Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rajdeep Sardesai : "No Wild Allegations Against Gandhis, Please....."

In the post ‘Why is Indian media scared of Sonia Gandhi’ I referred to an incident in a public debate on the Lokpal bill conducted by Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today:

Nothing about the program struck me as being new or specific except when a man wearing a green T-shirt, who introduced himself as ‘IIT Kharagpur and MBA’, started shooting questions. It was all fine until he started raising some questions about Swiss banks or KGB money apparently in relation to Sonia Gandhi. Hmmmm! That’s where Kanwal abruptly cut him off. This got me wondering all over again”.

Something similar happened on CNN-IBN last night in a discussion on the Supreme Court order setting up an SIT. Vishwabandhu Gupta, a former IT commissioner, talking about black money and Swiss accounts started referring to ‘the visit of a 41 year old politician and his mother to Switzerland…..” (before the new agreement with the Swiss authorities on black money was recently finalised) when Rajdeep Sardesai immediately cut off him. Rajdeep firmly suggested that “wild allegations should not be made”! Oh yeah! Talking about the queen or her son and their visits to Switzerland is almost blasphemy. And the media bimbos don’t like “wild allegations”. More of this later.

First, Manish Tiwari, the Congress spokesperson was unusually subdued in the discussion on CNN-IBN. As usual he started by stating that he had not read the full SC order. Then he mentioned that it wasn't really an SIT but an expansion of the High Level Committee. Wow! The SC should be clearer for the likes of Manish Tiwari. Then when it came to the SIT ordered by the SC he brought up something connected with Ramjanma Bhoomi movement having collected 400 crores and transferred it abroad. This, Tiwari suggested, was according to reports in the past by V. Gupta himself. There is no denying that the BJP may be involved in as much black money transactions as the Congress or DMK which is what Tiwari was implying. Rajdeep maintained a studied silence on the commentary by Tiwari even though that was clearly a digression. 

So what exactly are the ‘wild allegations’ that Gupta wasn’t allowed to air by Rajdeep Sardesai? Well, Gupta was probably attempting to make a connection between the visit of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to Switzerland and subsequent Indo-Swiss agreement that black money investigations will now relate to only prospective offences. In other words past records of black money hoarders will not be accessible to the Indian government. Isn’t that convenient? One can’t be sure but that is what Vishwabandhu Gupta was probably alluding to. And why is that scary for Rajdeep Sardesai? Why is that a wild allegation or a new allegation? There are enough number of sites that have already made these allegations. Even Subramanian Swamy is on record stating the Gandhis were in Switzerland to handle black money issues, although that can be a sarcastic and snide remark. So why exactly were the Gandhis in Switzerland?

In case Rajdeep Sardesai is unaware  there are many other sites that have made another startling connection in the coincidence between the Gandhis’ visit to Switzerland and another event. Yes, that’s the Bilderberg group meeting between June 9 and 12 at St. Moritz in Switzerland. The Bilderberg group is one of the most secretive group of elites who seem to set the world agenda on economy, politics and various other issues. Participating members in the past have been Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and many other prominent personalities. It has also been suggested that Richard Nixon opened up to China under pressure from the Bilderberg group. It’s not hard to find material about this group on the net and even videos on youtube. Well, all that may still be speculation. Still, would CNN-IBN or any other channel or newspaper mind telling Indians why the Gandhis were in Switzerland? No details need be furnished they could simply say it was a personal family holiday. But you won’t find even that in any media outlet. Such is the secretive and intriguing conduct of the Gandhis and their defence by media shops like CNN-IBN. Naturally, this leads to more speculation and rumours.

For the record the Supreme Court order setting up the SIT on black money makes stunning reading. It’s an order born out of extreme unhappiness and discomfort with the government’s inaction and unwillingness to act. The very first para of the SC order starts with a quote of Deep Throat’s famous advice to Bob Woodward : “Follow the money” (From Watergate’s ‘All the President’s men’) The SC didn’t mention that Deep Throat later on admonishes Woodward for sloppy work and almost letting Haldeman get away. Well, in the end Deep Throat does reveal to Woodward that the entire operation of spying, Watergate and scandals was masterminded by Haldeman. Bob Haldeman, incidentally, was the Chief of Staff at the White House under Nixon. The corruption of the systems started right from the White House in that event.The highest seat of power in the US.

