Friday, June 10, 2011

Evil Dead

Did India fail MF Husain?’ that was the title of the program on NDTV on June 9 evening, the day India’s biggest pervert died.  Throughout the day his friends, admirers and media personalities mourned his death, recalled their moments with him. I have sympathies for his family and friends and would not have considered doing this post if the media hadn’t taken it to another level by making it appear as if Bharat Maa had failed him. Despite the controversies and his crimes I would have thought it better to let the person have his dignity in death. But even in his death the media chooses to insult the dignity of the nation, the motherland.

Here is a tag line from the program and the video at NDTV : “My heart will always be in is my beloved land," he said in an interview to NDTV in March last year. Did India let him down”? Did India let him down? Here is a tweet from Rahul Bose, the man who is the voice of conscience in many ways for the media: “Hussain passes away. we hang our heads partly in grief & partly in shame for not being able to let him spend his last days in this country”.
Alright, so this pervert loved Bharat Maa so much that he imagined and painted her in the nude. What the hell is that? Some kind of Oedipus complex? I am quite certain that all those Hindu goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati and Durga are in deep mourning over this asshole. It is unlikely that any other painter would now paint them in the nude and rejoice his freedom of expression.

A previous post of mine “Shashi Tharoor: The new ‘happy-tongue’ hypocrite - Secularism means “don’t offend muslims” from March 2010 is suddenly back among popular posts. That post clearly defines and explains the approach of progressive and secular media towards freedom of speech and expression. You have the freedom to abuse the sentiments of a vast majority of Hindus in this country. Hindus respect their soil and their nation as ‘Bharat Maa’ but those who abuse the country are exercising their freedom of speech rights. Shashi Tharoor’s arguments and stand in the post I have mentioned best exemplify the stand of those in the media, the art fraternity, the Congress and similar parties and some in Bollywood. In his debate with Christopher Hitchens that I’ve referred to in this post, Hitchens chewed Tharoor’s balls off for his spurious arguments and theories. NDTV falls into the Tharoor category where defining freedom of expression is concerned. People haven’t forgotten the Barkha Dutt-Chetanya Kunte episode of ‘shoddy journalism’ after the 26/11 attacks.

In another previous post the man whines that India rejected him. Another post from February 2010 explains NDTV and Barkha Dutt’s persuasions, when she called it ‘A national shame’ when this pervert took up Qatari citizenship. So where Husain is concerned, NDTV’s stand is that India should be ashamed. Sorry, India is ashamed of Husain and India is ashamed of NDTV.

One can expect any average person to remember JFK’s famous line ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. In the opinion of those who run NDTV it should be the other way around. So the question if India has failed Hussain insults not only Bharat Maa but all those who hold her in deep respect and love. I have already renamed them End-ItTV and as far as their journalistic credentials go, they have already wound up.

In his own words Husain exiled himself to escape over 900 cases filed against him. He was a fugitive and a coward. Even if the media wish to bestow upon him some kind of martyrdom, ordinary people think a bit differently.

When one dies his sins and debts are forgiven. With Husain, hopefully the EVIL inside him has died. One’s deepest desire in life would be to be buried or cremated in one’s motherland. Mother India is fortunate to be free from the burden of absorbing Husain in her soil and soul. The dead should be mourned, but Evil Dead is not such a bad thing either.


  1. It is utter rubbish. Who asked him to leave India? Bose can try finding space in media circles and so called seculars but can any one walka way from facts? Didnt Hussain paint Hindu Godesses in the nude? Would ha dare to do so with Preophet or Christ.
    It is better india forgets him.Let silly media go on with airing their viewes

  2. MF Hussain... i would replace MF with another well known abusive word :/

    few questions to EndIt-TV

    If hindus protest and file case, as per the law under sections that prohibit hurting religious sentiments of a section, who should be held guilty? the protestors or the culprit?

    When there was talk of making vande mataram compulsory, the same media rushed to protect the religious sentiments of muslims.

    Hypocrites of the worst order!

    by the way, why did not MFH pick the mother of all beleivers ayesha to paint her nude? :|

    I am an atheist, but i really hate hypocrites and double standards.

  3. Media vultures started to politicize the poor old man's death moments after he died. I felt sorry for the man because he had lived in India and would have probably liked to die here. Still, it was a self-imposed exile because he didn't want to face questions like why he depicted only Hindu goddesses and entitites in the nude and not the Prophet from his own faith.

    Muslim women in his art were always fully clothed. The only other 'character' that he painted in the nude was Hitler. In his earlier years, he had stated that Hitler was portrayed in the nude in order to degrade him, since he was a critic of Hitler. So, it appeared obvious (though no one can tell for sure, him being senile and eccentric) that his intent was to degrade Hindu deities.

    A story must be told in its entirety. That's the way fair and balanced journalism is practiced. Not one of the English speaking channels provided the context. Once the context has been provided, one can still have sympathy for a person accused of wrong doing. By half-truths and failing to provide a picture, these media vultures play a very divisive role.

