Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fascists Will Reap The Whirlwind

There can be no more pretensions. No more defence. No more self-righteousness. Fascist Sonia Gandhi and fascist Manmohan Singh must go. So far, in each of the scams, many have supported the PM as still being clean despite the huge scams that had unfolded and keep unfolding. No more! Both Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have not only presided over neck-deep corruption, they have now presided over SIN! Sins against ordinary and peaceful men, women and children. The HAND they hold up to beg for votes from the Aam Aadmi has over and over again been raised to slap the Aam Aadmi. The same hand has encouraged or presided over stealing of public funds, atrocities on innocents and proposing draconian laws.

The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power”. - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In my previous post (The fast & the spurious) I had mentioned that some of our media outlets not only indulge in yellow journalism they also play the role of the anarchist. The midnight drama involving Delhi police carrying out a lathi-charge and lobbing teargas shells on people who were sleeping is as good a symbol of anarchy as you can get. With channels like CNN-IBN, Headlines Today and Star News firmly on the side of the government in tarnishing Baba Ramdev directly in every which way possible the government was emboldened to carry out action they think they can get away with. As expected not one single media channel has termed this action as criminal and disproportionate.

It is now beyond tolerance of a democracy to have a foreigner and a foreign born person with little understanding of this vast country to be dictating actions and laws for this nation. Anna Hazare has already asked for the government to resign and it is a valid and fair demand. Demands on Lokpal, black money etc. can now wait for a fresh government. The first demand has to be clearly that foreigners or foreign-born people who are not of Indian origin should not be holding any public office. It is not just Sonia Gandhi who should be out of any public office. The fact that this Congress is attempting to promote Rahul Gandhi as a future PM of this country bodes ill for India. This nation is under danger, clear and grave danger.

The extra-constitutional body called the National Advisory Council must be disbanded.  It has become almost a parallel government ministry outside the regular norm. A coterie of people who are close to Sonia Gandhi work to draft and impose draconian laws on this country. It has become a resort for anti-hindu people, some who are embroiled in legal cases. Teesta Setalvad, involved in criminal cases and seeking anticipatory bail, is on the draft committee of the Communal Violence Bill. If this NAC has its way very soon being a Hindu will automatically amount to being a criminal. This must not come to pass. (Read the analysis of this draft bill at Calamur and Offstumped.)

This is also the same government that refuses to take strong action against separatists and those accused of sedition. Wait, it actually rewards people like Binayak Sen, by elevating him to the planning commission. He has already been convicted and is out on bail and at the very least they should have waited for him to be exonerated. I had also warned in my post ‘This Dog Bites’ that the main worry against Ramdev is neither corruption nor black money. The main worry for the Congress is clearly the colour of his clothes and the elections in UP and other states in 2012. And post the atrocious attack in the middle of the night Congress spokespersons continue to ridicule and tarnish Ramdev as if he were some national enemy. Imagine the confluence of a thousand gutters and you can imagine the stench flowing out of the mouth of a Digvijay Singh. Our media celebrates this gutter mouth as if he were some spiritual leader.

There never was and never will be any serious attempt on the part of this corrupt government to either tackle corruption or to tackle black money or bring back money. What is that? Setting a thief to catch a thief? But there is no doubt that the agitation will now intensify. The Congress has sowed the most violent wind. The whirlwind will follow.


  1. Even the English did not resort so with Gandhi but the party claiming to be legacy of the latter resorted so and slain the very fabric of democracy. Very simple a party headed by a woman with imbecile character, wedded with few foxes to sing her song and the corrupt media to lick her boot and the DS in inebriated speeches over which the coovuum of chennai is proud of that he had surpassed its stench once he opens his mouth and thus it has been relegated to II position.

    The last weapon of peaceful crusade against corruption is suppressed and that too in a state headed by a woman as chief minister but the police ran riot without impunity which was meticulously planned by the congi if the gutter DS words are any indication.

    Moreover, the UPA II has wedded all decoits, corrupted and associated with lies, fraud and all components of criminalities as ministers what else we can expect of them rather than such handling?

    Now the Mr clean PM is also scaled paramount to Italian Mafia in plundering the nation's opulence.

    Bereft of all, when the last resort to expose the corrupt is handled like this now they are free to loot the remaining without impunity and unquestionably.

    In china, it is handled quite opposit hence it is advancing but we?

  2. Consequences of the event on Aaam Aadmi:

    CONgress which boasts of its support for aam aadmi.. welfare of aam aadmi...and what does it do?

    Attack peaceful , innocent, sleeping protestors as if they are terrorists.

    Throw them out in open at mid night, in a city they are not familiar with.

    With out food, without shelter, with no idea where to go, people just wander in the streets and try to reach Gurudwara, Arya Samaj etc. And they have no idea of transportation.

    These are the people who are poor. Who can not afford hotels. Who have come from different villages.

    So many women, elderly people and children alike went through chaos and mental trauma.

    All these people should sue the government.