Well, Rajdeep Sardesai, there is no reason to believe that all the scandals and scams that are now emerging in India do not have their source at the epicentre of the UPA power. There is every reason to believe, as does the Supreme Court, that all the Queen’s poodles are working vigorously to stall and drag the black money investigations.The Hassan Ali-Tapuriah stories seem a bit far-fetched and at best these guys maybe a front.

One has to wonder over and over again why the media is so scared about talking about allegations hurled at Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and even Sonia’s family members. They need not look in many directions to bring out these allegations – one man, Subramanian Swamy, has a whole dossier. The media channels have invited Swamy for debates on many issues but not once to discuss his allegations against the Gandhis.

The Supreme Court suggests “follow the money”! Who the hell will follow the mediacrooks who seem to protect the queen?


  1. i watched the programme yesterday and was similarly shocked at the attitude displayed
    by Rajdeep Sardesai.The article is well
    researched and my congratulations to the


  2. You have clearly captured the essence of the supreme court judgement and what happened yesterday on live TV show by Rajdeep.

    It was really surprising to see Rajdeep jump in to cut off VBG from completing his views. But VBG was firm in his stand and did complete what he wanted to say and he said he stands by it.

    Its sad to note that these media crooks are afraid of exposing and even investigating what are the clandestine dealings being done by the Gandhi Family.

    Its a sad state of affairs that the media like CNN IBN is totally biased and has vested interests.

    1. I strongly believe that these media crooks get their cuts and rewards from the corrupt. Sardesai and his irritating wife Sagarika are clearly one of those crooks.

  3. I watched the program on d very same day live. Yes that man referred Rahul Gandhi's Swiss Account (not sonia's) credited with KGB's kickback amount deposited in it. Yes Rahul felt terribly embarrassed-Soma of Tehelka was shocked and she virtually cried and said the mob was lynching mob when she could not face the questions. She also termed that the 2k mob collected there can not represent INDIA- Ms SHOMA was thrashed in such a way the pro Sonia media felt the first shock of their life, when the discussion was held outside staged manner.

  4. I don't watch his programmes.. Remember the PMs press conference wherein he was asking questions on World cup cricket & favourite cricketrs. But when Arnab asked a direct question, he was asked to keep quiet.
    Rajdeep has been exposed by one and all. His attityude can be compared with the HMV... sitting and listening and not allowing any body to speak the TRUTH, THE VERY TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!

  5. Madhusudan ThakkarJuly 05, 2011 10:40 PM

    There was ACTION REPLAY today also by Sagarika in her programme on Rahul Gandhi.Yogendra Yadav has also joined in Rahul Gandhi Fan-Club.Please add his name also in MEDIA CROOK.

  6. I stopped watching the NDTV, Times Now and CNN-IBN, for all these are one and the same.

    I have no money, otherwise there may be a channel which will give a run to all the present ones. Look at the way Arnab stoops to put his questions to the lady from TN. he is no better than all other Dravidian fellows in bowing.

    Before power, an Indian is a ch......th.He has no guts. If he has guts, then he behaves like the Devil's advocate!!! Hi Ram.

  7. @Emmaarcee

    What exactly did you mean by

    "he is no better than all other Dravidian fellows in bowing"

    And also the use of "Dravidian fellows".

    With all due respect, it seems you have been mentally conditioned with myths/prejudices/bias/presumpitons in the same way as the very channels you hate.


  8. Shocking to see a small girl providing "fan" services to the Prince... I mean wtf.. if it was western media, he would be dragged to streets for such insensitive ... and made to apologize....


    Plese pause at 1:49/50 in the video...

  9. @TaMoGhNa
    The small girl providing "fan" to the Prince was shocking but what about the media not a single statement criticizing the insensitive behavior of our Prince the Pappu.

  10. @Avirnenirao

    That is the reason i mentioned about western media. Not that western media is biased, but in cases like these, they eat up the politicians. Our media is too busy propogating the agenda of congress that it fails to see or willingly ignores such behavior. They cried big time when mayavati's shoes were cleaned by her bodygaurd. What about the prince , PM in waiting?? Nobody wants a PM who can not even see that a small girl was made to act like his "dasi" to keep him from sweating. Sushma Swaraj dancing at raj ghat on patriotic songs was sensitve for the media but i would say, it is a bigger sin for pm in waiting for this. The character of future leader of the country should be judged by is actions/inactions against events around his/her immediate surroundings. We know he has the lowest IQ and now its proven he even lacks basic EQ of a LEADER.

