


  1. Correctly analyzed sir. You are right these secularists often talk of togetherness and harmony and saying terrorism has no religion, but are not ready to accept that there is a huge problem. Those who live in denial are the sufferers eventually. Keep up the good work

  2. Madhusudan ThakkarJuly 19, 2011 5:48 PM

    In your earlier article you have rightly argued that Mumbai should be made separate state.From Crawford market to Byculla entire area is dominated by particular community.Most of the wholesale markets of Masjid area have shifted to Vashi or Kalamboli and elsewhere.Only Zaveri Bazar and Nagdevi have not shifted.Most of the business from these two markets are dominated by Gujarati and Rajashtani community.The regular attack on these markets is a clear-cut design to give signal that they should packoff from these area. Hindus are angry because our nation,our culture and our existence is constantly threatened,insulted and abused every day by so called secular media.Hindus are not given space in national TV channels or newspapers.None of us want Taliban state.They simply want that their voice should be heard, historic injustices to be corrected.They want our Govt.should stop supporting Jihadis for vote-bank politics and prevent our nation from divided once again.The attitude of mainstream media has distorted concept of secularism irreparably.Almost every print and electronic media manipulates and resorts to propaganda of lies.The hypocrisy of pseudo secular intellectuals has crossed all barriers.

  3. Very nice article. And it's very sad to see that honesty takes a back seat in the name of 'secularism'.

  4. Seema Mustafa in the concluding para of her article in question says “I am not a Hindu or a Muslim but an Indian, Dr Swamy”. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Ever since Asian Age started its publication in Mumbai with MJ Akbar as its editor, I had been subscribing that paper and was fed up with the articles of this lady whose article was a must in the said paper in those days till Akbar had to quit one day. In other words, Akbar promoted this lady. I remember she saying in her own words about her youth days and how badly she was treated by Hindu youths then as she being a Muslim. She said that her bottled up anger was finding its ways through her articles. And now she says that she is an Indian.

    Ravinar is charitable and large hearted as otherwise I see no reason as to how he considers few pieces of her writings worth reading. This lady knows nothing, and brutal against BJP and also to Congress to some extent. She is totally against India’s foreign policies, whether it be by Congress, BJP, or any other party. We do not need to waste time to analyze the idiosyncrasies of journalists of her kind. We better ignore.

    Subramaniam Swami’s ire is against the musalmans of Pakistan and those Musalmans who play a supportive role to their masters at Pakistan for few pennies.

    Tonight’s NDTV programme showed Mani S Aiyer and Swapan Dasgupta involving in a mild verbal spat arising Shwapan’s reference to gutter mouth’s repeated slamming against BJP for making bombs at every district level.

    Mani, in response, said that the GM is a traditional Congress sevak and that he belongs to Nehruvian school. He adds that GM is 200 % Congress stock and in his mind BJP is nothing but a bomb manufacturing party and one can find its hand in the entire explosions taking place in the country. This is the meaning that GM’s veiled reference makes it.

    Mr Mani S Aiyer concludes saying that he is proud to be a Congress man in the company like GMs and further he completely owns up what the GM says.

    If Godse had the courage and conviction to pull the trigger against Gandhi, it was because of what was drilled into the mind of that person or what he thought was right. He believed into something which he could not ignore. He pulled the trigger. And so it is with every assassinator world over.

    History repeats. Here is Mani and GM who are no worse than the Godse, if I may say so. Do they think BJP has no business to stay in politics just because it speaks slightly different language than other parties? Do Mani and GM express a desire to annihilate all those who support BJP.

    We need to improve qualitatively.

  5. Frankly, I have never understood why the bomb blasts never occur in muslim populated areas... i mean almost all cities in india have "muslims only" zone ..

    In any case, ofcourse bomb does not diffrentiate between different reliigons, but the one who plants the bomb does.. and ideally almost all bombs are planted at crowded "secular" places.. when maximum number of people are hindus...so??

  6. @ Emmaarcee

    Hahahha! I'm hardly 'charitable' to journalists. But I do concede that whether I agree or disagree when articles are written with different viewpoints or insights I do appreciate that kind of journalism if it is without malice. In this case Seema Mustafa has clearly written with wilful blindness. Most so called 'secular' journalists and media suffer from that disease.

    1. Dear Ravinar - I only recently came across your website. Thereafter I make it a habit to read your articles every day. Our Bharat Mata needs people like you if she is to remain intact. In fact I get the feeling that unless all the hindus start reading articles written by persons like you, patronize nationalist parties which try to give hindus their due, and shun the cancer of pseudo secularism history is going to very soon repeat itself i.e., another partition ..... I am almost 50 years now and I hope my country does not undergo another partition before my death.