    PM is not bothered as the color of the protestors was safforn.... give him news that indian muslim has been arrested of suspicion of involving in terrorist activiites... and see how insomina takes over our beloved pm..

    Anybody who still makes a comment that PM is honest and has integrity should immediately be enrolled in mental asylum!


    @Ravinar, can we file a PIL on this? How can we take this event to showcase the apathy of congress and government against democracy by creating a momentum?

    And I am sorry to vent all my frustration as comments in your blog.. :(

  3. Madhusudan ThakkarJune 05, 2011 10:57 PM

    Sickular media stands throughly exposed.None of Media Crooks like Barkha Dutt,Arnab Goswami or Rajdeep Sardesai termed this action as "Criminal and Disproportionate" in their special programmes today.Tough questions were reserved for BJP and supporters of Civil Society.This was darkest day in the history of democracy.We are slowly and surely moving towards a situation similar to what late V.P Singh faced after arrest of L K Advani during Rathyatra.Incidentlly at that time Lalu was in limelight and today he was in limelight on electronic media

  4. Disregard to lives of people is not new in this country. It was passed down from barbaric Islamic rule via British to this present Govt. under an extra-constitutional head with out any accountability.

    To attack unarmed people in the middle of night - when people were sleeping - that too when they knew women and children were present was beyond description in civilized words.

    It looks like our politicians have taken away the basic constitutional right of people i.e. to protest against with the consent of media.

    There is not much difference between totalitarian Govt. and this Govt. with only difference being media is on the side of Govt. for the simple reason that they are part of corruption too.

    This present admn., surrounded by people filled with hatred towards Hinduism and appointed by a fraud woman of high proportion based on their shared hatred towards Hinduism, will do anything under the garbage of pseudo slogans.

    Where do people and nation go from here?

  5. just for the info.

    this is a friends blog. some facts.

  6. You are on fire!
    Just linked to you-

  7. Hey guys! I can sense the outrage in most people. Even those opposed to Ramdev are outraged at this brutal attack on freedom. I am no follower of Ramdev, nor do I endorse some of his absurd demands but I respect people's freedom to expression. This is a freedom we must allow to even weirdos.

    @ Tamoghna - A PIL has indeed been filed in the SC. You can read about it here: A search might show up some more sites reporting this.

    @ Gurmeet - For a moment I thought you were saying "you are fired" hahahahhaa in Donald Trump style. Thanks. I read your posts about Kapil Sibal (used cars), the Delhi police dogs and Rahul - Mum's the word. Good ones! Keep going.


  8. Ravinar,

    The situation is worrisome, sad, and scary. I'm trying to be optimisitic and looking at it as a wake up call to the citizen who will now know which party to not vote for.

    But still, elections are very far away and malevolent minds are at work. These are people with extremely strong self-preservation instincts who've made scuttling legal processes into a fine art. They'd go to any extent to keep the reins of power.

    As for all these Media channels. I've never seen a weirder set up where those who don't act (governing party) are never in the hotseat. Why is this being made about whether Hindutva forces are participating/being included in the movement, when it is about Corruption. If things continue, these paid Media pimps will soon lose their freedom of expression. Right now they get paid for this, but later they will be controlled through fear and threats. If they have even a few grey cells left, this is the time to start speaking out and reporting fairly.

    Politicswise, I think the country's death knell was rung when slavish sycophants elected a foreign born woman as the leader of the party. A whole party of spineless dogs that is, some of whom have now turned rabid (Diggy is one example). I've never seen a group of people so lacking in self-esteem.

    Sorry about the rant. Can go on and on. But will say this. Let's hope good comes out of all this.

  9. jp once said - vinaash kale vipareet budhi - i too do not agree with all what baba ramdev espouses and i am not a communal person however i can clearly see - democracy and hinduism and a peaceful way of life under threat by devilish forces ,a corrupt media and an enemy within .it is time to search for a saviour at noon with a searchlight.

  10. Thanks, Ravinar, I have quite enjoyed your posts for a while without always agreeing 100%.


  11. Ravinar,

    Followed your advice and posted on Blogger. Do check out my blog when you get a chance.

  12. This is one Govt which is not acoountable to anyone.Loot seems to be the only objective of last seven years

  13. Dear Ravi!

    did you deleted some comments??

  14. @ Urbanlama

    Sometimes, some comments go into spam which get restored when I get online. In case you posted a comment that doesn't appear here it is probably some error at your end since I did not find any comments under spam. Rest assured, I do not delete any comment.

    @ B.K. Chowla

    Hahahhaha! A good award would be to see this corrupt government go....


  15. i posted this. last time i checked it was seen.

    Rahul was so much eager on the police attrocities committed in Noida on farmers.

    I wonder where is he now, behind his waitress mama's pallu.


    Nice Read. Gives insight into other major issues raised by Ramdev, other than black money. Comming from an expert in the field who endorses Ramdev's suggestions, it proves again the diversion tactics of CONgress. They have succeeded in throwing agriculture issues into bin and just hang around black money and corruption, which they will anycase keep dragging as is the case with lok pal bill.