  11. I dont watch either Ibn or ndtv.But,let sardeasi open upcong books to confirm how many wild allegations, lies, have cong spoken and alleged against some of the most distinguished indians

  12. Hi TaMoghna,

    I am Dravidian fellow from South. I liked the speeches of Annadurai, Karunannidhi and the likes. I sometime liked the humble former who was our PM. NTR was a Maestro in Telugu. I have intimate knowledge of the land of tiger of the Chatrapathi Shivaji .I even liked the Congress Panampilli Govindan Nair who said that our opinions and views are not iron rods and that they are subject to change. Thousand before him said that.

    I switched sides when MGR introduced ADMK. I did not remain with him long or with the Lady Jayalalitha.

    Hi, TaMoghna , are not all those south of the Vindhiyas Dravidians? I go by the general meaning of the word.

    Arnab was in his subdued voice when he was in an interview with Obama.( he is usually blaring) Karan Thapar deviated and earned the wrath of that lady. In order that Arnab of ‘Times Now’ did not want to be a one up on the Lady herself, he probably thought of following the footsteps of all her MLAs, who are ready to dive at her feet 1000 KM away and make their body positions in that way: ie the self claimed Drawidians way of showing obeisance to their revered leader.

    I hold the view that a good majority of us are rot. You may be an exception. Hence, you raised the question.

    Some books are meant for digestion. Please try to serve the cause of your brethren. So long.

  13. @ Tamoghna & Emmaarcee

    I'm surprised you guys arent able to see thru! Jaya gave the interview to TimesNOW because the other sick channels had not given her party a chance in the exit polls. Incidentally, both NDTV and CNN-IBN are now ganging up against TimesNow. Is that so hard to see? In fact, both are borrowing each other's news feed. It is now TimesNow v/s the others. Arnab is pompous but he is not an ass like a Rajdeep, Sagarika or a Barkha Dutt. Selling lies is a precondition with these other channels. You know what I mean. Hahahahah!

  14. @Ravinar

    I took exception to the use of word "Dravidians" and the context it was used. I felt it was in bad taste and a bit "racial profiling".

    About the channels.. well its the case of bandits in-fighting. Soon they will all join hands together again for the greater cause - fooling the public and propagating traitors agenda.

  15. @ Tamoghna

    I dont really think there are aryans and dravidians. Emmaarcee merely uses these words to drive home a point. But I do get your point. I also think we should stop being sensitive to this crap about dravidians and aryans. It's like discussing Italians and Sicilians... who's better?

  16. Ravinar, you said it man!

    But the fact remains, our guys in TN are ever ready to dive at the feet of the power that be and may be with an articulated voice which means paying obeisance. hahahah! No clouring please.

  17. Media reported clashes of muslims and police few days ago but never this..


    why is that the media ignores hindu sentiments but exaagarates everything that is muslim or xian?

  18. Calling on Clown Prince for a visit:


  19. @ free-verse

    Seeing your comments after quite a while. I do look forward to your stinging comments and expressions. And the twitter feed is missing. Your name is Free_Verse, keep it flowing! Hahahahaa!... Thanks

  20. @ Tamoghna, Emmaarcee, Free_Verse, Vaidya

    Why don't you guys write for Mediacrooks? I would be happy to welcome articles you write and post those in your name. This is a free speech forum and I would love to welcome anyone who wants to write.

    Interested? Just use the contact thing at the top of the page and see if you want to work it out.


  21. Poorva (aka free_verse)July 09, 2011 1:40 PM

    Hey Ravinar,

    Many thanks for your generous invitation to write on your blog. While I don't think I can completely match your wit, insight and knowledge on the topics your write, I could attempt to conjure up something that might be of interest to you and your readers.

    I am still in the process of discovering and understanding the many manipulations and machinations of public media in India. I feel grateful for blogs like yours for a sort of 'awakening' in my mind regarding the true nature of threats that these compromised institutions pose to our country.

    Presently, I am busy with mundane things like exams, but will try to compose a well-researched piece on some topic of public interest, as soon as I have some time on my hands. Meanwhile, I am content with providing you fodder for new posts in the form of news clips and yes, tweets of shamed journalists :)

    As always, you're doing a great job with your posts. I make sure I read 'em all, even if I don't end up commenting.

  22. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Graft-prices-chase-Rahul-Gandhi-on-padyatra/articleshow/9156073.cms

    Looks like Rahul baba ducked more questions than he answered. Must read!

