Thursday, July 28, 2011

Padma Shri Awaits Sanjiv Bhatt

Sanjiv Bhatt, the IPS officer who filed an affidavit in the SC against Narendra Modi, is back in the news again. First, the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi police is investigating a complaint filed by him. This is what the Indian Express reported on July 28:

In a complaint filed with the EOW, Bhatt said that his “Gmail account had been hacked into by some agents working on behalf of the administrative machinery of the state government of Gujarat with a view to tamper with certain crucial evidence, which could potentially incriminate certain highly placed persons”.

Bhatt lodged a complaint with the EOW on July 18, stating that he was contacted by a reporter of a leading English daily. He was told that around 300 pages from his e-mail account were delivered at the reporter’s office. The e-mail exchanges pertained to the affidavit filed by a freelance journalist, claiming that Bhatt had attended a meeting called by the Gujarat Chief Minister after the Godhra incident. The complainant said he was contacted on July 13 by the reporter, and the e-mail exchanges were dropped at his office in the latter half of June. Bhatt said the hacking of his e-mail account has to be investigated. Bhatt lodged a complaint four days after an article regarding the hacked e-mail account appeared in the English newspaper.

Hmmm! “email exchanges were dropped at his office”? I really don’t know how to figure that one yet. You might also like to read my previous post on this subject: “What is Sanjiv Bhatt angling for?”.

I didn’t know then but I am sort of able to make more sense of it all now. Here is another news report from JagranPost (Regular reader Poorva has also posted this in the comments section of the previous post I’ve referred.)

In a development that could put IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt in the docks, the trail of email exchange of the officer, accessed by the Special Investigation Team (SIT), show that the officer has been in touch with the anti-Modi lobby including the Congress, rights activist Teesta Setalvad and others. The contents of the email exchanged even put a question mark on his claims of being at the meeting chaired by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on the night of February 27, 2002…….

According to sources, the content of the emails not only expose Bhatt appealing for help from the anti-Modi camps including politicians and civil society members, it clearly establishes Bhatt as a mere pawn in a bigger game plan. In order to prove his claims against the Chief Minister, Bhatt had asked his IPS friend Rahul Sharma to help in managing evidences to substantiate his claims, but he failed in his endeavour.

In order to prove his claims about the February 27 metting, Bhatt in his affidavit submitted before the Apex Court and in his testimony before the Nanavati Commission has claimed that he met former Gujarat Minister Haren Pandya (who died later) at the meeting held at the Chief Minister’s residence. However, the call records of Haren Pandya on the eventful night contradict Bhatt’s claims. The trail of emails exchanged between Bhatt and Sharma between May 12-22, 2011 show that Bhatt tried his best to manage some evidence to support his claim on Pandya.

Rahul Sharma in his reply to Bhatt on May 22 at 7.42 am stated that Pandya received the last call on his number at 10.52 pm, which clarifies that he was not heading towards Gandhinagar. It’s clear that he was in his constituency Ellis Bridge and there was no chance of the minister being in Gandhinagar on the intervening night between February 27 and 28. The content of the email show Rahul asking Bhatt whether Pandya ever mentioned of being present at the meeting, to which Bhatt replied that he heard that spoke about it with some other people.The entire trail of emails between the two officers shows Bhatt trying to get a hand at some evidence to substantiate his claim on Pandya but he failed.The mails clearly show that after his testimony before the Nanavati Commission he was not only in regular touch with Teesta Setalvad, the rights activist who has filed a case against Modi in post-Godhra riots, but was also getting instructions from the Congress leaders.

Bhatt was in regular touch with Teesta, Congress state president Arjun Modwadhia and Leader of Opposition Shakti Singh Gohil on some pretext or the other in the month of April. Records show that Bhatt procured documents and a Blackberry phone from Gohil…..He wrote to Shabnam Hashmi of NGO ‘Anhad’ and Father Sedrick Prakash of ‘Prashant’…. On 9th May, Bhatt also requested them to run a signature campaign and help him in taking his fight against Modi to logical end.

Sanjiv Bhatt follows the footprints of illustrious people who have a reputation for filing false affidavits to tarnish Narendra Modi. I maintain that the Congress government at the centre is the most corrupt and the most dangerous government India has ever had. The campaign Bhatt desired from some already looks like a “signature” Congress campaign.

NDTV and CNN-IBN who made a huge noise about Sanjiv Bhatt and rang the death knell for Namo’s political future have so far had nothing to say about these fresh news reports. Well, don’t worry you will find them reporting about Sanjiv Bhatt in the very near future. By every indicator available Bhatt has only followed the path chosen by Setalvad and others and should be entitled to the same rewards they received.