    Wonder how media groups would treat an artist that chooses to express himself by painting the Prophet in the altogether.

  4. All the goodies are being attributed to him after his death. "He knew Ramayana and Mahabharath more than Hindus, genius, great and creative artist" etc., etc., But his depiction of the deities shows his contempt for other's religious beliefs. His depiction of Bharathmata and saravwati in nude shows his 'geniusness in arrogance. What will India do me? what will Hindus do me? as long as media crooks and pseudo-secularists protect me. Rightly, Bharathmata kicked him out to Qatar unable to tolerate him into her soil even after his death.

  5. you hit right on Ravinar! I would never regret the death of this old man! There are many pseudo-secularists in our country... I got a glimpse of that yesterday on my comment in TOI... In the name of artistic freedom, he goes on to hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians (and Hindus) and I am told I am an educated fool to fall in the trap of fundamentalists!

  6. MM Singh, N Ram, Shoba De, and a whole lot of others shed crocodile tears on the demise of MFH and upped their secularist fundamentals and called others who did not shed the said tears as non-secular beings not fit enough to live in this country.

    It is said that Mohammed the moron married the six year old Ayesha. If a Hindu Painters portrays Mohammed in the context of marrying the six year old girl, will the Muslim world keep quiet. There would be 1000 Fatwas on the head of the poor Hindu painter.

    Will then the same above people of Hindu/Sikh origin support the Hindu painter? No.

    What America did in acquitting the Rana was foretold, as it was meant to appease the Pakis for the help done to the Americans in executing the Obama by stepping into their Country? Let these people raise their voice against Americans for what they did now. They would need film directors from Bollywood and may be few heroes to deliver the punch dialogue. All ch x x x x thiyas.

  7. A simple fact.

    What if MFH had drawn Barkha Dutt, Arundati, ms. de and any other media junkies nude.

    I wonder what would have been their comment and reactions then. :)

  8. @Ravinar: A very nice post. Further, since you are an ardent supporter of complete freedom of expression, We are pleasantly surprised by your piece.

  9. @ Mediasyndicate

    Yes, I strongly believe in COMPLETE freedom of speech. I am also strongly against selective practice of this freedom in India, where the right to abuse and indulge in hate propaganda against anything Hindu is accepted and justified while anything against other religions or communities is considered unlawful. I am also against tolerating the intolerant. In the previous posts referred in this piece I have even said I have no problems with MFs paintings but I do have a problem with the media and establishment's practice of selective application of freedom of expression. Shashi Tharoor's arguments on the topic clearly lay out the idiot's version of freedom of speech.

    @ Urbanlama

    You had posted the same comment under 'Arm Aadmi', I think by oversight. I have deleted that duplication.

    @ Emmaarcee

    In case you haven't heard about the case.. Long ago there was a book about Mohammad called 'Rangeela Rasool' ... the publisher was murdered.

  10. @Ravinar

    There is also a culcutta Quran Petition case.. Not many have heard about it.

  11. @ Tamoghna..

    Yes indeed, from 1985. The judge who admitted the petition and first agreed to hear it withdrew herself and it was later dismissed by the second judge with tremendous influence from the Central and State governments...

    The petition demanded a complete ban on the Koran and its distribution. Those interested in the case can google it.

  12. Dumb Ankita...

    Somebody dare her to pull in muslim leaders and then discuss freedom of faith and freedom of expresson.

    I am great follower of Swapan and follow his blog. He is one of the most sane journalist we have right now.

    Aiyer as usual keeps trying to divert the discussion.

  13. oh btw somebody tell that moron aiyer that secularism means no consideration of religon or for that matter to put it differently - act as if no religion exists.

    Here he says secularism is to treat the rights of all relgions equally... what a contradiciton to the very concept of secularism..LOL!

  14. @ Ravinar. Well said.Anyone who allows art in MF's nude paintings and refuses Danish Cartoons is a hypocrite. And sure our Media is one.

  15. It is not acceptable to play with other people's belief's and sentiments. Yes, Hussain did paint the nude image, but is it not accepted in Hinduism? well i am not so sure, i have seen nude goddesses in temple walls, many paintings of the numerous gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Was nudity considered bad by the early hindus, i am not so sure...

  16. @ True Indian

    No, there is no problem with nude paintings or works of art. I would like to know which temple has nude goddesses cuz Ive been to many of those. Secondly, even if those nude sculptures are of gods/goddesses they weren't meant to be commercialised. I don't have a problem with any of MFH's paintings but I do have a problem with painting those with 'hatred and spite' and consistently so. His logic was that he paints in the nude those he wishes to 'humiliate'!

    If you read carefully, this post takes stronger objection to his painting 'Bharat Maa' in the nude. If that is art to you then I still respect your taste and judgement. And still, if MFH wanted to defend his art he should have faced the courts and not run away like a coward.


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