    My favourite line from the news article:

    "Wherever there is corruption, we are taking action," Rahul said. Asked about who all had been acted against by the persistent youth, Rahul advised him to read newspapers to know the details."

  23. Madhusudan ThakkarJuly 10, 2011 5:42 PM

    Please go through following linkhttp://www.vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=1867.
    Such articles will never be published in mainstream media.

  24. Twitter is abuzz with a scandalous revelation by Sunetra Choudhury, a journalist working with NDTV.

    She posted a link to an article by her published in DNA, describing an incident involving a senior Union minister which can be construed as sexual harassment.

    @sunetrac mind your tongue, mr pervy politician- my column in DNA http://www.dnaindia.com/analysis/column_pervy-politician-need-to-get-his-act-together_1564112#comments send your feedback

    She obviously did not name the politician but left little hints here and there. Needless to say, Twitter folks have been digging the past for clues.

    Here's what they have come up with :

    - garg09 R GARG : @vinod_sharma Read report by @sunetrac on 5 july 2011; report mentions a politician http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/new-faces-in-the-cabinet-soon-117005 u will easily find out who he is.

    - ChandrusWeb Chandru : @centerofright "..utterings of a foolish old man who was as helpless about it as he was about gas..." Isnt this the cue...@sunetrac

    - @agenthunt agenthunt: @RAJAGOPALAN1951 a minsiter working on d 7th floor of shastri bhawan . proof is here http://twitter.com/#!/sunetrac/status/86396743977148416

    I won't name the particular Minister but it can be found out from the above. Though not a big fan of the said politician, it's hard to believe that it could be him. All this, of course, is pure speculation. The real issue raised by this incident is of course a larger one. The work hazards faced by journalists and the continuously falling moral standards of our senior politicians.

  25. A good blog post exploring the journalists-politicians nexus in the backdrop of the Sunetra Chaudhary expose


  26. @ Tamoghna

    The email ID in the message you sent me seems incorrect or inactive. Please resend your msg with the correct email ID and I will send you a reply.


  27. Concerted, synchronized attempt on the part of media-wallahs to put in a good word for Mah CM Chavan in wake of the Mumbai attacks. Frankly, I did not notice much difference in his government's reactions and previous ones. If remaining 'calm and composed' and treating the press well are the criteria for qualifying a response to terrorist attacks as 'commendable', then no political functionary in the country need worry about being truly answerable. Also, this behavior on the part of journos can definitely be attributed to Sonia's firm preference for Chavan.

    @sardesairajdeep (Rajdeep Sardesai): a word of praise for the maha cm prithvi chavan. was calm, composed and clear. not like the vilasrao-rr duo last time.

    @bdutt (Barkha Dutt):
    - Some lessons have been learnt. Mumbai cops sent sms messages across city asking people to remain indoors and calm, updating on blasts
    - Information flow out of both state and central govt so much better compared to 26/11. Chief Minister sounds controlled and measured.

    @waglenikhil (Nikhil Wagle)
    - Thanks to prithviraj chavan who acted swiftly n reminded us of sharad pawar after 93 blasts.

    @rahulkanwal (Rahul Kanwal)
    Must acknowledge govt's response much better than 26-11. Constant flow of information. Quick emergency response. No undue panic

    pallavighcnnibn (Pallavi Ghosh)
    This time handling of post blast situation much better thn 26/11..regular briefings, pmo updating, chidam going to mumbai asap..

  28. Today there was a attention diverter that it was a suicide bomber.

    The analysis of details of device used was so funny on all the channels.

    If it was a suicide bomber how come they analysed it was an ANFO. It contradicts.

    if it was an ANFO the suicide bomber must be very strong to carry the weight of it. lolz as Size of an ANFO device have to very big to cause a damage like that, unless it was a usual material, i.e Plastics.

    WHat are they taking the course of investigation to.

    Dear Politicians
    Please take care of injured and make India safe. instead of talking shits.

    PS: Dear Ravi where are you. We eagerly wait for your new posts.

  29. We are already aware of Clown Prince's non existing IQ. Now this dickhead has again proved that he is incapable of understanding the gravity of situations and totally insensitive towards the nations interests. His bizzare and the most idiotic statements at bubaneshwar have shown he is not even worthy of holding public seat of corporator, forget PM.

    For last few days media has been discussing how mass leader this dickhead is, how he is peoples politician, how he is ready to become pm and alll...

    Media never questioned his credibility nor his qualifications to be pm.. they are just eager to see him as pm and furthur congress propoganda..

