Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MPs Have The Responsibility To Make Laws, Not The Right!

The fast unto death by Anna Hazare has been in the news on all the channels. Corruption has reached such dizzying heights in the nation that it now needs a war to be waged against it. Particularly against the very people who are supposed to make laws. Against the very people who have institutionalised corruption.

In particular, the response to this issue by Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi merits some response. First, he refers to Hazare’s actions as pressuring the government and second, calls it ‘holding a gun to the government’s head’. I am sorry Mr. Singhvi, the time to just hold a gun has passed, it is time to shoot! Over 4 decades of inaction doesn’t call for a gun, it really calls for the whole army at your doorstep. And the people’s army will arrive finally at the Congress’ doorstep.

The stupid arguments put forth by Singhvi once again expose the shamelessness of the government and instead of holding his feet to fire, the discussion in the media is whether the tactics of Hazare & Co. are depriving the right of the MPs to make laws.

It is important in a democracy not just to reject unfair and improper laws but to also force our MPs to pass appropriate laws that are necessary. Lobbyists have time and again have had laws passed by these very people to suit their own ends. Lobbying may not be legal in India but it is definitely practiced and our MPs and ministers are often slaves to these vested interests. So what exactly is wrong in Anna Hazare demanding a law and changes in the draft to the Lokpal bill? Manu Singhvi’s argument is that it’s the exclusive right of MPs and Parliament to pass laws and that this cannot be forced by people. Utter nonsense! MPs and parliament have the responsibility to pass laws not the right!

The laws that do need to be passed by parliament are definitely meant to reflect not just the will of the people but also serve justice. The current draft of the Lokpal bill, as reflected in the discussions on news channels is nothing but another rotten egg. It is therefore the right of Anna Hazare and every citizen to reject the draft and demand necessary alterations that will satisfy the will of the people and also justice.

Anil Kejriwal rightly showed indignation and anger at Singhvi (on CNN-IBN’s Face the nation on April 5) and reminded Singhvi who his masters are. Let MPs, the Prime Minister and the parliament never forget that in a democracy the rulers shall rule with the consent of those who are ruled and not the other way around.  If the current draft of the Lokpal bill does not have the consent of the people, they have the right to protest and demand changes in the draft. Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, despite being an eminent lawyer, needs to read the idiot’s guide to the democratic process. Power to the people does mean power to the people and not a bunch of ministers who can decide such laws. Especially, when the group of ministers consist of some very tainted persons.

MPs have the responsibility to enact laws. However, this is not their BIRTHRIGHT. This birthright is that of the people. The rulers shall rule only with the consent of the ruled. Our freedom was achieved by rejecting, disobeying and breaking laws that were unjust, unfair and anti-people. Therefore, the war against corruption is essentially another freedom struggle. It not only means unjust and wrong laws should be rejected and disobeyed, the right laws must be demanded by people and MPs must be forced to pass those laws. So the Manu Singhvis and Manish Tiwaris and the Congress better start acting and not wait for the tanks and heavy artillery to arrive.


  1. the powers that be are reacting with anger,fear and horror against civil society in a manner reminiscent of the british reacting to the freedom movement.we need freedom from corruption and need to take away the freedom of these corrupt,vile so called leaders of all political parties to do as they wish and live as they our own individual way we need to support anna hazare and spread his message.we owe this to those who will inherit this country.

  2. Now, Congress has labeled Anna Hazare as an RSS agent and Manish Tiawri has said Kiran Bedi is just looking for something to do post-retirement. Such impudence!

  3. I heard some idiotic journo wrote today that He is "blackmailing the Government"

    I wonder who that idiot was?

  4. What is strange is the likes of NDTV and IBN Live almost pretty much silent on this issue,other than some reporting saying Anna hazare Thanks Sonia.
    Where is the"In the face"noise they make on other issues?Burkha is pretty much silent as she cannot afford to pin Congress down.
    Makes it clear that front line media is in collusion with Congress hence against real progress

  5. To urbanlama,
    Heard and saw Anchal of NDTV condescendingly asking kejriwal if the fast was not a blackmailing tactic!!!And the idiot got a sharp reply from him who asked back if Gandhiji was a blackmailer too.
    About other idiots that you mention, my guess will be the usual suspects from NDTV/HT/Indian Express.

  6. You have a sharp response to the critics like Abhishek Sanghvi who ask questions on Anna's intentions and role. It is indeed preposterous of anyone to suggest that law making is the prerogative of the MPs alone. However, having said that, it must be noted that in the recent agreement about the Jan Lokpal bill, there has been no place for a public referendum even after all this. So, public opinion continue to be ignored anyways.

  7. I wonder why barkha was not let loose to bark over the subject in question by the respective media to contain anna as she has her debonair to besmirch tar on who all are against cong and buttress them in novel way?

  8. Abhishek Singhvi is the Cong face on TV for his ability to put on airs while attacking people like Anna Hazare. According to a TJS George column arrogance and overlord attitude are part of the skill set. TJS George called them "Ravi varma models for a portrait of arrogance" ( The country has come a long way since the days of Gandhi and Rajaji. At least there was some debate and some liberal ethos. It is now in the wrong hands, and you take almost any party, all are the more or less the same, it is the same story. It is a dead end we have reached. Hopeless!

  9. Bollywood's 3 idiots may be a hit. But 3 idiots in Congress (Sibal, Digvijay and Singhvi) will surely make their party a flop in coming election.


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