Monday, June 20, 2011

Rahul Gandhi - The Emperor's New Clothes

On Sunday, June 19 Rahul Gandhi turned 41. He was 21 when his father was killed. If he had become PM last year Rahul would have broken his father’s record of being the youngest PM of India. Having noticed that miss and given MMS’s withering heights the Congress now wants Rahul to immediately become the PM. That would be really nice. Here’s a report from DNA (excerpts):

The Emperor's  new clothes?
“As Rahul Gandhi turns 41 today, voices in the Congress are clamouring for the young leader to become the next prime minister….Digvijay Singh has said that the MP from Amethi has all the qualities and capabilities to become a “good prime minister”, another party leader, Birender Singh said Gandhi would fit the role whenever the situation demands…….Digvijay Singh, who has had differences with some decisions of senior ministers, added that Gandhi was mature, with a sound understanding of social and political issues and had qualities of head and heart……..“The party is behind him. He has to take his own decision,” Birender Singh said. Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed said that most partymen had the feeling that Gandhi was capable of becoming a good leader…….Party sources said that renewed talk about Gandhi’s suitability to become prime minister has also been driven by a feeling in sections of the party that the second tenure of the UPA government has been marked by a string of controversies”.

Almost all media sources carried the report and, of course, our TV news channels reminded us how Rahul Gandhi was a very popular people’s choice for PM. This time around I am not going to protest or raise any objections. I really want to see Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister. I really want people to see him as prime minister to understand the depths this country has fallen to.

The comedy shows in the US were in deep sorrow when George Bush left office in 2009. They were severely cramped for material for their shows. When Bush was about to leave office a journalist asked him : “Do you intend to write an autobiography”? Pat came the reply from George Bush: “Yes I definitely do, but you see I don’t know much about the car industry”. Alright, that was made up for sure. Well, for a change from all the scams and crimes in politics it would be nice to have some comic relief. Rahul Gandhi would provide that relief and would be a delight for all comedians, humour writers and cartoonists. Needless to say, our national and international standing would rise sky high. Politics is in his pants after all.

On his 41st birthday here’s a tribute to Rahul Gandhi. The words need not be by one single person but they may be coming from many different people. And, of course, you can make your interpretation of the words.

It’s one thing to be unable to recognise someone is a fool and unfit for a certain assignment. But when sycophants keep clamouring and pronouncing someone as an angel and a divine gift to this country then it’s time to let the miracle roll. And it’s not fair to deprive India’s children to see the Emperor’s new clothes. They will see what Digvijay Singh and other sycophants in the Congress cannot.


  1. The synchronized public media effort to hail the ClownPrince has begun

    @Sagarikaghose: Rahul turns 41. His dad Rajiv was PM at 40. Should MMS step down in favour of Rahul? FTN 10pm tonight

    @RahulKanwal: Time for #Manmohan to make way for #RahulGandhi? Are Cong leaders undermining PM by propping Rahul? Will Rahul make good PM. Debate @9:30PM

  2. @ Free_Verse

    Yes, I'm watching all the comedy...Hahahaha!

  3. LOL!!

    but unfortunately we cant afford the time for this comedian of sorts...

    basically just one question..

    on how many times has this pm eligible asshole has raised questions in lok sabha or how many times has even he spoken?

    like his mom he has no interest in raising issues in parliament...

    the day he become pm of india is the day i vl renounce indian citizenship..

