Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Scum Of All Spheres

Accused in terrorist acts in at least 3 cases that killed quite a few it is first of all amazing that Wazul Kamar Khan was allowed bail. Did the prosecution protest? Bail in all 3 cases of terrorism? Then for years he enjoys his private life peacefully at Thane. The media celebrates the fact that the Central government, the Maharashtra government and the Mumbai police were caught red faced. Why, because this man figures in the 50 most wanted list submitted to Pakistan.

Out of the blue the police discover the man and take him for questioning. The media finds another piece of sensational development to grind their cacophony all day and night. Not one in the media even bothers to ask the following questions:
1.  Why was this man out on bail in the first place? Acts of terrorism that have killed scores are heinous crimes that do not merit bail. Imagine Kasab being out on bail.
2.   Even if he was out on bail, why were the cases against him not being fast-tracked? Why were no hearings being conducted?

The man most responsible for this pathetic state of affairs has to be P. Chidambaram, the Home Minister at the centre. Having created the National Investigation Agency specially to monitor and prosecute cases of terrorism how this man’s name crept into the list of 50 submitted to Pakistan is beyond reason. Errors and mistakes can be made. But to find a terror-accused being out on bail in our country and living happily under the nose of a state which has MCOCA is a stunning failure of serious magnitude.

In another unrelated case Iqbal Kaskar, Dawood Ibrahim’s brother, was shot at yesterday. Why is this man so freely roaming the streets of Mumbai? If anything he should be in custody and used as leverage against Dawood. This is the Kaskar that was deported to India in 2003 from UAE.
Does the UPA government intend to send a message to the terrorists and the people of this nation

What if Pakistan did hand over the remaining 49 wanted persons from that list of 50? What exactly would our government do? Afzal Guru and Nalini (Rajiv Gandhi’s assassin) are still comfortably lodged in jails. So most of these people, if extradited by Pakistan, will probably be out on bail and enjoy the same comfortable life that they enjoy in Pakistan or where ever they are. I often wonder who are the scum of all spheres. The terrorists or the ones who are responsible for national security who refuse to act.

While the Congress is neck deep in petty politics of spying,  phone-tapping, attempting to pass laws suppressing internet freedom and free speech, of course, reaching greater heights in scams,  our security apparatus is as rag tag as the coalition government. True to his usual style of spewing gibberish Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari states “…there is an inquiry by the home ministry….let the facts come out…The issue has attendant sensitivities. …so let us err on the side of caution”. Well said Manish. We will continue to err and err and err.

It is laughable that the central government considers Pakistan a safe-haven for terrorists. The real ‘heaven’ for terrorists is here in India. Ask an Afzal or a Kazab or the new found celebrity Wazul Kamar Khan. Criminals in parliament, criminals in assemblies, criminals free in society, terrorists living in our paradise. We welcome the scum of all spheres.

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