      Prasad UAE

  7. [i]



    This is bullshit. I can understand and speak kannada. The minister never said the way EndIT tv is projecting. Even before the issue, look at the way they started the story.

    The minister only meant, any body who does not respect indian culture and civilization, any body who under influence of western culture deman indian values and ethos is not better than a foreigner and such foreigners if have problem with indian culture and traditions, should leave india.

    It is clear misleading the national audience by endit tv by paining the bjp as communal.

    Lets not forget that in CBSE schools, specially Kendriya Vidyalays, we offer prayers daily morning with shlokas from upanishads.

    So it not that then a bigotry as burkha puts it???

    afterall upanishads are hindu scriptures... lets read verses from quran instead of bible then..

  8. one article from swamy has the so called 'seculars' baying for his blood in a no holds barred manner.these are the very people who did not lift a finger for the displaced kashmiri pandits when the ethnic cleansing took place .the article of swamy is his point of view which whether the 'secularists' like or not, is finding a resonance with an increasing number of patriotic indians relentlessly battered by secularists of the communal kind - the empire is striking back.

  9. It is not that this Seema Mustafa is ignorant but willfully trying to hide muslim terrorist activities and atrocities is way too idiotic. This blatant lying and bias against Hindus makes her article worthless garbage.

    Today we can read about Ghulam Nabi Fai, arrested in US for being an ISI agent. Guess who in India were his cohorts? Rajendar Sachar, Ved Bhasin (Kashmir times paper editor), Jatender Bakshi, Angana Chatterjee, Bharat Bhushan, Amitabh Mattoo, Prem Shankar Jha and many more. What is common amongst ISI and these jokers, all hate India and Hindus. All pigs in the same sty.

  10. Seema Mustafa should submit apology for perverted misinterpretation of Subrahmanian's article.
    Hindus have never taken a message that Swami has tried to create a hatred against minority.
    At least Seema Mustafa should submit a reply on what Ravinder has said.

  11. 1.Dr.Swamy's article styled "Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic Terror", published in DNA on 16th July,2011, is nothing but a "re-hash" of his article"How to wipe out Islamic Terror.The moment of truth has arrived", first published in 'INDIAN EXPRESS' on 31st May,2008! It is regretted that he has not the intellectual integrity to make a reference to it!Hence, presuming it to be a factory-fresh recipe for wiping out the soidisant,"Islamic Terror"would put us on our back-foot only!
    2. It has little to do with the Mumbai blast of 13th July,2011! His contention that the blast"requires a decisive soul searching by the Hindus of India" appears quite enigmatic!
    3.His assertion that "Hindus cannot be killed in this halal fashion,continuously bleeding everyday till the nation finally collapses"is hyperbolic, irrelevant and unwarranted!
    4."Islamic Terrorism" was coined by then President of US,George Bush (Jr.) after "9/11"!Later on he dropped that adjective!However, that got etched in the mind of Dr.Swamy! It is wrong to say that "'Islamic Terrorism' is India's number one problem of national security!"How could he gloss over "saffron terror" recently unearthed?
    5.His write-up is full of factual and historical inaccuracies as well as distortion, disinformation and denigration of a community!The Musims of Mumbai refused to let the bodies of terrorists of 26/11 to be buried in Muslim graveyard!Recently the terrorist carrying crude bombs in Bihar was nabbed by the police on the tip given by his wife!TV channel has shown Muslims were the first to arrange for transportation of injured in Zaveri Bazaar!It is said that Dr. Swamy's wife is a Parsee lady and lawyer by profession. And his one daughter is a journalist married to a Muslim!What he and the sangh parivar advocate against Muslims,in particular, is violative of Article 18 of UN's UniversalDeclaration
    of Human Rights"!
    6.Dr.Swamy!"Yeh desh hai INSAANOANKA, nake Hindu ka ya Muasalmanoan ka!"

    1. Whatever this “desh” belongs to, it is evident that it unfortunately, does also belong to deluded fools bordering on being anti-national like you. You are not just guilty of this, but also damage many people, less endowed intellectually, in getting deluded. All one has to do is to read the book " Islamic Jehad - a legacy of forced conversion, Imperialism and slavery" by MA Khan and you will know the truth that Jehad is not something that is a social aberration, misinterpreting religious scriptures but something that is a fundamental tenet underlying the establishment, growth and perpetuating philosophy of the religion. However much, modern societies may at best meekly avoid it’s references by disregarding the same, no one has yet had the guts or the conviction to re-interpret the specific references or disown the portions of the scripture proclaiming it as wrong and giving vociferously an interpretation negating what it says. Like all Abrahamic religions, who will never accept that other paths and faiths are equally true and valid, this religion goes a step further and says that this is the only path that is valid to be followed and all other paths are sinful. The so called "seculars" of this faith can at best grudgingly tolerate other religions (which the fundamentals just won't) but they can never respect other religions. They can never respect concepts like idol worship, women Gods etc. even though they may follow a faith which does not believe in them. However if the concepts of pluralism, secularism these hypocrites bandy, are truly the foundation of Indian democracy, then, it is these people who must first declare and follow that interpretation of their religion which proclaims respect for other religions, and pronounce them as equally valid. Otherwise as Dr Swamy says, they are not Indians. So don’t fool the people of this country by the crap you have written. You will never come anywhere near Dr. Swamy in even remotely understanding what Secularism is all about.