  4. Rahul Gandhi is Italian citizen, disqualified PM or MP – Dr. Subramanian Swamy
    June 20, 2011
    Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,
    President of the Janata Party.
    It is now clear that the corrupt cotarie that operates out of 10, Janpath, New Delhi has lost all hope on Dr. Manmohan Singh performing for them in the coming months as the 2G Spectrum Scam unravels and the list of accused lengthens with additions from the Congress Party. Hence the mouthpiece of the Janpath cotarie Mr. Digvijay Singh has declared that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is ready to take charge as Prime Minister of India now as if Dr. Manmohan Singh was some kind of regent in the Maino dynasty, waiting for Rahul to grow up.
    First of all Mr. Rahul Gandhi should not try to become the Prime Minister of India because of a legal bar arising from Italian law which made him a citizen upon birth (to the then Italian citizen mother in 1970). He has never renounced this inherited citizenship and that he has traveled on Italian passport all over Europe on a alias. Moreover he has for the last two decades a medical history which disqualifies him to hold the post of Prime Minister.
    In fact the disabilities, both legal and medical that Mr. Rahul Gandhi suffers from, does not entitle him to even remain as a Member of Parliament. Let him therefore learn from the experience of his mother whose attempt to become the Prime Minister in 2004 was aborted when the President of India Dr. Abdul Kalaam wrote her a letter (which is still to be published) and which letter was read by two witnesses present when Ms Sonia Gandhi received that letter, namely, Mr. Natwar Singh and Dr. Manmohan Singh. It should now be perfectly clear to Ms Sonia Gandhi as well as her two children that there is no legal way by which any of them can ever become the Prime Minister of India.

  5. With media on his side any number of tall claims can be made.
    Finally, it is the people who have to accept him. And ,with what S Swamy has to say, Rahul may never be the PM


    Watching this gave me pain.. looking at barkha bitch so systematically undermining the concerns of KPs and on the verge of insulting the sentiments of KPs...

    look at the way those questions and responses are framed...

    any ingnorant would be fooled by the mask of unbiased debate this bitch is promoting...

    they are as if blaming kps for fleeing .... wow!

    What about the open sermons in mosques on loudspeakers for a week warning kps to leave or b killed...

    and sajjad lone.. dude if ur father was assasinated... it was reaction of a helpless kp to save himeself.. kps did not do systematic plannic massacre.. it was ur muslim brothers...

  7. Rahul Gandhi says he "understands terrorism"-then blames wrong jihadi group for 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

    "The Congress General Secretary referred to December 1999 when the BJP was in power and freed three terrorists in exchange for 178 passengers who had been taken hostage on flight IC-814 from Kathmandu to Delhi. Among those released from prison was Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Maulana Mazood Azhar. "They released the terrorists. With folded hands, they freed the biggest terrorists in our prison," Mr Gandhi said. "That man then went on to plan 26/11. And these people are trying to teach us about how to tackle terrorism. We don't bow down before anyone."

    Offstumped says: "One has to take Rahul Gandhi’s claim that he understands Terror better with more than a fistful of salt given how his understanding of Terror as recently as 2008 is so under informed.

    Not only has he got basic facts on the masterminds of 26/11 wrong by confusing perhaps Hafiz Saeed or Abdul Rehman Lakhvi with Masood Azhar but he also has got entire 0rganizations wrong confusing the Lashkar with the Jaish.

    The claim on “better understanding terror” rings hollow for its not merely a matter of names or labels but the basic difference between Jihadi ideologies – Ahle-Hadith in the case of Lashkar and Deoband in the case of Jaish-e-Mohammad.

    With such a half baked understanding of the Jihadi Terror challenge that remains stuck in 1999, many questions will have to be asked of Rahul Gandhi’s ability to lead in 2012 or 2014?"

  8. There is a certain uniqueness to the Gandhis that u can differentiate from the rest. Rahul is no different and like his predecessors he shows an innate love for the poor and underprevileged by looting their food and sleeping in their cottages with foreign minister like david miliband to show the real india. his mother sonia can't even provide him with a meal although they seemed to have stashed away billions and billions in swiss banks. he is the person with the attendance in the indian parliament and this shows that he is intelectually dumb and mentally inbalanced to even answer simple questions. once he did come to the lower house to speak about kalavati (vidarbha)but when kalavati came to delhi with whatever money she had left he ignored her and said that it could be a so called security threat.he has the real scum of the indian parliament. He has with his political power closed many cases

    what we have to keep in mind is that rahul without all these qualities doesn't even posess the basic qualities of being a prime minister that is being a good person and someone who is willing to do atleast something for the country.

    i hope these so called puppets ( saviours) as they like to called i.e. barkha and rajdeep haven't done the right thing by by projecting rahul (dalit lover) gandhi as pm.

  9. attendance = least


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