Friday, May 27, 2011

Namo & The Ass-Licker Factory

After a round of the December 2007 Assembly elections in Gujarat here is what Praful Bidwai, a ‘prominent’ journalist wrote:

Is the tide turning in Gujarat? A month ago, most Gujarat politicians, social scientists, activists, bureaucrats, and citizens agreed on the dead certainty of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the Assembly election — but with a smaller margin. Today, they say, the BJP could lose — despite the Congress’s timid campaign... All exit polls after the first-phase voting in 87 constituencies (of a total of 182) forecast a vote-swing away from the BJP. NDTV forecasts a loss of 13 seats for the BJP, placing it behind the Congress. …Current estimates of the BJP’s seats tally by government agencies vary from 70 to 80 seats, way below its 2002 score of 127. Even the party’s assessment is reportedly that it’s sure to win only 63 seats; and optimistically, another 15. The BJP is clearly on a downswing in Gujarat…..”(Read the full pack of Bidwai's crap here)

You’re smarter than Praful Bidwai. Yes, you may have guessed that those exit polls came from NDTV of course. I wonder where Praful Bidwai is today. Not only did Narendra Modi come back to power, the BJP rebels were thrashed and the Congress was nearly decimated. The BJP returned to power with an even greater majority than in 2002. There must be a reason for these fake exit polls and fake articles of doom by the likes of Praful Bidwai.

Recent events in Karnataka indicate a pattern with the Congress. Losing power in a state is unpalatable for the Congress and therefore it will go any length to destabilise a state government, especially if it has the BJP. If you thought the Bharadwaj episode was just a constitutional issue, you are probably wrong. It appears to be a well-rehearsed act by the Congress to keep rattling the BJP government in Karnataka and make all efforts to destabilise it. It also helps to distract from the various misdeeds of the UPA government. Did Bharadwaj really think the centre would dismiss the state government? You can bet on his last underwear he would have never expected that.

Hate Modi and be rewarded!
Back to Gujarat elections in 2007. Following his victory both NDTV and CNN-IBN did a bio-pic on Narendra Modi. They told us about his village (Visnagar near the oil town of Mehsana), that his family and relatives got no benefits from his being CM, that he started life as tea-stall worker, and that he belonged to a ‘Ghanchi’ family, (An OBC group). Not many people in Gujarat knew if Modi was OBC or Brahmin or SC, our news channels made sure everyone knew. Not once in any of his campaign has Namo invoked caste, class or any issue of that nature. His worst statements were reserved as a response to the ‘maut ka saudagar’ rant by Sonia Gandhi. Well, I don’t really think Sonia Gandhi could have come up with that and in all likelihood someone like a Digvijay Singh would have written that speech. The Congress paid a price for it. And unable to digest the victory of Narendra Modi, media crooks like Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi went to the extent of calling Gujaratis ‘an effete people’!

Communal riots are not new in Gujarat. They are a historical and tragic fact. The riots in 1969 were one of the worst ever. Who was in charge then? In 1985, under the last real Congress Chief Minister, Madhavsinh Solanki, there were anti-reservation riots. This then turned into a communal riot. Guess how and who turned that into a communal riot? In those riots the Hindus paid a heavy price with their lives and there were whole families of Hindus that were burnt alive. At that time the most notorious gangster, Abdul Latif, was propped up by a political party. Guess which one? And what was Madhavsinh Solanki’s pet theory for elections? It was called KHAM – Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim. If you need first hand lessons on how to divide a society, just call Solanki. If you search for real reasons why the riots of 1969 and 1985 happened you will, at best, find flimsy excuses and at worst political engineering. There was no severe provocation as is the case with the 2002 riots following the Godhra disaster. Not that any of the killings can be justified and they shouldn’t. The Hindu anger wasn't built up overnight on February 27, 2002. There is a history to it.

Yet, 2002 is often referred to as genocide or pogrom. The Congress, the media and Modi’s opponents revel in such descriptions. Modi-hater Vir Sanghvi is on record calling him a “mass-murderer”. This is a term often repeated and referred to by the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt. Rajdeep even referred to the mass-murderer title at a Hindustan Times seminar where Narendra Modi was an invited speaker. Such deep hatred for an individual does not come from one’s own conscience, it is cleverly engineered. I can understand a muslim victim of the riots nurturing a deep hatred for Modi. There is no reason why the media and many others should have jumped on to that ‘engineered’ band-wagon.

