Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fai Accompli For Mediacrooks

Throughout the evening on July 19 most Indian news channels were live with the British Parliament hearings of the NOTW-Murdoch phone hacking scandal. Some even had expert panellists to comment on the proceedings. The NOTW scandal isn’t about just phone hacking but also about bribing police officials, nepotism in recruitment and the connection of journalists with top politicians of the UK. Our media celebrities then went on a discourse on media ethics. If anything, the corrupt media in India is far worse than the one in Britain. Out there someone did expose the corrupt practices but here in India the media follows the Rajdeep Sardesai ethic of “Hammam Mein Sab Nange Hain”!

So enamoured with the hearings was one media celebrity that she sent out this tweet:

BDUTT barkha dutt
Could India ever hope for such a transparent and civilised inquisition as the one unfolding in UK right now. That would be the day.
July 19

Yes indeed! That would be the day! But prior to that NDTV needs to hold a mirror to itself. This is the channel whose most prominent media celebrity, Barkha Dutt, was in the midst of the Nira Radia scam and is accused of power-brokering. NDTV’s muddled financial dealings were also exposed by The Sunday Guardian. NDTV is also the channel whose head, Prannoy Roy, is accused of being let of by CBI. NDTV is also the channel whose journalist, Sunetra Choudhury, is on leave from 13th July. Sunetra Choudhury had to write an article in the DNA newspaper about a top UPA politician insulting her modesty with sexual innuendos. Yeah, this is the NDTV that wouldn’t stand up for its own journalist and put that politician in the dock. Barkha Dutt should have been fired long back and NDTV should have shut down by now. A prominent financial news journalist wonders how the loss making NDTV continues to receive funding. “Transparency and civilised inquisition”, Indeed!

As a wag puts it:  Act like Rebekah Brooks and talk like Mother Theresa”!

It doesn’t stop there. As if in a divine turn of events the Cash-for-votes scam has surfaced again due to court intervention. Some key players have been arrested and all roads seem to be leading to Amar Singh. He is, of course, the media’s once favourite politician who sang songs on NDTV. The sting operation tapes which CNN-IBN had were not aired in July 2008 before the parliament voted on the no-confidence motion. There was tall talk of ethics by Rajdeep Sardesai then. Dirty politics and politicians would have been exposed and the course of the nation could have been altered. Now, Rajdeep of the ‘Hammam...’ fame claims credit for the sting and expose. There was no expose because the tapes were not aired but were suppressed for reasons best known to Rajdeep Sardesai. He is the guy on July 19 during the UK parliament hearings who stated “Indian media doesn’t have such tabloid culture”! No, Indian media has worse. Many of our media celebrities are pawns of politicians and practically political players themselves. The media exists to curb abuse of power but in India the major players have themselves joined the party.

Corruption and Corrupt politicians exist and thrive because of corrupt media. The media silence on Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadhera, Sahara group, Paid news, Reliance group and many such issues get successfully covered up due to a compliant media. For these celebrities to talk about ethics following the UK hearings is a terrible joke. If anything people like Rajdeep Sardesai and Rahul Kanwal have actually cut off people who even want to talk about the corruption by Sonia Gandhi and the Gandhi family. Besides these channels are too busy doing the Bollywood nonsense with every week’s new releases and their actors and directors. Let’s also not forget they are also into kitchens, couches, nights out, saas-bahu and so on. Real news and real reporting is like a part-time lover.

As if all that wasn’t enough out comes the news of the arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai of Kashmir American Council. He’s the guy who had many sympathisers of Kashmir Azaadi from India at various conferences and meetings. Journalists, politicians, humanitarians have been involved with him. Among names associated with him at some time and in some way or the other that are coming out are Kuldip Nayar, Rajinder Sachar, Arundhati Roy, Dileep Padgaonkar and the list may be longer. Turns out for over two decades Fai’s organisation was being funded by the ISI of Pakistan.

Indian media is not all corrupt. But the ones that are corrupt are not just hand-in-glove with corrupt politicians but may even turn out to be unwittingly assisting anti-national elements like Ghulam Nabi Fai.

Shall we say – Fai Accompli, mediacrooks?


