Monday, April 18, 2011

Outsourcing Dirty Tricks

The Congress is still licking its wounds from the Anna Hazare episode. All reasonable people would have expected that the Congress will now start discrediting the civilians on the panel of the Lokpal draft committee. Wait, you haven’t seen everything yet! There will now be that special department that pokes into everyone’s privacy that will spy on the panellists and dig for juicy tidbits.

If ever Digvijay Singh opens his mouth you can smell the gutter from a particular Janpath street. So suddenly the jobless DS starts bandying charges of excessive spending or corporate sponsoring of the Hazare campaign. So figures like 80 lakhs from corporates or 50 lakhs spent on the fast will be frequently heard. Eighty lakhs and fifty lakhs? That is like petty cash for the party of the corrupt. That could well be less than the amount some of our politicians spend on their bathrooms. Never mind that.

Now we have an audio CD containing exchanges between Shanti Bhushan and guess who? Yes, that man for all seasons of trouble, Amar Singh. When was the last time the Congress was in serious trouble? Hmmmm, let’s see that would be around the cash for votes scam of July 2008 when MPs were bought. Well, who saved the UPA government then? Amar Singh and the Samajwadi Party.  I think the Cricket match fixing and spot fixing may have sprouted a new breed of specialist fixers in politics. It’s not a BPO but you could call it the DTO (Dirty Tricks Outsourcing).

One has to wonder how and why this CD suddenly turned up from nowhere and then Amar Singh is once again all over the TV channels defending this and defending that. Nice try, I believe everything he says hahahhahahaa! Do you? It will take an altogether different campaign to get rid of people like Amar Singh from politics.

As for the Bhushans, one of them should have voluntarily stepped out of the Lokpal Bill draft committee. They may be good lawyers but the current politicians and their DTOs are sure to taint everyone that questions or defies them.  Watch out for some shit to come out against Santosh Hegde or more on Anna Hazare.  And if the Congress ever needs a helping hand, guess who’s ready! Guess who’s willing?


  1. Issues become non issues and non issues become issues. All this tamasha act is only to derail lokplal bill.

  2. Pls go through Subramaniun swamy's letter dated 15.4.2011 to PM.

    Available on Swamy's web-site.

  3. what is the link to his blog,

    and yeah every body at MSM especially NDTV is jumping to this situation.


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