Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Sore Pak

I once again took a break, this time a longer one and was happy to get back on the day Osama Bin Laden was taken down. I have lost count of the number of posts where I have mentioned that Pakistan is a failed state with nothing to offer to anyone and surviving on misdirected aid. The only ones who think Pak is a great neighbour are the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Mahesh Bhatt. A few weeks ago our PM even wanted cricket to be played between India and Pak. Manmohan Singh cares two hoots about realities as events as shown over and over again. Friendship with Pakistan is not only impossible but not even desirable.

The idiots who have coined the term ‘people to people’ contact as an excuse to seek peace are the greatest enemies of India. You cannot have peace with a nation that has an army and outfits partly involved in terrorism. It took nearly a decade but the US finally got Osama. His hole just outside Islamabad proves what the Pak establishment was and is really up to. It might take a decade to get the perpetrators of 26/11 and other terrorists but instead our stupid government wants us to play cricket with those assholes.

We need not hate Pakistanis. Ordinary Pakistanis are not evil. But the way our media keeps promoting Pakistan and campaigning for relations with that country is sickening. The worst crimes on this count come from Bollywood itself. With an abundance of talent in India they still need singers and dancers from Pakistan and cite such cultural imports as a way of improving relations. Moron-in-chief of this theory has to be Mahesh Bhatt. And he is now in the Congress. Is that any surprise? And then there is still that Slime of India, with its ‘Aman Ki Asha’ crap. Do we need traitors?

What is the best question that Rajdeep Sardesai and others ask P.Chidambaram when Osama was killed? Hmmmm, when are we going to go after the Dawoods and the Saeeds!!! It takes spine to go after criminals. Do our politicians have any? In the tragedy of the 1999 Kandahar hijack the media turned it into an emotional drama and soap with the families of those hijacked to force the government to barter terrorists for hostages. And then Chidambarm tells the world India and US are the not the same when it comes to Pakistan. Well that is some comfort. Time to learn from tiny Israel on how to survive with cutthroat criminal rulers surrounding you all the time.

It didn’t take the Osama killing to expose Pak. Everyone knew it, everyone knew the Pak ISI and army are crooks and everyone knew Pak was playing host to Osama. The US finally decided not to be led up the garden path. But will our Manmohan Singhs, Mahesh Bhatts, Barkha Dutts and Shahrukh Khans learn? No they will not! The government still maintains talks will go on. Talks on what? To discover that Pak is a safe haven for another hundred criminals for crimes against India?

Right now Pak is sore. It is scab infested. Forget Pakistan, it’s good riddance.  Let’s get on with moving India on.  Pak should also learn a lesson from it’s friend Osama. You can run but you can’t hide forever. Pak will one day meet the same fate that Osama met. Hopefully, it will be at the hands of India.


  1. The mourning of the loss of 3000 citizenry was reeling under the minds of the rulers of US and waited for opportune time despite keeping abreast of his movements in Pak and more to the point with the knowledge of Pak Military yet did not expose its hatred.

    Struck at opportune time throwing all norms into winds. But our politicians are pin pointing the Kandahar hijack and do politics over the painful even for which our PM (?) too was a party but sidelined from that. This nation is really rewritten for Randy family, PC, Miyas, Dog singh, Lalloo. and Munni's dancer Kumaraswamy. The terrorist who took the lives of our citizenry are enjoying with our tax money though the court passed the stricture for which no remorse by our thick skinned politicians

  2. LOL! DickKhujay Singh showed his true colors commenting on Osama being killed.

    DS is God of Morons..

  3. One of the most appropriate comments on Indian Media (Times of India especially), Bollywood (Mahesh Bhatt) and likes!

    Keep it up.

  4. "Moron-in-chief of this theory has to be Mahesh Bhat"

    VS Naipaul wrote in Among the Believers that a convert rejects his origins by impulse.
    Here is the confirmation to the Naipaulian philosophy

    "All I did was dream: I attended Don Bosco high-school and owe a lot to the priests who groomed me. I was a dreamer and thank God for that!"

    Here in this extract from the above article he thanks God. Now next he says this.

    "I converted and married Soni: After Arth was a success, I returned to Kiran. We lived in the same house and had Rahul and - but were labouring to make the marriage work. When I met Soni Razdan, it was like a replay in my life. Soni's father asked me how I planned to end my ties with Kiran and I said, 'with permanence'. But I would not divorce Kiran. Friends suggested that since my mother was a Muslim, I could convert and marry Soni as well. I did just that. Our children, Shaheen and Alia, have brought Soni and me even closer"

    Here in the following extract he says his Gods died young and above he thanks God and the priests for grooming him. Then he says he does not believe in God after saying that his mother was a custodian of mythology people want to preserve.

