Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lokpal Bill: Why The Congress Blinked..

For five days the drama of Anna Hazare’s fast unto death gripped the nation and even NRIs beyond our borders. In my previous post I had written that if the Manu Singhvis and the Manish Tiwaris and the Congress don’t wake up and act the people’s army and artillery will be right there at their doorstep. And sure enough, they were there. And how! A few Congressmen and some in the media tried to dismiss the Hazare campaign as arm-twisting and blackmail but little did they realise how well organised and planned the campaign was. The Congress didn’t get a sniff into Anna’s strategy.

First, let’s give credit where it’s due. Hahahhahaha! I am laughing at the silly media channels trying to take the credit for what was essentially a people’s campaign. Sample these slogans and lines : From Headlines Today: ‘People Against Corruption-Headlines Today Campaign’. Yes indeed, after all HT was the champion. Not to be left behind CNN-IBN slogan was ‘Citizens Against Corruption – A CNN-IBN Campaign’. Now you know who really ran the whole campaign against corruption! Don’t you? That’s not all there was your own channel TimesNow reminding us how it was the only channel to cover Hazare’s fast and campaign live right through. Hmmm! If not for TimesNow we would have never heard of all this. So now that the back-scratching by the news media has been dealt with, we can move on.

Kapil Sibal has once again proved to the nation what an ass he is. From the zero loss in 2G Scam to this campaign his utterances have over and over again proved only one thing – That Sibal doesn’t think much before speaking. Well, the otherwise articulate Sibal seems to have picked up these habits from the unbearable Singhvis and Tiwaris of the Congress. Forget Hazare holding a gun to the government’s head, the Congress shot itself in the foot once again. They didn’t really believe that Anna Hazare had it all well thought out and planned carefully.

First, corruption is a sore wound that hurts all citizens. Anna got it right. Then, it was important to get some honest and credible people into his campaign. So there was Anil Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi (I am not sure I want to put Swami Agnivesh in that league). Anna got it right. Catch the Congress at a time when elections are around in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and some more states. The timing was important. Anna got it right. The world cup fever had died and people had the mood for another public display of solidarity for something. Anna got it right. Then he had rightly expected that the people’s army would be out in great numbers all across the country. Anna got it right. Even a nobody like me got that one right. Most people did, all except the Congress. In the end, the Congress had only one option - 'Blink'!

Anna Hazare may not have expected his fast to wind up so quickly within about 4 days. He even had his next move planned – ‘jail bharo’. Caught up between a population growing increasingly angry and scared it might hurt their election alliances and results in key states did the Congress really have an option? The only option was to cave in and that’s the power of people. I am sure somewhere deep in their minds the Congress had images of Egypt and Libya playing out over and over again in their nightmares.

The campaign was a great victory and done in the right spirit. There was no rail-roko, no road-roko, no calls for bandh. This is how people can and should protest and agitate. Time the politicians and crooks learned who the real boss is! And no matter how the Congress paints the closure it’s been a resounding kick on the Congress ass and deservedly so. And it was fun while it lasted.


  1. The timing, the way he exercised, the goal he achieved smack of his high profile unlike when supporting the government for quid pro quo and demonstrating length and breadth of the nation against fuel price hike and thus fooling the common and making two lives lost while in transit to hospital as they were blocked en-route by the bandh observing common at the call of the red

  2. i know what and why you feel about Swami AGnivesh.

    for those who don't know what i am talking about.

    here is a link.

  3. Ravi u shud Please create a facebook community.. Bcoz ur blogs deserve a higher audience.

  4. Everything about what Anna Hazare’s campaign was excellent. I always felt that there is a growing need for the common to take the guns against the Political Nethas and the Govt Officials. But something concrete is achieved so soon by an intense support that grew over night like a shock wave or a wild fire.

    Now the fear is that, will there be a need for a watch dog for a watch dog? The reports that appear in the Channels are that both the Bhushans ie son and father are in the likely committee! A misfortune indeed if that happens.

    If that is so, it is a death knell. Anna needs not to have started this campaign, if it were so. And if this is true, he is an idiot to have started a campaign like this, for then what is the difference between him and an ass.

    Meera Mitra’s report that I posted in “msnindia’, should be an eye opener on this.

    By the by, Iyer’s eloquence vide his post which is first in this is beyond my comprehension. Would he elucidate me on this please?

  5. Congis were left with very little choice. State elections, memories of Egypt, Following of Anna were all the reasons

  6. Termites build the mounds and snakes reside there. One can see how true this is in the constitution of Lok Pal Bill drafting committee and the likely members of Lok Pal selection committee. Same jolawalas, Naxal Sympathisers and Hindu baiters. No member from the opposition parties! Does Media Crooks support this?

  7. @ Anonymous - You wrote

    "Termites build the mounds and snakes....."

    No, I do not think the team that's in the drafting committee from civil society is the best one. There could have been better people.

  8. Its not Anil but Arvind Kejriwal... :)

  9. As things stand today, this whole Anna movement has hurt us more than it helped...We have a Lokpal but it is anybody's guess how effective it will be...instead the movement has given birth to a frankenstein's monster who might be quite successful in scuttling the best chance we have to fight the evil forces in power today...


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