Today, this hate Narendra Modi gang is not a small group, it is an Industry. The industry has new captains. One is Sanjeev Bhatt, the IPS officer, whose conscience struck after nine years of pondering. In hearings by the Nanavati commission Bhatt is now fretting and fuming over questions of his own checkered past. Will it destroy Narendra Modi? No, it will make him more popular. And, of course, the latest to join the industry is none other than Anna Hazare, who had previously complimented Modi. Here is what I wrote in ‘Sense & Senility’:

Anna Hazare’s campaign has been called a comic revolution (Manu Joseph of Open magazine) and ‘rule of the unelected’ by many media persons. Nothing wrong with the first statement. Every revolution has a comic side to it. How else does one explain the presence of Swami Agnivesh in this campaign?  Hazare had made it clear that no politician will share the stage with him. Agnivesh was, is and will be a politician. There’s the irony. And then like most stupid politicians even after his victory Hazare goes around giving interviews to the media. The man hasn’t learnt in all of his 71 years that the media exists to destroy and poke holes into every action and word of any leader.”

Since 2001 Narendra Modi has been under a scanner, almost under a microscope. Not once has there been any mention of scams or corruption against him. The murderer tag did not work, so they will now try the corruption tag. He has proved to be ‘untouchable’! Yet, Anna Hazare now thinks his ‘corruption’ tag against Gujarat will work. A small crowd of the Congress workers and the media may cheer. But I can tell Hazare that he has now managed to further alienate Gujaratis. Given there are states like Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Delhi, AP and some more if Hazare really thinks the corruption movement has to start from Gujarat then he and the Congress are expecting to strike Gold in that state it is likely he will raise a poultry farm and end up with egg on his face. As for the likes of Swami Agnivesh and Mallika Sarabhai the less said the better.

There is the extra-constitutional body called the National Advisory Committee (NAC) chaired by none other than Sonia Gandhi. It has currently drafted a Communal Violence Bill, that will make it easier for the centre to dismiss a state government on the flimsiest of reasons for any violence. It is also a body to reward Modi haters. Teesta Setalvad, with cases pending against her and she having sought anticipatory bail twice, is a member of one the NAC committees. Harsh Mander is a member. Lately, Binayak Sen, out on bail, has been elevated to the Planning Commission probably because it was a BJP government that prosecuted him.

Media outlets like Star News, Hindustan Times and earlier India Today frequently come up with banana polls that show Rahul Gandhi as the most popular future prime minister. Will they be rewarded? Your guess is as good as mine. Read the full analysis of these opinion polls at

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Jayanthi Natarajan, Teesta Setalvad, Anna Hazare and many such people need to learn one simple lesson. The people believe the opposite of what the media tries to hammer as truth. Nobody believes the likes of Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai except their own team members.

Ever heard of the famous speech by Mark Antony praising Brutus after the killing of Caesar? Public reaction is usually the opposite. The more they despise Narendra Modi the more popular he becomes among his electorate. The media in its desperate bid to bring down Modi is indirectly doing him a favour. The likes of NDTV and CNN-IBN and at the start Star News created this Namo industry. It is not Narendra Modi who is falling, it is the Congress and the media that are repeatedly being proved foolish. If they really intend to bring down Modi, then they should shut up and not mention him for a long time. But knowing our crony media, that will not happen and they will continue popularising Modi. Thanks to Modi haters, the BJP recently managed to win not only all Municipal elections but they even swept all the Panchayat polls. So much for a corrupt Gujarat!

Ratan Tata had said “if you’re not in Gujarat, you’re stupid!”. Anyone that hates Gujarat or calls it a den of corruption has to be a MORON. I wonder whose ass these people lick!!


  1. Hey Ravinar, this is one of your BEST posts. Sums up the anti-Modi brigade very well.
    The Anna Hazare statement was a shocker though I want to give him the benefit of doubt - the old man is genuine, its the evil company he keeps. Nobody in Gujarat is impressed with the IAC propaganda there. Read

    You stated:
    "His worst statements were reserved as a response to the ‘maut ka saudagar’ rant by Sonia Gandhi. Well, I don’t really think Sonia Gandhi could have come up with that and in all likelihood someone like a Digvijay Singh would have written that speech".

    Well, I wanted to point out that @KanchanGupta recently revealed on Twitter that the brain behind the 'Maut ka Saudagar' phrase was none other than Javed Akhtar (H/O Shabana Azmi)!!