He can rest assured in the new year he is sure to receive the Padma Shri. And if he can throw up some more muck, membership in Sonia Gandhi’s NAC wouldn’t be an over-reach.


  1. Ravinar - An excellent analysis. I only wish this post will have maximum reach across India so that Teesta's, Bhatt's and Congress' game plans are known to all the Indians.

  2. very good analysis.I am regular visitor of mediacrooks.I dont know when will the allegations on modi would end .

  3. When he failed to furnish the details immediately then whatever he submits are all after thoughts and definitely to belittle Modi but his uncanny heart and endeavour to march forward the state on war footing will juggernaut all the nondescript attitude of corrupt cong

  4. Today on Newshour, Arnabie, while speaking about Yeddyurappa's resignation says that for Congress, now that has tasted a price catch, the next price catch would be that of Modi's ouster. What the heck.

  5. Bhatt & Congress hand-in-glove

    July 29, 2011
    PNS | New Delhi

    The credibility of senior Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has come under a cloud following a set of incriminating documents showing how the officer — who named Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi guilty in the 2002 Gujarat riots — was in constant touch with State Leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil and Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhvadia.

    Documents in the form of email exchanges between Bhatt and Gohil revealed how the latter supplied background note of the riot cases to the police officer. Evidence of the Congress leader’s proximity to Bhatt could be gauged from the further email exchanges where Bhatt requested for a Blackberry phone from Gohil and within days also received the same.

    The set of email exchanges, sufficient to turn the needle of suspicion on Bhatt, will be filed by the Gujarat Government before the Supreme Court, where the Godhra riots cases are being monitored. The state intends to bring the material on record before the court as evidence to disregard the April 15, 2011 affidavit of Bhatt where he has directly named Modi to have abetted Hindus as they went about executing the carnage against Muslims in the state.

    Interestingly, the Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly is not the only Congress link of Bhatt.

    Email exchanges further indicate that Bhatt even contacted the State Congress president Arjun Modhvadia after desperately hunting down his number from one of his contacts.

    Addressing one of the email to this contact (Nasir Chhipa), Bhatt wrote, “Arjunbhai spoke with me tonight. Let us see where he can be helpful to the larger cause. We are likely to meet on the day after tomorrow.”

    What is more damning is the conversation with Gohil. In an email of April 27, 2011, Bhatt wrote to Gohil, “Still awaiting the Blackberry.

    Please send me a copy of the Note. Will try to suggest points if necessary.”

    In quick succession, Gohil replies, “Sure Bhai! I am at Bhavnagar. Will be back at late night. Will send both tomorrow.” The next day, Bhatt acknowledges receipt of Blackberry. He adds, “Received the item. Awaiting the note.”

    Later in the day, another email sent by Gohil records two attachments, one giving background note of the pending riots cases in court and another titled “Comments on the report submitted by the SIT.”

    Within half-an-hour, Bhatt responds to Gohil, “Read the backgrounder and the additional note. Both are highly informative. The background document is particularly very comprehensive.”

    Bhatt shares with Gohil portions of his own affidavit filed before SC and suggests, “If you go through my affidavit, I have mentioned in paras 4 an 5 that I had supplied information to SIT regarding the sequence of events that led to the burning of S6 coach at Godhra.”

  6. General Question - Why do news readers, for example Arnabie (Newshour), shout at the top of their voice.

  7. The lack of reporting by the English media on members of Congress party named in police reports for Gujrat riots and the number of Hindus who died is nothing short of scandalous.

    Also, this news item of Bhatt being in touch with Congress is not mentioned at all in English media and then they call themselves free media

  8. Guys, I truly believe the post, but it would be really better if we can put such posts with evidence, so that when anyone comes across such articles he can post them somewhere else with a tag of authenticity with it.

  9. since Modi is the only strong person and threat to congress so they are trying each and every way to drag him in these and end his political career.

  10. Sanjeev Bhatt was posted at Rajpipla when Shankarsinh Vaghela rebelled against Keshubhai Patel. Bhatt drove Vaghela in his official jeep across Gujarat-MP border. In return, as soon as Vaghela became Gujarat CM, he gave Bhatt the plum posting at Porbandar. With the money he made there in eight months, Bhatt started a computer institute in Ahmedabad in his wife's name and laundered that black money. The Institute was then wound up. Bhatt's father-in-law, Shrikant Shah is a personal friend of Ahmed Patel, who used to stay with Shrikant Shah while visiting Ahmedabad a few years back. This is the reality and background of Bhatt. This is his congress connection. Let Bhatt deny this.


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