  17. The sight of women getting lathi-charged, elderly people choking, women limping with bandaged heads, ... -the list is endless - can melt even a stone. Yet, it did not move the hearts of Congress-persons. No remorse, no contrite apology; only arrogance, only intransigence!

    For the sake of argument, even if we disregard that there were women, children and elderly, and assume that there were only adult men (ages between 20-35 years). Would such an eviction seem justified? If we further assume that it was done at 1 in the afternoon and not at 1 in the night; would such an eviction seem justified?

    The unequivocal and only answer is a firm and non-negotiable NO. The more we think, the stronger we feel. It is NO, NO, and NO!

    What the government ordered and what the police carried out is surely exacerbated because of the presence of women, children and elderly; and the fact that it was carried out in the night. However, the basic fact is that the very act of evicting peaceful demonstrators is not merely wrong, it is evil!

    It is such highly evil that the perpetrators lose any right to further participate in the governance. They should not only be forced to resign (if they do no do so voluntarily), they should be accorded exemplary punishment.

    Here we express our deeply felt sincere wish. Sibal, Digvijay, Manmohan and Soniya, amongst many others, must be taught a lesson that even the onlookers wouldn't forget. They must be forced to endure the same indignity, fear, pain and agony, that they were instrumental in perpetrating on the peaceful demonstrators.

    The way this government has dealt with its own citizens, it has lost the privilege of being spoken to. A government must be so sensitive to its citizens that it must respond to what the citizens whisper in the night! For otherwise the citizens are forced to shout. When the government fails in this, people protest, then take to streets. If, in spite of all this, the government not only does not heed, in stead it violently and barbarically crushes a peaceful dissent, then it is no more a government. It is a tyranny. And a tyranny must not be protested against. It must be uprooted and thrown. It must be destroyed for ever.

  18. In one of the funniest possible justification for the evil atrocity on peaceful and sleeping protesters which included women, children, and elders, the Congress PM , Manmohan, says that it was unfortunate but it was inevitable.

    Manmohan, do you really mean it?

    The government claims (this is what it has been showing to the Americans) that it has credible intelligence that Pakistan has terrorists-training camps in its territory. Manmohan, you never have had the political will or the courage to make a preemptive strike against those!

    Now, you have the gall and the audacity to order the most brutal attack on peaceful demonstrators, in the middle of the night, inflicting atrocities on women, children, and elders; and you say it was inevitable!

    We don't care what your intelligence was. We don't care whose mistake it was. We don't care about the credentials of Baba Ramdev. We don't even care about what the people in Ram-Lila grounds were contemplating.

    You cannot punish people for what you assume regarding their intentions.

    You cannot disperse in this way peaceful protesters because you are afraid that they might become unruly.

    You cannot term the denuding of women, choking of elders, and heart-numbing cries of children, as inevitable!

    You, your government, your leader, and your party are EVIL. You should be, must be, and will be made to pay for this evil.

  19. SS(Sonia, Singh) duo and their henchmen in the media are a disgrace. The media should be ashamed of itself. See, how it deftly trying to change the focus to Ramdev away from Fascist duo at the helm. The comments are severely censored.

    I asked why Sonia should not be held responsible for Raja Balas plight. Toutlook promptly banned my message, go figure.

    Sonia and Co must be charged with Crimes against the people of India. If Guj Police and CM can be in the dock for deaths of terrorists like Shahbuddin and Ishrat why not the Empress?

    A fascist state in action:

    "A resident of Gurgaon, Raj Bala is one of the many who were attacked during the midnight police crackdown on thousands of Ramdev supporters at the Ramlila ground here before dawn Sunday.

    Doctors at the G.B. Pant Hospital here said that Raj Bala was beaten up with police ‘lathis’ — as stated by those who witnessed the assault — on her neck and back.

    In the process, her spinal cord has been damaged."

  20. @ urbanlama

    The comment you thought was deleted was actually posted in the article 'The fast and the spurious'. You may have mistakenly thought it was posted under this post....

  21. I dont see anything wrong with Ramdev's call for arming the protestors to save themselves.

    US constitution gives this right for every ordinary citizen to own the firearms in case the government turns into tyranny and help them safegaurd themselves from the government that has become rougue.

    In case of Ramdev, the way innocent women children elderly were thrown out of ramlila maindan is nothing but tyranny by the government. for such incidents not to happen in future and for preventing another emergency, its better people are armed to protect themselves.

    we are obsessed with false non violence and tolerance. Tolerance is by the powerful and not by the weak. Non violence is option for powerful, for weak its nothing but only option.

    I may sound "anti national" but a nationalist also needs to protect himself and his country from "anti national" government. that is not possible just by peaceful non violent protests. Revolutionaries are as much responsible for india's freedom, if not more, than gandhi's self defeating self inflicting self demoralizing self sacrifical weak agitations.

  22. now media is questioning the investments by non resident indians in ramdev's trust.. why coz many non resident indians supported ramdev and they stood by him...

    bloody frigging media and conress... i never imagined atleast media to fall to this extent...


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