Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook Must Apologise …

There are savages and savages. But this is too savage! In a democracy everyone has the right to bark, even Digvijay Singh. However, that is no reason to heap insult by derogatory pictures worked through photo-shop or whatever. This is the extreme kind of intolerance practiced by RSS, VHP, BJP and all those right wing communal groups as we keep hearing almost every day from DS and even from some in the media. One can appreciate the creativity behind the whole exercise but not its dark malicious motive.

This particular Facebook group has taken it to the very extreme by putting up an obscene and derogatory picture. This deserves condemnation from every quarter and I hope the media will wake up to the crimes being committed on Facebook. I hope the NAC is taking strong notice of this and will treat it for what it is, an insult to a minority group. Take a look at this obscene picture:
No matter how unhappy they are or how strong the provocation this is the kind of response that extremist and fringe loonies come up with. In all fairness I demand an apology from this particular Facebook group and from Facebook as well. I hope the SPCA also takes notice of this inhuman act.

This group and Facebook must apologise to this lovely dog. No one has the right to deface a beautiful animal in this manner. Especially, defacing a dog’s picture with the face of Digvijay Singh is an extreme insult to the animal. So will this Facebook group, the RSS, the VHP, the BJP please respond and issue an apology to this beautiful dog?


  1. I am fond of kennel and have four now in my house. But it took me hours to near them -after seeing the photo which is puking at the face of it which I recall the chennai coovum if I notice DS, -though they call my attention as I prod them at their calling.

    But one way I like him for, he is the basement in association with Lip stick pig to wipe out and eradicate the corrupt cong by canvassing in states wherever election is slated. Their legs are so powerful they made it decimated the ruling party then in MK estate

  2. LOL..this is some dogshit. my sympathies to the dog and my sincere apologies to this beautiful creature..

  3. I thing the picture looks very nice and dog is a faithful animal and it is complimentary to the dog so the dog can say that some man are very faithful so they can get our body so we are equal so there is no difference between DogVijay and Dog. One thing is puzzling me, is the the street dog?

  4. Ravinar,
    I agree that IN GENERAL one shdn't stoop to this low.
    But the case of CON spokesmen like Dig, i believe this is justifiable. These are the guys who lick M*T**R F****R Hssn a*s, who drew nanga paintings and R**E of India kind of paintings.


  5. @Ravinar,
    LOL :)

    I misunderstood ur article, and thought you were preaching decency for humans.

    I re-read ur article and understood the gravity of the crime committed.

    Ignore my previous comment!

    warm regards,

  6. @Ravinar,
    A small correction..

    "I hope the SPCA also takes notice of this inhuman act."

    - it is "inanimal" act.

  7. @ RV

    Hahahhaha! The satire was the whole point of it. And yes, Correction accepted, it is indeed an "inanimal" act!


  8. Someone is bent upon poor Dog

  9. ya we feel bad that we are using this very dependable n loyal n lovable poor creature's picture to compare this kind of people but though he betrayed the people of our country he is very much loyal to the party (at present at least) that way it suits him very well

  10. Dogs bark and wake up their masters when a crook, a thug or a thief tries to enter their premises. So it is an absolute breach of privilege on dogs' society to create such pictures with a human face. That too with the face of Digvijay Pub Opener Singh (DPOS). OK! Even if someone wants to give him a dog's profile, please choose a Rabid Dog. His behavior I need to agree resembles the behavior of a rabid dog.

  11. LOL!! Ravinar, amazing post!

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just the fact that i am in office stops me from falling off my chair laughing!!! really really brilliant post :) :)

  13. Lovely! Now watching him on Ndtv might actually be fun! Thanks!


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