  1. My comment is vet simple. Radia tapes must be made public

  2. Well said.Also Pleast have a post reg the bhagvad gita debate by barkha dutt.

  3. Ravinar, great post! I was waiting for you to write on the stark hypocrisy and irony that has been on display in media over the last week - regarding Mudroch, Cash 4 Vote and now ISI agent Fai (today's newspapers betray an concerted effort by Indian media to bury the Fai story)

    I am not surprised at all that this so-called champion of Kashmir cause in the US for decades turned out to be an ISI agent. HOWEVER, what is important for us in INDIA is this ---- Fai's e-mail records (available on the internet, FBI chargesheet) show how ISI used various Indian (so-called) INTELLECTUALS and THINK-TANKS (Arundhati Roy and others that you have mentioned) to further its deadly Kashmir cause and how these Indians - gullible, opinionated and blinded by their own views - lapped up the attention they received at fancy international fora. They readily and conveniently played right into the hands of Pakistan/ISI and in the process, have done grave damage to the India's international position and security.

    Another aspect that I hope is revealed is links between Fai/ISI and Kashmiri separatists, the latter having the sympathies of hypocrats like Arundhati Roy. Many hardcore separatists like Geelani were invited to conferences held by Fai.

    For me, the biggest lesson to be learnt from the Fai incident is that WE, as a nation, should unequivocally REJECT the dubious views of all Indian left-liberals alike -- they are the biggest threat to India and Indian security today.

    As regards CASH FOR VOTE, I find it highly amusing how Rajdeep-Sagarika duo always manage to twist to debate into something completely irrelevant and banal. The topic for discussion in CNNIBN on the arrest made by the police in Cash4Vote scandal was --- "Does Indian police act only when the Supreme Court exerts pressure?". I would have said ROTFL if it weren't for the tragedy of accomplices in Cash4Vote having the opportunity and guts to pontificate to the public.

  4. @ Krithika

    Thanks. B.Dutt is finished as far as I am concerned so I write or mention her only rarely now. But will try and take up the Gita issue in some other terms.

    @ Poorva

    True! We are hardly surprised every Kashmir agent ends up under the charitable trust called ISI. Who knows many of our media members may be enjoying that charity too. You never know. LOL!

  5. @Ravinar @Krithika

    On the Gita issue:

  6. @Ravinar.I understand that.But she has comfortably twisted the facts on twitter.She said the minister called other religious people foreigners.All he said was Hinduism originated here whereas other religions did not.Also Gita learning is voluntary not compulsory.She s misleading people which is very dangerous .It could easily lead to communal discrepancies.
    Only you can write about it.

  7. This Fai fckup is a heaven sent. Angrezi media in india is great fan of guilt by association, so why not turn the tables?
    First strike, Sachar report is biased since Sachar is an ISI agent and he is a mullah lover. Scrap the report and its tilted findings. Anyone who quotes Sachar report is a ISI guptchar. Search out journos who wrote rants all based on this bigoted desh drohi Sachar's report and make them wear the ISI agent wooden maala.
    There are many secularist journos who will come in the net. What i am doing is collecting photos of these jokers with Fai the ISI and make a blog post. Angana Chatterjee looks great with Fai the ISI. Bhagwaan ke ghar der hai, andher nahin.....wooohooo.


    Kashmir struggle for peace, justice: Arundhati Roy

    Noted author and right activist Arundhati Roy has reiterated her support for the "independence of Jammu and Kashmir. Roy told a delegation of Kashmir leaders in London, “Kashmir struggle is for justice and peace.”

    The Kashmiri delegation which called on her comprised Executive Director Kashmir American Council, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, Senior Vice President World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Nazir Ahmed Quershi and Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK President, Muhammad Ghalib.

    She said Kashmir issue is misunderstood both in India and abroad that need to be presented and projected in right context.

    Earlier briefing the Indian author and Booker Prize Winner, the members of delegations highly appreciated her efforts to raise voice for oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir. They said peace and prosperity in South Asian region hinged on peaceful settlement of Jammu and Kashmir conflict in accordance with the aspiration of Kashmiri people.

  9. Read on the shocking media burial of the Fia story in India.


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