  12. I was curious to read the concluding sentence of the DNA article by Seema Mustafa.

    "You are not required, and voices like yours have to perish if India is to remain a sovereign, secular, democratic republic."

    Was wondering if it isn't violent?

    I do agree that one can have alternate views on article by Dr Swamy. But the unfortunate (but almost recurring) response of the mainstream media is to abuse the person instead of giving reasoned arguments.

    After 9/11, the US hasn't been attacked. Unfortunately, in India, every terror attack is followed by tired statements of intent/action by all and sundry, the famous Bombay spirit, etc..only to be followed by yet another terror attack, death and destruction.

    The words of our leaders and media lack credibility. Politicians and media should not mistake the silence (of the lambs) as approval of their (in)action. Serious introspection and corrective action is required.

    Unfortunately, terrorism has been hijacked and clubbed with secularism, severely handicapping the police operations as well as any meaningful anti-terror effort. The tired repetition of the slogan of secularism by the media (after every terror attack) has ended up discrediting the word itself.

    Even if it almost took a decade, the US has hunted down Osama. The same will and determination is required if we have to put our house in order.

    As of now it is only the innocent public which is being slaughtered in attack after attack. We have to only learn from what the monster of terrorism can do to a country (and its rulers) from what the LTTE did in Sri Lanka.

    I hope and pray that such a situation would not (and should not) come to India, its citizens and to its rulers.


  13. Lakhs of Hindu Pandits displaced violently from their homes and are refugees in their own country. Falsehood, never happened. Never happened? Are you mentally sick?

  14. ^^Anonymous, this is what Seema Mustafa thinks. Hope you get the drift.

  15. @ Anonymous

    You wrote: "Lakhs of Hindu Pandits displaced...Are you mentally sick"?

    Am I mentally sick? Is that comment for me? If it is, I believe you should just improve your reading skills if you missed the sarcasm!

  16. @rvdilip

    For the secularists, voices not pleasant to their ears should die. Only sweet-sounding sycophants should survive. Good to see you bring up that last line.. pretty much sums up who they want in India.

  17. Lt us analyse the root cause of terrorism in the first place. In my opinion the prime cause is the unaccountability of police force. This is becase the police posting is done as per the wishes of the politicians. Politicians do select them as penchants who sail with him to rule as his fiefdom. Most of the politicians do behave according to their vote bank and scuttles any police action agaisnt them more to the point if one or two police officers are upright.
    Police officers are posted by bidding depending upon the revenue in any centric. I give you a glaring example one police inspector was upright and an MLA instructed all the police stations to send him Rs.30,000 per month. This officer being upright, put a Brittania tin as hundi superscribing as MLA's chunk from this PS and pl donate. He was shunted out for Naxal infested area in the next month. Such are the governance.Now I leave to the readers who are the prime cause for the happenings. It is not a matter who writes or not writes.The needle of criticism is pointed out at the writers to highlight their fallacies only.
    Revert the police officer in the particular place where an offence takes place and post it in the same station and see the music. Till such time this will go on. However, suitable percentage may be given for reserved where the station is headed by from this quota.
    This I am adding with two reasons.
    1. when a bus was set on fire with passengers and thus 20 passengers were burnt alive, the judge opined that the perpetrators were daliths and no dalith witness was adduced and thus reduced the capital punishment to life
    2. When an MBA girl was plopped on her head for not responding for his courting thus murdered instantly the accussed was converted into life by the high court from the verdict of lower court for hanging for the same reason

  18. @Nyayman
    Fact cannot be buttressed with flowery language. At the first instance, the title is against Islamic terrorism and not Islam or Muslims. I too have good Muslim friends but we do not condemn Muslims in the first place remember.

    I shall tell you that it was Swamy offered tea party and and defeated the cong minority government, paved way for BJP to hang on power. But there is a hearsay that he asked for an ambassador post for his son in law ( nor referred as Muslim mind it) but the BJP denied hence, started against BJP, in alliance with AIADMK which did not offer him even an MP seat for him albeit out of his endeavor, the AIADMK clinged to power last time and more to the point this time too.

