Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fake Cup Runneth Over...

On Times Now last night and even in the newspapers today there’s been much discussion on the Cricket World Cup given to the Indian team. Apparently, they were given a replica which they would have got to retain in the country. The TOI even has a headline today that states “…breathe easy, Team India got the right cup”. Absolutely wrong!

In most of the discussions on TimesNow the panelists talked about customs duty, goof up by either the ICC or the BCCI and so on. All of them, I repeat all of them, missed out on the most important aspect of a Trophy. That is, it passes on from one champion to another, or a champion gets to retain it by winning it. This cricket cup is not that old and does not have a long history. But in years to come the gross injustice and the stupidity of both the ICC and the BCCI will be painful.

Imagine you won Wimbledon this year. What cup would you like to hold and kiss? The replica that you can retain? Absolutely not. There is a sense of history. You want to hold and kiss the same cup that a Borg or a McEnroe or a Federer once held up. You want to belong to that league of champions who have held that cup with pride. You want to touch the same cup that a Zidane or Ronaldo had once held in their hands. This is the most important aspect and reason why the winners deserve the original trophy after a win and for the ceremony. Post event the replica is handed over.

The Indian team deserved to hold the same trophy that Ricky Ponting held up in 2003. The cricket cup has changed often. Else, Tendulkar and Dhoni would have liked to hold and kiss the same cup that Kapil Dev once held in his hands, as Clive Lloyd did. Sporting events have a touch of history and the emotional feeling of holding something that once belonged to a great champion or team is a spiritual high. There is surely a reason why boots, shirts or equipment belonging to champions fetch high prices in auctions or are preserved in museums. These simple facts seem to be lost on both the ICC and the BCCI.

It is typical of both the ICC and BCCI, full of non-playing idiots that run those bodies, that they are incapable of understanding sporting events and what a trophy really means. You would be happy if your kid were to ever be part of a world cup winning team. Ask yourself what cup would your kid like to hold? He would surely like to hold a cup that Tendulkar and Dhoni once held in their hands. You want to belong to that league of champions. No, but your kid will hold some stupid replica which you can buy any day on the streets of Jaipur.

The twisted logic used to explain the mishap, by both the ICC and the BCCI is simply shameful. But even more surprising is that the media harps on silly issues like customs duty and goof ups and overlooks real the sense of history that a cup has attached to it. Without getting a hand on the original after winning the event, the replica will only have the value of a fake


  1. On Zee News, they had shown Dhoni's press conference after Mohali match, Dhoni informed that team was not served lunch when they left hotel for the match. Even at the mohali stadium just an hour before the match the food was served to the team and the same was not sufficent.

    What you expect from these thugs, who treat their team like this!!

  2. Even today,we are not sure about its being genuine.But, it is ok as we have been being cheated for long enough now.


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