  2. @ Free_Verse

    Hahahahha ! Thanks for pointing out the Javed Akhtar bit. No wonder that sounded like a movie title...

  3. I always consider Reference to Javed Akhtar as a waste of time.
    I ony some day media--most of it--will realise what damage have they don to this country, to politics to the trust people had rested with it.
    In my opinion, the foundation of India is SATVA, except afewpoliticians are taking us for granted.
    Times will cahnge.

  4. You can never have enough of Modi, can you? Why cant you let go of the bias? I really wish you could write a rationalistic and balanced article about Modi like this. It is not very elaborate, but it is good enough to serve its purpose. -

    which you sadly obviously wont. Because in your view Modi can do no wrong.

    Well, you talk as if it is all the Congress at fault in Karnataka? If you were equally critical of the crimes happening in our state here and the attrocities done by the BJP, i would be happy. You can find a list of the BJP goof ups in churmuri ( though i feel that they are more congress inclined, at times.).

    Obviously, I am not as knowledgeable as you in a vast number of issues. But, when you come here with an agenda to promote a single party and degrade the other, and are absolutely sidelined towards one side, i see no difference between you and what the others are doing. Obviously, you are of the view that the opposition party can do no wrong and it is the ruling party at the centre that has to stand accountable and you lose your total focus on regional issues. ( atleast your regional issues are obviously concentrated to your fav states Guj and Bihar)

    You obviously have a legal right as a citizen of india, but sadly no no no moral right to question the media.

    Maybe if some one is going to do a google in future for BJP propoganda blog, rest assured that your blog is going to come first.

  5. @ wrote:

    "You can never have enough of Modi, can you?...."

    Well, first off, I don't see a single point in the post that you have debated or questioned. To simply dismiss this blog as pro-BJP or propaganda is a very childish dismissal of its contents. FYI nowhere does this blog praise Modi inordinately. It basically questions the motives of the media and those that constantly vilify him. You could probably be one of those too. In addition, there are over 150 posts on this blog. How many exactly did you find about Modi or politics?

    What exactly is your beef? Truth hurts you? Facts disturb you? I believe my posts carry facts to the best of my knowledge. If those were debatable you could have raised a point. But you have none and instead you tend to make sweeping statements without any basis (and that too as 'Anonymous') How rich is that? Or are you a staunch Congi supporter? If you are, you are free to be so. And if what I write is propaganda, I am happy youre even reading it.


  6. Who said so that i have not debated or posted something constructive? I have posted other posts too signing in. Obviously, when i post critical issues, i prefer to sign in anonymously, because of some bad experiences in the past.

  7. Ravinar, you are doing a magnificent job. Found your blog posts only a couple of days back. Was glad to find that they are well researched. Facts are presented and then of course opinions. My impressions of NDTV and others have been gathered only in the last two years after returning to India after many years, and was amazed to find there are others who have the same perceptions of the agenda-heavy reporting of these so-called media channels. Some of them may as well stop calling themselves news channels and state themselves to be spokespersons of the sordid governing party.

    And especially with respect to Modi bashing and Modi baiting. You gave an apt reply to the previous 'Anonymous' person. If he wants to contest anything you say, let him do that instead of just writing in general terms.

  8. I came to know that Sonia Gandhi's father Stefano Maino was a NAZI when i googled "Know ur Sonia Gandhi".What an irony ? A nazi's daughter wants to pass communal violence bill against the majority community-peace loving hindus.What right has she got to even utter Modiji's name?Has she ever apologised r embarrased of her father being a Nazi r is it her birth right to rule India without being questioned about her background? Mr.Ravinar, you r doing a great job of enlightening the people about the crooked media.Hope it reaches as many people as possible.

  9. very good and balanced article.

  10. The only reason i find for this modi bashing is to show people of our country how dangerous it would be to have people from bjp to be at centre as they are communal, as most of the people are not well informed they never take pain to get to the truths,it was the bjp and rss who protected the sikhs in 1984,the truth behind the godhra was too hidden media have twisted the facts to please their political masters and west who pays them. when one says anything abt mohummad its bad but when someone paints one paints nude pic of hindu goddess its shame that he was not in India, if it would be some other religion he must not lived into 90's..

  11. Narendra Modi is only person who had done lots of thing for Gujarat. If Gujarat is one of most developing state of India is only by Mr. Narendra Modi


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