    Thus in what way you want to justify by dragging his personal relations with his journalist daughter/son in law/ lawyer wife in this thread is not understood rather than driving home; indulged to personally vilify. There is potential danger of personal vilification leading to justify the author even if he is wrong.

  19. Nyayman is an ISI agent that is why he is feeling the khujli when Fai the ISI got arrested.

  20. Look Seema, he has his views. May be they are a little extreme, but he is an academician too. The points he has made cannot just be made null as you did in most of your arguments without any counter arguments. Indian people should recognize their Hindu ancient culture. They might be of various religions now, but they should know that they were Hindus once and were converted, this way the disharmony between religions will be lessened. He is just speaking what history is true. I do not agree to many of his suggestions but he has the right to express himself. Please print a counter article against his ideas if you have one. It will be a delight to read. Please remember he has solid backing for all his arguments. His recommendations sound a little extreme though. But we need to fight terror by acting against terrorists, on which point I agree with him.

  21. After having read Ravinar's blogs and comments on blogs, Subramaniam's article and comments on line in outlook, firstpost etc. I feel everything is not lost yet. Otherwise reading print media and assessing the political scene, everything seems to have lost for India. Our print media gives more space to valentine day and friendship day rather than topics like these raised here. They are completely controlled by sick-ullars like seema mutafa. I came to your blog via a comment in outlook. You people are expressing the feelings of a great majority who are not articulate enough like me.
    keep it up.

  22. @ Anonymous above:

    From your comment you seem pretty articulate. Maybe you too should write a blog with your thoughts on such topics. The more people speak up the more facts will travel.

  23. Brilliant work Ravinar.

    I am actually surprised that being an Indian daily, DNA actually published Swamy's article. I can't imagine TOI or HT to publish such stuff.
    (I used to like HT but after reading Sagarika Ghose's likening of Sonia Gandhi to India's national Bahu published on the editorial page, I have decided to quit reading HT).

    Being an ex-mainstream media man, would you happen to know, how DNA went ahead with this rousing stuff?

    And have you thought about getting your smart rebuttals published in mainstream media, perhaps as a freelancer?

  24. Great job : This has been now posted on Dr. Subramanian Swamy's Blog : www.swamy39.blogspot.com

  25. What Mr. Swamy has written is based on facts and which can be seen everywhere as a common people and the these so call secular intellectual keeps on barking because they are all congress sponsored and never have experienced the pain which we feel and face in our daily life.

  26. Well! What can I say? Ms. Mustafa is a lady who is a 'has been'without having 'arrived' in the first place. A reader here has rightly commented about Ms. Mustafa's articles in Asian Age. That was an error of judgement on MJ Akbar's part,giving valuable space to a mediocre angst ridden scribe. These occasional moanings are probably her only claim to be a 'senior journalist'.

  27. She does not have V P Singh to clutch on to power.
    This kind of gin drinking pseudo agnostics and hypocrites
    always manage to stay in limelight in the wrong way.
    Wonder about the rules of this world!!

  28. The ultimate aim of the Islamist in India is to establish their longed-for Darul Islam. They did it in Saudi Arabia and other contiguous countries followed suit. They are trying it in Britain. If Hindus are not vigilant, the day will not be far off when they will demand for another partition of our motherland on the basis of religion, esp. in the backdrop of exponential increase of Islamic demography. These so-called Seema Mustafas are masks for their deep-laid plans. She will turn a nelson's eye towards the Pandits' agony in Kashmir, but agonize over the trauma of Jehadist's families.

  29. The ultimate aim of the Islamist in India is to establish their longed-for Darul Islam. They did it in Saudi Arabia and other contiguous countries followed suit. They are trying it in Britain. If Hindus are not vigilant, the day will not be far off when they will demand for another partition of our motherland on the basis of religion, esp. in the backdrop of exponential increase of Islamic demography. These so-called Seema Mustafas are masks for their deep-laid plans. She will turn a nelson's eye towards the Pandits' agony in Kashmir, but agonize over the trauma of Jehadist's families.

  30. Paid media does what its told to. nothing more.

    All part of propaganda influenced by west who benefit from a divided India .

    Ravinar ji, can you also write a detailed article on Rothschild and their India connection as well as their media dominance over the world.
    I'm sure your readers will be enlightened.

  31. Sir,
    Do you know the reason of Islamic terrorism? Is it in opposition to Zionism?
    Please tell

  32. Secularism means
    1) Only minority rights..and let the majority enjoy to vote them in in parliament
    2) Majority should report what caste, sub caste, sect they belong so that the can be reserved and exploited..
    --Why don't we collect data like converted or original
    -- Why don't we ask why the converts still carry hindu names when the no longer believe in Hinduism

    Secularism.. that word itself should be expunged and banned and blown out of this world by putting a non secular bomb (does it have a religion) under its...


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