    "My Gods died young: I always do my own thing. I am the kind who fires first and takes aim later. If I had listened to the verdict the world had passed on me, I wouldn't have been me. Today, people talk to me of religious tolerance, but they don't even know the India I come from. Stories of Shiva and Ganesha were told to me by my Muslim mother. She was the custodian of the mythology people want to preserve. I don't believe in God. Spirituality, for me, is heightened sensuality. I see no difference between carnal and spiritual love"

    His overlooking of Indian singers is clear as a crystal of his hatred towards Indian. Kumar Sanu has left Mumbai for Kolkata. Abhijeet was the only singer to protest. The best way to counter this is to decentralise the film industry from Mumbai to Delhi, North India and East India. One film which has led this is Tanu Weds Manu. There should be more films made in areas mentioned. Decentralise the film industry from Mumbai. In this age of digitization, internet and studioless filming , this can be done. This is not being against the great city of Mumbai, but these fellows think no end of themselves. In this way local Indian talent can be encouraged,

  5. Now that you have made modi a kind of a demi-god in your blog, kindly let us know your so called (un)biased views about IPS officer Bhatt's recent events. I wouldn't be surprised if you again put the blame on the media or blamed the congress.

    ( Please dont divert the issues of development here. It is not the government's administration but about morality here, and dont tell me that Modi hasn't yet been proved guilty of his crimes. There are so many politicians in India who can claim the same). I again stress that i am not a media supporter or a congress lackey. I am one of those who had so much faith in a neutral blog like yours, but eventually ended up badly disappointed later.)

  6. @ Anonymous said...

    "Now that you have made modi a kind of a demi-god in your blog..."

    This particular post doesn't have anything about Modi. You seem to be severely anti-Modi as much as you accuse me of making Modi a demi-good. That is not a problem either because you are not debating any particular point that has been made by me but making general sweeping statements about this blog. Now, as for Sanjeev Bhatt, sure I am going to write about his statements..except that Ive been tied up lately.

    Still thanks for your comments... This is a free speech blog...

  7. Media is on the decline world over. Fox is TV channel which comes under that category. Most of them are biased reports with very little analytical thinking. There are a few good ones. One among them is Robert Fisk . He writes for " The Independent" in UK. Yesterday I was searching for Robert Fisk on google and stumbled on presentation in Australian TV.It is a good interview. Just read his analysis very carefully and what it means to India.
    Fisk interview in text.

    I just cannot access now the video, but it is in the iview channel of the above web site. Please search in the above web site.

  8. Way back in the sixties when karunakaran was the CM, there was a shooting down of one Rajan by the Police. There were uproars in the State. Nothing happened. You may get into the archives and read the whole tamazha. Yes tamazha, I mean ie taking some one’s life deliberately.

    Then came up an enterprising journalist who was not like the present day journalists but lived his life on a hand to mouth existence in a dilapidated house. He phoned up Jayram Padickal, according to his report, to convey that he had some inside information with regard to the manner of the death of Rajan and liked to share with him. The DIG readily agreed and the poor journalist like most of his present day ones fell a prey to the booze etc of the DIG. He was treated while the documents in his person were shown to him.

    At the end, the DIG shot back saying that whatever was stuffed into his mouth as Chicken contained the burnt ashes of the documents presented to the DIG.

    Sometime later, the journalist said in an interview that he realized that what was presented to the DIG was the original and he had the Xeroxed copy with him. But nothing happened thereafter.

    When Karunakaran was questioned about the intimacy with his Police Officers and whether any of their wrong doings had anything to affect his popularity, he said those in times of need, he did use the Police, He elaborated that the Police and the Govt were hand in gloves. When the State had Naxal problems, he used the police to ensure that no naxal lived there. He said that he fully backed the police on this mission.

    That is the Police of this country.

    If Modi gave a specific instruction that is detrimental to the national cause, it was the duty of Bhatt to have brought it to the notice of someone reliable, to the Court or whatever the case it may be. He did not. After everything is quiet, he wakes up to make stupid charges. Rubbish.

  9. "Pak will one day meet the same fate that Osama met. Hopefully, it will be at the hands of India."

    Sir, for this, we need a leader, strong, courageous and with the power to make decisions. With a puppet PM, nothing is possible. India needs another Vajpayee to do this.


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