    In that sense, it was not suprising that the whole main stream media has completely ignored his statements.. or willingly not reporting them or discussing them to the extent a would be pm's statements should be analysed...

    It is no surprise the media has become extended arm of congress party... there is no mention of his lack of sensitivity or lack of knowledge anywhere except few stray local channels...

    When i searched for his speech, it appears even the earlier posted articles have been brought down and i had to rely on google cache..

    He compared iraq and afghanistan to mumbai.. said 99% of terrorist attacks have been stopped... also made a morally depressing statement that such attacks can not be stopped...

    was he justying the failure of intelligence agencies? was he trying to say we have to live with pathetic conditions under which our lives are not garunteed by government? was he trying to tell us we are over reacting?


  30. I discovered this blog accidently while trying to find the minister sunetra was referring to.. but i am thrilled to discover this blog, amazing analysis... @ poorva can you name the politician or cause there are many ministers in sastri bhavan and all with receding hairlines !

  31. @Anonymous

    Well, if you go by the NDTV news report by Sunetra Chaudhury that I have linked, then the politician's name that comes up is Mani Shankar Aiyer. He was also making allegations at the time regarding the CWG scam.

    Of course, all this is mere conjecture :) The tragic part is that as we try to guess the man, so many politicians seem to fit the bill as perpetrators of sexual harassment.

  32. @ poorva

    Lol thats true... I was convinced it was Kapil Sibal... the perpetual vulgar grin of his..

  33. What Gandhis don't tell the Lok Sabha

    Foreign travel: Gandhi first family refrains from informing LS secretariat of foreign trips

    Early in June this year, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi took off for London and her native Italy as political heat from civil society activists over black money and corruption soared in the Capital. In mid-June, Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi ushered in his 41st birthday in London and topped up with a Swiss holiday. Both Sonia and Rahul's trips were widely documented in the media but the Lok Sabha secretariat has no information on them. It's common courtesy for MPs to inform the secretariat about trips abroad, even if they are of a personal nature. But since June 2004, the month UPA came to power, the Congress president and her son have not bothered to inform the secretariat about any of their foreign trips.

    When India Today filed an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to the Lok Sabha secretariat asking for details of personal foreign travel made by MPs since the 14th Lok Sabha, it furnished relevant information for lawmakers other than the Gandhis. The reply from Harish Chander, Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha, was, "This secretariat attends to work relating to official visits of Indian parliamentary delegations going abroad and maintains record of foreign travel of members of the Lok Sabha in their personal capacity if such travel is intimated by them to the Speaker's office." India Today filed another RTI query specifically asking how many intimations/requests the Lok Sabha secretariat received regarding the foreign travels of Sonia and Rahul during the 14th and 15th Lok Sabhas. The response of K. Sona, under secretary, Lok Sabha, on July 4 was: "Nil."

    Even official foreign travel details of the Gandhis are a mystery. In February 2010, Hisar-based activist Ramesh Kumar filed an RTI query with the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) for details of foreign travel made by Sonia Gandhi and followed it up with a second appeal before the Central Information Commission (CIC). PMO and Cabinet secretariat representatives told CIC that they had forwarded the query to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Cabinet secretariat told Kumar on July 8, 2011 that his query has been forwarded to the National Advisory Council's (NAC) Central Public Information Officer and PMO. In turn, NAC said it didn't have the details.

    "It is disturbing that institutions that run the government have no knowledge of the authority that can furnish details of Sonia Gandhi's foreign travel," says Kumar.


    Frequent Fliers
    MPs who have gone abroad on private trips the most
    Mahmood A. Madani, RLD

    Trips: 14
    Days spent: 116
    Countries: UAE, BanglaDesh, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Canada
    Information since: February 2008

    N.K. Singh, JD(U)

    Trips: 13
    Days spent: 92
    Countries: US, China, Australia, Germany, Greece, Denmark
    Information since: May 2008
    Badruddin Ajmal, AIUDF

    Trips: NINE
    Days spent: 61
    Countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE
    Information since: August 2009
    Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M)

    Trips: EIGHT
    Days spent: 43
    Countries: US, Syria, Spain, China, South Africa, Bangladesh
    Information since: September 2009


  34. If all the media crooks were to disappear one day or turn into a new leaf with honesty oozing out of them ....what would you do? After all your blog exists because there are people you could use as a punching bag!

  35. Curious how you come up with these articles...do you guys spend the whole day religiously following news-channels especially their editors?


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